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Fictive Atomic Bomb Explosion on TV was For Fun!

Prague city court annulled the decision of the Committee for Radio and Television Broadcasting, which delivered each member of the art group Ztohoven to pay a fine of 50 thousands for broadcasting the fictive atomic bomb explosion in the ČT Panorama show last year in June. The court decided it was an art expression and that it didn’t do harm to anyone.

This only supports the widespread opinion, that the Committee for Radio and Television Broadcasting changed from the group which was supposed to protect TV viewers into a group which tries to ban anything that is fun. The most favorite shows and original programmes which were on tv last year, like Vyvoleni, Soukrome Pasti or Kriminalka Adel got into troubles with this comitee, and were loved by viewers.

Russian Gas Didn't Arrive to EU... Why?

At first, it seems crystal clear. Ukraine doesn’t want to pay world prices of gas to Russia, and so it blackmails Moscow by stopping the transit through its territory, respectively by stealing so much from Russian supplies to Europe Ukrainians wouldn’t freeze and Kiev could negotiate better price with Moscow.

Maybe we could believe that, if that wouldn’t be the case of business run almost solely by mafia, if we could say there is democracy in Russia, and not the “sovereign democracy” which is only a facade. So the whole action with stopping the gas seen in wider context brings new explanations.

The whole matter can be nothing but a performance of Kremlin with three base aims – to corrupt Ukrainian convergence with the EU, punish Kiev for the December agreement with the USA about strategic partnership and to put through expensive and problematic project of Baltic gas main.

Putin Shows the Real Russia: Gas Stopped

Serious contract relationship with Russia we all take for granted shakes. But this situation is not new – it repeats almost every winter; concerning Ukraine, Belorussia or now a significant part of Europe, creating the picture of complete unreliability. We, as consumers, at the end don’t need to know, what is behind it, if it is an effort of Moscow to check Kiev, or Kiev effort to check Moscow, or Russian effort to divide Europe. All we want to know, whether the contracts about gas work or not. And Russia does everything to demonstrate, what the reality and risks of this relationship are.

It this world, where Israel fights in Gaza, Saudi Arabia warns against oil embargo towards the Jewish state, the more to Europe! So the question, which source of gas is less secure, was well answered by Putin. The other question is, who wants to hear the answer in our country. If somebody wasn’t moved by Russian actions against Georgia, this probably won’t shake him any more. For the rest, Putin’s stressing with gas is only one of many proofs Russia is not a serious partner at all.

More Tourists go to Prague! Where do they accomodate?

Hostel Emma Prague still holds among 20 most visited cities of the world, whats more, financial crisis or not, visit rate of the city have even increased. At least Euromonitor International, one of the leading companies doing the market research, claims it. The data were published in December 2008 in the Top City Destinations 2007 chart. The chart ables to compare visits of world and European cities. Compared to previous year, Prague improved its position. Its position is on 19th place among the world cities, within Europe it is on the 7th place, placed better than Amsterdam or Vienna.

From my point of view, I don’t get where do people get money for accommodation in Prague, but quite probably the solution is much simpler than it seems – less tourists accommodate in hotels, more in hostels. Now, when the Christmas season is over, it is even cheaper, and still the quality is really good, especially when we talk about hostels in the centre.

The Blob library only represents legality

The capital of the CR lets the term, until which the conditions for selling the parcel for the building of the new National Library should have been clear, to elapse. The representatives had the last chance to prolong the term, previously set on 31st December 2008. But the negotiation didn’t take place.

So the final decision is probably going to come in those few weeks, and as the Prague representatives stayed the same, the decision will be, quite possibly, negative. Or, as they didn’t prolong the contract, there may be other debates, but the Blob won’t be at Letna.

The decision itself, however, was never about Blob. It was about whether the representatives head with their ways to the past and decay, or to the future and development. Critiques of Klaus politics grow in numbers especially now, when the eyes of Europe turn to our small country, which is going to held the EU chairmanship.

The other countries look at the CR and see, what we already know – there is a lot of fresh liberal air, a lot of new attitudes, as well as groups of those who, probably as a heritage to the past regime, try to block the development in order to protect their own interests.

