Christmas in Prague

Christmas Markets in Prague Initiated

The evening at the Old Town Square belonged to the eve before advent Sunday.

The Christmas tree was lighted up shortly before 6 p.m. on the Old Town Square by Pavel Bem and children. Than, he wished calm festivities to the folks. “I wish the tree would light up a piece of hope in the hearts of those, who are dependant upon help of the others and can’t be with their near and dear.” Bem said.

The Christmas tree, this year name of the tree is ‘Krystof’, lightened up with seventy thousands of diodes. This year Christmas markets are going to last for 34 days, ends on 1st January.

Thousands of people came to the square, to see the light show, which they awarded by applause. The traditional specialities, sold in the kiosks with red roofs were welcomed – hot mead and wine especially.

The Old Town Square offers 100 vending places, opened from 9 to 19 hours, on weekends until 20. The stances with refreshments are opened until midnight.

The most significant celebrations are expected to be on the new year’s eve.

Christmas Tree in Prague Next week

The traditional Christmas tree on the Old Town Square is going to appear on Tuesday 25th November. The light bulbs are going to shine a four days later. The 22 metres tall pine tree will be from Krkonose. Of course, the tree accompanying the Christmas Markets in Prague wont be the only only tree in Prague, trees an markets are going to be at various places of Prague. The decorated trees with markets are going to be on Namesti Miru or Namesti Republiky, a Christmas tree will be at Kampa, Karlovo namesti and other parks.

The events connected to Christmas, like concerns or fairs traditionally cost hundreds of thousands of crowns. The most money are paid by Prague 1, which is going to invest more than one millions crowns. At least the Old Town Square will really feel the Christmas spirit. Last year, we had really shiny Christmas.

Living Nativity Scene at the Prague Castle

A charitable performance called “Living Nativity Scene” took place by the St. Vitus Cathedral at the Prague Castle few days ago. You can see it there once again on 6th January 2007. The profit of the event will go to the foundation “Help the children”.

The show is performed by students of dramatic art. It is inspired by biblical stories and there are scenes from old Czech folk-plays. Also Christmas carols, those well-known and also some less-known ones, are performed there.

Joseph and Maria, the three Magi, angels and the devil play a role in the performance. Only Infant Jesus is replaced by a doll. The Living Nativity Scene takes place there for a fourth time already and it caught attention of Prague Castle visitors and tourists.

Prague - a popular Christmas destination

Prague is one of the five most visited places in the European Union during Christmas. There are about 50 – 60 000 tourists in the city these days. They enjoy especially the Christmas markets. About two thirds of the tourists are from the countries of the EU.

While Prague citizens were in a hurry to buy some Christmas presents when they can, tourists came to the city to relax and that´s why they mostly enjoyed the Christmas events in Prague more.

The Christmas market in the Old Town Square was full of tourists, who chose Christmas goods there and watched the killing of carps with surprise: many of them didn´t know, that it is a Czech tradition, to have a carp to dinner on Christmas Eve.

The traditional Czech Christmas Mass by J. J. Ryba was performed at the Old Town Square and people listened, drinking mull – the hot spiced wine.

About 70% hotel rooms in Prague were full during Christmas and it will be even more on New Year´s Eve – there will be no vacancy left in the city.

Open clubs during Christmas

For those who want do not want to spend Christmas Eve in the warmth of their home (or a hotel), we bring some tips for Prague’s clubs open on that day.

Rock Cafe in Narodni trida (Narodni 20) is open on 24th December from 23:00 to 5:00. The entrance is free. You can dance to music by Veselej DJ. Palace Akropolis (Kubelikova 27)organizes show call “X-massive: Santa Klaus leave da house!”. The show starts at 22:30. Vagon Club (Narodni trida 25) plays from 23:00, entrance fee is 100,- CZK.

Smaller Akord Club (V Celnici 4) offers Christmas band. Jazz you can hear in U stare pani Club (Michalska 9). You can also visit Punto Azul music club (Kroftova 1) in Prague-Smichov or Cross Club (Plynarni 23) in Prague-Holesovice.

