Compact archive April 2006

"Burn her, she's a witch!"

I used this quotation from Monty Python’s as an introduction of an old Czech tradition. It is Burning of witches and it is an old tradition on 30th April, which in middle ages was made as a protection against witches, sorcerers or demons.

Night of 30th April is also named Philip-Jacob’s night and it was believed that magic is very strong in this time. That is why ordinary people light large fires as a protection against witches, which were flying on brooms. Later people made large dolls of witches and they burnt it in this fire. In addition is now Burning of witches connected with roasting of knackwursts.

On 30 April, also commonly named Carodejnice (“Witches”... literally it is A woman, who makes magic), Carodky or Cary Prague has a lot to offer.

Miss Wich at Prague 6-Ladronka, Troja vineyard will offer a theater fairy tale, garden club Klamovka has a progrem for kids – competition for the best mask. You can visit Cisarska louka, where will be music and competition in computer games.


"B" movies festival

B films will have it’s own festival. First year of this fess is 13th May in Svetozor cinema – an art house in the center of Prague. It is in Vodickova street, few meters from Wenceslas square.

B-movies are becoming a new part of cultural life and so called B-culture can be shown now. Organisers want to present almost unknown movies for a wide audience and offer them a trip to the world of B movies.

B-films can be for someone waste matter, but for the others – like authors of this project – are for example B-movies films, that don’t pretend something and their actors are more believable. Conveners want to show us, that B-movies can be interesting and impressive as well as typical blockbuster films.

Memorial at Vitkov hill as a theater

The memorial at Vitkov hill looks more like a tomb than a memorial. And in fact is was. There embalmed body of communistic president Klement Gottwald was kept there as an reflection of Lenin corpse in Moscow Mausoleum. Unfortunately (or luckily) the corpse had to be buried, because embalming was made wrongly.

And this place, this crypt, where is even in hottest days cold as in the winter, this place will for some days from 16th May will be transformed into the theater. Each play will be at a different place, and even visitors can get to places which are not normally accessible.

A group of young artists named “Depressive Kids Deserving for Money” will use this space of memorial as a part of play.
You can see a performance by the German author Deya Loher Third Sector, Edgar Allan Poe’s game The Fall of the House of Usher, third will be a performance by Thomas Bernhard and last bu not least will be Caligula by Albert Camus.

Members of parliament suggest honours

Members of the Parliament suggested to the president 31 personalities for medals. Other important persons could be nominated by citizens through the Senate.

Members agreed on well known names. Jaroslava Moserova, a politician, a translator, a doctor and an unsuccessful candidate for president seat was suggested for Decoration of T.G.Masaryk (first president and founder of Czechoslovakia) in memoriam as well as other nine people, one of them in memoriam too.

Skier and winner of 30 kilometers run at Olympic games 2006 Katerina Neumannova with Vladimir Korner, scenarist and writer (for example the book about the life of doctor and humanist Jan Jesenius – Doctor of Dying Time) are suggested for Distinguished Service Medal.

However, the president Vaclav Klaus need not abide with their suggestions.

Art Nouveau in the Municipal House

Municipal house is one of the greatest examples of Art Nouveau in architecture. From April 26 to September 3, 2006 you can visit the exhibition called Art Nouveau in Croatia which is showing more than 1 000 exhibits.

They illustrate themes from architecture, painting, sculpture, graphic art, graphic design and artist crafts, which include furniture, metal, ceramics and glass design and the fashion of the time.

Admission is 100 CZK for adults, reduced (for students, seniors atc.) is 50 CZK. It is opened daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

You can to find out more about this exhibition at official pages.


Member of parliament was attacked

Parliamentarian Jiri Dolejs was attacked yesterday night. Vice chairman of Communistic Party Bohemia and Moravia was ambushed by three men when he was returning home.

Dolejs was knocked down and attackers were kicking him. Whole attack was about ten minutes long. Most injured is his right eye, which is swollen so much, that can’t be examined yet.

This attack was probably politically motivated, because attackers shouted things like “communistic pig”, and even worse. Dolejs was not robbed. Probably attackers waited for him.

Prague concert of Red Hot Chili Peppers is sold out

Concert of Red Hots on 16th June is sold out.

After ten years of waiting Czech fans will see and most importantly hear this renowned band. Their most famous arrangement with guitar player John Fruiscante, singer Anthony Kiedis, bass-guitarist Flea and drummer Chad Smith will come with albs Californication, By The Way and newest Stadium Arcadium.

Only hope how to get a ticket is to wait for some cancelled or uncollected reservation. But there is almost no chance.


Return of gas lamps

Gas lamps once were in Prague streets. And now lamps are returning. Light in old style is different from modern electric lamps and with old design of standards it gives more romance to Prague. Especially by night.

First gas lamps after 20 years appeared again in 2002. Now you can find them in Michalska, Vejvodova, Melantrichova and Uhelny trh streets. Big lamp-post will be functional in some days at Hradcanske square. It has to be repaired and restored. This one and another two-at Loretan street and Drazickeho square- look more like sculptural group than lamp-standard.

A light from gas lamps was possible after the restoration of gas pipelines at Celetna street and it is planned that whole King road will be under light of gas.

Another scandal of Czech Football league

Czech Football league decorated with corruption of referees, has a new scandal. Yesterday was the match between Slavia Prague and Slovan Liberec was an unbelievable process. THe whole team of Slavia abandoned the football pitch during standard playing time in the 69th minute. This happened for the last time in Czech football league history 86 years ago.

Their leave from the pitch was made as protest against referee Jaroslav Jara, who disqualified in 60th minute one Slavia player and in 68th another plus he ordered to kick a penalty. Liberec scored. After few moments the leading of Slavia sent it’s players to dressing-room.

Referee Jara didn’t know how to solve this situation, because there is no rule what to do, when whole the team exits the football pitch. Liberec players were ready to give thanks to audience and went home, but Slavia players returned after 20 minutes. Match was finished, Liberec won 3:1.

Slavia’s protest will be investigated, as well as punishment for Slavia and it’s behavior. Slavia accepted defeat, but they can’t accept referee Jara’s directing .


New law against the rowdies

Rowdies on sport matches, mostly football or ice hockey, will have to calm down. The new law is much harder than former one. Standard disorderliness is punished by condition. But rowdyism on sport matches will be now punished much harder.

Czech rowdies become more and more aggressive. Vandalism and violence is unforunately more frequent. On April 2004 fans of Banik Ostrava pulverized Zlin stadium for total cost 250 000 CZK. In year 2003 a fan of Bohemians got to football pitch and hit a referee with his fist.

Now hooligans can even have prohibited entrance to all matches to the rest of theis lifes or they can be imprisoned for two years. Camera systems on stadiums are more frequent and this will help to identify rioters, when they break the law and recognize them when they wants to get to stadium and it is prohibited for them.


