Prague Transport Company Changes in 09 – less of everything

The financial crisis reflects in all spheres of public life, public transport is just another influenced subject. Travellers should prepare for it.

The reason are low donation for 2009, which the transport company got. The city of Prague released about 7,1 billion from their budget, which is about 1,9 billions less than would be needed, even though the Prague Public Transport company reduced their expenses radically.

Where do the money go? The biggest consumption of year 09 is definitely the Blanka tunnel, which is a part of the by-pass that the traffic desperately need. Prague Public Company needs to build as well, though – new stations.

So we can expect money-saving actions. Off-peak tramways are going to have only one cart, there will be less connections, and also – graffiti is going to stay where it is, because removing it costs a fortune. And probably – a ticket will cost more.

Prague Parking Zones Changes in 2009

Prague citizens and visiting drivers in Prague appreciate the change the Prague City Hall plans to do in March – the long forcible dogma about parking in paid zones in Prague 1,2,3 and 7 should change. Some streets marked with the blue strip, where now can park only the locals, are to be changed into ‘mixed’ zones this spring. So it will be possible to pay parking fee at the closest parking machine, or newly using an sms.

Something else is going to change as well though – when one will be going to park in the historical centre of Prague, one will have to pay in the newly established system of toll. It should be only at field test at first, but if will be useful, it should transform into fully operational toll system, which will bring more money into Prague strongbox, and less traffic into the centre.

Underground Prague Highway should save the Wenceslas Square

In two years, the most hated part of expressways in the Czech Republic, the heritage of the communists which cuts the Czech nation on the Wenceslas Square from their National Museum should be gone. The traffic, which torments the upper part of the Wenceslas Square should be moved to underground in two years.

The Prague City hall and Prague 2 argue about how long the tunnel should be. Meanwhile the city representatives want it only at the National Museum, Prague 2 would like to see the tunnel reaching Nuselsky most. According to them, only a little number of people go from Wenceslas Square to Vinohrady compared to the amount of people who have to cross the expressway at I.P.Pavlova.

Prague 2 let to make their own study from Metroproject the company which cooperates with Metrostav in creating Prague Metro, so the Prague artery would go from Nuselsky Bridge to Hlavni Nadrazi. The negotiations have begun and it will probably end in some kind of a compromise.

Congress Centre: Traffic During Chairmanship

Czech EU Chairmanship reflects in life of many Prague citizens. Because of security reasons of protection for politicians and officials, the police prepared a wide range of security arrangements. Among the hardest ones is the no-walk security zone surrounding the Congress Centre, where most of the prepared negotiations are about to take place. Also, there is no-parking now at Pankracke square, expect complications when convoys with politicians go through the city.

The travellers in the public transport won’t notice it that much. Maybe when they exit the metro station Vysehrad, they won’t be able to go to Vysehrad through the terrace below the Congress Centre. Drivers, used to park in underground garages under the close-by hotel Holiday Inn are off luck. Parking places are going to be closed.

For drivers, the main obstacle is going to be the traffic around the Congress Centre. When delegations go in or out, traffic surrounding the Congress Centre may be modified.

Gas cheaper, Taxi not in Prague

Fuels are at its minimum of the last four years, production cheapens automobiles, but taxis are still at those 28 czk for a kilometre. And it is not quite realistic to think it will get cheaper. Probably the whole year price is going to be the same as in January 2007, when gas was about 10 czk more expensive than now. Maybe a good news is that at least the Prague City Hall won’t allow the price to go higher.

Last year in summer, a litre of gas was 36 czk, today a litre of Natural 90 can be bought even under 21 czk. Even when there is the huge discount, it is not possible for the town hall to move the price.

Taxi drivers themselves are definitely not going to discount, as they ‘heal’ after last year season, when the City Hall promised to increase the fee to 32/km, but in the end it staid the same. Taxi drivers now feel the price is not only adequate, but low. You should choose of the companies, which won’t abuse you are not a Czech.

Pay for Prague Parking by Mobile Phone

Since April, the drivers who park in Prague zones won’t have to look for change in their pockets, a mobile phone would be enough. Into the paying sms, the drivers write their licence plate number and for how long they want to stay there. Also they will probably have to write in which city part they are in.

If police officers pass by, they will read the licence plate and find out whether the driver is a resident, or if he has paid the charge. The parking fee is going to appear on the statement of account from the mobile provider.

Another change is that some streets where was, so far, some parking ‘only for the residents’ is about to change into combined zones, meaning that visitors are going to be able to park there as well.

Prague Public Transport, Sundays 2009: less lines

Travelling in Prague is going to take longer, the day of choice is Sunday. The organizers of Public Transport adjusted the time-tables and so the intervals in Metro are going to be longer of 10 minutes, tramways are going to come once in twenty minutes.

