Prague Red Bull Crashed Ice Winners 2009

70 km/hour, 365 m long ice track, 36m degree of incline, 12 jumps, 30 seconds of ride and shouting of 7000 visitors, that’s what tried the athletes, who applied for the Red Bull Crashed on ice competition at Prague Vysehrad.

The winner of the finals became Finnish Miikka Jouhkimainen, but the spectators yell also two Czechs to victory; Lukas Kolec and Lukas Fiala, who fell and hit the finishing tape together. Beside sportsmen, famous personalities and even viewers tried the crazy race as well.

Martin Straka commented for the news, whilst standing under the Vysehrad hill and breathing heavily: “That was the most crazy idea in my life. Now, I am going to stop that” smiling, though, only a few seconds after he ‘survived’ the coast.

Barman show competition in Prague

The original non-alcoholic cocktails, which basis is mineral water, were mixed by two groups of barmans from 19 countries of the world this weekend in Prague. During the competition Mattoni Grand Drink in the InterContinental hotel vegetable and fruit juices were mixed with whipped cream and other unexpected materials.

The bonus of 200t czk was in the end given to Bulgarian Vasil Kolev for his cocktail Grapatonni from mango, grapefruit and pineapple. “I just invented the recipe, tried to make it, and it tasted good. So it tried my luck again on the competition and it worked.”

The exclusive innovation on the competition was the cocktail night, during which have battled sixteen best Prague bars from Friday evening to Saturday morning.

International Competition in Acrobatic Rock and Roll, in Prague

Letensky pohar 2008 is an international competition in Acrobatic Rock and Roll. The competition takes place on

The competition Letensky pohar, as every year, takes place annually in the course of September or November. This year, the competition will have been organized for the fifth time. Moreover, as usual, there will be international participation not only within competitors, but also within the jury.

Couples of categories Children, Youth, Juniors, B-Class, A-Class, and Girls Formations of categories Junior and Main Class will take part in the competition.

Location: Sparta hall on Letna, Prague 7, Nad Královskou oborou 51, 18th October 2008 in Prague.

Prague wants to be a European Green City

The competition is intended for European cities with more than 200.000 citizens. The aim is to evaluate and honour those cities, which take care of its environment. This year is the first volume.

According to councilman Petr Stepanek from the Greens, who is the one responsible for Prague environment, Prague could gain experiences with how the other big cities of Europe take care of their living space.

The winner should be known until the end of the year. The idea is not new to Prague; “… in 2006, Prague stood, with other fourteen great European cities at the spring of this idea. Today, the initiative is supported by more than 40 cities.”

The main point here is not to win the prize, but to share knowledge.

Test: Klaus is politician with best public speaking

Westminster company tested, with help of language experts, the language abilities of Czech politicians. They evaluated their public speech dignity, quality, and coherence. Who is the winner? The president Vaclav Klaus gained very nice marks, his average is 2,08. What he only got criticized for is his famous repetition, his overall speech abilities are aristocratic.

The Prague Mayor Pavel Bem wasn’t bad, he gained the mark of 2,64. The person that ended up last was Jiri Cunek, the leader of KDU-CSL, who was evaluated as hopeless. For example, when he was explaining to news reporters, why he had two same id cards, the whole room was laughing. And not with him.

The prime minister Topolanek didn’t get good score either – 4,08 is the mark for a government leader, who sometimes falls into a loop and cannot find a way out.

World Cup Skateboarding stared

And don’t worry, the whole skatepark is roofed, so the storms won’t matter. At Prague Stvanice, the Mystic SK8 Cup, one of contest of he World Cup Skateboarding started. It is the 15th year of the event, with he 1st prize still of 50 000$ of which about 200 riders from various countries are going to compete in vert, street and bowl.

The rides of skaters from over 20 countries will be accompanied by concerts, djs, workshops and and a graffiti wall. The director of he race Tomas Rejman said for LN we can look forward for the best riders of the world, which means this could be one of the best years of the competition

Eurosong: Czechs Out

kerndlova before the competition The expected development of the evening was that Czech Martina Kerndlova won’t go on to the finals, and such was the conclusion. Those who heard her sing know it – her music might work as a dance background at a small disco, but she is not a real singer. Since the competition is based on life performance, and since Kerndlova is not able to sing the simplest melody clear, the outcome was known before the competition even started.

The thing, her manager and husband probably tries not to think about is that to show large part of one’s body on the stage is not value added, but a standard. To have a short skirt matching with underwear can be kinky, but all the pop singers do it, so nothing special. So we have an average disco song + really bad singing + go go dancing = loss in Eurosong. On the other hand, nobody probably minds, because the Eurosong was full of similar creatures, one like another singing karaoke.

The only one whom I pity is Kerndlova’s father – the famous jazz multi-instrumentalist and an owner of absolute pitch must have suffered hard when listening to her out-of-tune singing. I expect not many other musically educated people went through watching the contest – averages in music and style was the leitmotif or the evening, and most of contestants showed no talent and/or innovation.

