Concert of electronic/dance music

Mecca House Party in Chinese Opera Style - Dj Lafayette

After DJ´s Lafayette return from farther Beijing, where he played for 3000 people in Chinese art club, he comes to play at the new Opera House. Lafayette took inspiration from the legendary Chinese opera and therefore February Opera will be full of references to the Chinese culture. Mecca club will transforms to a Chinese Theatre on that evening and you will be able to enjoy unique atmosphere that doesn’t repeat.

You can look forward on the Chinese decoration, Chinese dancers in kimono and special Chinese choreography. DJ Lafayette had prepared a special Chinese costume and music intro for this occasion and he invited great DJ and producer from Munich – DJ Sebastian Krieg. Sebastian is recognized and respected personality on the DJ scene, some of his last performances include clubs such as Space, or Privilege Amnesia on Ibiza, Ministry of Sound or The End in London.

Entry : 190 czk, for those who come in Chinese Kimono free entry. Prague Club Mecca, Friday 20th February 2009

Lee Dagger and DJ Neo at one Unique night

The November edition of the most successful night of Mecca – Meccamix, again brings an unique show. Returning DJ star Lee Dagger aka Bimbo Jones (UK) is the headliner, plays with the support of the most successful Czech house DJ and producer of all times – DJ Neo (Subliminal).

At the age of 22 he released his single at famous Subliminal. Until today, he had 7 albums done, 2 Grammy nominees and successful cooperations in studio with such a names as Jocelyn Brown, Soraya or Tara McDonald.

But that is not all – there will be the performance of young male vocalist and saxophonist El Jay with identical voice of Jay Jay from Jamiroquai, with the beautiful female vocalist Sandra, accompanied by truly beautiful dancers Ibiza Diva in Brazilian costumes, Meccamix inflatable decorations and silver confetti coming down from ceilings all night.

Entry: 290czk, VIP tickets: 990czk. Start 22:00, pre-sale Ticketpro. Club Mecca, U Pruhonu street 3, Prague 7.

Orbital head to Czech Republic!

Last year in November, the world of music was surprised by the news one of the big stars of the Electronic scene to come back to concert stages – the British duo Orbital. This year, Orbital are going to play after 5-year pause a few concerts, in the Czech Republic the fans can see them during those two days of Planet festival at Aeroclub Tabor, on 5th and 6th June.

In previous years, organizers of this festival have invited into the Southern Bohemia also other VIP musicians like Marylin Manson, Nick Cave or Moloko, and want to take up the tradition. Beside Orbital, the festival is going to offer another sound names of present music interpreters.

Orbital said to their reunion: “Our concert are not going to be exercises of nostalgia, the age demand us. We have 15 years of composing behind us and if we make a 90 minutes set, something interesting from the beginning to the end should come into being.”

Dj Tocadisco in Prague

The First completely sold out edition of the new club concept PURE from United Music hosted world Nr. DJ Armin van Buuren in December in Slovansky dum, Prague. Now comes the second edition, which takes place in Mecca, and it is headlined by one of the most popular house DJ and producer in the world – Tocadisco.

After his first successful appearance in front of thousands of visitors at Prague Sessions with Paul van Dyk in September 2008, this will be his first individual show in a club in the Czech Republic. Dj Tocadisco (a Spanish word for a turntable) entered the dance world with his first hit „Nobody Likes The Records That I Play“. Followed by Word tour, and many remixes for artists like Moby, New Order, Pet Shop Boys and many more.

Releasing now hit singles like „You’re No Good For Me“, „Music Loud/Crazy Cursor“, remix „Walking Away“ and mega-hit Morumbi. Cooperates with David Guetta on hits like Love Dont Let Me Go or Tomorrow Can Wait. Besides of unbelievable producers career performs Tocadisco at most important dance events around the globe.

Together with Dj Tocadisco, the second edition of PURE will introduce local star Michael Burian, Rehab resident Nesquik, and more DJ´s on second Rehab stage.

Date: 13th February 2009, Tickets: 650 czk ( / VIP: 1050 czk. Club Mecca in Prague, the mecca of house music in Prague.

DJ Sven Vath in Prague

Sven Väth in younger times Have you ever wished to see and hear the legenday german producer and DJ Sven Vath? It becomes real in April. Sven states on his webpage that 10th he plays in Prague Club Mecca. It should be within the party Acapulco, the resident party of Czech DJ and beauty Lucca.

Sven Väth (born 1964 ) is a DJ who has produced an extensive range of work since his career began in 1982. He was also one of the founders of legendary trance music labels Harthouse and the now-defunct Eye Q, as well as being among the very first DJs to play trance records.