DNA tests without agreement

Samples of DNA can be taken from convicted offenders, people under protective treatment, accused or suspected people without their permission. The House of Parliament accepted this proposal with agreement of all parties.

There will be some limitations. DNA can be taken from suspected only with agreement of a public prosecutor. Minister of the interior says that DNA tests will be used only in case of relevant crimes.
It is not planned to make a database of all citizens of the Czech Republic.

This change will make investigation faster and more effective. Other changes are for example preventive using of handcuffs or forced taking of fingerprints.


All dead swans had bird flu H5N1

Each of twelve dead swans had H5N1 type of virus, which is dangerous and also deadly for humans. Swans were found between 27th March and 14th April in southern Bohemia in the area of the Vltava river.

Tests are known once only now, because have to be done in more steps. Firstly, a bird has to be found and transported into a specialised veterinary. Secondly, veterinary identifies if the dead bird could be killed by bird flu. Thirdly, laboratory identifies, that the bird was killed by a bird flu of specific type like H5. And finally fourth, lab identifies the virus precisely – H5N1.

2288 dead birds were examined in the Czech Republic at the beginning of April. Only swans were infected. So there is no fear that Czech poultry, even from controlled zones can be contaminated.


Charles IV. exhibition is sold out

Exhibition Charles IV. – Emperor by The Grace of God is hopelessly sold out. Exhibition was very popular last year in New York Metropolitan museum, where had 170.000 visitors.

Interest about the exhibition in Prague is the same. Precisely, it is so popular that all tickets were sold two months before the end of the exhibition. 67.700 people have seen it and about 32.000 is awaited. The exhibition is from 16th February to 21st May.

Limited number of tickets is because there is a limit of daily visitors, because many of artifacts are fragile and even human heat or vapour from breath can damage them in such big amount.

It is impossible to length the exhibition because of contracts – many exhibits have to be returned or moved to other exhibitions. Exhibits come from many museums and states. Maybe the opening hours will be extended, but it is not certain. Now there is only one small chance how to visit the exhibiton: wait until someone will return their ticket or will lose their reservation. But it is rare.

Charles IV. – Emperor by The Grace of God is showing culture and art in the reign of the last Luxembourgs 1347-1447. Charles IV. was Czech king and one of greatest Emperors of Europe, his work in Bohemia is still astounding: Charles Bridge, New Town, Karlstejn, Charles university and much more was built. He made Bohemia and Prague greatest, modern and prosper places from all Europe in these days. That’s why Charles IV. was voted as Biggest Czech by the Czech people.

Still, there are many following actions, and they can be visited without any problem. You can visit writings about Charles IV. and his family with many precious books from Archives of Czech Crown. It is unique too, because such a big exhibition hasn’t been made since the year 1978. Or you can visit the exhibition about every-day culture of Prague in the 14th century. There are some actions especially for kids. Another option is to visit the Haptic Exhibition. Many actions are also out of the city at castles. Try visiting Karlstejn, Krivokat or Tocnik.

More information about Charles IV. – Emperor by The Grace of God and accompanying events you can find on Official pages.


Students help policemen

Symbiosis between Prague police and students will be this summer again. This cooperation will be this year for the sixth time. Students will help with translation and they will supply information to tourist.

Prague uses mobile standpoints, where everybody can use the services of a policeman or a student. More than 14 000 tourists used this service last year. The number of mobile standpoints is increased every year. You can find 32 specially modified wagons in Prague this season.

Students work every weekend until July, during of school holiday every day from 10 A.M. to 10 P.M. They have better salary than usual summer job (80 CZK per hour) and they have to be good in English or German and to know Prague very well. Thanks to this policemen have more time to do their job in Prague streets.


Book World Prague

This year it is 12th year of Book World, International Book Fair at traditional place – Prague Vystaviste (“Exhibiton grounds”) at Holesovice. It is from 4th to 7th May 2006 and central exposition is Latvia focused on Literatures of the North.

It is for professional as well for ordinary readers. Festival offers

numerous programmes for visitors: professional seminars and conferences, meetings with writers, author readings, presentations by publishers, and awards ceremonies for outstanding publishing and creative achievements. On a humorous note, the Translators Guild presents the annual Rack Anti-award—a prize for the worst translation of a foreign work into Czech.

4th May is reserved for press and for trade professionals. This day is entrance fee for visitors is 120,- CZK. From 5th to 7th standard admission for one day is 90 CZK. Children in age 6-18, seniors and students pays 45 CZK. Friday ans Saurday is opened from 9AM to 7PM, Sunday has opened from 9 AM to 6 PM.

More information you can find at official pages.

Rohan island will become more attractive

Rohan island, island which is not technically island, because is fully connected with a land, will change it’s face. Many years there was rest of old, now unused industrial zone with a batching plant as a most ugly part of unsightly part of inner Prague. Parking lots as an another part aren’t much better.

Now are anti-flooding measures complete for this part of the city and Rohan island may become better place. “Prague quarters Maniny, Karlin and Liben cam become modern parts of city with recreational green,” says director of Development Department of capital city of Prague Svetlana Kubikova.

It is planned to built at Rohan island flats with sports facility like swimming pools and with administrative buildings along waterfront main road.

Petrin attractions will be closed tomorrow

Two most known attractions at Petrin hill will be closed 26th April. It is Mirror Maze and Petrin lookout tower. These attractions are closed because of closed water supply.

Day after tomorrow both of them will be opened normally – from 10 AM to 9PM.
Third attraction- Stefanik observatory is opened as well as rest of the hill including a funicular.

Here are some photos of Petrin Hill.

Prague's magic

There is another review about Prague. This traveler was in Prague for a week, so it is more colourful, I hope.

Prague is also a walking city, as my swollen feet can testify. Just get out of your hotel and walk, walk, walk. As I told Beloved, next time round I’ll bring a foot fetishist along. This was met with much indignation and sulking. We finally compromised – I got a foot rub after washing my feet and promising not to stuff my stinky socks in his face. Ah, love.

Rest of article is traditionally here.

Into metro with a bike

1st May means changes in transport of bikes in metro. Until now bikers had only one place where they can be with a bike – at last decking of last vehicle. There could be only two bikes.

Now two bikes can be transported at last decking of each vehicle. It means that one train can transport up to ten bikes. It is recommended, that bike should be at right side of metro next to the doors. But be warned that three stations – Hlavni nadrazi (Main station), Vysehrad and Rajska Zahrada are opening doors at right side.

Still you can’t ride on bike in metro area, you have to care about your surrounding, especially on stair and in time of aboard and exiting train.