What to do in Prague during winter holidays

If you are going to spend the coming holidays in Prague, there are many things what to do in the Czech capital. On 24th December you can taste Czech traditional fish soup on Old Town Square or visit St. Vitus Cathedral whose entrance is for free from 12:00 to 16:00 (you can get the Bethlehem light there). At midnight you can attend a Christmas service there.

On 25th and 26th December families with children can visit Prague Castle for free. The Royal Garden is exceptionally open from 25th December from 9:00 to 17:00. If you like ice skating, you can go to Ovocny trh every day from 10:00 to 21:30.

On New Year’s Eve you can go to Wenceslas square to enjoy the New Year’s Eve party of Czech commercial TV Nova. The show is for everybody for free. The coming of the new year will be celebrated by a firework above Wenceslas Square. If you want to join the celebration in Prague, better keep your car out of the city centre. Some streets will be closed.

Bethlehem light in Prague

The light of friendship that is lit in the place of Jesus Christ’s birth, travels every year from Israel to Linz from where it is distributed to 25 countries of the world as well as to some institutions, such as the European Parliament or the UN.

The Bethlehem light is taken by the Scouts to several towns in the Czech Republic. Tomorrow at 13:00 it will be given to Cardinal Miloslav Vlk in St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague. At 17:00 it will be given to the hands of Prague’s Lord Mayer Pavel Bem in Old Town Square. He will spread the flame among people in Prague.

On Christmas Eve at noon the Lord Mayer of Prague together with the town councillors will serve traditional Christmas fish soup on Old Town Square.

Christmas cribs in Liechtenstein Palace in Prague

Liechtenstein Palace displays an exhibition of the traditional Christmas Cribs. The exhibition is organized by the Czech State Administration, it was open last Saturday by Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Mirek Topolanek.

Visitors can see old Christmas cribs borrowed from the National Museum, cribs from children’s houses and cribs made by students of The Academy of Arts, Architecture And Design in Prague from glass, ceramics, porcelain, metal and jewel.

The exhibition is open in Classicist Liechtenstein Palace (U Sovovych mlynu 4 street) in Prague’s Kampa every day from 10:00 to 18:00 until 20th December. The entrance is free.

Christmas decorations and fireworks in Prague

Prague, especially the centre of the city, is full of Christmas decorations on every step. The city devoted plenty of money to create the special Christmas atmosphere. Probably the most beautiful atmosphere is in Prague Old Town Square with a large Christmas tree and Christmas markets. Just the tree cost 1 million CZK.

The decorations on Na Prikope street in the centre of Prague cost 1,1 million CZK. Even though the city has to pay a lot of money on Christmas decorations, it has big profits from hiring open spaces for Christmas markets. Even the smallest towns and villages try to have some Christmas decorations.

On the other hand, the towns in the Czech republic do not want to spend so much money on New Year’s fireworks. It is up to private companies to organize fireworks. It is different from 1999, at the start of the new millennium, when the towns wanted to show off. Buying pyrotechnics is legal in the Czech Republic.

Christmas organ music

The lovers of Christmas music can look forward to Christmas Organ Concerts that take place in St. James’s Basilica (Mala Stuparska 6 street) in Old Town in Prague. The programme offers three organ concerts of Christmas music performed together with vocal and instrumental chamber groups.

The first concert is held on 26th December performed by Ensemble Inegal, second on 30th December by Corni di Praga and the third by Pavla Vykopalova and Irena Chribkova. Each concert starts at 16:00. The tickets are available through Ticketportal for 290 CZK, or one hour before the concert in front of the Basilica.

On Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve you can also enjoy the concerts of organ music performed by Irena Chribkova. The concerts starts at 10:00 in St. James’s Basilica, entrance is free.

Prague's lampman is back

An old tradition comes back to the centre of Prague. At least before Christmas. If you walk at dusk in the streets of Old Town you may see a man with a dark coat, a grey hat and a long stick. This man is lighting up gas lamps on the streets.