In 1995 Mixmag rated his album Accident in Paradise one of the top-50 dance albums of all time; although the title track is a fast techno piece, the rest is far more sedate, such as the track “Coda,” which features merely a flute and a harpsichord.

Ticket prices: 490 czk to 30th March, 590 to 10th April, 700 czk at the spot. There is only 800 tickets on sale so I would recommend buying it online at ticketpro. Legendary producer and DJ Sven Vath in Prague Club Mecca on 10th April 2009.

Pussycat Dolls Arrive to Prague

Music-dance group around the 30yo singer Nicole Scherzinger is going on the World tour, and they do not forget to visit Prague at their trip. Prague should hear their biggest hits and actual songs from the new album Doll Domination (published in 2008). on the final version of the tape is also the track When I Grow Up, which was co-produced by such stars as Timbelake, Sean Garrett or R. Kelly. As a bonus, every member of the girls has her own solo track in the bonus part of the album.

Pussycat Dolls let themselves be heard that the fans are going to see what they haven’t seen before. The originally dance group is going to pump up the fan crowd in Tesla arena so hard, there is going to be hot long after they will travel on their tour. Their tour starts this January in Scotland, they are arriving to Prague 21st February 2009 to Tesla Arena.

Depeche Mode concert in Prague

Are you a music devotee and a great fan of the Depeche Mode in particular? The Slavia Stadium in Prague, Czech Republic, is hosting a spectacular music event: Depeche Mode will be playing a live concert.

One of the most successful music groups of the present, Depeche Mode, announced terms of their European Tour of the Universe, where Prague is not going to be absent. In Eden, we can look forward on 25th June 2009 for one of the biggest concert events of the future year. The group at the present time work on their new album, which is expected in the next year, to be played live.

Depeche Mode visited Prague for the first time in January 2006 during their last tour Playing the Angel. Their concert in 2009 takes Place in Slavia Eden Station. The only tickets which are possible to buy now are in the platinum quality and cost 3,500 czk.

Stereo MCs concert in Prague

This year record ‘Double Bubble’ loyalty makes the ‘Stereo MCs sound, like the audience knows and loves it.

The Brixton group Stereo MCs comes back! Their another concert n our metropolis comes only a few months after they introduced their new record Double Bubble. The Stereo MCs, frequently labelled one of the most cultivated music groups of Britain, they were many time nominated for Brit Awards and Mercury Music Prize, sold millions of records and now they are back to prove they are still the same pioneers and party-makers like years ago.

After two years on tour, behind the turntables and in their Frontline Studio there is the Double Bubble, another record which is not possible to describe by the typical genre pigeon-hole. To refresh the Stereo MCs sound helped the 19yo producer Tic Toc, and their music sounds new again and it is clear, Stereo MCs don’t rest on their laurels. The first single Gringo can be heard in the air, and watched in TV with the virtual reality video.

Pre-sale Ticketpro 620 czk, at the spot 790.

The new and old songs by Stereo Mc wait for you in Roxy on Sunday 30th November 2008 in Prague club Roxy.

Ed Rush & Optical Tonite in Prague

You don’t know what to do on today evening? Why not come to a world-class dnb party? Ed Rush & Optical met in 1998, when they had many experiences with the biggest names of the time. But by founding the Virus label they established a dictate, which lasts in many respects until today. Their album Wormhole and the Matrix Sleepwalk they set the world in fire, making themselves one of the most important persons of dnb. Every one of their singles was played over and over in clubs, the album The Creeps only underlined how good they are.

At the present time there is the kicking Pacman remix and we can look forward to a new album. Today in Prague we can hear them both, the last time this summer came only Ed Rush for the festival Summer of Love. Today, they come both to show the sound, which became the top one of many drum and bass fans.

Prostor Abaton, Na Kosince 8, Prague, 21th November 2008. Ed Rush & Optical in Prague

Breakers Pendulum in Prague

For the first, and probably even for the last, time, it is possible to encounter a truly unique show by the Australian project Pendulum, which is going to, using hard drum and bass with heavy electric guitars, demolish the Prague club Roxy, filled to the top by crowds.

The six member group is formed by musical veterans and producers. They went through waves of metal and hardcore madness, than went into Dnb frenzy, creating unique blend of styles. Today they are among the most fundamental groups on the scene, building their production on dj’s sets and life production as well.

Pendulum have achieved recognition by their debut album Hold your Colour and by their sharp remix of Prodigy Voodoo People. Pendulum live in Roxy, 18th November. Tickets at Ticketpro, 1000czk.