Pearl Jam in Prague

Pearl Jam starts a world tour in May shortly after new album with single World Wide Suicide. Jam starts in Canada and it will visit Europe in time of summer holiday. They will visit Czech Republic 22th September 2006.

Pearl Jam is a legend of grunge style and from their start in year 1991 with album Ten they became one of most known bands with sixty millions sold albums. The new one is eight in a row and fans had to wait four years.

Pearl Jam visit in Prague this September is third one in Prague. First was in year 1996 with album No Code, in year 2000 it was Binaurual.

This time they will play in Sazka Arena. Tickets are not yet available, I will inform you.


Czech Republic has most stealers in Europe

It was stolen stolen in total 920 billions CZK in shops in last year In Europe Union. 13 billions was stolen in Czech Republic. Signal indicator is a per cent showing amount of stolen revenue.

Most of it has Czech Republic and Slovakia with 1,4 per cent. On a third place is Great Britain with 1,38. Smallest number of cost of stolen things has Germany with 1,07 and Austria with 0,95.

From Czech 13 billions customers stole 6 billions, employees 4,2 billions and suppliers stole 750 millions CZK. Rest of amount is because of errors inside of companies.

Most stolen is in Czech Republic electronics, alcohol, cosmetics or clothes. Favourite season for stealer is time before Christmas. Stealing is in some cases organised and they even use kids for stealing.


Zizkov celebrates

Today it is exactly 125 years when Zizkov was promoted to a town. It became in May 1881 by emperor Franz Joseph I. Zizkov has in that time more than 19 thousands citizens and was one of biggest municipality in Bohemia.

It is because tradition says that municipality can’t become town (city, ham or how could I name it) when it wants. In past, every municipality was just village, until ruler didn’t accept a suggestion to promote village to town. Town had many advantages and privileges what village hadn’t. It was honour to become a town. Even now, village has to fulfil a lot of conditions if it wants to be a town.

Celebrations of Zizkov starts on 22nd May and ends at the end of a week. As a part of celebrations you can get trough Zizkov in historical tram, to see ride of vintage cars, special football (soccer) match or lighting a Zizkov television broadcaster. It is also planned reconstruction of historical moment in 1881 and discussion about history of Zizkov with screen of historical materials.


Prague guide

There is some blog of a traveller, greatly describing his way through Prague. There are some nice photos too. His way attracts at Palacky bridge he continues at Parizska street and ends on old Town Square.

At the top of “Paris Street” is the entrance into the magnificent Old Town Square, and I cannot describe how much I loved this part of Prague – as you walked into the entrance on the right hand side you were dwarfed by the stunning St. Nicolas Church, further to the right you could see the small market which gave away the smell of malted wine, candles and hot dogs – next to the market are two small stalls that sold food and hot malted wine, which was perfect if you needed to warm yourself up.

Rest of this article is here.

Zetor Tractors celebrates 60th anniversary

Jede traktor
je to Zetor
jede do hor
orat brambor

(A tractor rides, it is Zetor, it rides to mountains plough potatoes.) says a song from Czech music band Vysací Zámek.

Zetor company, making tractors has 60th birthday. This specialized part of automobile industry was in former Czechoslovakia at world top level. Even 30 000 tractors were made in one year in best years. Most of them were exported and it is very interesting that in times, where was no freedom of trade with abroad, most of tractors were sold into Western world, not communistic East. It was because Zetors were hi-tech goods in there times and it was profitable to sold them to rich west.

Zetor has great history. Even Che Guevara, most known hero of revolution has a photo, where he sits at Zetor. Pub in Finland has name Zetor and in some Near east states word “zetor” replaced common word “tractor”.

Zetor almost was bankrupt in 1999, but new investor turn it. Now produces 6000 tractors a year, two new models will be built in next months and this year company wants to reach 3 per cent quota at USA market in middle output class. Gap in production of higher class is planned to be removed.


Basketball Final Four 2006 in FIVE days

Final Four, match of four best teams of European league starts this Friday at Prague Sazka Arena. Every year is tournament in different country and city. This year it is Czech Republic and Prague. Sazka arena is very well prepared. Year and a half of preparations and fifty millions CZK is cost for organisation Ceska sportovni (Czech sporting), which put together “biggest European basketball holiday”.

Although tournament is in Prague it was impossible to hope that Czech team will get to it. Basketball is not sport no.1 in CZ, so financial support is many times lesser than in another European countries. Best four are MACCABI TEL AVIV (Israel) and TAU CERAMICA (Spain) – first match, CSKA MOSKVA (Russia) and FC BARCELONA (Spain) – second match.

Ceska sportovni had to make a lot for this tournament: Let make and buy special equipment, adjust beds and showers for tall player or be prepared to set optimal temperature in hall and in dressing-rooms. It makes Final Four in Prague best equipped and prepared of all previous FF. It makes fastest sales of all too.

It was expected and now it is clear, that most visitors are abroad, especially from Greek and Israel. From total amount of 15 000 tickets rests 200 classic tickets and 50 top sites. Every tickets are sold in “packs” – tickets for every matches sold together. Price starts at 2 300 CZK and TOP VIP costs 42 000 CZK.

If you want to buy them, then continue to site of Sazkaticket.
Every other information should be at Ceska sportovni pages or at Euroleague sites.


Barrandov studios - future No.1 in moviemaking

Barrandov studios will expand. 4 000 square meters of new movie studio complex will make Barrandov studios second biggest studios in Europe and first in technical support. New complex will have soundproof premises, which Europe biggest studio – London Pinewood hasn’t.

Foundation-stone was set 20th April. Total cost of complex is more than one hundred thousands Czech crowns. This will be addition to original part from 1933 and three complexes built in time of Protectorate Czech and Moravia, where Czechoslovakia was taken by Hitler’s Germany.

Prague is very popular destination for movie makers, because here is very good technical and personal support with leading of Barrnadov studios, and it is much cheaper to travel from Hollywood to Czech Republic, shoot from movie as much as it gets and travel back, than do the whole movie in USA. In additional, Czech Republic has very much from intact history than other countries, so it is best place to make historical movies like From Hell with Johny Depp or Napoleon with Gerard Depardieu. Now is shoot James Bond in Prague and many other movies were and will be shoot.


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500 millions CZK for tram repairs this year

Reconstructions are awaited in Prague public transport. Modernization of fifty five trams will cost 412 millions CZK. This extend their lifetime for twenty years. It is much cheaper than buying new ones. Only seven new trams could be bought at same cost. Nevertheless Prague Public Transport Company wants buy new 20 trams to the end of year 2007.

Rest of investment will be used to repair big tram crossroads Ohrada, Palmovka and Vapenka. It is expected that repairs will start in summer, when is traditionally low traffic during holiday.


