Pussycat Dolls Arrive to Prague

Music-dance group around the 30yo singer Nicole Scherzinger is going on the World tour, and they do not forget to visit Prague at their trip. Prague should hear their biggest hits and actual songs from the new album Doll Domination (published in 2008). on the final version of the tape is also the track When I Grow Up, which was co-produced by such stars as Timbelake, Sean Garrett or R. Kelly. As a bonus, every member of the girls has her own solo track in the bonus part of the album.

Pussycat Dolls let themselves be heard that the fans are going to see what they haven’t seen before. The originally dance group is going to pump up the fan crowd in Tesla arena so hard, there is going to be hot long after they will travel on their tour. Their tour starts this January in Scotland, they are arriving to Prague 21st February 2009 to Tesla Arena.


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