Jean Michel Jarre concert in Prague this Thursday

Jean Michal Jarre was born in 1948 in Lyon. He is one of the most influential icons of the modern electronic music.

Jarre started his career in 1968, when he joined GRM Group in Paris, when he starts to experiment with electro-classic music together with Pierre Schaeffer. A year later he publishes his first single. His most famous creation becomes, however, the album Oxygene, thanks to which he gains world recognition.

Among his biggest life achievements is the concert of 14th June 1995 “Concert Pour La Tolerance” under the Eiffel Tower in Paris to celebrate the 50th UNESCO anniversary, attended by 1,5 million people.

A new life to his production came in 2007 with the Téo & Téa. Jarre came with something new for the young generation. To the 30th anniversary of Oxygene, beside the album symbolising his most known album he prepared a tour specialized for concert or theatre halls. Fans could enjoy not only live performance, but especially the music service.

Jean Michel Jarre, the true legend, comes to Prague, and you can be there. Tickets: 990-1590 czk. The 30th anniversary of Jean Michel Jarre in Prague O2 Arena.

Transmission in Prague – Mega Dance Event

On the Saturday 8th November 2008, the most famous stadium in Prague O2 Arena hosts the XXL dance event Transmission, which gained huge popularity of fans not only at home but abroad as well, there are regular visitors from foreign countries, which numbers got to ten thousand last year. This week, Transmission returns to Prague introducing the biggest DJs stars, from which some performing in the Czech Republic for the first time.

Like the last year, Transmission brings completely new unique set and a show reaching the world top level. As the name indicates, the event is heavily on Trance music, but there will be also House and some more progressive dance beats. 8th November 2008, Event starts 21:00 at O2 arena, Prague. Tickets at Sazkaticket or at the place for 1090 czk. Only for 18 or older!

PENDULUM Australian DnB in Prague

The Australian project originated in 2002, when producers and djs with experiences from metal groups united to lately achieve something no one outside the GB did before – capture the trone of DnB scene.

Their first singles like The Valut or Back To You made by their massive sound a revolution on the DnB scene, and we hear them even today at almost every broken beat party.
Their monumental first album Hold your Colour sold over 250 000 pieces and their remix of legendary track Voodoo People caught attention of the last ignorants.

Pendulum come to Prague first time in the complete set-up.

“We want our music to be an adventurous escape from the reality. Technologies improve, production and recording techniques improve, but something is missing – the original feel of escape from the reality and opening to new adventures, that energy which brought us to electronic music.”

Pendulum say: Turn on the radio and you will hear a dozen of tracks which are either about what everyone encounters every day, or about how you should shake it on the dance floor. It sounds professional, but there is usually nothing behind it, no value added. We would like to hear something new and refreshing, some music taking you to the another galaxy.

The price for the concert is quite higher than usual, but don’t you think to hear Pendulum is worth those 850 in pre-sale and 1000 at the spot? They come to Roxy in Prague … what else to add?

Primal Scream Prague Concert in Roxy

The inscrutable Scots introduce their new album Beautiful Future. The Glasgow music group Primal Scream, known for their changing of rock traditionalism with electronic dance charges, is going to play on Friday since 19:00 at Prague club Roxy. This year’s album Beautiful Future brings some “shiny pop” in the best sense of the word, with strong melodies and sharp sound.

Primal Scream breaktrhrough took place in 1991, when they published their third album Screamadelica. It sounded like the young acid house fused with much older rock, and together they played the best rock riffs in new acid house lays. It appeared, that the antagonist world of rock and DJs can not only coexist, but even inspire each other and blend.

Primal Scream @ Prague Roxy, Dlouha 33, this friday 3rd October 2008. Tickets at Ticketpro.

Utah Jazz - Luxorious Liquid Funk in Prague

Luke Wilson AKA Utah Jazz, is one of the original liquid funksters. He started mixing Drum & Bass whilst still at school, inspired by LTJ Bukem & Alex Reece and his DJ career soon blossomed – randomly adopting the name ‘Utah Jazz’ from the US Basketball team to showcase his preference for the mid 90s ‘Jazz-Jungle’ sound.

In 2008, his debut album ‘It’s A Jazz Thing’ was released worldwide to both commercial and critical acclaim – cementing Utah Jazz’s position as one of the major cross-over D&B artists this side of the millennium.

Released through Bryan G’s seminal V Recordings camp (the first home of Roni Size & DJ Marky) with radio and club support from the likes of Trevor Nelson, Zane Lowe, Annie Mac, LTJ Bukem, Fabio, Andy C, Goldie and more – the global impact of ‘It’s A Jazz Thing’ has also now made Utah Jazz one of the most in demand selectors on the international D&B circuit.

