The first Czech-born gorilla celebrated 4th birthday

A Celebration in Prague Zoo took place on Saturday, starting 11am, and it was not a small one. It was four years since the time the Czech Republic witnessed birth of the very first gorilla baby – Moja. To wish her good luck wanted not only crowds of visitors, but also the zoo management and invited VIPs.

As an every year, in front of the gorilla pavilion a platform was build, on which have performed the congratulates – Czech teen songstress Ewa Farna, the director Petr Fejk, and Spejbl a Hurvinek puppet theatre.

And what did she get for her birthday? A cake, some wooden toys, but the biggest gift is a brand new wooden play structure. Beside the birthday celebration, the visitors could try to spend time in gorilla fashion – in the education hall all the interested person could have build a gorilla den, or solve a brain-teaser, how to find hidden delicacies.