Photos of Prague

Digitalized model of Prague soon ready

Langweil model of Prague is one of the most extraordinary and most admired exhibit in the Museum of the City of Prague. And now, they prepare a 3D digitalized version of the unique piece.

Anyone interested in old Prague can virtually go through all the corners of the city from the first half of the 19th century. E.g. there is St. Vitus Cathedral before the southern wing was finished.

In the half of 2008, the digitalized version should be accessible by the public. It will cost probably about 12,5 millions czk.

If we go to, we can read more about Langweil’s model of Prague :

Langweil model of Prague is one of the most extraordinary and most admired exhibit in the Museum of the City of Prague.

Langweil’s model of Prague is a paper and wood model that shows Prague what it looked like about 150 years ago. Many buildings in the model cannot be found in present Prague any more. The model was created in a scale of 1:480, which means there is a street one millimeter wide, the graves on the Jewish town are similarly petite.


Prague Dancing House is Beautiful

I go around it every day on my way to work. It is a dignified, yet sexy and emotive.

Prague Dancing House, designed by architects Vlado Milunc and Frank O Gehry, was originally called the “Astaire & Rogers Building”, named after Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. It resembles a post-modern statue of a dancing couple.

So beautiful, yet ambivalent. Ghery’s buildings are a unit, and so the inside should be united too. But the building hosts a bar, La Perle de Prague restaurant and offices at the same time.

Not many Czechs go inside, even less have a chance to do some new pictures of the object. When I found some on the web addicted2decor (they claim the pictures are from, however they are no longer there) I decided to share them with you. Here they come.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

How significant is the role of architecture for Prague tourism is clear.

Prague is a traditional city, which has grown for thousand years. The centre of the city fulfills various functions and it is suitable for pedestrians.

The dancing house represents unity of the old with the new and brings hopes for us, Czechs, to be in peace with our past, as well as with our future.

Prague Periphery in Photography

Jan Reich, cycle: Prague. source: Jan Reich – the photographer of Prague

The magic of Prague periphery from 60’s and 70’s of the last century is possible to admire at the picture exhibition called Disappearing Prague (mizející Praha) in Prague City Museum at Florenc. Some of the 122 black-and-white art photographs depict places that the time swept away; the wooden walls at Holesovice, where the citizens of Prague used to write and paint, the little boats at the Libensky island (Libeňský ostrov), the color of gas lamps and ancient tramways.

Reich was born in Dejvice, but his domain was the area of old Holesovice with the nearly-ruined houses, factories and riverside. There are cars and folks deliberately missing in these pictures – the life can only be felt, but not seen. For anyone interested in Prague in art photography, made by a devote artist, at this exhibition you can see the Prague that is no more.

You can enjoy the dissapeared Prague in photograpy until 11th November.

Watch Charles Bridge Online

Charles bridge from the water There is going to be a fundamental reconstruction of the Charles Bridge, and now you can watch it online, live. At the server of Prague information service (here) it is transmitted by the webcam, placed at the Lesser Town Bridge Tower. The Recostruction is supposed to be finished at 2010.

The bridge is 516 meters long and nearly 10 m wide, resting on 16 arches shielded by ice guards. It is protected by three bridge towers, two of them on the Lesser Quarter side and the third one on the Old Town side.

The bridge is decorated with 30 statues and statuaries, most of them Baroque style, erected around 1700. The bridge itself was finished in 1402.


30´s Prague in photography

The atmosphere of the 30´s in Prague is brought back by an exhibition of photographs by Grete Popper (1897 – 1976), an important Prague German photographer.

Prague is introduced in various seasons, and photographs focus on the everyday life of its citizens. Popper´s concern for the street life and unusual compositions of her work anticipated the later trend in Czech and world photography.

People figure-skating under the Charles Bridge, trams on the Wenceslas Square or elegant ladies in the typical thirties dresses -all that and also some portraits and studio works you can see in the Prague Municipal House till the 7th January 2007, every day from 10 am to 6 pm. The entry fee is 60 Czech crowns.

Floods 2002 - Photo exhibition

Association of Czech photographers presents in Karlin an exhibition of amateur photos with a theme of Prague floods in year 2002. You can see the photos in the gallery of Association of Czech photographers, where is placed thirty pictures from different authors.

The gallery is in Kollarova street 14 in Prague-Karlin. Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 2pm – 6pm. Entrance fee is 10 crowns. The exhibition ends 5th September.

In addition, the association organizes photographic competition focused on new face of Prague district Karlin.


