Respect is not going to apologize to Kundera. The writer considers to sue.

The Respect magazine is not going to apologize to Kundera for the article “Kundera informer” Kundera’s representative in the Czech Republic Jiri Srstka announced Respect wrote him very briefly, they are not going to apologise for anything. Kundera is now considering his next steps, the legal proceedings for personality protection against Respect is not excluded.

Respect published the article about alleged Kundera’s informing in the middle of October. At the basis of the document, which a historian found in the office for totalitarian regimes study they claim the famous writer alleged an anti-communist fighter Miroslav Dvoracek, who than spend 14 years in a communist prison.

Kundera said the article is an “attempt on a writer’s life”. And a few personalities stand by him, e.g. literary historian Zdenek Pesat, who claims the informer was Miroslav Dlask.

Arnost Lustig was Awarded

The well-known writer of Czech origin Arnost Lustig gained from the hand of Pavel Bem the Prize of Franz Kafka. The annual giver of the prize is the Franz Kafka Society. Their intention is to highlight those important personalities of world literature, who have merit in values of democracy, tolerance and humanism. The prize is given with a reward of 10 000 dollars. “If you would get 10 000 dollars, you would be happy too” the fresh laureate commented his feelings.

Arnost Lustig is the author whose main inspiration is primarily his own life experience. The horrors of holocaust have became the main topic of his short stories, later novels. The most known books are Demanty noci (Diamonds in the night), Modlidba pro Kateřinu Horovitzovou (A Prayer for Katarina Horovitzova) or Dita Saxova. A few of his novels were filmed, in 2003 his novel Krasne Zelene oci (Lovely Green Eyes) was nominated for Pulitzer prize in prosaic category.


Milan Kundera wants an apologize for his allegations

The writer Milan Kundera wants an apologize from the Respect Magazine, which printed the article about Kundera reputedly informing against Miroslav Dvoracek in 1950, who was later sentenced to many years in prison.

Kundera described, which should be the formulation of the apology. In the case Respect is not going to do it, he is going to sue the magazine.

Respect published the article a week ago. It is called Udání Milana Kundery. According to it, the former western agent Miroslav Dvoracek returned from western Germany to Prague, where he accidentally met his friend. He let a briefcase at her apartment at college, where Kundera allegedly saw him and rushed to lodge information against him to the communist police.

Kundera denied he would inform against anyone, he doesn’t know how his name got to the report. Publishing of the information, with visible anti-Kundera coloring and with no other basis than the one paper got criticized by many historians. Hradilek (the author) also didn’t discuss it with the writer. On Tuesday, the Academy of Sciences had openly spoke in support of Kundera.

Alicia Keys in Prague Video shortly before concert

Alicia’s first concert in Prague took place on 14th October 2008. Pikant magazin wrote about it: “… an impressive music programme accompanied by magnificent show. Literary breath-taking were her songs when she played the grand piano during her singing. She proved how much tameless energy she has. “

About the video: Alicia Keys going to sing at HC Sparta Arena, going to the stage, the crowds are going mad up there, Alicia comes to the stage wearing (prolly artificial) fur coat… “ I’m in Prague, feeling good … also, we are at some fricking hockey ring!” She also learned a sentence in Czech. What sentence? Find out in the video….

Vaclav Havel doesn't believe that Kundera would inform against anyone

Last week magazine Respect brought an article informing about Kundera’s alleged informing for the STB communist police. This week, the ex-president Vaclav Havel defends him – according to Havel Milan Kundera is innocent.

“I have a lot of reasons for thinking Kundera didn’t rushed to the station of the State Police to report that there is a spy going for a suitcase with information. I think that it didn’t happen so stupidly and that it wouldn’t.” Havel wrote.

Vaclav Havel also send word to ‘the young historians’ by which he probably thought Adam Hradilek, from whom it started – saying they shouldn’t behave the way their communist predecessors did.

The happenings from the 50’s, when the artificial political processes culminated and people were send for anything to prison, some even to a place of execution, are necessary to be percepted in their historical context, says Havel.