Changes in Public transport in Prague start fourth January, the limitation should be only in period from 8 to 12 hours. The reason is simple – endeavour to economize. Sunday mornings have already proven to be the time, when the least passengers use the public transport.

Intervals at all Metro traces are going to be prolonged to 10 minutes. At the present time the intervals vary among 8,5-3 minutes, depending on the line, now it is going to be 10 minutes everywhere. Sunday tramways so far went every 15 minutes, now it is going to be 20.

Christmas parking in Prague for Free

If you want to park your car in the streets of Prague in those so called visitors zones, you won’t have to pay for it during the state holiday workdays. Prague representatives have agreed on it yesterday. The system is going to work on all the city parts with payed parking. The changes apply practically to all the parking machines in Prague, with the only exception which is Karlovo namesti (Charles Square).

The Green and Orange Zones offer free parking during weekends, but how it is going to be during the holidays wasn’t clear. Now we know – except for Karlovo Square where the machines need to be fed during weekends and holidays, in the whole Prague it is going to be for free.

The paid zones were introduced in 2007, since than there are debates about problems which come along. The representatives try to seal it by notices, like this one.

CSA Flights no longer with Free Food

A flight in the Economical class of Czech Airlines is soon going to resemble a flight with low-budget air companies. Passengers on board of CSA are not going to get the usual refreshment – the brunch and drink, but they will have to buy it.

This and other steps are from the “Action plan 2009” introduced by the company management, intended for survival of the company in the critical time of lower interest in flying. The secondary gains from sales are supposed to help the company to sustain total income.

The change doesn’t apply to passengers in Business class, which doesn’t change, with the exception CSA announced that they have to fight their decreasing numbers.

The action plan also counts with strict control of passengers luggage weight, plus collecting of fees for overweight.

Train Traffic improvements in Prague

The biggest railway building of Prague, respectively of the Czech Republic, in the last hundred years, which cost 9,3 billions czk, is finally functional. The new system of connection, tunnels, scaffold bridges, tracks, all those connecting the most important Prague railway stations and accelerate train traffic in the capital. Daily, it will be able to transport thousands of travellers.

The project called “Nove spojeni” (new connections) is finally complete. Traffic among the stations Praha Hlavni Nadrazi and Masarykovo Nadrazi on one side, and Hlavni nadrazi and Liben, Vysocany and Holesovice on the other. The other development of suburban train traffic is going to follow.

The Main Train Station in Prague can also celebrate – it was yesterday, when the first two phases of the reconstruction officially ended. The first four platforms have been renowned as well as the underpasses, escalators and handicapped lifts were build.

Future Toll in Prague: Proposal of 120 czk

The charges for entering the old city centre in Prague could be more expensive, that was originally assumed. The representatives always talked about amounts usually stopping at 100 czk, but that is probably a history. According to the material of the counselling company Deloitte “When setting the charge to 120, the traffic is going to drop by 20% in the area” If the toll was 80 czk, the traffic would drop by 14%.

Surely that is a lot, but the total costs aren’t low either. The total, together with the necessary parking lots reaches above 4 billions czk. One of Prague representatives Witzany points out the system of one-way communication would be better, as the toll will only fill the city cash box with no effect on the traffic.

The Prague Mayor Bem is of the opinion it is too soon to jump to a conclusion. According to him, those 120 are just one of many proposals and didn’t want to comment it, which on the other hand means more yes than no. He concentrates more on defining who shouldn’t pay it, like locals etc.

Czech Greens made trucks stop on Friday evenings.

After months of negotiations it is finally decided. The government has accredited the law novel of traffic law, according to which the weekend ban for trucks extends to Friday afternoons as well. The limit applies to cars heavier than 7,5 ton, which can’t go from 15 to 18 hours to any street.

The law also specifies the exceptions:

1)combined transport (highway + train)
2)subjects of fast decay
3)live animals
5)National Post shipments
6)cultural events equipment

Martin Bursik who put the proposal through explains it is forced by the heavy Friday traffic, during which is twice as much car accidents than in the other days. He continues that they wanted to limit Friday traffic, and the only way is to limit trucks because it is not possible to limit cars.

Czech Police has new cars, 2009 style management of traffic accidents

With the new Suberbs and Octavias, the Skoda park of Ceska Policie became much faster and …nicer, thanks to the new coloring – silver metallic with blue and yellow lines. The police president Oldrich Martinu comes with a courageous promise: He wants police officers to be at an accident until 15 minutes. The present experience is people are often forced to wait for the police more than a hour.

The police leaders claim the 15 minutes limit can be kept. Since 09 there is the new law, which makes the traffic police come only to an accident, where someone gets hurt, or the damages are higher than 100t czk (4t €). There will be less work from the quantitative point of view – the crashes under 100t make 80% of all police departures.