September, 12 2008 at It’s A Jazz Thing @ Roxy, Prague. Tickets: until 23:00, 150czk, after 23:00 200czk.

Jean Michel Jarre concert in Prague

Legend, the French composer Jean Michel Jarre, the pioneer of electronic music, comes on 13rd November to the Czech Republic. He celebrates an important anniversary – it has been thirty years, since he published his legendary album Oxygene and its live show. The famous French comes accompanied by three musicians and 50 analog synthesizers.

The Albub oxygene was made in 1977 and inspired whole generations of musicians. Jarre is well-known by his concerts for hundreds of thousands, even a million. The celebration of Oxygene will be more chamber, so he can “…be close to to the music and the audience” Tickets could be bought from Wednesday, varying from 990-1590 czk. The 30th anniversary of Jean Michel Jarre in Prague O2 Arena.

Roni Size & Mc Dynamite at Sazava Fest on Saturday

Roni Size This famous DJ with his Mc, with whom they are undoubtedly going to perform the smashing hit Brown Paper Bag arrives to the Czech Republic again.

Roni Size is a British music producer and DJ who came to prominence in 1997 as the founder and leader of Reprazent, a drum and bass collective. That year they won the Mercury Prize for their album New Forms.

Dynamite MC is an MC from Gloucester, England. He originally gained prominence in jungle/drum and bass, working with Roni Size and Reprazent, but has also released hip hop material.

Much of the acclaim centred around Size’s melding of the new with the old – the propulsive jungle beats accompanied by live drums and double bass. The band – Williams (compositions/programming), DJ Krust, Onallee (vocals), Dynamite MC and rapper Bahamadia (a former protégé of Gang Starr) – came together on Bristol’s highly fertile and disparate club scene. As a result, Reprazent drum ‘n’ bass is equally informed by hip-hop, funk, soul and house.

Sazava fest, this weekend in Kacov, their concert takes place on Saturday evening. For Information about Sazava Fest continue here

Summer House in Prague

mecca people Club Mecca is the biggest Czech house music club, so the fact that during holidays there are no great names doesn’t mean, there is no great fun – quite the contrary, on free Wednesdays the place is pumping and vibrating. Not only the entrance is free during the holiday Wednesdays and some of holiday Fridays, Sundays and Saturdays, but also girls get 1 free cocktail before midnight.

Mecca focuses on parties. The club main room is large, black and illuminated by various lights. The place is dominated by a massive bar. Equipped with solid music installations it provides good sound for its visitors, who are Czechs mixed with foreigners, who all form a kind of ‘good society’. Though there’s no dress code, many people who do come, like to make an impression.

London Elektricity in Prague Tomorrow

London Elektricity is a by-word for real music in drum n’ bass. Making their mark with the epic ‘Song In The Key Of Knife’, Tony Colman and Chris Goss first threw together their ‘Elektric productions in 1996. Founders and backbone of Hospital Records, they also pursued parallel projects under the monikers Future Homosapiens, Dwarf Electro, and Orkestra Galactica.

Having spent much time developing the label, and nurturing their young Welsh prodigy High Contrast, they got a pause – Tony having perenially been the musical and song-writing hub of the project has taken on the LE mantle solo, whilst Chris has moved over to full-time management of the record label.

Tony and Chris got back together and published their record Pull the Plug, known for perfect vocals and atmosphere which brought excellent critiques. It set a whole new course by which dnb started to head – into very complex brilliant arranges.

You can hear them in Prague Roxy, tommorow.

Josh Wink's Prague concert getting nearer

On Friday 20th June, Mecca welcomes one of the all time greats of underground electronic music. That man is the legendary Josh Wink. Since his groundbreaking record ‘Higher States of Consciousness’ bought chaos to our dancefloor many moons ago and started a career of the king of acid house.

“Some people get pigeonholed as being into just one thing,” Wink remarks. “I hate that. When there are rules, it doesn’t become art, and it’s not fun. I’ve learned that you can’t please everybody, so I’d rather be concerned with making good art, and the people that like this art will stick with you.”

Over the past fifteen years Josh Wink has always ran ahead of the pack, as a DJ, label owner, producer, remixer, and artist. With a career that boasts numerous magazine covers, chart topping singles, sold out DJ gigs and collaborations with such A-list artists as Radiohead, Sting and Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), Philly-bred Josh Wink has grown into one of the Americas most revered and respected electronic music artists.

You don’t want to miss this party! Friday 20th June 2008, in one of the best Prague Club Mecca, the unique concert of Josh Wink! be prepared to see a true legend in action.