Kundera Case – Dirty Work of One Journalist

It all started from one article in Respect magazine. A ‘young explorer’ Adam Hradilek claims, the world famous writer and dramatist Milan Kundera lodged information against his university colleague to the communists. To write such an article about a famous person should be well backed by proofs. The only document Hradilek had was one police form. A form made by the STB, the communist secret police, an organization rotten to the roof. Instead of focusing on getting those STB agents to jail, the person decided to launch the article about Kundera. The article, which was clear it will instantly bring world reaction, and for some people, especially those who are eager to judge anyone the worst way, it will be finally a tool to lynch one of our best writers.

What is now going to happen? Quite probably, now there will be a battle for the truth. Whom are we going to trust? The testimony of historian Pesat, claiming that the informer was Dlask not Kundera, at the basis of discrepancies at the document proving there are large mistakes inside and his research of the matter? Or we are going to believe a document written by the communist police about Kundera being an informer? The second one satisfies the worse instincts, so for most it is satisfying. But they, who happily shout: lets get Kundera now! Are those who at the basis of old injustices make new ones, Kundera is the one who helped the whole nation to get a little more light.


Emmons was pregnant when she won Olympic Gold

The Czech shooter, who won gold medal in the women’s 10 metre air rifle competition at the summer Olympics in Peking has been pregnant during the competition. Why we didn’t knew it? As she says, it shouldn’t be said before the first three months. She also says she is going to come back to shooting, in a year, in a year and a half. But everything will be different.

First, when she comes back, she will be a mother. Second, her coach and father Petr Kůrka is the coach of the Australians. But Katerina says, she is not a little girl anymore and that phone contact should be enough. And the baby? Whether it will be a boy or a girl, she with her husband Matthew Emmons haven’t revealed yet. And whether the little one will be a shooter, like the parents and their parents? “We will leave it on him to decide” The future mother says.

Havel gained German prize Point-Alpha

The selected group of statesmen, who got the prize, gained merit in unity of Germany and Europe. It was given over at the German embassy in Prague by the Kuratorium Deutsche Einheit (KDE). According to it, Vaclav Havel has, in an exemplary way, helped peace, freedom, protection of human rights and dignity.

Havel so got another prestigious international prize for peace. Point-Alpha was before awarded e.g. the Russian ex-president Gorbachev, the German ex-chancellor Helmut Kohl and American ex-president Sr. George Bush. They all contributed to the end of the Cold war.

Havel, according to the organizers, belongs to charismatic models and the most convincing activists of the European motions for freedom of the 2nt half of the 20th century. The president of the Kuratorium Christine Lieberknecht stated Havel deserves the award for his “long-term brave and thanks god successful involvement in struggle for peace, freedom and human rights.”


Vaclav Havel defends USA radar in CR

The Czech ex-president defended the project of the US Radar base in the Czech Republic. Reasons? An ally bond of the CR to its allies. Vaclav Havel expressed his stance to the anti-rocket defence during a forum in London. In the British Library, Havel discussed the topic over the English edition of his book Prosim, Strucne – Briefly, Please. The ex-president belongs to the long-term supporters of the base, he also says Czechs should be grateful to the USA.

“We owe to the USA for many things, for the very existence of our state, and when they want something small, once, something by which we cold repay them a little bit, we are reluctant. That is morally and psychologically very unsympathetic.” said Havel.

At the basis of opinion pools, the opposers of radar still outbalance those in favour. Moscow did its part by financing anti-radar motions. Even when the radar negotiations are on a good way, the time works against it – the elections will be soon and the main supporting political party will probably lose this time.


Vaclav Havel gained Seifert's Prize

Thirty years after Vaclav Havel has started to correspond with the founder of Charta 77 Frantisek Janouch, he gets a prize from this institution, of which he later became the leading personality. The prize of Jaroslav Seifert is probably the most significant literary prize, which the Czech Republic has.

Ten members of the committee, led by the literary historian Jiri Brabec decided Havel should get the price and 300t czk, at the beginning of October in the st Anna’s Church in Prague (which reconstruction Havel put through).

“This year’s choice made me happy. I was always a fan of Havel’s pieces, and Havel is my friend who helped me to establish this competition more than twenty years ago.” the leader of foundation Frantisek Janouch stated.

Vaclav Havel gained the prestigious evaluation for eight part of Spisy, containing of his speeches and essays from 1999-2007, and also for his newest screenplay Odchazeni, in the Czech Republic staged by David Radok, nowadays having premiere in London. Odchazeni was accepted very positively by the public as well.


