New Book by Vaclav Klaus for all against Lisbon treaty

Vaclav Klaus doesn’t give up easily, and his struggle against passing the Lisbon treaty in the Czech Parliament continues. On Monday, another of his books, called ‘Prezident Republiky k Lisabonske smlouve’ (The President of the Republic to Lisbon treaty) is published. On the cover, there is a changed flag of the EU; yellow stars form a question mark instead of the circle.

The President wants to warn the public, but also those who are going to decide about accepting the document, what dangers could await the country, if the treaty would be accepted. Whether it will be accepted in the end are going to decide both the houses of the parliament. A part of the ODS and the Communists are against. If ODS supports it, another politicians say to leave the party; and possibly move to SSO.

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