Vaclav Havel in Hospital Again

This Wednesday, the team of the ex-president Vaclav Havel doctors looked seriously and gloomy. Yesterday the press conference was much more relaxed. Their patient feels better.

On Monday morning, Havel’s breathing obstacles worsened, he had problems swallowing, left to IKEM to be checked-up.

The doctors came to conclusion his state is serious and that he must be hospitalized. In the evening he was already in Motol, being taken care of the neck specialist Jan Betka. They found out Vaclav Havel suffers from abscess in his neck.

At the very evening, doctors decided it must be removed and Havel was successfully operated. The next day it was clear the irritation was much wider – it spread into one of his lungs (the bad one), which was in addition blocked up by sediment of blood and mucus.

Doctors se 14-member consultation team which takes care of him. He gets antibiotics, breathes with a mask and tries to exercise the lungs and expectorate the mucus.

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