Jessica Korda decided to Represent the USA

Just weeks ago, it seemed that Korda would finally become the dignified representative of Czech golf. Jessica proved as a really talented and having huge skill, as she ended 19th on the US open at the age of 15. The next year, she represents the USA. She said the main reasons are she spends most of the time there and feels like an American. “I come to the Czech Republic once a year for a few weeks, it seems logical to represent the USA. To get into American representation is harder and more demanding.” the ambitious golfist said for Golf Digest.

Her father Petr Korda, who used to represent the Czech Republic in tennis, promised his daughter will represent the CR until 15, than she will decide how to continue. He criticises Czech Golf association for not helping them in any way: “Jessica represented all the time, even when she didn’t get anything from the association. It is nice people say Jessica is ‘ours’, so why nobody put her into the best juniors?” The Czech Golf association took her for granted, which didn’t paid off. Also, Jessica probably feels better as an American in any way, but still she already got hearts of many fans here.

Tomas Bata Junior Died

In Toronto, Canada, Tomas Bata died at the age of 94. The world-known shoe businessman passed away at 13:40. His spokesman Lacko said that “He left in the middle of work, calmly and in peace, surrounded by his closest ones.”

The news of his dead stoke the whole region of Zlin, where Bata shoe empire started from. The principal of Zlin University of Tomas Bata Ignac Hoza said for Denik he is shaken, as this is a huge loss; “Until the last day he was full of life, I would never imagine he could pass already. I telephoned with him a week ago”

Tomas Bata’s funeral is going to be on 5th September in Toronto. In his life work he always advanced the basis of business ethics. He carried many high evaluations, e.g. the T.G. Masaryk Medal and Slovak Double Cross. He became a honorable doctor of many world universities. They brought up one son and three daughters with his wife Sonya.


The Emmons Family offered their story to Hollywood

The incredible story with a sorrowful ending, which experienced Katerina and Matt Emmons on the Olympics is now possible to be bought and filmed. First, happiness after Katerina gained two medals, than a shock and deja vu feeling. Newspapers first wrote about their lovestory, than about their story of sadness. Two completely different approaches during a few days.

Four years ago, Emmons sit at the commentor’s post and witnessed Matt hitting the other target on he left in the last shoot of 3×40, which meant he lost certain gold. At that time, they probably fell in love. Four years later in Peking she sit again on the commentator’s post and watched Matt, this time her husband, in the moment he hit his target though, but completely out of the middle, to the 4,4 mark, by which he lost certain gold again.

Czech Porn King Rosenberg was Released on Probation

rosenberg The ubermale, who supports mainly the Czech Republic and the United States with fresh material, got into problems with the law last year, when their cleaning girl made a complaint she was forced into porn against her will. Anyone who hears this and knows, how many movies Rosenberg has made must see that it is a nonsense – when he is the biggest producer, he probably didn’t get to it by forcing some unknown girls into action, but by paying professional actresses. But, as the world goes round, the folks are always divided into two groups – the one who watch porn and openly approve, the second who watch porn and openly disapprove. The latter was very glad to finally ‘get the pervert’.

Luckily for Rosenberg, his wife Zaneta and their little son, the family was found guilty only from cocaine possession and distribution – Rosenberg got one year probation. Again, cocaine may be illegal, but if it wasn’t for it, I can’t imagine any good movie, porn or else, to be put together. Cocaine and film industry belong together. Next time, you will see a film with some great Czech girls, you may be watching Rosenberg’s production; the one he had to fight for a year to keep.


Petr Cech – Goalkeeper Gains Royal Salary of 90 000 £ Weekly

The Czech Goalkeeper Petr Cech came to London Chelsea in the summer of 2004 from French Rennes. If he sticks to the present contract, he is going to play for Chelsea for nine years.

Czech stated on his webpage that prolonging of his contract is a great honour and also an appreciation of his work for Chelsea so far. He continues that Chelsea was close to his heart from the beginning, because of “my team-mates, people, who work in the club, and of course great fans” Czech explains, why he didn’t hesitate with signing the contract.

Great pleasure from prolonging the contract was on the side of Chelsea trainer as well. He also stated for BBC that Petr Cech is the best goalkeeper in the world. 90 000 £ weekly for the Czech football representative with the contract until 2010 seals he is going to stay at Chelsea.


