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Secret Design of new Prague Tramways Revealed

The newcomer to the Prague family of tramways finally has its picture on the net. Made by Skoda, T15 should be a combination of highly effective design, performance and durability.

The difference from the older T14 would be design of this series was made by a Czech, not by Porsche like the last one. His name is Patrik Kotas, and neither he, nor Skoda want to talk about the model, before it will be officially introduced.

Prague has ordered 250 units. First T15 should get to Prague in 2009. Skoda deputies stated development cost over half billion czk. Lifespan of T15 should be 15 years longer than those of 1960’s (which have been in function for almost 50 years) and has 40% lower energy consumption.

New MHD Tickets Design

During this weekend, the new tickets will be introduced at all common distributors. According to the MHD Prague Public Transport company they will be much safer, as they include more safety elements than the older travel vouchers. A controllers will recognize fakes much easier.

According to its speaker, the MHD doesn’t have much problems with counterfeiters, but they want to be up-to-date, according to modern standards.

The biggest change is in the color, which is green, with a color line according to the price. The pictures we provide are cut in half, if you want to see the whole design, check it here. If you want some information about SMS tickets in Prague, go here.

SMS Tickets Working Fine

mobile The new way of Prague Public Transport payments via mobile phone, the SMS Tickets, are getting popular – 15 thousands people buy it every day.

Prague Public Transport company (MHD) introduced it, because they hoped for reduction of people, who involuntarily battle the rattler, because they can’t buy a regular ticket anywhere. And, according to recent study, it works.

Westminster company asked 500 respondents, and from them 15-21 % sometimes do not pay for their ride in the public transport, but 9 from 10 of them think SMS tickets changed the situation, as they started using it. The MHD sees the success of SMS tickets in their good information campaign, and easy use.

Prague underground: probably back to turnstile

a turnstile Experts support the idea of coming back to turnstiles. There used to be until 1980’s, now it works on the basis of trust- the passengers buy a ticket, and validate it at the validating machines before entering the metro. If a passenger has or hasn’t a ticket is controlled by a special unit, that can fine those who avoid paying.

This trust-based system is, according to recent studies, ineffective, as 5-10% Czech passengers regularly don’t pay in public transport. In total it makes 1,5 billion CZK (57 mil. €) loses a year.

The Prague Public Transport company published a report, stating the controllers collected over 100 mil. CZK in fines last year, and that is just a fraction of those who do the ‘black rides’ as Czechs call rides for free.

Free Rides in Prague Public Transport can cost you

check-revizor-a conroller About 140 controllers travel in Prague Public transport, checking whether the passengers have a valid ticket with them. Those who didn’t have one in 2007, paid total over one hundred million CZK (3,6 mil. €) in fares. Every controller so collected 1 688 fines on the average. 230 000 people tried a free-ride, or as Czechs say, jet nacerno (black ride).

What makes problems for tourists, is the difference between transferable/non-transferable tickets in Prague. Also, some don’t know the non-transferable ticket (the one that costs 18 CZK) can be used for 5 stations only.

The statistics show, that the percentage of passengers who don’t pay for tickets is about 10-20 %. Most of them are 15-25 years old. The MHD (Prague Public Transport Company) tries to help those, who are travelling for free unwillingly, by instituting the possibility of SMS tickets.

Pozor na Kapsare / Beware of Pickpockets in Prague Tramways

Christmas time comes, and no one feels the spirit of Christmas like pickpockets do. So many people carrying heavy bags, wallets filled with money, busy and lost in thought in Christmas shopping concentration… oh, pickpockets love Christmas.

Prague Public Transport company or the MHD learned a new strategy, probably during the executive board trip by the London public transport, how to make pickpockets’ living a bit harder during Christmas – there is a message coming out of speakers in Prague tramways, that warns us of pickpockets. But don’t worry! It’s in Czech only, so don’t get too disturbed or excited. Christmas is the time of sharing.