Styrsky auction record

Paintings of Czech author of surrealism, Jiri Styrsky was sold for record in Styrsky paintings 8,6 millions CZK. Until now most expensive Styrsky picture was Black Pierot auctioned off for five millions CZK. Starting price of new record picture named Circus Simonette and painted in 1928 was 2,8 millions CZK .

Auction was in Hilton hotel in Prague made by Gallery Art Prague. Second record was total profit from a sell of all Styrky pictures. It was 25,7 millions CZK.

Little happy hippo

Prague zoo has a new member: Little hippopotamus was born in Thursday night. Gender is not known, because it’s mother Maruska keeps her baby very well. It is her third young one, two previous one unfortunately did not survive. First in year 2004 was born dead, second one died a day after birth last year. Third one looks very hopefully and it is kept away from father Slavek, only with mother in their pond.

Maruska was born in Ostrava zoo in 1999, and it is common that first and second birth of hippo, which isn’t in group of experienced hippos, is not successful. Father Slavek is 21 years old and this young is his thirteen.

Pavilion of pachyderms was closed this weekend, caretakers wanted calmness for mother and little one.


Eurofighter box match

If you are fan of box, you could not miss “boxing day” in Prague. Evening full of box will expect you 9th May at 6 P.M. in Sazka Arena.
Boxers will fight for EBU Championship WBO and championship of Czech Republic.

Main fight will be match between Lukas Konecny (CZ) and Humberto Aranda (Costarica) for Intercontinental – Championship WBO. You can also see boxers Rudolf Kraj and Ladislav Kutil and more.

Cost of tickets is from 95 CZK to 3990 CZK for platinum seats.
Tickets can be purchased at or at every terminal of Sazka.


James Blunt in Prague

James Blunt in Prague 2008 here

James Blunt, young British star will play in Prague.
His album Back to Bedlam is now in top ten most sold albums of world, more than six millions people bought it. He awarded two BRIT AWARDS.

Concert will be at unique place of Prague castle in Lumbe’s garden 2 under open sky, on 18th July 2006.
You can get tickets at Ticketstream. Tickets are available as for an opening price of 450 CZK (only the first 1000 tickets). The maximum price for standing tickets is only 550 CZK (day of show, if any tickets are left!). Due to the prestigious venue, the audience capacity will be strictly limited! People should buy early.

Concert in Prague is part of world tour with places like Australia, Japan, USA, Mexico and Europe.


Centre will be protected by more policemen

Touristic season is coming and Prague will raise number of policemen in centre from 250 to 300.

Biggest problem is small criminality like pickpocketing, street exchange, begging, of disturbing in night. Street exchange is dangerous for people unfamiliar with Czech banknotes. It can happen, that exchanger will sell you for example old Bulgarian banknotes instead of Czech.

Most guarded places will be tourist attractive places like King Road, Old Town Square, Celetna street, Wenceslas square or Narodni street.

But policemen can’t be simply relocated from one part of Prague to another-thy will have to make overtimes.


Prague Spring without a famous conductor

Wiener philharmonic concert, will not be directed by renowned conductor Zubin Mehta in terms of his illness.

Program won’t be changed – you can hear Mozart symphony D major “Prague”, Mahler’s Fourth Symphony, with solo vocal part by Romanian soprano Ildiko Raimondi. This part part of Prague spring on 13th May, played in Smetana hall of Municipal house will be directed by front Austrian conductor Leopold Hager.

Leopold Hager is Mozart expert and is leader conductor in Wiener Volksoper. He conduct in recent years Don Giovanni in the Estates Theater in Prague or led Symphonic Orchestra of Capital City of Prague FOK.

Prague Spring starts in 20 days. 11th May – 3rd June 2006


Toll in Prague centre in 2008

Prague wants to fight against cars in centre of Prague. In 2008 starts testing project in historical part, in 2010 will be toll payed in whole central part of Prague.

It is not clear, how will be toll payed, there are more possibilities. like chips, satellite, or like in London through SMS, phone or the Internet. Model of toll in city centre was taken from London, where tolls are payed three years.

There is about 150 000 of cars in reserve of historical monuments and registered number of cars in Prague raised from 336 000 in 1990 to double in 2005.

It is clear that entering into centre will be much cheaper for inhabitants of centre, but precise numbers are not known at all.


50 CZK banknotes ends, coins will be ususal

Red 50 CZK, will be printed no more. Czech national bank ends printing, because it is less than three and half years, than Czech Republic will use euro. Therefore 50 CZK banknotes, as they will be used, they will be replaced by coins, which Czech national bank has large reserves.

If you are not familiarize with them, there are official information about them on CNB pages.

50 CZK banknotes will slowly disappear, as it is now with 20 CZK. They are rare now.


Angels of pedestrians and bikers

If you walked yesterday on zebra crossing, you could see an angel. Traffic in Prague was yesterday guarded by 32 angels with white wings and a respirator. They guarded selected communications and crossroads and they was crossing with pedestrians.

When you asked an angel, he or she simply answered:” I’m guarding angel of pedestrians and bikers and today I will rarely look after you.”

This action was made like reaction on dangerousness of some crossroads and zebra crossings and they want to give to drivers thing to think about their rude behaviour on roads. 61 pedestrians and bikers were killed last year, that is more by nine per cent than in year 2004.


Unique comics of Milada Horakova

Milada Horakova, one of heroes of modern Czech history, was unjustly incriminated, judged and executed by Communistic regime in 1950. Many famous people, notably Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill or Eleanor Roosevelt, petitioned for her life, but in spite of this the sentence was confirmed and she was hanged on June 27, 1950. Now, after many years, was for Czech historians big surprise that there was an comics written and published in USA describing her hard life and manipulated trial, where she was as enemy of communism sentenced to death.

This comic book you can see at iDnes. Don’t worry about Czech language, if you click at pictures you can read original English text.

More about Milada Horakova you can read at Wikipedia.

Prague is second most beautiful city

Public inquiry was made at six abroad travel fairs. 2500 informants was asked by company Stem/Mark and they answer, that Prague is most beautiful city after Paris.

Prague is even most beautiful for people who Prague visited not yet. Ninety per cent of them want to visit it. 98 per cent who already did, says that they like it in Prague.

This year can be Prague attractive for tourist on account of 250th anniversary of birth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Prague is also planning to attract tourists out of main places like Troja or Vysehrad.


Memorial of Unknown Pig

New statue will be build at Andel pedestrian zone in centre of Smichov. City hall of Prague 5 will make this statue called Memorial of Unknown Pig as a memorial for all people who drop litter to places, where they shouldn’t. It is part of campaign against black dumping grounds.