Pictures of Prague

Here I bring you another photo gallery dedicated to Prague. You can see almost a hundred pictures from places like Charles and Cechuv bridge, Prague Castle, Ball Game Court, St Vitus’s Cathedral or Lennon Wall.

We booked a 4 night break in Prague through Last Minute and found Prague a great city. Everywhere you turn there are impressive buildings. Every corner you turn there is something to make you stop and think. And the beer is cheap as well

The gallery is here.

Torches made a symbol of a peace at Prague Castle

Humanistic movement created a classic symbol of a peace at Hradcanske square directly in front of Prague Castle.
It was 16th June and it was made as a support of a peace in the world and also a protest against occupation of Iraq.

This action was well prepared, the torches was sold to volunteers who want to be a part of this large symbol and the layout was directed by many people who directed one section of a symbol. A diameter of the symbol was 15 meters wide and it was made by more than 300 people.

You can see the photos at Humanistic movement official pages.

A place of heroism in photos

I wrote about Two Czech heroes of World War II who assassinated a Nazi leader Heydrich some time ago. They trained in England and were paradropped to Bohemia during war where they committed assassination the chief planner of the holocaust.
After their mission they hid in church of Cyril and Metodej, where they was finally found and where they was killed when they defend themself.

At this page you can find suggestive photos of this church with some words of the author of the blog.

Photos of Prague old cars

I know that old cars are in whole world, but Czech cars are mostly from communist era, so they are a little bit unique.

This is what an un-stretched Trabant looks like. This car was apparently abandoned on a side street – a fate which seems to befall many older cars in Prague. Nobody wants dodgy old Skodas, Trabbies, or Ladas, when it’s so easy to trade up to a nice Volkswagen Golf or similar.

So if you want to see cars for you maybe unusual, there you can watch them.

Prague commented and photographed

Today I bring you some relevant review with more than 35 photos sorted by places. The photos are great and you can see there for example medieval buildings from the Old Town, gardens, statues and of course most common tourist attractions like Prague Castle or Charles Bridge.

Time passes real fast…till i didn’t realize I have actually procrastinated my Prague holiday post for a month now. wow….another blink of eyes, I will be writing from Malaysia.
“If you are going to Europe, you must visit Prague.”...Someone once told me. “Prague is the most beautiful city in Europe.”...Another person told me…And there I was spending my 3 days in ‘the heart of Europe’.

The article is here.

Many places - many photos

Another Prague photo gallery. This gallery offers more than 70 photos from different locations like Prague castle, Ruzyne airport, Charles Bridge, Ungelt, Municipal house and more.

Prague Castle photos

Do you like Prague castle? I wish you do. These photos are not taken from well-known places. Enjoy!

Prague castle is situated on the hill overlooking the whole city, you might get several picturesque views of it from many sites in Prague. There is a beautiful gothical cathedral standing in one of the courtyards, with its colorful mosaic which had been restored not long ago.

Prague in black and white

Prague is beautiful. It’s a mix of every architectural style I know how to spell, mixed with cool graffiti and pre-Communist churches that have been converted into hotels, bakeries, and just about anything else. And I do mean anything.
But some days, Prague was just cold, dark and quiet, and black and white photos felt right.

Another pack of photos but these are colourless.

Benedictine monastery and much more

I’ve found great pictures of Benedictine monastery, Prague churches and towers, Vltava river and beautiful panoramas.

Prague is really beautiful, its historical center is very compact and most of the interesting places are within walking distance from each other. Prague is also being called the city of hundred towers referring to its immense number of churches and chapels, do you feel like counting?

You can see them at Quilting in Prague blog.

Not too well known places of Prague

Do you have enough of all-time same photos of Prague? Pictures of Hradcany, Charles bridge or Old Town square from same spot and angle? This girl can make different photos. And i like them.
I even don’t know where that beautiful old church in Prague is.

Photos of Prague by John Vanhara

Prague photos from an American businessman, who has a camera still ready. You can see his pictures of well-known Old town square, Charles Bridge as well as photos of Vltava, Prague rooftops or Old-style pub on his web blog.

Christmas Prague

I have found a nice article about Prague Christmas markets with some author’s photos. So if you would like to see how Wenceslas square, Old Town square or Parizska (Paris) street looks in December night, click here.

Some Prague Christmas photos you can also find at Prague pictures.

A little notice: The author describes “a something that looks like an elongated donut.” It is called Staroceske trdlo (Old-Bohemian muff) and it is food from medieval times. And it’s great.