It was sad to watch, how ODS politicians change their stance from enchantment of the fresh Blob library to the negative attitude which started from Vaclav Klaus, in the instinct effort to keep their posts. In some cases, the bootlickery grow to such extent, the representatives lost their common sense. Pavel Bem is the proof.

Blob only stands for political freedom. If it wouldn’t be for it, there would be something else, on which the decay would display itself. But in order to be able to do what is right and legal, we first need to get rid of those, who permanently harm the interests and rights of this country.

I am sad to say Vaclav Klaus doesn't have to care what he does anymore

Because Klaus has been voted the president again, there are another 4 years of reign for him. What is he going to do? Talking negatively about things people want, talking positively about himself, this will never change. When was the ex-president of the US Bill Clinton asked in 1998 about his Lewinska affair he answered on question why he did that very directly – “because I could”. That is what Klaus could say now as the reason for boycotting of the Lisbon treaty in the parliament – because he can … or does he like to be in the centre of attention? Why he goes against one of the long-term goal of the Czech government? Until now, there is only one valid reason – to kick into him despised government and its Prime Minister. What is this attitude going to bring us during the EU Chairmanship I am afraid to think of. This event is a huge chance to show the world we are not a stupid slow island, that we have learned many since the 1989 and that we are able sit by the round table with the others. And now, imagine Klaus attacking everything by his comments, risking a failure of the whole country. Why would he do that? Because he can….

Czech Radar Matter Put Simply: Russia or USA?

The whole debate around the radar can be indeed put that simply: To which area of power want the CR to belong? Fools, irresponsible pacifists and people linked to Russia will say: we do not want to belong to any groupement of power. This answer guarantee to Russia they have a chance of returning one day. This is the way our world works, there are no neutral paradises, and for small countries, especially for those ‘in the middle of the road’ will always be necessary to unite with a strong country.

Those people who protest so vehemently against the radar should ask themselves: Which radar do I want? To protest against the US is easy, when we live in a country which is democratic thanks mostly to the USA. When there will be the Russian radar build, there will be no protests, as the protesters will be locked up, or worse.

The arguments, which country is better are clear to everyone, and still, the opposition CSSD which won the election, now want to close the radar negotiations, a few steps from the approval. But they may make a real mistake – their government will be there for four years, but the question, where the country goes is much more important and long term. If they say they do not want the radar, they should say openly: I don’t want the Radar, I like the way of government Russia has. And behave according to it.

Movie about US military base

A more than a year the authors of Cesky Sen (Czech dream) Vit Klusak and Filip Remunda have been shooting a document Cesky mir (Czech peace). The film depicts ‘Czech radar struggle’ and will be screened this spring.

The duo focus on specific Czech stupidity. If you haven’t seen the movie Cesky sen, it is simply about amount, at which consuming replaced religion in Czechs. They made a fictive hypermarket Cesky sen, with advertisements, with billboards, TV campaign. Thousands of people have gathered at the ceremonial opening, only to find out it was a hoax. Some wanted to kill them.

Another movie about Czech stupidity comes – because 75% of Czech population is against the American base. The USA saved us during the WWI, didn’t want anything. The USA saved us during the WWII, didn’t want anything. The USA saved us from the hell of communism under Russia, didn’t want anything. Now they want to prevent we get occupied again. FOR FREE. Czechs are stupid enough to be against it. Will the documentary mirror help the republic from retardation? No. But it is a great idea.

The authors are known for their sense of humor, so it will be a comedy. I am looking forward to it…

Save your money, sleep in hostels in Prague

Price for accommodation in Prague is still rising up, although number of tourists are getting down this year. So this expense will be probably the main item on your travel budget. The wise choosing of your resting place in Prague can save loads of money which you can spend on more supreme Prague attractions.

So, how can you save money in Prague? Sleep in a hostel!
Stay at a hostel instead of luxury hotel make a sense if you plan to use it just for overnight and you will spend there just a few hours mainly in night time. It is wise to choose one of the hostels in Prague instead of room at an expensive hotel with unneeded services that you will never use.

What is the main difference between Prague hostels and hotels? Do you think that hostels offer only an accommodation in more bedded rooms with common bathrooms and toilets? The answer is No. There is a lot of hostels in Prague where you can get a double or a triple room even with private bathroom and toilet. Of course, they are little bit more costly then rooms with common bathroom but it is still great value of money. The rooms in hostels are sometimes smaller than hotel rooms, mostly with just basic furniture. Most of their services are economical.

