The Biggest Cappuccino in the World in Prague

The Guinness world record was made in Prague yesterday – the biggest cappuccino in the world. In the metropolis, eighty barmans made it into one huge cup within the Master of Coffee 2008 competition at Prague Exhibition ground on Saturday 7th August. The record-breaking drink contained 10 000 espresso coffees and 1709 litres of milk. The cup itself is two metres in diameter and it is 1,3m tall.

To prepare such a gigantic coffee took three hours and forty five minutes of fast, professional work and cost two hundred thousand czk. The idea was to make a coffee with 2009 litres of goodness, and to beat the record of Italians Ettore Diana and Luca Braguti made in 2002 with their cappuccino of 1250 litres. And who is going to drink it now? Well, pigs, if you want to know.

Czech Sablikova Won Allround Speedskating Gold

Martina Sablikova (b. 1987), the Czech speedskater, specializing in long distance races won her first women’s title at the World Allround Speedskating Championships on Sunday. The Norway king Harald V. and with him about 9300 spectators applauded her in the ‘Viking Ship’ the sold-out hall in Hamar. She is the most versatile speedskater of the planet!

She led after two first races on Saturday, including the feared 500m sprint, and won the women’s gold medal after winning the concluding 5,000 meters in 6:55.54. Than she fell down and just lied. “She touched her limits. The hall was full and very hot, the ice was getting worse. It was an extreme race for everyone.” Her coach said after. The Netherlands edition of De Telegraph wrote: “ Sablikova is in the golden course

Czech sportsman of 2008: Barbora Spotakova

Barbora Spotakova If we look at those fifty years of history of the Czech Sportsman of the year, tens of years are connected by throwing the javelin. The spear has flown through the skies of fame again.

The Golden Olympic throw of Barbora Spotakova came on the day of Soviet occupation anniversary, hitting hearts of million fans – she beaten a Russian athlete, which combined with a thriller (she wasn’t first until the last try) brought her admiration of the nation.

“Each of us watches the television, to see stories. And I am glad one such story happened to me. That I felt that good that evening, that I could beat the Russian by the last throw. That is fantastic.” she said. The second was the double Olympic winner Katerina Emmons, the love story of great expectations. The king of the last winter, mountain ski runner Lukas Bauer, the story of will and patience was third.

Schwarzenberg got high German Badge

The Czech Foreign minister Karel Schwarzenberg gained, from the hands of his German colleague Frank-Walter Steinmeir, a high German state badge, The Great Cross of Distinguished Service Medal of Germany. Karel Schwarzenberg so got the highest German evaluation he could receive as a foreign minister. The great appreciation came as a recognition of his merit in Czech-German relations.

The great cross, which new wearer is the Czech minister, wasn’t given to any Czech personality in the recent years. In the international qualification it is a state decoration of the first degree, higher is only the Great Cross of a special degree, which was given in 2000 to former Czech president Vaclav Havel.

German minister Steinmeier described Schwarzenberg as his friend, and stressed out Schwarzenberg’s life-long effort for overcoming Europe partition.

The best dumplings in Prague

The competition of the best yeast dumpling in the Czech Republic is a favorite and medially attractive event, where front chefs, gourmets and people from public life evaluate quality, taste, conduct and overall impression of this traditional Czech food.

The most delicious yeast dumpling in Prague are made in the hotel Intercontinental. What is interesting – they are not made by the chef, but by one of his apprentices. Karel Schwarzenberg under whose patronage the competition takes place commented there were only two samples of the total 20, which could have been called dumplings, and one of them was the winner.

Also, beside the dumplings competition, there was a competition of the best ‘svickova’, the traditional Czech sauce made from cream with vegetable. The winner was Hotel Monty in Marianske Lazne.

Marketa Irglova Amazed Royal Abert Hall

The audience in London Royal Albert Hall thanked the Czech singer and pianist Marketa Irglova and Irish musician Glen Hansard by standing ovation. The tour of these two called The Swell Season.

The Audience appreciated the songs the duo sung together or with their group, some of the songs they sung with them.

The duo of musicians were in return amazed by Royal Albert Hall size; its capacity is 7000, and it was almost full. Irglova welcomed them by Czech “Ahoj” and than said “it is amazing to be here. When I came here first, I was in shock.”

Hansard fought his own battle as well – his family came there to see him: “That’s no fun to have the mother in the audience” he said, laughing.

The largest ovation came after the song “Falling Slowly” with which they won an Oscar.

Spotakova Awarded 'Athlete of the Year' by IAAF

Barbara Spotakova had a season of dreams. In the incredible Olympic finals she gained gold by her last Javelin throw, than on the World Athletic Finals she made 72,28, so setting the new world record.

The record-breaking throw brought her another accreditation at the end of the season – by the Association of Athletics Federations she was awarded as the Athlete of the Year. She got the prestigious title together with the long race runner Tirunes Dibaba,who improved the present maximum on the 5-kilometre race by more than five seconds.

“It is absolutely amazing, I am very exited about it. I feel such an award is the greatest appreciation I ever gained. Basically, it is unbelievable.” Spotakova commented.