Last USSR trains in Prague Metro soon replaced

made in the ussr “The last Metro trains from the former USSR are going to disappear in two years” said the councilman Radovan Steindrer. There are no USSR trains on the line C and A, there are still some on the line B, which are going to retire. The MHD (Prague Public Transport) heads consider moving the trains from the line C to B, and putting very new walk-through metro trains there.

As Staindler stated, “ Prague Metro is going to part with the last train of Russian fabrication and I thing the parting won’t be a very nostalgic one.” The new trains will be made by Siemens which automatically offered the city the walk-through version.

The trend of walk-through metro is usual in most of the first-world countries, more than a half of new trains in the world undergrounds are build in such a way. This version offers more space for travelers, but offers also more danger in the case of fire.

prague metro old prague metro - new Left: the old train from the USSR
Right: the new train made by the conglomerate CKD Praha, Adtranz and Siemens

Istructions: How to pay for the Public Transport in Prague by your Mobile Phone

Since today, it is possible to buy a Prague Public Transport ticket from your mobile phone. That’s it – you don’t need to buy a paper ticket.

So here are the steps: you text DPT on the number 902 06 20 and here you go – you have just bought yourself a transfer ticket worth 20 CZK, which is valid since the moment when you have sent the SMS.

The ticket inspectors of Prague are equipped with a gadget, that can check, if the SMS ticket is valid or not.

At the beginning of 2008 the service will be extended of other tickets and coupons, so this could be the end of waiting for a coupon in queue. This time MHD does something else for their customers than just marking the prizes up…

Prague Public Transport: More Kilometres, more Tramways, more Money

The Prague City Transport covers more kilometers than any other public company in Europe. Just for a comparison – tramways, buses and metros cover more than 160 millions kilometers. That is like four thousand times around the globe. In Amsterdam it is one quarter of such a distance.

The MHD also retains supremacy in the contest of: the number of transported passengers/the number of the population. It is the highest in Europe. MHD transports 3,3 millions every day. Only the public transport in Budapest is a competitor in figures, as they transport about 100 million/year more, but Budapest is also of a half a million more populated.

The year 2008 will be in token of more kilometers, like the new station of metro C Letnany, more trains, buses and tramways in action at the same time, more of the new tramways and more money, spend on tickets.
New Prague Tramway 14T

Prague Public Transport company announces Changes

More expensive tickets are not the only innovation, planned for the next year. Earned money are to be used for shorter intervals of the underground or more frequent bus connections to Prague suburbs.

What will be the main upgrades of Prague public transportation?

  • Underground intervals much shorter, all trains go the whole way
  • 29 New tramways with Porsche design, 30 new tramways of secret design in 2008-2010
  • New Metro (the underground) station in Letnany
  • Electronic card system Opencard before long

The tickets will get more expensive in Prague. About how much?

new tramway, illustration photo Single ticket: 60mins (Mon-Fri) / 90mins (Sat-Sun)
Adults: 20czk 26czk Kids: 10czk 13czk

Single limited transfer ticket: 20mins on trams / 30mins in underground
Adults: 14 czk 18 czk Kids: 7czk 9czk

24 hour ticket
Adults: 80czk 100czk Kids: 40czk 50czk

Tickets are available to purchase at metro stations, newsagents and Prague tourist information offices.

The same tickets are valid for travel by underground, trams and buses. Tickets must be validated before travel by punching it in the orange machine, located at the top of Underground escalators on the metro or inside the trams and buses.

I want to know more about Prague Public Transport

Prague Public Traffic tickets mark up

Price increase of the Prague public transport fares takes place at the end of 2007. Transfer tickets, which MHD (Prague public transport company) originaly wanted to cost 30 CZK (1€) are going to cost 26 CZK, from present 20 CZK. public transport ticket prague It is a compromise variant, which was negotiated by Pavel Bem, the councilman for traffic and the leader of MHD.

Pavel Bem said the proposal was not acceptable for him and Prague City Hall, when it was announced. As Pavel Bem is a member of the ODS (Civic Democratic party) the opposition disclaimed Prague citizens won’t pay that much and rather use their cars.