Sculpture will be made from old refrigerators, kitchen-stoves and other dump. Capacity and weight of statue will be same as is amount of litter dropped in Prague 5 at wrong place in one day. It is about 3 tons a day. There will be also photographs showing creating and expanding of black dumping grounds.

Sculpture will be made at night between 26th and 27th April.

Bigbeat megaconcert at Letna

This concert will be on 1st May and this happening is made in protest at communism. It is because in last years, Letna plain on 1st May was place where gathered friends of Communistic party.

You can hear and see on concert performers like Aneta Langerova, Hana Hegerova, Hudba Praha, Skyline? Laura and her tigers, Ivan Hlas and more. Performers are playing for free.

Action is called “1st May without communists forever” and there will be with concert projections of thematic documentary films, exhibition of photos or workshops.

It is expected about 15 000 visitors. Admission free.


Prague islands on Vltava river will change

Vltava river has seven islands in Prague with different purposes and content. Some of them will change face on account of next floods.

Slovansky (or Zofinsky, “Slavic”) island has new anti flood equipment including barriers.
Strelecky (“Shooting”) island will have only current restaurant and park.
Stvanice island should be mostly revitalized. It is panned to build park, sport ground. Ice stadium and tennis-court still.
Cisarsky (“Emperor”) island will remove colony of gardens and cottages, sewage disposal plant will be extended by one third. Remain of park and riding club will continue its existence.

Rohan and Liben islands are not islands technically, but still they are in small level above the river. Concreting plant will be demolished, there would be park and recreation place. Golfers, gardens and bazaar should disappear.


New Prague cycle track

Prague has new bicycle lane. Yesterday was officially opened by vice-mayor of Prague Jan Bürgermeister. On bike, of course. The lane is about two and half kms long and starts in centre of Prague near Rudolfinum and leads on quay to Libensky bridge. There can bikers continue to north to Roztoky or to east to Kyje.

The bicycle lane was officially opened in these days because of floods in last weeks. Now it leads on side-walk, cobblestones and one part of lane is next to an old batching plant and new building site, where will be a park and a recreation place.
But all this imperfections will be removed.

Prague counts with 34 millions Czech crowns in year 2006, which will be used to build bicycle lanes in Prague. That is in comparison with last year with 18 millions CZK huge difference. But there is still problem with travelling on bicycle in Prague: Most of lanes are for trips, but get to some place in Prague on bike is still a problem.

Longest cycle tracks have from 13 to almost 27 kilometers. This one leads from National Theater through Karlin, Hrdlorezy, Kyje, Dolni Pocernice and Dubec to Kralovice.


Changes of metro intervals

Metro is changing intervals. Intervals will be shorten in weekday evening on A and B line from 10 minutes to 6-7,5 minutes in time between 6 P.M. to 9 P.M.
On the other hand metro interval will be extended in weekend
morning until 7 A.M. to ten minutes on each line.

Changes on B and C line are immediate, A line will make changes at the end of April, after testing new Skalka – Depo Hostivar sector.


Easter traditons from view of female foreigner

Czech tradition of whipping girl with pomlazka on Easter Monday can be for someone surprising, strange or confusing. But this tradition is, after Christmas one of strongest in Czech country.
And even it may looks brutal, it’s not true. And what may be for someone surprising, girls enjoy it too. And fact is that no one can be forced to be whipped. But i thing that this tradition is so specific that will survive many years in Czech Republic.

The whipping generally occurs on either the legs or the buttocks. The name of the whip—and the “flogging festival” itself—is the pomlázka. The tradition is a pagan one, and perhaps regrew in popularity during Communist times, in which celebrating the religious focus of Easter was generally forbidden. (Also due to this, Easter Monday and not at all Good Friday or even Easter Sunday is the most celebrated day here). The pomlazka whip is traditionally made of braided willow twigs, but these days men typically just buy them.

Whole article is here


Matzah problems in Prague

Easter time is of course not only a Christian feast, but also Jewish feast. And there you cand find out how difficullt is to find Matzah, traditional Hebrew feast food. Especially when you speak only English in state where everyone speaks Czech and most of people are atheistic or Christian.

So I write down all necessary information and hit the streets, off to the Jewish quarter. Though my jacket has a hood, I am umbrella-less, and am only so protected by the hood. Especially from cars which like to drive too close to the curb. And given Prague’s fantastic street drainage ability, I didn’t stay that dry for that long.
I make it to the address I have written down – it’s a synagogue in Josefov. All doors are locked. There’s a sign that reads “entry is restricted” right next to the list of all the services they conduct. Hmm.
Standing in the rain coming from both the sky and the tires of passing cars, I call to confirm matzah is available. The lady on the other end does not speak English. And given my difficulties with the face-to-face conversation asking for matzah, I didn’t bother to do that over the phone. I’m put on hold while the lady searches for someone who speaks English.

Stalls are reduced in Prague centre

Stalls in Prague centre can be seen in most visited places like Old Town Square, Wenceslas square, Karlovo or Miru square.
Number of them is about four hundred until Thursday. Then sixty of them have to be closed, mostly in Karlovo and Wenceslas square. Still market on Old Town Square ends with New Year. This steps Prague council made, because they don’t want to look center of Prague like bazaar.

On the other hand, restaurant gardens can be open until 11 PM or midnight in selected ones.


Seven years of misfortune in Petrin maze

Popular attraction on Petrin hill – Prague mirror maze is partially closed.
Two of crooked mirrors in second part of maze are broken. The mirrors were damaged by some visitor, but it s not clear exactly who, because of big group of people. This part of maze was closed, because there is danger that two mirrors could tip out. Now these crooked mirrors are replaced by simple straight as a temporary disposal.

The new crooked ones will cost about twenty thousand crowns, but biggest problem is to find a producer.

As a satisfaction, entrance fee is lowered to forty crowns. Petrin maze can be visited every day from 10 AM to 7 PM.

Free admission to Veletrzni palac

National gallery in Veletrzni palac offers free admission on Easter Monday. It will be opened from 10 AM to 6 PM as in any ordinary day.

In Veletrzni palac can be seen picture by Paul Gaugin Les Alyscamps.

More about National gallery and it’s exhibits you can find on this pages about Prague.

Happy Easter!

I’ve search for some article about Easter in Czech Republic and I’ve found one. It’s from Radio Prague and offers far more information than I can give you here. And it would be pity not to see all pretty pictures. So take a look at Czech and Bohemian traditions.

Easter Monday is a day of joy for children and adults alike. Men and boys set out in search of girls, in order to hit them with their Easter wands, which are braided from four, six, or eight willow branches and decorated with one or more colored ribbons. The original interpretation of the mrskacky or slehacky was one of rejuvenation – transferring the vitality of young twigs to a living being.
During this carolling and whipping, the girls present the boys with eggs – painted, colored, or even just white. The most used color for coloring eggs was red, the color of love. The best known carolling rhyme still remains today.

