CSA strengthening lines to Germany

Czech airlines CSA intend to focus their Boings especially on traffic to Germany and to the Balkan. More planes than the last year head for Stuttgart, Hamburg, Istanbul, Skopje or Belgrade, stated the speaker of CSA Daniela Hupakova. Together, the CSA machines to 129 destinations, 21 more than the last year.

According to Hupakova, the airlines want to satisfy German and all western businessman, who can use the wide net of CSA in southern and eastern Europe. With that is related setting of bigger airplanes to the main German transition station Frankfurt. The in-country flights expect a boost as well, for example the flight from Prague to Brno.

The Prague Airport also plans to reduce some lines. The long-distance flights to New York are reduced from 7 to 5 a week.

Afterpiece of Prague Taxi Demonstration

The strike of Prague taxi drivers, who have blocked the access road to Prague Ruzyne Terminal 1 las week, didn’t end by their success. The drivers demonstrated against monopoly of some taxi services at Prague Airport, they were against contract of the Airport with AAA taxi cars, which is the only taxi agency that has access there.

Now it seems, the debates are going to move from the streets to discussion tables. Can the Taxi Union succeed by a calmer form? They have debated directly with the general manager of Ruzyne Airport keeping, to whom they presented their solution proposal, how to systematically solve the problem.

Both sides have agreed the main debates will start at the end of October. Until now, no blockades nor strikes are going to take place.

The USA to abolish Visas for Czechs?

Many Czechs have waited a long time for that – to go the USA without visa is like music to the ear. The contract of relations dispensing with visas is going to be signed by the American minister of interior security Michael Chertoff. He should appear in Prague in October, the visa abolishment should start to be valid on 17th November. The date was selected as symbolic, so the visa requirement of visa will go down on the 19th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, which meant fall of Communist regime.

What is visa abolishment going to mean for Czechs? No more humiliating waiting in queue in front of the American Embassy for many hours and days, and no more paying of the fee of about 2 227 czk. Instead of that, only one online form will need to be filled in. The USA authorities are going to check it and respond in three days.

After Canada abolished visa requirement, this would be another powerful country sealing our cooperation by trust.

Road-toll in Prague silently coming nearer

tiny old town Nobody doubts the road-toll introduction in Prague center will be introduced. In one year the pilot project, where the councillors establish a few streets in the centre as testing ones, starts. Few months later, they start to collect in the area of large part of Prague 1.

The Prague Mayor Bem stated from the beginning that it is a tool for disabling the drivers to thicken the traffic. With the same arguments he defends the sum of 55 millions czk, which the Prague citizens pay for the devices and others. But the money will soon return – the road-toll system is expected to bring significant profits as well.

The toll is primary for preservation of the historical core of Old Prague, which was build for pedestrians 500 years ago and it suffers heavily by everyday traffic jams.

Prague Taxi Drivers Demonstrate at Airport

Taxi traffic on Prague Airport has been limited today, as the taxi drivers have blocked the access road to the Prague Airport.They protested against contracts among the airport and taxi companies.

They plan to block the road every day from ten to eighteen hours. The leader of the union has declared they are going to block the airport, until the Prague city hall notice their requirements.

About fifty cars stood before the Terminal 1. “That is sufficient as a blockade, we of course leave a track for ambulance cars and other emergency cases” Said the leader Jelinek. They want to prevent the cars of AAA taxi cars, which have contract with the Airport, from getting to their work.

This week will probably be a little difficult, when you go to or from Prague Airport Ruzyne, prepare for a delay.

New Prague Tourist Map: Sightseeing routes by Tramway

There is a new map prepared for tourists coming to Prague. It introduces the main tramway lines and over a hundred destinations, where one can get by it. As the tourist chosen destinations are around the stations, it makes an excellent handbook for everyone interested in Prague sightseeing, entertainment, culture as a whole.

The new map was produced by the Prague City Hall in amount of 180 thousand pieces. They are distributed in the information centres of the Prague City Hall, for example there is one right next to Charles Bridge. It is in Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian.

The map also brings information about funicular to Petrin and about Prague Ferries.

Bem Drove new Prague Tramway

Pavel Bem went to Plzen yesterday, to not only see and baptize the new low-floor Prague tramway, but also to drive it. The metropolis should get about 250 of these trains; Skoda 15T ForCity. “Bem commented Prague deserves new trampark for a long time (the most common tramways in Prague were made in 1960’s)

The Prague Mayor have appreciated especially its black-red-silver design and comfort, which it offers to its drivers and passengers. The first trains of the 15T ForCity tramways should appear in Prague at the end of 2009.