Arnost Lustig was Awarded

The well-known writer of Czech origin Arnost Lustig gained from the hand of Pavel Bem the Prize of Franz Kafka. The annual giver of the prize is the Franz Kafka Society. Their intention is to highlight those important personalities of world literature, who have merit in values of democracy, tolerance and humanism. The prize is given with a reward of 10 000 dollars. “If you would get 10 000 dollars, you would be happy too” the fresh laureate commented his feelings.

Arnost Lustig is the author whose main inspiration is primarily his own life experience. The horrors of holocaust have became the main topic of his short stories, later novels. The most known books are Demanty noci (Diamonds in the night), Modlidba pro Kateřinu Horovitzovou (A Prayer for Katarina Horovitzova) or Dita Saxova. A few of his novels were filmed, in 2003 his novel Krasne Zelene oci (Lovely Green Eyes) was nominated for Pulitzer prize in prosaic category.

Best European Documentary of 2008: From Czech Republic

The Czech director Helena Trestikova gained the price for the best European documentary movie. It is the first Czech movie, which has been appreciated by the academy during its existence, a sucess which the moderate woman didn’t expect at all. Prizes of the European film academy Prix Arte are considered to be the European Oscars. The prize for the best documentary movie went to Helena Trestikova and her movie Rene. The author seemed really surprised: “I absolutely didn’t expect it. Just the nomination was something I considered the top one can achieve.”

The Trestikova bets on relationships and social problematics, she made about fifty short documentary movies, picturing young delinquents, necromaniacs or prostitutes. Her specialization is the time-collecting method, where the film protagonists are watched and filmed by her for tens of years. This way, she created the Marital Etudes, which was a stunning success in Czech Television. One of the etudes was developed into the documentary film Rene (he is a recidivist who even robbed her house), which won the festival.

Havel gained German prize Point-Alpha

The selected group of statesmen, who got the prize, gained merit in unity of Germany and Europe. It was given over at the German embassy in Prague by the Kuratorium Deutsche Einheit (KDE). According to it, Vaclav Havel has, in an exemplary way, helped peace, freedom, protection of human rights and dignity.

Havel so got another prestigious international prize for peace. Point-Alpha was before awarded e.g. the Russian ex-president Gorbachev, the German ex-chancellor Helmut Kohl and American ex-president Sr. George Bush. They all contributed to the end of the Cold war.

Havel, according to the organizers, belongs to charismatic models and the most convincing activists of the European motions for freedom of the 2nt half of the 20th century. The president of the Kuratorium Christine Lieberknecht stated Havel deserves the award for his “long-term brave and thanks god successful involvement in struggle for peace, freedom and human rights.”

Czech Journalist have gained prestigious Emmy award

etzler transmitting from mount everest For a journalist, the Emmy award is of a similar significance as Oscar for actors. Now, a first Czech can show off; the TV reporter Tomas Etzler. The co-worker of the CNN and the Czech TV have gained award for contribution of modern technology development.

Etzker is the only Czech who worked for the CNN and as the first person in the world he used a special satellite modem, which enables transmitting from any place on the Earth. And that is also the reason why he got appreciated.

What used to be a fully equipped news van, is now, in Etzler’s case, only one suitcase. He comments the changes: “In a similar way, in which video used to change films in television, today the digital units change video.”

He first used this system in China. For that, he got the appreciation for “contributing to developing new technologies”.

Vaclav Havel gained Seifert's Prize

Thirty years after Vaclav Havel has started to correspond with the founder of Charta 77 Frantisek Janouch, he gets a prize from this institution, of which he later became the leading personality. The prize of Jaroslav Seifert is probably the most significant literary prize, which the Czech Republic has.

Ten members of the committee, led by the literary historian Jiri Brabec decided Havel should get the price and 300t czk, at the beginning of October in the st Anna’s Church in Prague (which reconstruction Havel put through).

“This year’s choice made me happy. I was always a fan of Havel’s pieces, and Havel is my friend who helped me to establish this competition more than twenty years ago.” the leader of foundation Frantisek Janouch stated.

Vaclav Havel gained the prestigious evaluation for eight part of Spisy, containing of his speeches and essays from 1999-2007, and also for his newest screenplay Odchazeni, in the Czech Republic staged by David Radok, nowadays having premiere in London. Odchazeni was accepted very positively by the public as well.

Barbora Spotakova holds the World Record!

Barbora Spotakova is the world champion of javelin. The new world record is 72,28 metres. She managed to achieve that at the World Finals in Stuttgart, by the first throw. The record of Cuban Osleidys Mendez was beaten by half a metre.

“It is a wonderful feeling. I can’t compare it with the Olympic win though. That was even better.” Spotakova rejoiced. The Czech Republic so holds, thanks to her and Jan Zelezny, the world record in both categories of javelin.

Spotakova gained a sweet bonus of 100t dollar, another 30t for her victory. “we want to build a house with my boyfriend, with this bonus it will be much easier” she stated.