Prices in the Czech Republic increase by the speed of light, but salaries… Read the Big Mac comparison

Public transport fare increase in Prague

Prague mayor Pavel Bem does not agree with the proposal of raising fares, suggested by the Prague Public Transport company(MHD).

For example a transfer ticket should cost 30CZK (1€), compared to today’s 20 CZK (0,6€) and a yearlong ticket 5800 CZK (200€). Pavel Bem : “The proposal is acceptable neither for me, nor for Prague City Hall”.

MHD proposed those price increases without consulting the city deputies, even when the owner of Prague MHD is Prague city itself. There is a ‘last minute’ debate set up on Tuesday.

If the council decides for the MHD proposal, the price of a base ticket will be higher than i.e. New York 22 CZK (0,73€) or Budapest 24,6 CZK (0,85€). More than one Euro is paid in Barcelona (1, 2€) or Paris (1,3€). The most expensive fare of the world is in London: 135,5 CZK (4,7€).

If we exclude Budapest, monthly wages are, compared to Prague (700€), three times higher.

What’s the result ?

Czech Railways New System Changes

EC travelling a little cheaper Czech Railways cancel the system of zones, starting 9th November 2007. The price of a ticket is going to be dependent on the actual kilometers traveled.

What’s more, the 60 CZK (2 €) surcharges for EuroCity or InterCity trains are to be canceled too. This is a trend of the European Union. Covering of the losts is going to be paid by the Ministry of Transportation. Though, the state should pay approx. 600 millions CZK (20 mil. €)

The changes reflect to a customer’s life positively, if he/she uses mentioned EuroCity or InterCity trains. For example, to go from Prague to Ostrava costs 484 CZK (16 €) now, after the changes it is supposed to be 40 CZK (1,3 €) less. Traveling with a discount card will be a little more expensive, as well as a purchase of a ‘Kilometricka banka’ (1600 CZK/53 € for 2000 km)

And finally – train smoking rooms are to be abandoned and train smoking will be banned completely.

One Closure ends, the Other Starts

traffic jam in prague Starting tomorrow, the usual traffic can come back to Paladskeho namesti (Paladskeho square) in Prague. Thanks to Pavel Bem’s lobby on Proznak constructions it is more than a week before the set term. Paladskeho namesti (Paladskeho square) was jammed since September, and there was a traffic jam every day.

Starting 24th October, tramways 3, 4, 10, 14, 16, 17, 52 and 54 go on their normal lines. Reconstruction of Karlovo namesti (Karlovo square), as we have informed you before, will be a little experiment. For the first time in the history of the metropolis there will be construction works during the nights. By this solution, the traffic should be limited for just a few days.

Petrin funicular back to track

petrin funicular On Monday 28th October, Petrin funicular goes back to track. It wasn’t possible to use it since 15th October because of the routine check. It ends on Sunday 27th, and since Monday 28th October, 9 am. it goes according to the schedule.

petrin funicular in first half of 20th century Petrin funicular is a funicular railway in Prague. It links the Mala Strana district with the top of Petrin hill. The funicular has three stops: Ujezd (at the bottom of the hill), Nebozizek (the middle station) and Petrin (at the top of the hill). According to Czech legend, the name of the middle station stems from an incident in which Emperor Charles IV, requesting food, was unable to properly pronounce the Czech words “nebo řízek” (meaning, “or schnitzel”). – the word Nebozizek means diminutively one of types of auger.

petrin funicular clockwork in first half of 20th century The funicular has the following technical parameters:
Length: 510 metres
Height: 130 metres
Maximum gradient: 29.5%
Cars: 2
Configuration: Single track with passing loop
Track gauge: Standard (1435 mm)
Capacity: 100 passengers per car
Traction: Electricity

For more information about the Prague funicular click Here

Iranians showed interest for Czech tramways

Deputies of the Iran International Committee prolonged their visit of the Czech Republic, as they wanted to see Skoda factory, where the new tramways are made. “The members of Iran delegation wanted to go through the factory, see how the tramways are made, Metro trains reconstruction and locomotives construction.” The speaker of Skoda holding Radka Pistoriusova announced. She also informed there was no contract signing at the time. Skoda do not export to Iran yet.