Joan Baez calls Havel and Mandela pillars of 20th century

The former president Vaclav Havel is known for his liking of Rock music, and he got a very nice present when he went to the Trencin festival – the U.S. folk singer Joan Baez said Vaclav Havel and Nelson Mandela are the moral pillars of the 20th century.

Baez is a 67 yo human rights activist, who remembers how it looked like in the communist Czechoslovakia first hand – she was concerting in 1989 before the Velvet Revolution. She met Havel than – Havel carried her guitar there. He later commented that the police recognised him, but didn’t arrest him, because it seemed bad to them to arrest Joan Baez’s servant. Back in 1989, she was courageous enough to pronounce her disagreement with the regime. Now, after all those years, she praises Havel for what he have done for the world.


Who is Martin Bursik?

Martin Bursík (born 1959 in Prague) is a Czech politician and the current chairman of the Czech Green Party (Strana zelených).

In the 1980s Bursík studied environmental engineering at the Charles University in Prague. In June 1989, he joined the dissident movement and signed the declaration of the anti-Communist movement. During the Velvet Revolution in November of that year, he was one of the founders of the Civic Forum (OF).

Martin Bursik Bursik has concentrated on protecting the environment since his studies in the later 1980s. He was in charge of ecological questions on the Prague municipality and in 1998, he was appointed Minister of Environment for the first time, in Josef Tosovsky’s caretaker government, which lasted for several months. Those days he was in Christian Democratic Party, which he left in 2003 and joined the Green Party. He became a chairman of the latter in 2005 after the party undergone several shifts in direction and was in a state of chaos. If nothing else, he managed to put it back into one piece and led it towards a successful election.

Educated, well- spoken and capable of intelligent debate, he seems to resemble western professional politicians rather than the rather arrogant brutes which tend to dominate our politics. His eco- policies are mostly moderate and decidedly non-idealist, focusing on efficiency and incentives instead of interventions. Read on about Martin Bursik

McCain forgets time to time that Czechoslovakia isn’t a country….

john mccain doesnt know During a press availability, Sen. John McCain said that he’s been concerned by “a couple of steps that the Russian government took in the last several day,” including “reducing the energy supplies to Czechoslovakia.”

Russia of course can’t “reduce energy supplies to Czechoslovakia.” Czechoslovakia, of course, doesn’t exist. It split into two countries more than 15 years ago. McCain has actually been to the Czech Republic and Slovakia since they became independent countries, and he has also met with their leaders (!).

This isn’t the first time McCain has made this mistake. At a debate in Oct. 2007, McCain said that America needs to “have a missile defense system in place in Czechoslovakia and Poland.”

What is the striking part of the news, John McCain’s entire presidential campaign is the notion that he’s an expert on foreign policy, thanks to his decades of experience as a Washington insider. When the foreign policy expert keeps referencing a non-existent country, it’s not unreasonable to mention that maybe his expertise isn’t quite as impressive as his campaign and the political media establishment would like us to believe.


Vaclav Havel Interview for Financial Times

The Ex president Vaclav Havel feels sorry, the former communist states weren’t able to finish the revolution from 1989 by reforming post-communism; to get rid of ex-communists with economic power. He said that for Financial Times interview.

“As the young generation grows up, the society needs to get rid of people in power deformed by communism” he states. According to him, it is a trend of two faces; at one side it brings benefits to certain people, at the other side it generates danger for the other.

Havel also spoke about changes that brought technical development to the society, e.g. about mobile phones, compared to little development the society did on humane fields.


The Foreign Policy Chart: Vaclav Havel among the 100 top intellectuals

The prestigious American Internet portal have listed the ex-president of the Czech Republic among the most important intellectuals of the world.

In the Foreign Policy chart are philosophers, historians, writers, journalists, economists and religious persons, including the present pope, but also representatives of modern finance, politicians, defenders of human rights and peace activists. Those, who have influenced the course of the world.

Havel is listed as “Statesman and Dermatician” and was put into the company of such names as the American critic Noam Chomsky, peace activist from Israel Daniel Barenboim or South-Africa writer J.M. Coetzee.

What does this tells us about? What we already know, Vaclav Havel is apprehended more positively abroad than in the Czech Republic. He gained many prizes from other countries, he was also Nobel Prize nominee a few times.

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