The price for accommodation also depends on the location of the hostel. Downtown hostels are far more expensive than hostels around the city centre of Prague. So thanks to a very cheap and comfortable public transport in Prague is the best choice a cheap hostel with private facilities not directly in Prague downtown. The price for double room with private bathroom starts at 35 EUR in this location.

Vaclav Klaus and Georgia

Vaclav Klaus’ opinions about Georgia are well-known, a clear mutual understatement took place among him and Czech communists, he was also complimented by Raúl Castro. Wait a moment. Klaus has the same opinions as the communist party? There is something weird. The situation can be explained in three ways:

1. Klaus have reached the age where the difference between right and wrong stir, and senility took over his actions.

2. Klaus likes authoritative leaders and likes to imagine himself as one of them. Also, regular democratic leaders of free countries do not take him seriously.

3. Klaus simply disagrees with general opinion, only to get publicity. If the government stood behind Russia, he would call for help for Georgia.

What goes on in Klaus’ mind is hard to tell. So you decide for yourself, what is the most probable option.

Of course, the reasons for the conflict are very complicated. Saakashvili clearly made fatal mistakes, but Russia militia crossed borders of other state, which equals occupation. Also, it is strange how well was Russia prepared for the invasion.

Vaclav Klaus was Complimented by Russia for his Critique of Georgia

The reason why I didn’t inform you about Vaclav Klaus support for the invading Russia was I am really ashamed and I hoped I could forget his quotes as fast as possible. Unfortunately, we live the reality where Klaus uses anything that media writes about for his own promotion simply by always standing at the opposite side than reason would suggest. Global warming? Klaus says it’s a nonsense. Passive smoking? According to Klaus it doesn’t harm anyone. The Internationally celebrated design of Czech National Library? Klaus did whatever he could to prevent it from building. And now, when the whole Czech nation pities the Georgia people for being in the same situation as we were in 1968 when Russia invaded us, Klaus thinks the Russians did the right thing.

According to Klaus, “…the responsibility of Georgia is unexceptionable and fatal.” Simply, he ignored Russian share on the conflict. Russian diplomats are pleased, “According to our opinion Klaus assess the situation objectively, however we do not agree with the stance of the Czech government” said the speaker of Russian embassy Fedorov for MF Dnes. It is the Czech government, who chose the side the rest of the free world is at – e.g. our foreign minister said Russia is responsible together with Georgia for the conflict. The vice-prime minister for European matters Vondra commented that Russia attempts to destabilize situation in Georgia since the 90’s. The ex-Foreign Minister Svoboda said for MF Dnes “I don’t think Georgia president is guilty and that Georgian actions are not possible to be put at the same level as Russian actions.” Positive critiques to Klaus statement came from Cuba as well.

Czech Porn King Rosenberg was Released on Probation

rosenberg The ubermale, who supports mainly the Czech Republic and the United States with fresh material, got into problems with the law last year, when their cleaning girl made a complaint she was forced into porn against her will. Anyone who hears this and knows, how many movies Rosenberg has made must see that it is a nonsense – when he is the biggest producer, he probably didn’t get to it by forcing some unknown girls into action, but by paying professional actresses. But, as the world goes round, the folks are always divided into two groups – the one who watch porn and openly approve, the second who watch porn and openly disapprove. The latter was very glad to finally ‘get the pervert’.

Luckily for Rosenberg, his wife Zaneta and their little son, the family was found guilty only from cocaine possession and distribution – Rosenberg got one year probation. Again, cocaine may be illegal, but if it wasn’t for it, I can’t imagine any good movie, porn or else, to be put together. Cocaine and film industry belong together. Next time, you will see a film with some great Czech girls, you may be watching Rosenberg’s production; the one he had to fight for a year to keep.

Prague – The city of Sex shops

Have you ever thought, when walking in Prague, who buys all that stuff? I remember that there was one small sex shop at Andel ten years ago. Now, the Andel store is called Sex city, it has became a three- floor enterprise. New shops of this kind open all the time, starting in one room under the name ‘Sex Shop’ which is going to be ‘Sex Market’ in two years having two more rooms, than ‘Sex Supermarket’ (no kidding) and finally, after ten years, becoming a massive megastore, ‘Sex Megamarket’. Who buys all these things?