The new tramway unit costs 66 millions czk. “The almost 20 billions order is paid solely from Prague budget itself” Bem said. He also added they only want to keep the ratio, where still the public transport beats the personal transport.

Prague New Tramway Revealed

The 100% low-floor vehicle SKODA 15T ForCity brought its face out.

The tramways were made by the Plzen Skoda Transport. The design is different from the Prague Porshe tram type the Tram Skoda 15T comprises three very similar low-floor carriages, offering a compact interior with improved access for the disabled or baby carriages.

Plzen Skoda Transport plans to deliver total of 250 of these machines until 2017. The train capacity is 61 seats and up to 239 places for standing. The maximal speed is again limited electronically to 60 km/h. Passenger comfort will be enhanced by means of a new system of ventilation in the passenger area.

Noise Map of Prague

click for enlargement MF Dnes brought an interesting insight to our attention; which place is the noisiest? Of course, it is around train stations and expressways, but that is not the whole truth.

The Prague city hall have published a noise map of the capital. The most outcrying is e.g. Smetanovo Nabrezi, Zitna Ulice or Evropska. Simply said, the new centre and wide streets. The main source is automobile traffic.

Together with the map, the city hall has published _The Action Plan of Noise Reducing _ that comprehends tens of streets. The plan deals with anti-noise moves like speed reduction, replacing the present surface of the streets with super smooth and so silent one.

Ruzyne Airport will be sold directly

The Czech Government has voted for direct sell of the package of 100% funds to a strategic partner, Topolanek stated. The strategic partner is supposed to pay more than 100 billion czk to the state. The government also set the minister of finance, Miroslav Kaluousek, to start the process of choosing the main advisor for the privatization. The office is needed for judging of the offers.

According to assumptions it will probably be a consortium of an entrepreneur of a big airport and a financial institution. The decision for direct sell was made on the basis of not very numerous privatizations on the market, and also relatively prosperous time for aviation.

In the Czech Republic, diesel oil is more expensive than gasoline

A litre of sold diesel oil at Czech petrol stations has beaten all the records. The price has got as high as 34,03 (1,3 €) czk /l in average. Meantime, a litre of the most sold Natural 95 gasoline sells for 32,14 czk (1,24 €).

The fears of analytics, that the prices of fuel will rise into astral heights so became true. This fierce mark up is caused mainly by non-stop growing prices of oil at world markets. A barrel of American oil costs more than 135 dollars on Thursday.

The question remains – how it is possible diesel costs more than gasoline? Because there is higher demand.

Investigation of Biggest Car Accident in CR history

illustration photo The police investigation led to the conclusion: The mass accident was caused by inadequate speed of drivers. At that time in March, over two hundreds of vehicles crashed into each other, creating the biggest mass car accident in the CR history. The total damages were evaluated to 28 millions czk, which is over 1 million €.

It was speeding together with no respect for the state in which the road – partly covered in ice – was, which is blamed. There were 93 accidents, 231 was damaged, from which two buses, 98 trucks and 131 private cars. Three people were heavily wounded, no one was killed. Three accidents were probably caused by negligence, as the one where a truck driver crushed into a bus wounding three.

Police confiscates only old cars

MF Dnes brougt this interesting finding to attention. The police talks about confiscation as a tool to get those who repeatedly drive drunk or without papers out of streets. But it has a flaw; only old cars worth few tens of thousands czk (about 1-3t €) end on police parking lots. The police do not confiscate more expensive cars.

“The value of a confiscated thing mustn’t be disproportional with seriousness of an act.” Jaromira Petrackova stated for MF Dnes. She added afterwards: “We would definitely confiscate more expensive cars, too. But this has not happened yet.” So only used cars can get confiscated? The Interior Minister Langer stated this needs and will be changed.

Skoda Cars cheaper outside the Czech Republic

Skoda Cars are dominating the Czech Market, they don’t need to reduce their prices, there are buyers anyway. This is the reason why it is possible to save up to 100t Czech coronas (3,7t €) when buying a Czech car anywhere but in the Czech Republic.

skoda octavia Skoda Octavia Classic with 1,6 MPI Classic sells in the Czech Republic for 459 900 czk. In Germany in is 50 thousands cheaper, similar prices are in Poland or Slovakia.