This “lampman” walks every day about 4 o’clock along Celetna street to Old Town Square. From Monday you can see him also in Male namesti. Every day he has to light up 120 lamps. The lampman will walk in the centre of Prague until 23th December.

Gas lamps appeared in Prague in 1847. In the middle of the 20th century they were replaced by electric lamps. Gas lamps came back to Prague four years ago in some parts of the centre of Prague. Normally they are lit up automatically at the same time. Only on special occasion you can see a lampman doing this old job.

If you ask him, he will show you how to light up the lamps and you can try it yourself. This memory might be a nice souvenir to take home, don’t you think?

Children's choirs in Old Town Square in Prague

The second Advent weekend in the centre of Prague will be devoted to children “connecting Europe”. The project Bridges Between Cities introduces children’s choirs from five big cities: Prague, Brno, Wienna, Krakov, Bratislava.

It is an exchange of children’s singing, dancing and folklore groups from associated cities in Europe celebrating Christmas together. The age of children is between ten to eighteen years old. One of the aims of the project is that the children get to know the visited cities much better.

People in Prague can see the performances of the children this weekend from 15:00 to 17:00 in Old Town Square full of Christmas markets.

Christmas markets at Prague Exhibition Ground

Christmas markets can be found on many places in Prague centre. Industrial Palace (Prumyslovy palac) at Prague Exhibition Ground (Vystaviste) in Prague-Holesovice offers Christmas markets with rich accompanying programme.

The Christmas markets starts tomorrow and will last until 22nd December. You can find variety of goods especially from small Czech companies. At the same time Dobry den agency will presents some records and curiosities concerning winter and Christmas in the left wing of Industrial Palace.

From 8th to 10th December food products with Czech quality label Klasa can be bought in the Middle Hall of Industrial Palace. Organizers promise tasting of the food and many interesting competitions.

From 15th to 17th December you can see the work of art potters, smiths, carpenters, glass makers, etc. On 15th December you can also hear Christmas fanfares (at 14:00 and 17:00 from right wing of Industrial Palace).

Christmas beer market is scheduled for 16th and 17th December. You can taste and buy many kinds of beer from the famous ones to more exotic ones.

Thousands of people wanted to see the Christmas tree

The Lord Mayer of Prague, Pavel Bem, lit up the Christmas tree in the middle of Old Town Square on Saturday and officially started the Christmas markets on this well-known square.

The play of lights took two minutes before the Christmas tree was lit completely. However, the Christmas atmosphere was spoiled a bit when thousands of people in Old Town Square were stacked with crowds of people in side streets who still wanted to see the Christmas tree. It took several minutes before the people could move from their places.

Another Christmas tree was also lit in Prague Castle by Livia Klausova, the wife of the President of the Czech Republic. She also started the charity collection for children in children’s houses. Today at 17:00 a Christmas tree will be lit in Kampa near the Charles Bridge.

Christmas Prague

More than three weeks before Christmas you can already sense Christmas atmosphere in Prague. We bring you today a list of events concerning Christmas in Prague.

Tomorrow the Lord Mayer Pavel Bem will light up the 65 years old Christmas tree in Old Town Square. 80 000 small lights, 700 flashing lights and 50 silver snowflakes has been used to decorate the tree. Christmas trees are also lit in Ortenovo namesti, Andel or Strossmayerovo namesti. Also Prague Castle will have a Christmas tree. It will be lit by the First Lady Livia Klausova in Jirske namesti on 3rd December in 16:30. At the same time she will launch Christmas charity collection for children from children’s homes.

Traditional Christmas markets are in Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. The organizers of Old Town Square Christmas markets announced that a special souvenir can be bought there, a cup with the motive of Prague’s Christmas markets. Other Christmas markets are in namesti Miru, namesti Republiky and Avion Park in Prague-Zlicin.