Ihned informed about increasing demand of Czechs, they want especially clean medical silicon equipment, as it is hypoallergenic and without smell. Increasing demand? From what I have seen, this means we are going to need a ‘Sex Shopping Mall’ in the next ten years! The official data of how much Czechs spend in sex shops aren’t available, but estimations go up to hundreds millions of czk. The biggest company in the business City Realex earned 215 millions czk last year.

Klaus uses his Boycott of National Library for Self-promotion

The old Klementinum, placed before the Charles Bridge piles historical, hundreds of years old books in undignified conditions, with the prospect of running definitely out of place in two years. The plan of the new national library Blob, which won the international contest and so should be already under construction so the librarians could finally be relieved of never-ending space problems, should have been their solution. But the matter is everything but solved. Klaus can be satisfied, though – he gets full media coverage, whenever he decides to drop a line on account of the award-winning project.

Vaclav Havel was a president of a different kind – the media just loved him, he made himself into a symbol of tolerance, peace, and liberation of ideas. He lost many years, health, and a possibility of conform live to communism, during which Klaus was already politically active, but on the other side. We know Klaus’ attitude for those long 20 years he has been at power; the only two topics he deals with are: Himself and critique of those who actually achieved something in the world.

When Klaus talks about himself, he praises. When about others, he throws dirt. Like this week, when he gave an interview for Grand Biblo: “I suspect a part of Kaplicky’s supporters of this bizarre project not because of love for the project, but because of hate for Vaclav Klaus, which is in the context of what could grow up in the centre, really an error.”

Allow me to now go through this sample a little bid. ‘I suspect a part of Kaplicky’s supporters’ – he refers only to a part, only a rhetorical device here ‘this bizarre project’ – the project won the international contest like e.g. the NATO central building, and it is bizarre? ‘not because of love for the project’ – who could love something he labelled as unfitting ‘their hate for Vaclav Klaus’ – me me me! Notice me, I am important! ‘in the context what should grow up in the centre’ – because of Klaus’ political pressure, there is high possibility the library (any project of the library) will be at the suburb, out of reach, which is just bad, but that doesn’t form a burden for him.

Klaus would like to shape the history, but the true is, a politician of his qualities will be forgotten as soon as he retires – he will leave behind no scripts like Havel, no schools like Masaryk, no great losses like Benes. This is Klaus’ greatest fear. History is written by winners, but to fight at local fights one starts is not the way it is done on presidential level of the 21st century. President is expected to fight for his country, not for his ego.

Added: How could I forgot! Of course there is something Klaus will be remembered for! During his era as The Finance Minister, when he reformed by privatization, the term ‘tunneling’ originated. So I apology, Klaus may be remembered for his failure as an ecconomist.

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A Czech Politician talks about Global Warming in the US: This Time not Amateur Speech

We are used to President Vaclav Klaus travelling the world, ready to start a speech about global warming, and that it is not caused by human activity. This time it won’t be him critisizing, but Matin Bursik of the Greens, contributing to global warming discussion. As we can expect, it will represent the official policy of the EU, one of the main protagonists on the world stage fighting the global warming.

Martin Bursik is an Environmentalist, not an Economist like Klaus. Which means we won’t be embarrassed as a country like the last time. And he was also invited for more important business in the area of nature protection; the American Governors invited him to a conference dedicated to climate changes as an important EU politician who sees into that matter, in search of some steps to solution.

Prague Hosted Elite Model World

In the light of reflectors, mostly 15-year-old models showed their catwalk, as the finals of Elite Model World 2008 took place. Those girls hope they would have the same fate as Cindy Crawford or Karen Mulder many years ago. The best three of them can look forward to few-million-worth contracts and especially fulfilment of their big dream.

Jennifer Messelier from France became the winner, Ymre Stiekema from Holland was second, Hana Jirickova from the Czech Republic was third.

The theme that is traditionally present wherever this contest takes place is anorexia. How thin is too thin? The 15 yo Peruvian Juan Cervera was clearly too much – shape of shoulder bones clearly visible, eyes deep in the face, thin hands… when watching the contest one can think bulimia and anorexia is not an illness, but a standard which is necessary to get to the contest in the first place. So no change there.