Proposal of Solving Czech Gipsy Ghettos

Jiri Cunek brought another proposal of solving Gypsy ghetto situation in the Czech Republic, this time dividing the families into three groups, or classes.

The 1st Roma Category are, according to the conception, considered those families, who have paid taxes exemplary, from which at least one adult member has permanent employment, and their kids go to school regularly, without getting into serious troubles. As a reward, they would be promptly moved from a ghetto, gaining a year assistance of a social worker at the place of their new home.

The 2nd Roma category are those, who adult members are not unemployed longer than half a year, their kids go to school more or less regularly, and they do not owe too much on the rent. This class should, with the help of a social worker, get to gaining a new job, and returning at least a part of their debts.

The most strict regime would be implemented at the families in the third category, using houses with so called firm regime. After breaking the regulations of not using drugs and alcohol, exceeding noise limits or not paying the rent, they would be ejected from their accommodation. The all day assistance of a social worker should lead the family would be started towards regular life.

The problems are obvious – if a Gypsy family belongs to the first group, they probably don’t live in a ghetto anyway. The second group is the typical one, and the proposal doesn’t bring anything new. The third group – it is clear this means to eject a lot of Roma people from the ghettos. Where are they going to move them?