Marihuana almost decriminalized in the Czech Republic

three-is-legal Decriminalization is not legalization. Decriminalization means, that for smoking and possessing of this most widespread light drug here could be hardly any penalization. The senate passed the new drug law with even less debating than the parliament, meaning they agreed marijuana is not as dangerous as other drugs.

The codex so corresponds with the December verdict of the Constitutional court, according to which to grow cannabis is not a criminal act and doesn’t necessarily mean to produce drugs.

Little quantity is, according to the prepared law, less than 20 cigarettes of marijuana or three flowers of hemp. In the case of magic mushrooms the upper limit for little quantity is 25 pieces.

The government regulation was to explain obscurities around when it is distribution or drug possession for personal use. The laws which were used until now didn’t respond to the liberal nature of the Czech Republic.