Rest of this article and much more, for example about Czech Easter Menu or colouring Easter Eggs, you can find on this pretty made pages of Radio Prague.

Happy Easter to all!


Bird flu killed 12 birds in Czech republic

All of them are swans and it seems that they comes from same group. Dead swans has been found in South Bohemia in Vltava river or it’s close surrounding.

H5 virus has been recognized at 12th swan in town of Ceske Budejovice, eleven was in Olicka dam in front of Orlik castle.

Human-hazardous variant H5N1 was found at seven swans from total number of twelve. All precautions stills, highest level is of course in South Bohemia. The area where new dead swans were found is same, so precaution perimeter wasn’t changed.


Matejska pout ends on Easter Monday

Matejska fairground, biggest gather of attractions mainly for kids was opened almost two months. This collection of roller-coasters, lookout wheel, haunting houses or merry-go-rounds is every year located at Prague Vystaviste – exhibition ground in Holesovice.

This year Matejska pout celebrates 410th jubilee. As time goes, the attractions were changed. This year fairground at Vystaviste presents 110 Czech freaks and 30 foreign freaks mainly from the Netherlands, Germany or Belgium.

Czech attractions will cost in price range 20-40 CZK and will offer for example bumping cars, merry-go-round, chain whirligig, haunting house or target range. Dominant is traditionally Ferris-wheel, large roller coaster or Singing Krizik fountain.

Foreign attactions are more expensive: 60-200 CZK, but they are at high technical level. For example multifunctional whirligig Ikarus, which raises visitors in high of 35 metres and offer them enjoy of a nosedive. Or is there attraction named booster which affords two rotating arms with velocity 110 km/h.

Refreshments are for example traditional hot dogs, cotton candy, Chinese noodles, roast chicken, kolachs, Pardubice gingerbread, Turkish honey and much much more.

Matejska pout is opened for everyone this four days from 10 AM to 10 PM. Fun on this place can enjoy kids, teenagers as well as adults.


Political challenge in old style

Prime minister Jiri Paroubek (CSSD) challenged Mirek Topolanek (ODS), leader of strongest opposition party on duel in time of coming elections. Paroubek used old style: He send a message of challenge to political debates in medias send by historically dressed delegates in historical chariot. They arrived to office of ODS and offer to Topolanek weapons: Sword, pistols and election programme. Delegates also brought recommendation of Paroubek to Topolanek to choose election programme.

Leader of Civic democrats (ODS) didn’t want to react, then he accepted. All it was happened because Paroubek says that Topolanek avoids Paroubek’s challenges, but Topolanek refused this accusation.

“This kind of challenge is little bit a fun,” says Paroubek.
But challenge was accepted. Fortunately Topolanek truly chose election programme as a weapon – otherwise there would be chance to lose one or two of strongest politicians at Czech scene.


National theatre will be repaired

Historical building of National theatre in Prague needs to be repaired. Facade is heavily damaged by cars with their exhaust gas and vibrations. Damaged is not only coat but the wall itself.

Repairs will start this or next year and first repaired part will be Northern side in direction to Café Slavia. Building is not repaired in one time because of traffic, which leads next to theatre.

Second repaired thing are statues and sculptures. Many of them were in wrecking state. some of them are restored but some of them still wait for repair. They are statues Dance, History, Poetry and sculpture Drama in total cost of 650 000 CZK.


Tourists left in Prague 90 billions last year

Prague brings about 80 per cents of this amount. Capital has some aspects that can make a city attractive. Tomio Akamura from Association of Czech travel agencies says that it is two aspects. First: If city want to be world famous it has to have water in centre like river, lake or sea. And second: Streets of Old Town. It is unique in the world that you can walk on Prague King road an hour and you are still in medieval town.

Moderate Prague tourist spends 120 dollars a day, the biggest amount spend Japanese – 147 dollars, second are Russians, third are Israelis. Biggest part of this cost is pay for a hotel.

Very popular as a souvenir is now Czech garnet.


Olympic games in Prague?

Prague mayor Pavel Bem, who supports idea of Olympic games in Prague for long time comes with proposal to make plebiscite not only for citizens of Prague, but for all people of Czech Republic. Bem thinks that Olympic games in Prague is question for whole Czech Republic. This idea is supported by research, that making OG will require changes in whole Czeh Republic, especially in traffic.

The Olympic games could be earliest in Prague in years 2016 or 2020. All requirements will cost 135 billions CZK, when all indirect expense is calculated 600 billions CZK. Positives for tourism are on the other hand obvious.


Biggest archaeological research is finished

Archaeologists finished biggest research in history of Czech archeology. This research was in center of Prague at namesti Republiky square in area of former barracks. There will be built new commercial zone and most important buildings of archaeological research will be component of the zone.

The area has a size of Old Town Square and research took three years. Archaeologists found three Romans palaces of different types. All three buildings are conserved and visitors of commercial center will be able to see it. This buildings was destroyed shortly after build because building of new wall to protect young Prague. Only basement left for next generations. This palace is biggest roman palace found in Czech Republic. Most interesting part is roman toilet. Why? Because in later times during medieval, toilets does not exists: even aristocrats hadn’t this equipment. There was found putamen of lime what shows fast trade contacts with world.

In addition, archaeologist found about five millions of artifacts. Among them is for example ring from 12th century with Hebrew inscription, medieval scissors or rest of maybe oldest glassed window in Bohemia lands.

Some piece of knowledge from Prague

I have found this article describing some tips from Prague. What this author found out during visit of Prague you can see here. It’s interesting from my side, because it’s really long I’ve seen rudeness of Czech people and this thing is described very often by visitors. Maybe I’m so polite to everyone, that they can’t be rude on me. Maybe I’m too tired to see their sour faces ;-)

Does Czechs really have so bad behaviour?

Well, here are what I think are cool observations about the Czech Republic. – They love dogs here. Cute little dogs, in particular, and the fuzzier the better. Long-haired dachsunds abound. The curious thing is how many of them are wearing muzzles. – As soon as the sun comes out, all the girls come out in short, short skirts. Unfortunately, their fashion sense is stuck in the 70’s, and they cover up the legs with really cheap, shimmery pantyhose. C’mon gals, show off those gams. Pasty and white won’t get any better if you don’t let ‘em see the sun.

2nd European Conference of Apidology

There is some invitation for conference in Prague.

It is 10th- 14th September in hotel Pyramida. So if you are interested in bees, please continue here.