Iran chargé d’affairs Madzid Nili said their endeavor was to find out the possibility of cooperation. It concerned mostly the new Skoda tramways.

The speaker of the Ministry of Business and Industry of CR Tomas Bartovsky accepted the Iran market is interesting for Czech Industries, however they have to respect regulations and limits embedded in OSN and EU resolutions.

From Airport by Prague Underground in 2018

New stations on the way from Prague Green Line station Dejvicka to the Ruzyne International Airport are already projected and have their definite looks.

Yesterday, the Prague Office has publically viewed, together with Metroproject, technical data of stations, budgets, and images of its appearance.

The mining works will start at its best in two years, first travelers will go 2018 at the latest. There are going to be eight stations, two hollowed, and six mined. The whole track will have about 13 kilometers and the approximated costs are 15 milliards CZK (500 millions €)

Prague Porsche Tramways back to Fabric

Ultra-modern tramways Skoda 14T, or simply ‘Porsche’ as it is called because of its Porsche design, are undergoing some changes, before they come back to track.

Before new 14Ts series will return, the Plzen Fabric has to fix some of its problems. Exemplary would be (if we omit the angry-lizard-design) tiny space for legs, that can be really uncomfortable for longer traveling, and the loud noise, that the undercart does; a noise similar of the Nazgûl from the Lord of the Rings movie.

The undercart hopefully fixed
prague tramway porshe2 Marek Herbst from the Skoda Transportation comments, that he has no idea why people complain when they are being persuaded by a noise of a movie wraith – “We are quite surprised by the negative reaction of Prague citizens. We also deliver those tramways to Wroclaw and they just love them.” When asked about the specific noise, he adds: “Prague citizens complained about the hissing sound, but that was because of the poor track quality. We did some measuring, and we found out alteration of the brake system should fix it. So we have fixed that by now.”

There is twelve 14T being fixed, another 15 should be ready at the end of the year. They have approx. 30-years life-span, and they make about 100 thousands kilometers a year.

Concerning the very new model of tramways, which design is kept secret, and should be revealed until the end of 2007, these should come in 30 copies. We are going to inform you about the development. Hopefully, they won’t represent any other kind of a monster.

In Prague by S-Bahn train

Trains S-Bahn Prague Prague gets its own city railway lines soon. 9th December 2007 is the day when the lines connecting city parts and urban areas surrounding the metropolis under new labels and in shorter intervals start to work.

Prague joins European cities, where the so called S-Bahn forms an integral part of the public transport.

The new railway tracks are going to be highlighted in the public transport plan, in metro stations and stations of surface transport. Travelers will hear announcements about changing stations in the transport speakers.

S-Bahn trains are:
S1 Prague – Kolin
S12 Prague – Poricany
S2 Prague – Nymburk – Kolin
S3 Prague – Vsetaty
S4 Prague – Kralupy nad Vltavou
S41 Prague – Roztoky
S5 Prague – Kladno
S6 Prague – Rudna – Beroun
S7 Prague – Beroun
S8 Prague – Dobris/Cercany
S9 Prague – Benesov

The ticket system goes unchanged. That means, within the city is possible to go by train with a MHD (Prague Public Transport) ticket.

Train transport, within the metropolis, is used by 100 000 people every day, the MHD net is used by 2,75 millions. S-Bahn, according to the specialist, can gain trust by the dense rail net and by its speed, that should be faster than the underground.

Prague Public Transport Fare Increase, Yet Again

more and more expensive Not a lot of time has passed since the dramatic price increase of Prague public transport tickets in July 2005 when transfer tickets went up from 12 Kč to 20 Kč and single-use tickets from 8 Kč to 14 Kč. According to Hospodářské noviny, Prague public transit fares are already higher than those in Vienna or Paris when compared to the average salaries in those countries.

Read the rest of the article here

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