Paroubek now against Communists, a new twist

The chairman of the Social Democrats Jiri Paroubek surprised by unusually sharp critique of Czech Communists. “We have sufficient reasons against any attempts for government partnership of CSSD and KSCM.” Paroubek again confirmed his reputation of a politician unsure in the political spectra. It was him who in 2006 supported the idea of cooperation with the communists.

The leader of Social Democrats writes in this weekend report for his party that the shift to communists would be ‘a political suicide’. But it is him who invited the Communists to government in regions after the win in regional elections. He however wrote: “The Czech Communist party have been insufficiently critical to their part and criminal essence of Stalinism. Any movement of CSSD towards KSCM would be a political suicide for CSSD.” Strange coming from the leader of the party which governs the regions together with the Communists…

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