If you go for your Octavia to Russia or Latvia, it can get even more cheaper. In Russia, Octavia in basic equip costs 386t czk, in Litvia even 350t czk.

Lesser differences are with Fabias or other models. There is also a little catch- the version ‘Classic’ means something different, as you get more equipment in the version sold in the CR. Anyway for Czechs it is a good reason for going shopping to the east.

How to Find out Price of Taxi in Prague

Of course we mean the fair price! In Prague, as in all the metropolises in Europe, the taxi drivers try to make some extra money by overcharging. However, there were some positive changes. It seems, that the taxis are getting slightly better, as Prague City Hall informed. According to their information, in 2007, from 831 check rides, only 88 were overcharged. Which means, only every ten taxi ride is a rip-off.

taxi-line-in-prague Verified solution is of course trying some verified taxi companies, that guarantee fair price. This includes also not catching a cab, as many of customers are used to, but calling the cab by a phone.

Finally, if you want to find how much the price should be, try here . They have some nice program to count it.

Parking in Prague 1 and 2 paid only

prague parking machine The parking situation in European city centres is quite similar. The locals cannot park in front of their house, supplies are hard to deliver and the traffic intensity is high.

You want to park? You have to pay.
Prague City Hall solves the packed city centre by installment of zones of paid parking, where those who doesn’t reside around, can put their vehicles. Since yesterday, parking machines (on the picture) are operational.

There are reserved parking zones for locals and local enterprisers in function since November. In Prague 3 paid parking zones start in spring.

Law Proposal Against Dishonest Taxi Drivers in Prague

taxi illustration photo Prague taxi drivers do not enjoy a good reputation. Their name is being spoiled by those who overcharge the fares.. There is usually no evidence and no claimant. What’s more, there is often no lever that would make them pay a fine, even when convicted.

The time for administrative procedure to be carried out is one year. According to the City Hall, it is not possible to render a decision in such a term; if somebody avoids notification deliverance and than appeals a lot, one year is not enough to solve the case.

As a result, Prague City hall wants to extend the time for execution of fines. Especially Prague taxi drivers, when the verdict announces them they are charged with fines, massively use the practice of appealing to the law for so long the charges expire.

Prices charged by some taxi drivers in Prague are notorious, Prague guides always give some advices, how to avoid being fooled.

Less time for Prague Traffic jams

The tramway clousure at Paladskeho namesti in Prague is going to take less time than planned originally. The managers of Prague Public Transport (MHD) Martin Dvorak and Ludek Dostal announced. The work is going to progress faster, it should be finished on 8th October.

The other step are construction works at the cross-overs of Karlovo namesti. But the traffic colaps, that came as an outcome of repairs at Paladskeho namesti, became a deterrent example of how not to handle our ever-growing metropolis traffic. The heads have learned their lesson and so nearby Karlovo namesti is going to be under construction only during weekends. If you plan to go in October through Karlovo namesti, involve a delay into your plan, then.

According to the print report the shortened therms were decided by the mayor of Prague Pavel Bem

Prague Airport Privatization

Prague Airoprt boeing 737.jpg Airport Prague and Czech Airlines are going to be sold next year. Our Minister of Finance Miroslav Kalousek stated that the state is not supposed to carry business, businessmen are. The Government has exact figures of how much is the price going to be, however they are not going to pronounce it publicly.

The same situation is with the case of Czech airlines (CSA). Money from the sale are going to be used for the necessary retirement reform and part of the profit is going to the Traffic fund. According to speculations, the exact price should vary between 60 – 70 billions CZK (2 – 2,3 bil. €). Other billions are coming from the Czech Airlines, however it’s economy is now in minus, and it’s possibilities for improvement are depend on a reform, as it’s flight ticket are four or more times expensive than those of the other Czech companies.

Don't underestimate old Czech ladies..

Do you know how to behave in metro? Do you know what’s the etiquette when using the public transport in Prague? We have picked a lovely article for you that might tell you more about the “right behaviour” in Prague.

I moved to Prague almost a year ago and I am proud to say I have not driven a car since I have been here. The “California Girl” in me is bitter, but the rest of me is quite pleased. There has been no reason to drive a car. The public transportation system here rocks – and rocks hard…like Bon Jovi. It’s really the best I’ve ever seen.

So, although I prefer to walk this lovely city, I shall now tell you how to avoid certain mistakes whilst using public transit. There is a system of etiquette here in Prague. If you don’t follow it I will glare at you from the Metro platform. You have been warned. (read the whole article).

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