Czech sportsman of 2008: Barbora Spotakova

Barbora Spotakova If we look at those fifty years of history of the Czech Sportsman of the year, tens of years are connected by throwing the javelin. The spear has flown through the skies of fame again.

The Golden Olympic throw of Barbora Spotakova came on the day of Soviet occupation anniversary, hitting hearts of million fans – she beaten a Russian athlete, which combined with a thriller (she wasn’t first until the last try) brought her admiration of the nation.

“Each of us watches the television, to see stories. And I am glad one such story happened to me. That I felt that good that evening, that I could beat the Russian by the last throw. That is fantastic.” she said. The second was the double Olympic winner Katerina Emmons, the love story of great expectations. The king of the last winter, mountain ski runner Lukas Bauer, the story of will and patience was third.


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