Czechs are jealous

This article mostly describes behaving of Czech people: Czech Republic is great but the worst what can Czechs offer are Czechs. An opinion one of visitors is here

So, what’s my beef with them? I don’t want to get into too much detail but the facet I found the most distasteful is the enviousness and avarice I encountered in almost every context of life in Prague. Put simply, when Czechs see that you have money, they immediately assume an attitude of very thinly disguised jealousy. And when they figure out you’re a foreigner to boot, they simply hate you and they don’t even try to disguise it.


A ride without ticket is more dangerous now

Travellers in Prague public transport should buy proper tickets even more than previous. Prague transport service now hired more controllers. Now it is 133 and number should grow to 155. So it it possible that you will be checked more frequently.

Ride without proper ticket will cost you 950 CZK, or when you are willing to pay it just on place only 500 CZK.

So it is cheaper to buy some of many tickets for example at cost 20 CZK 75 minute ride or at cost of 80 CZK 24 hour ride. And believe me, controllers check Czechs as well as foreigners.


To visit Troja

Prague Troja is for tourists attractive as a peaceful place with Prague zoo, botanical garden and Troja chateau. But there is problem with way connecting Troja and rest of Prague. This road is only one and is it thread for fluent transport of Troja visitors and Troja citizens.

But solution offered paradoxly floods. Anti flood mound which could be built this year should offer new way how to get to Troja.
So lets hope that this will be solution for this problem.

Note: If you want to get Prague zoo, than is best way to use bus 122 from metro station Nadrazi Holesovice.
More you can find at pages of Prague zoo.


More tourist in Prague hotels

In year 2005 more tourists visited Prague hotels and hostels than in previous year. It was in year 2005 4,1 millions and this is by 6.3 per cent more than in 2004.

Prague holds first place in tourism in Czech Republic, most of new tourists are foreigners. Tourist now visits more stared hotels like 4-star hotels, than hostels and camps like it was in previous years.


Vlasta Burian on exhibiton of posters

Vlasta Burian Czech voted King of comedians now has an exhibition which includes dozens of posters.

Vlasta Burian mostly playing in movies during First Czechoslovak Republic and World War II is maybe biggest movie star in whole Czech cinematography. Posters with his movies has been exhibited by an private collector Milan Wolf in opportunity of 115th anniversary of Vlasta Burian’s birth.

Unique collection can be seen every Wednesday from 1 to 6 PM in Branicka street 71. There you can see tens of posters and about 150 photos.


City hall versus sprayers

City hall battle against sprayers lasts many years. Now it seems that Prague wins. In year 2002 sprayers damaged in Prague6 35 per cents of buildings. In 2005 it is only 4 per cents. Prague hall decided for hard action against sprayers and their “creations”. When sprayer paint a building, Prague magistrate deletes their work in 24 hours. Sprayers have no chance to show their work for public and one of their strongest motivations is away.

In Prague is sprayers community in number of 300 firmly connected to music genre of hip-hop. As one ex-sprayers says, people are spraying because of bore and Adrenalin of being caught. Sprayers and his work is very similar to exhibitionism. Sprayers are mostly males in age of sixteen with no or small sexual experience and spraying is a way how to shock a public.

Now sprayers in Prague have more problems to make their “art” in public places. Prague washes their work with water, uses chemicals or simple repainting. Where it is possible, like buildings which are not monuments, anti-sprayer paint is used. This makes facade easy to clean just with wet sponge. Painting the trains or another parts of public transport is now very hard, because depots are protected with guards and camera systems. And after all, when sprayer is caught he will have serious problems with law: the spraying is valued as a crime.


Wenceslas square will be changed

Traffic on Wenceslas square, as well as on it’s surrounding will be changed. Prague City hall decided how will look square in ten years.

Parking lots disappear, arterial will be removed behind National museum and trams will connect Wenceslas square and Vinohradska street. Green will be added and square will offer more space for pedestrians than cars.

Parking lots should be underground, National museum will have free breath, because two parts of choking arterial will be removed and this will also offer better access for visitors of museum and exhibits as well ass whole building will be in better safe. This project is also connected with Prague transport circuit around city. This will shift main amount of traffic out of city.
Trams as a connection between Kralovske Vinohrady and New Town will continues at least to Jindrizska and Vodickova street.

The time for changes is expected to ten years and cost to two billions CZK.


Explosia will not take Madonna to court

Explosia, Czech chemical company specialized on explosives will not bring a suit against Madonna for using name of most world-known company product Semtex.

Explosia comes to a conclusion that Madonna by using a protected term Semtex in “Semtex girl” does not damages good name of product and company. Madonna says that Semtex girl means “explosive, dynamic, girl, who cannot be stopped, she does not accept “No” as an answer and she has exquisite mind.

Explosia mostly has a benefit from “Semtex girl”: Although the Semtex is now made in very small amount, the Explosia Internet pages has been more visited than usual.

New Porsche tram has interior problems

New Prague Tram, what rides in trial time in area of Prague center has interior errors, says engineers. The tram should undergo interior changes. There is too small space for standing travellers in area with seats, so it makes walking through harder. This problem could be removed by adding one step into seat area.
Another change in compare with older models is front doors which are only for tram driver.

But technical problems are none, especially when we will compare new tram Porsche with new train Pendollino, which is know for large amount of errors.


New Prague metro station

Prague metro (underground) has a new station on green line A. It will have name Depo Hostivar and it’s continuing of line at Skalka station side. Line A will have 13 stations than.

The station will be opened 27th May 2006 and will bring changes for high number of buses, especially for out-of-city buses, because they will not end at Skalka station but at new Depo Hostivar station. This change will start 28th May and will make travelling in Kutna Hora direction faster and more fluent. Depo Hostivar will offer a parking lot in system P+R.

The cost of building of new station is 850 millions CZK and was slowed due long and cold winter.

There are three more metro stations in build in red C line called Strizkov, Prosek and Letnany. All of them are continuing of Ladvi side.


Blackmore's Night in Prague

Concert of this English pair – Ritchie Blackmore and his wife Candice Night is 30th April 2006 in Prague Lucerna concert hall as a part of their tour through Europe. Their last visit of Prague was in year 2003.

Their music is described as combination of rock, folk and 16th century Renaissance.

You can buy tickets if you are interested. Prize is from 600-900 CZK. Official on-line shop of Interconcerts.


New Miss Czech Republic

New Miss Czech Republic 2006 is eighteen years old student Tatana Kucharova from Opocno. She weights 54 kilograms, she is 177 centimeters high and her measures are 90-63-90. Her participation in final evening was given by her winning in regional part of Miss Moravia.

This year was 18th volume and Miss was chosen by an expert jury. This competitive model was renewed after a last year where Miss was chosen by audience through SMS.

The final evening was broadcast by Czech TV Nova from Brno Boby centre.

Red Hot Chilly Peppers in Prague

One of the world’s most original groups, Red Hot Chili Peppers, will perform in the Czech Republic after ten years. The concert, eagerly awaited by fans, will take place on 14th June 2006 at Sazka Arena.

