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Prague, communism and Black-light theatre

History of Czech Republic is not always happy, especially 20th century where creating modern state and a life in freedom in years 1918-1938 was ended by Nazism and then in communism at 1945-1989. Museum of communism, and another maybe scary but interesting things are described on this page.


I'm driving on traintracks!

Most of the tourists arrives to Prague by a plane or a train. What can happen, when you get in the centre by a car, you find in an another story describing one day trip to Prague from Germany.

I should preface this next part with an explanation of street trains. In Germany, there are trains that run down the middle of many of the roads. And I don’t mean there are trains running between the lanes. I mean they run on the same lanes as the cars! They follow traffic signals and such. It’s quite a thing to get used to…driving on traintracks.


New airport terminal in Prague

The new terminal at Ruzyne airport called North 2 was opened by the president Vaclav Klaus with minister of transport Milan Simonovsky and Ruzyne’s Airport general director Hana Cernochova.

“Right now we are increasing capacity by four million, but there’s a great difference between real capacity and technical capacity. Our original terminal had the capacity to handle 6.5 million, but despite that we handled almost 11 million last year. We can increase numbers by adding more sorting machines, luggage carousels and check-in counters, so capacity could reach up to 15 million. And we will probably build another new terminal between 2015 and 2020,” said Cernochova.

Still there is question of transport into the city, with plan extend metro system to airport.


Not too well known places of Prague

Do you have enough of all-time same photos of Prague? Pictures of Hradcany, Charles bridge or Old Town square from same spot and angle? This girl can make different photos. And i like them.
I even don’t know where that beautiful old church in Prague is.

XML 2006 Conference

XML 2006 Conference 17th-18th June 2006 is held in the heart of Prague. More information you can find at Ablog or at XML Prague.

A regular conference on XML for developers, web designers, information managers, and students, focusing this year on XML Native Databases and Querying XML. A full day of experts speaking has been extended with an additional day dedicated for participants to hold related BoF sessions and workshops.


New law about smoking in Czech Republic

With new year comes new law. Now is in Czech Republic prohibited to smoke in schools, sports halls, cinemas, theatres, offices of the state administration, train platforms and at tram and bus stops.
Last two named places are defined as shelters and pavement or sidewalk where in front of that is on the road painted signs for bus/tram stop.

On the other hand is no longer prohibited smoking in restaurants and pubs during lunch time. Instead of the owner of pub/restaurant has to have extra place for non-smokers.


Three kings at Prague Castle

6th January is known as Three Kings day. Procession of Three kings who bring gifts for Infant Jesus is annually replayed in Prague. Loretta square near Prague Castle became a set for this performance, three wise men are played by three boys. Their servants were distributing chocolate coins to crowd of audience.

This Procession has major reason in charity. Gifts for Infant Jesus from three kings are followed by gifts from people. These are later distributed among children who spent Christmas in a hospital.
In a same day children, dressed like three kings, are walking in towns and cities of Czech Republic and asking for donation for charity.

Top ten Prague sights by Ben Walker

Prague offers tons of things to see. And here we are offering you one top list.

1. Prague Castle
2. Stare Mesto
3. Charles Bridge
4. Jewish Quarter
5. Mucha Museum
6. Church of Our Lady Before Tyn
7. Prague Spring
8. Dancing House
9. St. Nicholas Church
10. Karlstejn Castle

And what is yours?

Notice: If you are not able to mentioned name of building or place, for example here is Royal road page with description and photos of most known places.

The Revealed/Unmasking

Reality shows is today almost everywhere. When none of your national TV broadcasts at least one of that, they will. Big Brother, Chosens, Wife swap… Czech Republic knows reality shows. Like a some form of demonstration and good idea how to gain money to right thing, unigue reality show was created. “The Revealed” are not ordinary competitors. They are gorillas. Really, gorillas. Prague zoo started this project where shows gorilla’s family.

More about The Revealed is also on this blog.
Their homepage is on site of Cesky Rozhlas.


Prague is beautiful anytime

New Zealand family visited December Prague. Although they miss snow in Prague they were (and hopefully still are) excited by Prague. St Vitus Cathedral, Franz Kafka’s house on the Golden Lane or the Old town is only a fragment what this family saw.

I had arranged an apartment for us, and it looked directly out on the river, and was across the bridge from the well known modern ‘Dancing Building’. We tried lots of Czech food, visited the markets, rode the trams, visited the Castle – St Vitus Cathedral, Franz Kafka’s house on the Golden Lane, saw the old town, new town, Prague Venice, Jewish Prague, the astronomical clock and more.

Their blog describing this vacation is for you, my dear readers.

Jewish town in photos and text

Jewish community appears in Prague in 10th century and in 12th century Jews settles right bank of Vltava river. There Jewish quarter starts it’s life. This ghetto was once biggest in whole Europe and even Jews had a thrill history, a lot of buildings and sights survived.
I have found a little older article on Peter’s blog with photos.

And there is description and history of most important Jewish town sights.