How is Prague loud?

Prague is a top city in Czech Republic in a level of the noise. Summer, a tourism, a transport or even historical cobblestones causes loud and unwelcome noise.

Summer raises the noise, because many restaurant has open windows and loud conversation, creaking of tables and chairs, tinkling of glass or music and TV sounds are nothing great for people living in surrounding.

Tourism with thousands of tourists maybe bring money, but people living in Wenceslas Square, Old Town Square or at Royal Road and Lesser Town are not very happy.

But transport leads. Cars, trams and planes near Ruzyne airport makes hard live for citizens. Many things are made now for better living. New runway should lower the number of planes flying across the city, trams riding at rails covered in green makes smaller noise and Prague outer circuit with replacing cobblestones for quiet pitch will cause a lower level of decibels.

Anti noise screens with better windows should help too.


USA want Czech military technology

US Army finished testing of Czech military technology – radiolocator Vera. It is observation system upgraded version of Czech radiolocator Tamara.

This unique technology has a great characteristics. It can be used for scanning of a sky and detects radio waves emitted from plane. This technology is based on receiving without emitting so this passive technology cannot be located as normal radars. It can find a flying object at distance 500 kilometers, identify it and track the route. This technology has one huge advantage: every plane is visible for it, even “invisible” bombers Stealth.

US Army wants this device as well as some another NATO partners or for example Australia. China, Egypt, Malaysia or Vietnam are interested too, but NATO didn’t recommend selling this strategical technology to China, because of its political regime and a military power.

Science in Prague streets

An original exhibition in Prague centre this Friday and Saturday shows many interesting things from the science and the engineering. This project is called Science in Streets.

You can visit seven places in Prague centre where you can see and try technical and find out some research of Czech scientists.

Jana Palacha square, behind Old Town Square is focused on automobiles. There you can see Cadillac’s, motorcycles Jawa or even formula 3000 car. There is also a simulator of a car impact.

V Celnici-near Namesti Republiky (republiky square) street you can measure pH of liquids, what you bring, see a car with alternative fuel or you can made here your own earthquake.

There is much more to see at another places.
It is at Masarykovo station, Cerna ruze (Black Rose) passage, Miru square, Jiriho z Podebrad square and the vestibule of Muzeum metro station. Exhibition is opened this day until 6 pm, on Saturday it is between 9 am and 5 pm.

Rays what sees more than X-Rays

Young Czech scientist Filip Kadlec was awarded of a Prize of Academy of Science for Young Scientists for his research. He research so called Terahertz rays. It is between infrared-rays and micro-waves and their use seems to be important.

Terahertz waves are very precise. It can be used in a medicine. For example it can found a caries very fast, long before any other method. The rays can also recognize a cancer cells and normal cells.

But the rays can be used in any case where is required to a precise status of hidden or unreachable thing. So it can found a content of a envelope, for example if it not contains a powder with anthrax or it is a simple flour.
It can found a miniature fissures so it can be used as a check of space shuttles. This Terahertz rays allows to read closed book or it would be used for finding drugs or bombs.

New glue for surgeons

Can you imagine that glue will replace surgeon thread?
Well, Czech scientists have an idea. The key will be an substance called chitosan.

The glue will work as a thread, but one of advantages it that the glue easily decompose in body without any problems.
Chitosan can be used as a carrier of healing substances. Again, chitosan will decompose without side effects.

Chitosan can be used also as a product against liposis.
Some companies want to use chitosan in colouring of fabric.

A research of chitosan is at many labs in the world. The substance it mostly produced from shells of crustaceans and this doesn’t make a production cheap. Czech scientist also found new source of the raw material. And best is that is used waste material in some productions – a fungus. This source makes the cost of chitosin production lower by a half.

Pilotless aircraft as an air probe

Brno University of Defence are developed a pilotless aircraft for scanning of the ground.

The plane is a big model of a plane, remotely controlled at a distance one kilometer. The plane is able to reach 500 meters of altitude. The plane can scan 25 square kilometers at one time. The selected data ai downloaded into ground computers.

The plane can be used for monitoring during floods, controlling of a traffic, guarding the state borders or for observation of a radiating level in a country.

The pilotless aircraft could replace helicopters with a crew and scan the ground instead of them.

Czech Plasma pencil with many use

Plasma pencil is an invention of Czech scientist of Brno Masaryk university.

This invention is very variable and has many usage, where effects of pencil are changing depending on the temperature of the plasma.
Relatively low temperature can be used for changes of an object surface, allowing effectively absorb water. It can be also used for removing a rust from surface.
High temperatures are great for engraving and carving of a wood or a glaze.
The pencil can also sterilize objects or cut tiles.
Plasma pencil is also tested as an surgical instrument – for example for removing of cancer tumour.

A development of this project cost 10 million crowns and it began in 1996.

Plasma is an ionized gas with unique properties. Plasma appears for example in lightnings or fire and it is 99 per cents of space matter.

Brain operation in full consciousness

Prague neurosurgeons at Motol hospital made an unique operation. They take away one quarter of brain of thirteen years old girl in full consciousness. She was suffering heavy epilepsy and doctor need to find places of disease.

The patient has to be in consciousness, because doctors needed to find places by testing her reactions with showing pictures to her. Then they find bad places with maximum accuracy. It is for first time when a patient was so young.

Biggest archaeological research is finished

Archaeologists finished biggest research in history of Czech archeology. This research was in center of Prague at namesti Republiky square in area of former barracks. There will be built new commercial zone and most important buildings of archaeological research will be component of the zone.

The area has a size of Old Town Square and research took three years. Archaeologists found three Romans palaces of different types. All three buildings are conserved and visitors of commercial center will be able to see it. This buildings was destroyed shortly after build because building of new wall to protect young Prague. Only basement left for next generations. This palace is biggest roman palace found in Czech Republic. Most interesting part is roman toilet. Why? Because in later times during medieval, toilets does not exists: even aristocrats hadn’t this equipment. There was found putamen of lime what shows fast trade contacts with world.

In addition, archaeologist found about five millions of artifacts. Among them is for example ring from 12th century with Hebrew inscription, medieval scissors or rest of maybe oldest glassed window in Bohemia lands.

New Porsche tram has interior problems

New Prague Tram, what rides in trial time in area of Prague center has interior errors, says engineers. The tram should undergo interior changes. There is too small space for standing travellers in area with seats, so it makes walking through harder. This problem could be removed by adding one step into seat area.
Another change in compare with older models is front doors which are only for tram driver.

But technical problems are none, especially when we will compare new tram Porsche with new train Pendollino, which is know for large amount of errors.