O2 Arena Hosts Athletic Ring for the First Time

O2 Arena Looks completely unusual from the typical image of the hockey matches. There is no shining ice, not a tennis court, not even a motocross track. This time, the arena changed into an Athletic ring (the chance took 50 hours) The ice is still beneath the athletic surface Conipur. Olympic Winner Meseret Defar baptized the oval, prepared for the Meeting of World Champions.

Meseret Defar said – About the ring, that it is “… is nicely soft, I like it.”, about the hall: “I was surprised, how huge it is, I have never run is such a big one, not in Birmingham, Stuttgart or Boston.” About Prague: “I am here for the first time, I went to the Old Town yesterday, it is beautiful.” About the meeting, on which she is going to compete: “I am happy that ill be here on its first run. And that I have tried the track in advance.”

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