The tunnel under Vysehrad is out of order

Will there be chaos in the automobile and city traffic? It is probable, because since today until the end of the month the important tunnel between Vyton to Podoli will be closed for all the traffic except the pedestrians. The tramlines going through were in a critical state, the Prague tramways going through could go only ten kilometres /hour. Since today, there is no other solution than to drive round the Vysehrad rock by a bus, or by a ferry.

Which lines are gong to go another way? It is the line 3, 17, 21 and the night line 53. Line X17 is going to connect the stations Prazskeho Povstani and Podolska Vodarna, at the stations of the line 148. The line 728 connects Dvorce and Budejovicka. The line 150 is getting more cars. What is more, the large ferry ships will be going on the Vltava river since 6:00 to 22:00 among the Vyton dock and Podolska vodarna. Ships are labeled X21.

When do I need Winter Tires in the Czech Republic?

The Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic came with the public notice for 2008 – Since this November, Winter Tires are necessary when there is -5 Celsius, on the D1 motorway. Originally, you didn’t have to use Winter Tyres from ht law, but when there was an accident, the one with regular tyres was always in truble.

So carefully, when the termometer shows less than -5, and you are going from Prague to Brno, and you see the traffic sign, you can get fined for summer ones. It is also possible to continue with snow chains on. Placement of the sign on other roads is now in jurisdiction of districts themselves. The Sign is valid from November to the end of March.

The station Narodni trida in Prague will be only closed for 8 months

The initiative against the construction of the new business centre at Prague Narodni Trida have managed an achievement for those travelling to Prague centre – the station will be probably closed ‘only’ for eight months instead of incredible sixteen. This is the length which announced the Prague Public Transport company as needed for building of the centre above and interrelated reconstruction of the metro station itself.

Those 5000, who signed the petition, aren’t, however, going to get rid of the station closure. According to the councilman Steiner the reconstruction is necessary to be done anyways. The station has been, since it was build in 1985, in permanent service without any repairs for 23 years. He also adds, that when stations at line A were reconstructed, it appeared the minimum time necessary is one year. We will see.

The tunnel under Vysehrad is going to be closed.

Prague expect troubles in traffic due to Vysehrad tunnel, where the tramlines need repair. The reconstruction starts this Monday, it will last a month and will bring a few changes in tramlines. The substitute traffic around the tunnel will also be done by ferries and buses. The travellers can use substitute boats X-21 going from Vyton to Podolska Vodarna, or the bus line X-17.

The tramway track which supports very used lines like 17 and 3 hasn’t been repaired for 26 years. The 300 m section Vyton – Podolska a complete renewal. The reason is executable: emergency state of the track. The rock in which the tunnel will be reconstructed can’t be blown away, because there are remains of one of the oldest Prague buildings atop of it.

Engineering sites under Prague sight-seeing

World unique net of collectors attract more and more tourists. During the first year since opening about 2500 came to see the engineering sites. 90 kilometres of collectors that goes under the city centre of Prague holds almost all engineering nets – from electricity, water and gas to the Internet. There has been about 4,5 km of tunnels made accessible for tourists.

The future visitors have to book for one of the four traces in advance, preferably using the web page, the trips are possible to take on Mondays and Wednesdays. The traces start by a joyride in a little mining train, which transports cables and pipes normally. Price for one person is 300 czk, for that you can see engineering sites which are admired by experts from all around the world.

Borders of Prague to have more green

If you have ever travelled to Prague by car, you know the concrete wall that you drive past by quite well. Long kilometres of construction halls, massive warehouses and factories are not positive feelings distributors. But – the borders of the metropolis are going to be green. More precisely, he borders should be made by a green wall of forests and parks, bikelines and sport fields. The city intentions can be, however, be complexified by buyout of the parcels.

The office of city development stated the continuing green fields will be about 1777 hectares. One third of the area, is a property of the city, the rest is under the middle-bohemian region or in corporal possession. In any way, the green belt is not a question of months, rather a question of tens of years.

Road-toll in the centre of Prague will be 50-100 czk

To get rid of those terrible jams in Prague 1 is one of the main points of the Prague City hall. What is a better tool than a toll? To enter the historical centre in a vehicle will be paid for. The representatives have already decided they are going to invest 55 millions czk into preparation phase. Bem himself said “…toll is a means for controlling the car traffic in the center of the city.”

When is the toll going to be established? Probably not in the next year, the most optimistic estimations speak about 2008/2009 turn. The Prague City Hall in present time evaluates what the price of entering the centre should be, but they agree it should move between 50-100 czk, 1,8-3,7 €. Which compared to toll in London which is 8 pounds a day, quite nice.