News from Prague ZOO

This week is significant for European suslik (sysel obecny). Two suslik couples from Pilsner ZOO were let into a new area at the edge of Prague ZOO. The number of susliks living there will increase as the two pairs can look forward to having about 30 new friends. For the time being susliks are protected from their predators. The space will later (probably before winter) no longer belong to the ZOO and the animals will thus be freed.

This event forms a part of the project named: “Will you help us back to nature?”, which aims to reintroduce back to nature four species – apart from suslik the organizers want to help the owls, bison and the last surviving species of the wild horse. The animal listed last is the most endangered one. Prague ZOO is extremely important for its reintroduction into its natural environment in Mongolia desert Gobi.

The project is aided by profits raised from selling biscuits Tatranky during the summer holidays. One tenth of each Czech crown spent on these biscuits goes towards freeing the animals. Currently the sum is slightly under half a million.

A tiger has 19th birthday

Prague zoo celebrated birthday of the tiger named Asik. He has 19 years and this is very honourable age for a tiger. They have about 10 years in nature, the captivity gave them about three or five years more.

Asik is a tiger’s familiar name of Assuri, but his official name is Priam. He was born 14th July 1987, soon after his birth his mother couldn’t feed him, so he was fed by zoo workers. When he was four he was injured by female tiger and he is lame of a leg until now. He is father of four tigers.

Asik is very calm and friendly animal and his most popular food is a butter. And because he had a birthday, zoo workers gave him a butter cake. It is probably that he will gain another cake next year, because life-span of tigers is extremely high in Prague zoo. Female tiger Putsi had 22 years. This is the world record of tiger’s life length.

Prague zoo has a half million visitors

Yesterday Prague zoo in Troja had its half millionth visitor. It was a family from Prague district Klanovice. They visited the zoo for third time in this year.

They was rewarded with a special program with an expert comment and family ticket for one year, memorial certificate, and some souvenirs.

Prague zoo has a half millionth visitor lat year one month sooner, in 2004 it was one week later. Year 2005 was most popular – 1,214 millions people visited Prague zoo in Troja.

Birthday in Prague zoo

35th birthday was celebrated in Prague zoo. And who was honoured person? The orangutan Kama, an ape male. He was the first orangutan born in Prague zoo.

Director of the zoo Petr Fejk was at birthday party too as well as former director Zdenek Veselovsky, who was a friend of the orangutan many years.

Professor Veselovsky became Kama’s family shortly after ape’s birth, because his mother died soon after his birth because of heart disease. Kama was fed by human milk from maternity hospitals. When he was little older Mr. Veselovsky or a nurse Bozena Gottfriedova perambulate him. As a father Kama has two children.

You can see Kama and his family in Pavilion Indonesian jungle or in adjacent outer exposition.

Tapir baby in Prague zoo

A pair of tapirs has a baby. But it looks that most happy is the zoo, because it is first young of tapir born in Prague zoo.

Mother cares about her first-born. It is a he, he drinks a lot and puts on weight. Now he has nine kilograms. Visitors can see him in water world pavilion.

The small tapir is feeding on mothers milk, after few months he can eat water melons or sugar cane. Tapirs has an origin in South America.

Fooball madness in Prague

Today starts FIFA World Cup in Germany and a wave of football interest is raised in Prague too.

During Cup celebrities will play a football at Wenceslas square in a playground with a fake turf. Many sport competitions will be for public for prizes in Prague. Old Town Square will have four large-screen displays. Cultural program will be focused on two nations playing that day.

Football was played even by elephants in Prague zoo yesterday.
Zoo attendants brought to elephants a ball and they really played with it. Elephant lady Shanti even scored some goals to a goal guarded by Horst Siegel, former football player. Then the normal ball was changed by three times bigger. Elephants enjoyed the play as well as visitors and attendants with the director of Prague zoo Petr Fejk.

Little gorilla is a girl

A gorilla born before seventeen months in Prague zoo called Moja is a girl. And it was hard to discover it. Moja which means First in Swahili language, has perfect parents, which look after her very carefully. Thus attendants didn’t want to take her for tests from parents and they had to manage with test from droppings and slobber, because recognizing the sex of a young gorilla by eye is impossible.

First test made by Prague Criminalistic Laboratory last December said that Moja is male for 98 per cents. A moth later test was saying that it is a female. So Prague zoo decided to make two independent test. now both are saying that is is definitely female. Hooray! :-)

Moja was named “First”, because it is first gorilla born in Prague zoo. Number of female gorillas in European zoo’s is much lesser than males, so Moja can be happy, that will be integrated into gorilla life in another Europe zoo. It will be in seventh or eight year of Moja’s life. Exact zoo will be chosen by European Coordinating Committee for gorilla’s breeding.

Little happy hippo

Prague zoo has a new member: Little hippopotamus was born in Thursday night. Gender is not known, because it’s mother Maruska keeps her baby very well. It is her third young one, two previous one unfortunately did not survive. First in year 2004 was born dead, second one died a day after birth last year. Third one looks very hopefully and it is kept away from father Slavek, only with mother in their pond.

Maruska was born in Ostrava zoo in 1999, and it is common that first and second birth of hippo, which isn’t in group of experienced hippos, is not successful. Father Slavek is 21 years old and this young is his thirteen.

Pavilion of pachyderms was closed this weekend, caretakers wanted calmness for mother and little one.

To visit Troja

Prague Troja is for tourists attractive as a peaceful place with Prague zoo, botanical garden and Troja chateau. But there is problem with way connecting Troja and rest of Prague. This road is only one and is it thread for fluent transport of Troja visitors and Troja citizens.

But solution offered paradoxly floods. Anti flood mound which could be built this year should offer new way how to get to Troja.
So lets hope that this will be solution for this problem.

Note: If you want to get Prague zoo, than is best way to use bus 122 from metro station Nadrazi Holesovice.
More you can find at pages of Prague zoo.

The Revealed/Unmasking

Reality shows is today almost everywhere. When none of your national TV broadcasts at least one of that, they will. Big Brother, Chosens, Wife swap… Czech Republic knows reality shows. Like a some form of demonstration and good idea how to gain money to right thing, unigue reality show was created. “The Revealed” are not ordinary competitors. They are gorillas. Really, gorillas. Prague zoo started this project where shows gorilla’s family.

More about The Revealed is also on this blog.
Their homepage is on site of Cesky Rozhlas.