Kerndlova fights for the finals of Eurovision

The crucial three minutes on the stage of Belgrade arena awaits Tereza Kerndlova, the Czech representative in the international Eurovision Song Contest. At 9 pm at the capital city of Serbia the second semifinal round starts of the 53rs volume; in the Czech Republic, CT1 television is going to broadcast it live. If Kerndlova will succeed, she moves on to the Saturday finals. The first semi-finals took place on Thursday. The future fate of Kerndlova in the competition will be decided by TV viewers of the whole Europe – voting starts at the last 15 minutes of the live broadcast.

Kerndlova’s number, where you can cast your votes is 906 09 09 for sms, it is possible to call, at number 906 09 50 22, both the sms and phone call cost 9 czk. Kerndlova’s greatest rivals are Ani Lorak from Ukraine and Charlotte Perelli from Sweden. She is expected to score high, as she won Eurovision in 1999 already.

Intersteno Prague 2007

Intersteno Prague 2007 Prague hosts the 46th International Congress of Intersteno and World Championship in Information Processing 2007 (21st – 27th July 2007). Almost 600 participants from 31 countries are now in the University of Agriculture in Prague-Suchdol.

The federation Intersteno was founded in 1887, the championship was held in the Czech Republic for the first 44 years ago. It came back to Prague also thanks to good results of Czech participants in the previous years. Helena Matouskova from the Czech Republic is the record holder in speed typing – she can write 928 strokes per minute.

The competitors compete is several categories, such as real time transcription, speech capturing etc. The programme contains many trips to enjoy Prague and its surroundings, such guided tours in the old Prague, Prague Castle, Prague ZOO or Karlstejn. More information at

'Ecology Through a Lens' competition in Prague

The 4th photography competition organized by the international organization UNEP and the Minister of Environment Martin Bursik comes slowly to an end. Until 20th August 2007 you can register your pictures connected with excessive consumption of energy and the protection of energy resources.

There have already been almost 750 photographs registered for the competition so far. The winner will get valuable prizes and a unique opportunity to present his/her pictures in the large-scale photography exhibition in Ovocny trh in the centre of Prague.

The pictures can be registered via The winner will be awarded at the gala evening in Prague’s theatre Hybernia on 6th September 2007. From the mid October the exhibition will be also displayed at Prague International Airport Ruzyne.

Miss Deaf World 2007 in Prague

Top Hotel Praha (Blazimska 1781/4 street) will be the venue of the 7th Miss Deaf World final that is held in Prague on 14th July 2007 from 19:30. 20 most beautiful deaf girls will represent their countries in four classical disciplines: Catwalk, Swimsuit, Free Discipline and Interview in sign language.

The first year of Miss Deaf World took place in Mallorca in 2001, since then the competition has been held in Prague. It’s organized by Czech Model managements, Ltd. This event should improve integration of deaf people into ‘healthy society’.

According to the ranking at, visitors of the pages would chose Miss China. However, the real winner will be known in two days.

Gumball 3000 on Czech highways

Bugatti Veyron, Porsche Carrera GT, Ferrari Enzo or Maserati Quattroporte. These cars can be seen on the highways leading from Brno to Prague or from Prague to norh border of the Czech Republic on one of these days

Hundreds of owners of luxurious cars are competing in the Gumball 3000 competition that started in London last weekend. The speedy cars continued via Amsterdam and Frankfurt, then they went by air to Instanbul. Today they will stop by in Bratislava, their final stop is Berlin.

Some of them will leave Bratislava tonight and will continue probably to Brno – Prague (D1) – Lovosice (D8) – Krasny Les. They don’t follow the road restrictions, so drivers who plan to drive on one of these roads, should watch out for any careless competitors.

Marathon Weekend in Prague starts in two weeks

Runners of Hervis Half Marathon 2007 in front of the Dancing House Drummers and dancers will join the Prague International Marathon in Old Town Square that starts in two weeks. The ‘Weekend Marathon’ (12th and 13th May 2007) offers many activities both for runners and the onlookers.

Besides the Volkswagen Prague Marathon (42.195 km) on Sunday 13th May (start in Old Town Square at 9:00), there are other disciplines, such as Caddy City Run 8 km, Golf Plus Family Run 4 km, Algida In-line Race 10 km or Walk for Health 2 km through the historical centre of Prague.

The competitions are accompanied by a sport trade fair in the Industrial Palace at Prague Exhbition Ground in Prague-Vystaviste. Visitors can buy there sport cloths with great discount or get autographs of many sportmen. The entrance to the trade fair is free the whole weekend. For more information about the Marathon Weekend, click here.

Prague wants to break the world's record in Half Marathon

The marathon ends in front of Rudolfinum Everybody can participate in the 2007 Hervis Prague Half Marathon, which is held, together with Hervis Corporate Half Marathon, this Saturday. By popular demand, the organizers limited the number of participants to 6,000.