Joan Baez calls Havel and Mandela pillars of 20th century

The former president Vaclav Havel is known for his liking of Rock music, and he got a very nice present when he went to the Trencin festival – the U.S. folk singer Joan Baez said Vaclav Havel and Nelson Mandela are the moral pillars of the 20th century.

Baez is a 67 yo human rights activist, who remembers how it looked like in the communist Czechoslovakia first hand – she was concerting in 1989 before the Velvet Revolution. She met Havel than – Havel carried her guitar there. He later commented that the police recognised him, but didn’t arrest him, because it seemed bad to them to arrest Joan Baez’s servant. Back in 1989, she was courageous enough to pronounce her disagreement with the regime. Now, after all those years, she praises Havel for what he have done for the world.

Czech Miss Buckova was among the finest at Miss world Competition

Eliska Buckova was quite successful at the most prestigious beauty contest of the world Miss Universe 2008 in Nha Trang, Vietnam. In competition of eighty girls from all around the world she made it to the elite fifteen. At the same time she was eleven in the ‘best body in bikini’ competition.

Buckova is a 18 year old high school student, comes from the most Eastern part of the Czech Republic, and she was quite happy and sweet; “I am happy, as to get so far is a great victory for me. The finals was a huge and unforgettable experience” The new Miss Universe became Dyana Mendozao from Venezuela.

Tickets for finals of Miss universe were should out weeks ago.
Czechs usually score high in natural beauty competitions.

Czech Golf Player Kordova didn't get her 43 000$ but still is a miracle

Because she is so young! Just Fifteen years old sportsgirl Jessica Kordova, the daughter of the ex-tennis-player player Petr Korda have chosen golf when she was eight. This Sunday, she was 19th in the US Open, the best position a Czech player got to. Her father, who once won the Australian Open, is surely proud of her, she now holds one of the best successes of the Czech golf.

On Sunday, she got those 18 holes in 69 shots. Ochoa than went to congratulate her, and she also said she hopes they meet again on the Tour in a few years. But there is one condition – Kordova would have to go professional, and that won’t be very soon as she still goes to school. Also – if she were a professional, she would earn 43 000$ for 19th place – as an amateur she didn’t get anything. What she says is more important she automatically proceeds to US Open of 2009, where she will be one year more experienced.

Fabia Advertisement Best in the World

fabia cake The Advertisement on Skoda Fabia, which won the British Television Advertising Craft Award has now gained another prize on the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. The prize is a similar appraisal like the Oscars for actors. The advertisement on the Famous Czech Cars Skoda was made by the London company Fallon, and it scores because of the unique idea of a ‘cooked car’.

The life-size Fabia Cake gained also a prize for the best model and the best song. The other who scored was BBDO with their Pizza Colosseum ad, that gained some positive critics. The question may be, why no original Czech advertisement scored, and the answer is: different approach. Czech ad’s are mostly based on typical situation humour, which probably only Czechs laugh at.

Dominik Hasek: Goodbye. Seriously.

One of the best goalkeepers of the history Hasek leaves the Hockey League again. Last time he ‘left’ the scene was six years ago, when he won Stanley Cup. Another Stanley Cup victory took place three days ago with the Detroit Red Wings.

Known as ‘the Dominator’, Hasek won 389 games from the total 735 plays, gaining 2,2 goals per average, his 92.2 save percentage is the NHL’s top all-time mark.

This time it is probably definitive retirement, as his son finished school, so they can move back to the Czech Republic as a family. “I am very happy at the moment, I have had great moments during my sixteen years in Buffalo and Detroit, and I found many great friends. Presently, I don’t think I would find enough motivation for another training.”

Anti-Eco prizes award Klaus and Neumannova

The annual prizes Ropak for those who always put money before the environment were given away. To whom the Ropaks went? First is Jiri Hlodac, the second Katerina Neumannova, third was Vaclav Klaus.

16th year of the Anti-Eco enquiry was organized by Deti Zeme organization. Deputy of the Transportation minister Jiri Hlodac won for forcing of motorways into protected nature areas and threatening everybody who disagrees with courts and fines.

Katerina Neumannova is the second because she got the snow for Prague Ski competition from protected nature area in Sumava, south Bohemia, where they loaded it into sixty trucks.

The third is President Vaclav Klaus, he got the ‘Green pearl’ for the most Anti-Eco statement of 2007: “I don’t see any planet devastation, I have never seen it and I don’t think any reasonable person could say there is such a thing.”

Bauer finally got his Globe

Lukas Bauer got the prize for the best sri runner – World Cup. Until now no Czech cross-country skier had ever clinched the World Cup title, not even the great Katerina Neumannova who won gold in the Turin Olympics.

He ended his best season by gaining 1462 points, he has in front of the second Rene Sommerfeldt from Germany by 633 points. By this, he beaten the record of German Tobias Angerer, who win the world serie with the highest headstart of 551 points.

Bauers’s dream season
First place: Five times. According to the official records Tour de Ski wins counts as one, so the other three wins doesn’t count.
Second place: fourth times
Third place: 0
World Cup: incredible 1462 points
Finantial prizes of the World cup: approx. 212 000 €