More Tourists go to Prague! Where do they accomodate?

Hostel Emma Prague still holds among 20 most visited cities of the world, whats more, financial crisis or not, visit rate of the city have even increased. At least Euromonitor International, one of the leading companies doing the market research, claims it. The data were published in December 2008 in the Top City Destinations 2007 chart. The chart ables to compare visits of world and European cities. Compared to previous year, Prague improved its position. Its position is on 19th place among the world cities, within Europe it is on the 7th place, placed better than Amsterdam or Vienna.

From my point of view, I don’t get where do people get money for accommodation in Prague, but quite probably the solution is much simpler than it seems – less tourists accommodate in hotels, more in hostels. Now, when the Christmas season is over, it is even cheaper, and still the quality is really good, especially when we talk about hostels in the centre.