The organizers have one aim this year – to break the world’s record. They invited the best runners who may reach the distance of 21kms and 97.5 meters in less than one hour. The main hope rests on three runners from Kenya Patrick Mutuku Ivuti, William Todoo Rotich and Ken Jacob Yator.

If the runners run at speed of 2 minutes 50 seconds per kilometer, they could manage. Among other stars are Czech athletes Roman Sebrle and Ludmila Formanova who will shoot from the start pistol. People can still register for the marathon today in Ovocny trh until 20:00. The winner will get €3500, if his/her time is better than 58 minutes 53 seconds, the award is €60,000.

See also restrictions in Prague public transport and restrictions on the roads in the centre of Prague during the marathon.

Prague International Marathon through the historical centre of Prague

Prague International Marathon becomes more and more prestigious and popular and was ranked in the Top Ten Marathons in the book ‘Great Marathon Races Throughout History’. Among marathoners world-wide it is known for the track offering one of the most beautiful views – it leads through the historical centre of Prague.

Organizers want to break a world record this year in the Hervis Prague Half Marathon on 24th March 2007. The present world record is 0:58:53. At least six runners from all over the world invited for the marathon could break the record.

The competition starts on Charles Bridge at noon and finishes in front of the Rudolfinum. The competition will be broadcast online on Czech TV. More information as well as registration forms can be found here.

Synchronised skating Prague Cup 2007

Prague will host the international synchronised skating competition called Prague Cup 2007. Competitors will try their luck in Novice, Junior and Senior categories according to the current International Skating Rules.

The competition is organized by Figure Skating Club USK Prague and hosted by the Czech Figure Skating Association. 41 teams consisting of 16 members from 10 countries (the USA, Canada, Russia, Belarus, France, Germany, Italy, Finland, Hungary and the Czech Republic) will show their best in the two-day competition.

The event will take place in T-mobile arena (Za Elekrarnou 419) on 27th and 28th January 2007. It is possible to buy one ticket for both days or just a ticket for each day. Tickets can be bought via Ticketpro, in Metro Theatre (Narodni tr. 25) and in the ticket office of T-mobile arena before the start.

Sudoku world's championship in Prague

The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, will host the world’s championship in sudoku this year. Masters of this popular puzzle will compete from 28th March to 1st April 2007.

Czech economist Jana Tylova (31), the winner of the first Sudoku world’s championship in Sudoku last year, will compete there against the best puzzle-solvers from about 30 countries. Last year 85 puzzle-solvers from 22 countries took part in the sudoku championship in Lucca, Italy.

The biggest asset to sudoku was the Japanese puzzle giant Nikoli, Inc. It also gave sudoku its current game. Thanks to Nikoli, sudoku’s appeared in the newspapers and became popular in Japan. In Europe, sudoku was first published on 12th November 2004 in The Times due to the efforts of Wayne Gould who developed a computer program to generate the puzzle.

The Czech Republic in Eurovision

For the first time the Czech Republic will send its representative song to Eurovision Song Contest. Czech television is now choosing 10 representatives. Each song will be promoted by its interpreters and one famous person. People can send votes until 10th March when the Czech representative song will be known.

Last year the final in Athens was watched by 100 million viewers. The winner of the last year, group Lordi, is from Finland, that is why this year’s final will take place in Helsinki in March 2007.

International contest Eurovision was founded in the mid 50’s as an attempt to find in music a reuniting component in post-war Europe. In 1956 only seven countries competed, last year it was almost forty.

Megashow K-1 in Prague

Prague will host the elimination round of the top international contest of combat sport called K-1 Fighting Network Prague Round 07 – Heaven or Hell. The competitors will be eliminated on the priciple of a pyramid, the winner will proceed to Grand Prix in Amsterdam.

Visitors can expect such stars as Black sniper Michael Mc Donald, Jorgen Kruth, Rikard Nordstrand, Magomed Magomedov, Yusuke Fujimoto or Koos Wessels. Czech competitors will be Petr Vondracek, Roman Kracik, Daniel Jerling and Stanislav Klima.

The gala night will be accompanied by light and pyrotechnical show. There will be no tickets sold to the highest floor in the arena so that all spectators will have as close contact with the fighters as possible.

The show takes place in Sazka Arena on 16th December 2006 at 18:00. Tickets are available through Sazkaticket from 3490 CZK to 490 CZK.

World Arena Motocross in Prague

International race competition Euronics Arenacross invites for the performances of the best riders on the second longest indoor track in Europe.

This race take place in Prague for the first time. In contrast to Brno competition, where the competititon took place last years, also women will compete. More than 400 riders from 12 countries will contest on 420 meters long track in total. Visitors can also look forward to Jump Night Show freestyle exhibition on BMX bikes and small motorbikes at the end of the competition.

Arenamotocross is held in Sazka Arena this weekend. It starts at 19:00 on Saturday and at 15:00 on Sunday. Tickets are still available through Sazkaticket or at the box-offices in Sazka Arena for 390 – 790 CZK.