Cormorants and Cocaine flowing to Prague

Two quite different things, aren’t they? And still, they are united in one aspect – there was hardly more or them (or it) in Prague in the past years.

Prague became a paradise for cormorants, whose lines count up to two thousands, according to the last additions of the Charles University. The ornithologists explain it is because rivers and ponds of the last days were frozen, not so Vltava, and the nutriments there are are very alluring. For most of the Prague citizens the black, exotically looking birds offer a welcomed rarity. Cormorants are intelligent birds, who hunt fish in packs. Normally, only few hundreds of them come to Prague in winter.

Cocaine, in Czech nicknamed ‘koks’ or ‘kokes’ (cockesh) – those words are, according to police, used increasingly often. They also state every third person who like dance parties have experiences with it. ‘Ecstasy is out, cocaine is in’. The increased demand came with increased supply, and prices of the drug went down. Still, Pervitin (metal-amphetamine) is the most widespread drug of this kind in Prague, but Cocaine is no longer the drug of only the rich.

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