Besides the markets you can visit many actions taking place in Prague. You have a change to skate on ice in Ovocny trh in the centre of Prague. 21th December is a Day of Records – you see a woman with the longest hair or a giant kettle in Old Town Sguare. From 10th to 20th December you will find a big tent in Vitezne namesti with a phone box inside connected to Jezisek (or Santa Claus?). The most visited actions every year are Ryba’s Christmas Mass on Christmas Eve and the evening programme on New Year’s Eve.

International Christmas Bazaar Prague 2006

This annual Christmas charity bazaar is organized by the Diplomatic Ladies Association of Prague. It will offer Christmas exclusive gifts and food specialities from more then 50 countries of the world.

The proceeds from the event (tickets are sold for 50 CZK) will be given to Czech charitable organisations. Visitors can look forward to a lottery.

The International Christmas Bazaar Prague 2006 takes place in the Congress Hall of Hotel Hilton Prague (Pobrezni 1 street) on 3rd December from 10:00 to 16:00. Tickets are available in Hotel Hilton.

Christmas cribs in Prague Castle

Prague Castle will present the most beautiful Christmas cribs from the whole Czech Republic. On the place where Shakespeare’s festival takes place every summer, the Supreme Burgrave’s House, the visitors can admire more then 30 Christmas cribs.

The exhibition organized by SCHOK Agency will show historical cribs as well as the modern ones so that visitor can learn about styles during the centuries. Several Christmas cribs are available for sale.

The exhibition will be open from 27th November until 14th January 2007 from 9:00 to 17:00. The profits from collected entrance fee (5 CZK children, 20 CZK adults) will be given to charity – to the Endowment Fund of Livie and Vaclav Klaus (Nadacni fond Livie a Vaclava Klausovych).

Safer Christmas tree for the Old Town Square

Prague is now awaiting the start of Christmas markets. The main Christmas markets will be on the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square from 2nd December. Today the big Christmas tree will arrive in Prague.

The tree for the Old Town Square is being cut today in Krkonose National Park. It is a 22 meters long pine tree that weighs 9 tons. The diameter of the tree trunk is 80 cm in the height of 1,3 m above the ground. The tree has been checked whether it is in a good state. It will appear on the Old Town Square on 28th November.

But why is so much attention paid to the Christmas tree? It is because an accident that happened in 2003. 25 meters long Christmas tree fell on people and injured 5 of them. British tourist Malcolm Tuffin sustained fracture of thigh-bones and thoracic spine, allegedly he still walks with a staff. The accident was caused by gusts of wind and softwood. The organizers want to make sure that nothing like that happens again.

Christmas markets in namesti Miru started

Although the Advent has not started yet, you can already enjoy the Christmas atmosphere and buy nice presents or warm yourself with a cup of something hot at Christmas markets in namesti Miru (by metro green line A – Namesti Miru).

The traditional Christmas markets in front of the Church of St. Ludmilla started yesterday as the first one from all Prague Christmas markets. You can find there fifty stalls with traditional Christmas goods, such as candles, decorations, ceramics, Christmas tea, products from woods, hand-made jewellery and much more. You’ll find there a big Christmas tree, a Christmas crib and a rich cultural programme.

The market is open every day from 10:00 to 19:00 until 24th December.

Christmas inspiration in Prague Botanic Garden

Would you like to make your own interesting Christmas decorations, wreaths and bouquets? You have a chance tomorrow, on 21st of November in Prague Botanic Garden Troja.

The program will be led by professional decorators. They will teach you how to make advent wreaths, Christmas bouquets, candlesticks and various Christmas decorations and presents.

All the products will be for sale at the end of the program. You can also buy the material and make your own decorations at home. This perfect opportunity to make original presents for your loved ones will take place from 11 am to 5 pm, with a one hour break.

You can get to the Botanic Garden by bus 112 from the underground station Nadrazi Holesovice. You can get off on the bus stop ZOO or Botanicka zahrada Troja and then follow the signs to the Botanic Garden.