The latest album, Stadium Arcadium, is due to be released on 8th May 2006. This will be preceded by single Dani California, which should be played on radios from early April. The European part of the subsequent global tour will also include the Czech Republic this time.

Special guest to this concert, which is held by Interkoncerts, will be Dizzee Rascal.


Water and photos

An article by one foreigner who is living in Prague describing water rising in Prague. Fortunately water level in Prague was low.

With the warm temps, much of the snow and ice from the winter has begun to melt and flood the Vltava. Maybe it’s because I’m not tuned into the local news media, but there is very little hype about this. There have been some extra barriers put up, but really, no one seems that worried. Apparently this happens every year, and 3 or 4 years ago there were some real bad floods, so this year’s is pretty paltry in comparison.
In any case, the Vltava has flooded, and has provided some interesting photo opportunities.



Biggest Sokol physical training in Prague

Sokol, one of the oldest (150 years) body and mind training organization in the world is preparing themselves for 14th Vsesokolsky slet (All sokol-meeting or literally Falcon fly-together), which is prepared each six years as a presentation of member efforts.

Sokol continues on Ancient Greek tradition of kalokagatia – perfectness of human mind and body with most known motto: In health body, health spirit. So is Sokol free-entering organization based on physical efforts as well as cultural, national and mind development.

14th Vsesokolsky slet is starting on 1st july 2006 in Prague with almost 20,000 exercising members in various


World War II fighter ace honoured

Almost 95 years old fighter ace Frantisek Perina, who as many Czech pilots fought on side of France and later England was honoured just two days before his birthday.
In 2000 he got honorary rank Major General, because of his heroism – he shot down 12 enemy planes during World War II.
Yesterday he got a medal, Chief of Staff Major General Pavel Stefka gave him a replica model Spitfire, and also got a honour sword.

The end of floods

Water is on many places of Czech Republic still at high level, but meteorologists claim, that there is no danger of rising. Water is decreasing very slowly, but constantly.

There is no danger in spreading bird flu because of floods, but it seems that flood will have extremely increasing effect on mosquito’s population.

Four days was man captured on the island on Dyje river because of floods. He lost 10 kilograms of weight and survived with an empty can from lemonade, a knife and a lighter.


Problem of foreigners with nurseries

This article is describing the problem, which you can have as well, when you are staying in Prague for a longer period of time and you have a small child. State nurseries have different rules of government stipend for Czechs and the others.

Our best guess is that the filtering system so obvious in middle to high school education in Europe gets its start with 3 year old, and that these meetings are designed in part for the director to check out the parents and child and decide if she wants to see them again. It’s a guess only because we didn’t get a chance to hear the regular spiel.
Instead, as we sat down for our meeting, the director said, “Aha, you are the foreigners who visited us during open house. I’m so sorry to tell you but because you are not EU citizens, your daughter probably cannot go to this school.“

Read more

Magic Flute in the Estates Theater

This nice article brings us a description of the Estates Theater with beautiful photos. Then you can also read a rating of Opera.

But I have to say that this Opera was one of the strangest things I have ever seen!! The story wasn’t just sad or depressing or lame but it just made no sense! Elements of story were set up and never paid off. And the chartacters!! OMG. The motivation? I was wondering if Mozart actually wrote the book for these shows or only the music?

The rest of the article is here.


Czech women's basketbalists wins the European championship

After many years of loosing in final match, this Sunday Czech basketball players from Brno finally won European championship in Samara, Russia. Their victory 68-54 was mostly supported by American Nykesha Sales from WNBA with her 16 point score.

However, this excellent success was weakly mentioned in Czech medias, including television, newspapers or the Internet.
As it looks, Czech sport is focused on man sports, especially football and hockey.

Through Prague with new Porsche for less than 1 Euro

If you expected that the price to rent a luxury car like Porsche came down, I have to disappoint you, the point is elsewhere.

From today Prague transport service company (Dopravní podnik hlavního města Prahy) start full operation of new Porsche tram in Prague on the line No.3 which connect Modřany and Hloubětín.

So, if you want to experience the ride in Porsche trams, you will catch it near Wenceslas Square – in Vodičkova street. The ride will cost 20CZK (0.7 EUR) and you can ride up to 75 min.


World Synchronized Skating Championship

This year championship was in 30th March-1st April in Prague T-Mobile Arena.

If you even don’t know, as I until Sunday didn’t, what synchronized skating is, there is little explanation: Synchronized skating can be described as combination between figure-skating and traditional synchronized swimming. A team of 20 people exhibits trained choreography set to music. The team creates different figures during few minutes of exhibition, trying to be still synchronized. Team members can be women and men as well.
This is youngest skating sport and gaining growing popularity.

Winner team in Prague championship, from total number of 21 teams, is Finland I. Czechs were unhappy because they’ve only on the 14th place.


Czech economy is rising

About a month ago, the Czech economy hits it’s record growth of GDP. The Czech crown has strenghted against dollar and rating agency Moody’s changed its A1 OUTLOOK of foreign and domestic currency ratings from stable to positive last week.
Czech statistic office has revealed in foreign trade strade of 7.1 miliards crowns (of 308 million dollars). The expectation was bigger, but importance of oil and gas in winter time, has lowered the surplus.

This trend will be in next two months influenced by upcoming elections.


Jaroslava Moserova dies in age of 76

Doctor, politician, writer and translator dies of cancer. Most known as senator in last years and unsuccessful president candidate, was also an ambassador to Australia and New Zealand and burn-wounds specialist as well. She was a moderator of General UNESCO Conference in same time as a senator.
She also was a main translator Dick Francis’s books.

You can read the last interview with her at Radio Prague

Czech Airlines has new planes

Czech Airlines (CSA) recieved first Airbus A 320. Eight A320 and four A 319 are bought from the European passenger jet company last year. This planes will replace old Boeing 737s. All planes will offer two classes: Business and Economy. The whole transaction will be finished in 2008.


New Skoda Auto product

Czech motor works Skoda auto now started to produce new model – Roomster MPV. the production is expected to reach 15,000 cars a year. Roomster should be available for sale in June in the Czech Republic and during the summer elsewhere in Europe.
Official sites of Skoda Roomster here.

First Beer spa in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has it’s own beer spa. Brewery in Chodova Plana in Tachov region now offers healing procedure for visitors based on beer products. At a cost of 550,- CZK you will take the procedure which contains a warm bath mixture of mineral water and dark bathing beer enriched by active beer yeast and a mixture of dry crushed herbs including hops. It has many positive effects: herbs have a beneficial effect on skin peeling, B vitamins are absorbed into the skin and sugars and proteins have regeneration effect.