Prague metro broke down for 45 minutes last Saturday

Prague metro For the first time in the history of Prague metro (running from 1975) all three lines stopped at one moment and were out of order for 45 minutes. It happened on Saturday between 17:15 and 18:00, luckily off the peak hours.

The probable cause of the collaps was a sudden increase of electric voltage that disabled the central computer controlling the movements of metro trains. The dispatchers let the trains go to the nearest station. All passengers had to get off the metro.

The metro in Prague is built like a harmonica. One section is built uphill, the other one downhill. In case of total lack of electricity, the trains would get to the station by its own gravity.

New metro line D probably entrusted to private investors

The construction of the new metro line D will be probably entrusted to private investors as Prague does not have enough money to build both a new metro line D and to prolong line A from Dejvicka to Ruzyne airport Prague. The municipal authorities will probably approve this plan within two weeks.

The metro line D will connect Main Station (Hlavni nadrazi) with Pisnice in the south of Prague. It will measure 11 km and have ten stations. The chancing stations will be Namesti Miru and Pankrac. The construction should start in 2010 the latest and should cost 44 billion CZK.

The city council plans to build there so called light metro. Light metro is not so deep in the ground, which also save passengers’ time, it can be easier turned in tigher curves and it can climb steeper grades. The metro should be also fully automatic.

Anonymous call closed metro station Dejvicka

The metro station Dejvicka, the terminal of the green line B and the changing place for buses to the airport, was closed for two hours yesterday due to a bomb alert.

An anonymous man called yesterday at 14:00 to the police that there is a bomb in the metro station that is about to explode in about 90 minutes. The police evacuated the station and started to search the area, but nothing was found.

For two hours the trains had to stop in the station Hradcanska. The service was renewed short before 16:00. The police is searching for the offender now.

Unconventional lift in Prague metro

Travellers in Prague metro can use a new lift in station Vltavska on the metro red line C. This lift is quite unconventional – it is not vertical but inclined.

This inclined lift reaches the 10 meters distance at the speed of the escalators next to it. It connects the platform with the vestibule. The lift with glass automatic doors on both sides can take up to 10 people, the cabin is made of stainless steel. Travellers are informed about the actions of the lift by a voice.

In case of emergency the lift is connected with the supervisors. The lift is also monitored by security cameras to prevent vandals from damaging it.

Plans for new routes of Prague tube

The extension of Prague tube continues. The state budget for year 2007 approved by the government yesterday, contains 300 millions crowns for building new underground stations on the C line (red).

The line currently terminates at Ladvi, the new part will go through Strizkov, Prosek and Letnany. Building is about half-finished at the moment and should be ready for transporting customers in 2008.

There are also plans for prolonging the A line (green) from Dejvicka station to Ruzyne airport with 8 new stations. Also a new D line should be built in following years, and its route should go from Hlavni nadrazi (Main railway station) to Pisnice through 10 stations.

The latest built tube station opened in May 2006 is Depo Hostivar on the A line, which goes from the former terminal station Skalka.

Construction of metro is in the half

Construction of segment Ladvi – Letnany on north part of the red line C reached a half of works. The opening is expected on first half of year 2008. The cost is 15 milliards CZK and it have three stations: Strizkov, Prosek and Letnany. For Prague city hall is building of this segment is a priority in traffic division.

Tunnels and underground parts of stations are build, now the construction continues on laying of tracks, adding technological equipment and building the surface parts of stations.
Letnany station has biggest platform of all stations. Instead of standard 10 meters of wide the station has twenty. It is expected that the station will be highly used by passengers, because near the station is large residential area and new exhibition grounds are build here. The Letnany is also most discussed place where the Olympic games could be made.

Cold shower waited for city hall after suggestion of state budget. Instead of expected 1 milliard for metro construction or at least 420 million as it was last year, the state want to give nothing. The Prague magistrate is of course indignant. In other Europe countries the state funds metro construction by 50 per cents. In Amsterdam, the Netherlands it is even 90 per cents.

Modernization of Prague underground railway delayed

Prague tube could be moving with no drivers at all but the steps towards a more modern and safe subway are delayed by a law case.

Lines A and C do not already need any drivers. Both lines use namely modern protective equipment that is placed both on the routes as well as in the trains themselves. This safety mechanism automatically controls the driver and makes sure no mistakes are made. For example, should the speed be too high, the safety equipment can recognize it and automatically lower the speed or even to stop the train completely.

The very modern M1 trains have been providing the service for the passengers of line C since the year 1998. Tube line A has now reached the end of the trial period for the safety mechanism using the reconstructed Russian 81-71M trains.

On the other hand, the yellow B line cannot look forward to receiving the mechanism soon. There is a law case between two participants of the selection procedure for the modernization. The unsuccessful applicant took his case to the Office for the Protection of Competition. This part of Prague tube will therefore be modernized later than was expected. In other words there will be less comfort for the drivers as well as a waste of energy. Nevertheless, the passengers do not need to have any worries about their safety, which is sufficiently safeguarded.

New metro trains at B line

Prague metro now has a lesser number of old trains. B (yellow) line now replaces old Russian trains for modernised.

C line is equipped only with new and modern M1 train set, A line has modernised 81-71M trains and B line had only old Russian 81-71 train sets. Now you can also travel with 81-71M.

The number of them is slowly raising. The biggest problem is with safety device at trains allowing safe ride of a train and also safe entering and leaving a train. This device is necessary at new and modernized trains, but it has a problems with proper function at B line. Now the new B-line trains has a portable device as a temporary action.

Into metro with a bike

1st May means changes in transport of bikes in metro. Until now bikers had only one place where they can be with a bike – at last decking of last vehicle. There could be only two bikes.

Now two bikes can be transported at last decking of each vehicle. It means that one train can transport up to ten bikes. It is recommended, that bike should be at right side of metro next to the doors. But be warned that three stations – Hlavni nadrazi (Main station), Vysehrad and Rajska Zahrada are opening doors at right side.

Still you can’t ride on bike in metro area, you have to care about your surrounding, especially on stair and in time of aboard and exiting train.

Changes of metro intervals

Metro is changing intervals. Intervals will be shorten in weekday evening on A and B line from 10 minutes to 6-7,5 minutes in time between 6 P.M. to 9 P.M.
On the other hand metro interval will be extended in weekend
morning until 7 A.M. to ten minutes on each line.

Changes on B and C line are immediate, A line will make changes at the end of April, after testing new Skalka – Depo Hostivar sector.

New Prague metro station

Prague metro (underground) has a new station on green line A. It will have name Depo Hostivar and it’s continuing of line at Skalka station side. Line A will have 13 stations than.

The station will be opened 27th May 2006 and will bring changes for high number of buses, especially for out-of-city buses, because they will not end at Skalka station but at new Depo Hostivar station. This change will start 28th May and will make travelling in Kutna Hora direction faster and more fluent. Depo Hostivar will offer a parking lot in system P+R.

The cost of building of new station is 850 millions CZK and was slowed due long and cold winter.

There are three more metro stations in build in red C line called Strizkov, Prosek and Letnany. All of them are continuing of Ladvi side.