Miss Prague 2006 in November

Competition Miss Praha 2006 Open will search for the most beautiful girl in Prague. It will happen in the Smetana’s Hall in the Prague Municipal House (Obecni dum) on 11th November at 19:00.

The final full of additional programme will introduce 12 ladies at the age from 16 till 27 living in Prague. The jury consisting of professionals (models and photographers) and business partner representatives will decide who will become Miss Prague 2006 and get a new car Citroen.

Ladies will introduce themselves during the conversation with the moderator, also during a fashion show, a free discipline and a swimsuit promenade.

Tickets for this beauty competition of the Prague prettiest ladies are available through Ticket Art for 300 CZK.

Fly fishing competition Orvis Cup 2006

International fly fishing competition called Orvis Cup 2006 will take place in the heart of Prague on Vltava river in the area between Manes and Novotneho lavka street.

The competition starts with opening ceremony in O2 Zlute lazne (Podolske nabrezi 81 street) on Friday 13th October at 18:00. 1st and 2nd round of the competition will take place in Strelecky ostrov on Saturday, the final competition and result announcement will be again in Zlute lazne on Sunday. Fishermen do not have to worry about lack of fish. Ten thousand fish (Rainbow trouts and American brook trouts) will be released a week before the competition.

After the result announcement ceremony children can try their luck by drawing the prettiest picture of a fish while adults can buy second hand fishing equipment or see, among others, demonstrations of fly tying.

White collars' running competition in Prague

Do you sit every day behind the desk in your office with the feeling you would like to run away? Everything is possible in Prague! ‘White collars’ competitions called Beh kancelarskych krys (kancelarske krysy – office rats – is a Czech humorous nickname for ‘white collars’) will start on 7th October at 14:00 in Ovocny trh.

Instead of T-shirt and shorts the competitors will be wearing suits with ties or coats and skirts. Mobile phones in one hand and a folder in the other cannot be missing. Sport shoes are acceptable.

The racecourse starts in Ovocny trh, then continue in Celetna street, Na Prikope, Havirska street and finishes again in Ovocny trh. Between running the participants have to succeed in several disciplines: throw with the folder, slalom in the office chair and climb a rope. The moderator of this competition Pavel Andel will call the competitors on mobile phone. If the participant does not answer the phone, he/she will be disqualified.

This competition is held under the auspices of the Prague’s Mayer Pavel Bem who will be also one of the competitors.

RoboTour 2006 in Prague's Stromovka

Lovely deer-park Stromovka is a good choice for a weekend walk. On 14th October it is also a place where a competition of robots RoboTour 2006 takes place.

Robots have to reach the end of a kilometer-long route along parks’ paths within one hour. During the journey they have to fulfill several tasks. Robots’ maximum speed can be 2,5 m/s, the size of robots is not defined. Robots must be powered by electricity and must be fully autonomous, any communication with surroundings during the competition is prohibited. Each robot must be accompanied by a human in case of its unexpected behaviour.

The competition starts at 9:30 on Saturday 14th, in case of bad weather it can be postponed to Sunday 15th or the following weekend.

Amateur bands compete for one thousand dollars

Go Unplugged competition starts in Zlute lazne (“Yellow Spa”) today in the evening. A total of nineteen amateur music bands entered the competition. They will compete on successive Thursdays for the main prize of one thousand dollars. The winner will be also given an opportunity to release own CD. Furthermore, the band will also shoot its own clip.

The winner will be chosen by the audience of the concerts. Starting from today, every Thursday between 17 and 22 hours four bands will perform on the stage of Go Zlute Lazne. The music styles will vary and will include for example rock or jazz. The voting stops on 20th August and the final evening will take place four days later. If you would like to listen to possible future stars, you may be interested to learn that all of the concerts are free.