Compact archive May 17, 2006

Another daily news - 17th May

Tickets for Nick Cave performance are now available. He will perform 30th September 2006. Prise of the ticket is 200, 650, 990, 1350, 1750 and 1950 Czech Crowns.

Big gas lamp-post at Hradcany square was light up after many years. It was reconstructed, because it was built in 1865. Next lamp-post waiting for a repair is at Loreto square.

Charles Bridge which has a collision with a ship on Saturday is without any damage. Now there is only question, what made a hole into the ship.


Little gorilla is a girl

A gorilla born before seventeen months in Prague zoo called Moja is a girl. And it was hard to discover it. Moja which means First in Swahili language, has perfect parents, which look after her very carefully. Thus attendants didn’t want to take her for tests from parents and they had to manage with test from droppings and slobber, because recognizing the sex of a young gorilla by eye is impossible.

First test made by Prague Criminalistic Laboratory last December said that Moja is male for 98 per cents. A moth later test was saying that it is a female. So Prague zoo decided to make two independent test. now both are saying that is is definitely female. Hooray! :-)

Moja was named “First”, because it is first gorilla born in Prague zoo. Number of female gorillas in European zoo’s is much lesser than males, so Moja can be happy, that will be integrated into gorilla life in another Europe zoo. It will be in seventh or eight year of Moja’s life. Exact zoo will be chosen by European Coordinating Committee for gorilla’s breeding.


Prague Main station will be strongly changed

Main Station (Hlavni nadrazi) or Wilson station will be changed an reconstructed at last. Mostly terrible experience with the gate to Prague will decline to the end in few months.

Old station and new look of the station should be like a night and a day. Dirty, dark, unfriendly, out of date, chaotic and even dangerous is station now. And all this will become an opposite. New look will be like at an airport or at a shopping centre: light, airy, with white pillars and modern information system. No more beggars, homeless and unwelcome groups, chaotic kiosks will be replaced and shops, restaurants and cafes will appear. Station police will change miserable office for much bigger rooms, where you can now find a sex-shop. An old part of the station – Art Nouveau Fanta’s station will be revitalized too.

The reconstruction would be finished in year 2009. The reconstruction will be sequent so the station will function normally. Foreign investor is Italian company Grandi Stazioni.

Large changes will be at the station surrounding too. Vrchlicky’s park (Vrchlickeho sady) are more known as Sherwood. Homeless people, “sinister elements” and litter are guests of this Prague green. But no more. Sherwood will become a park with English grass, bushes disappear and flower beds will flank paths. More lights in the park will make it safer and elegant.

Another change will be at arterial. It will be moved, so the historical part of the station will have chance to breathe.

New look of the station you can see at this visualization movie. (9,61 MB)
I just hope that the promises and planes become true.


Lost Prague ghetto in pictures

Prague Jewish quarter is only a fragment of former Jewish ghetto. At the end of 19th century, the ghetto was demolished as a part of a slum reclamation. It raised an interest about the ghetto and painters wanted to capture last views on this part of city with thin and crooked streets.

Interest of artists became with the enlightenment and ended with ghetto itself. Painters had as a motif life on streets, Jewish cemetery, pictures of Jewish families and others. There are paintings of Antonin Slavicek, Ludek Marold, Josef Manes, Vojtech Hynais and the others.

Two hundred pictures can be seen in Museum of Capital city of Prague at Florenc from Tuesday to Sunday 10 AM – 6 PM. The exhibition ends 28th August.


Vivienne Westwood first time in Prague

Famous fashion-designer Vivienne Westwood is presenting her new collection in Prague today. It is in Spain hall (Spanelsky sal) at Prague Castle and collection is retrospection fashion, which is she presents for thirty years.

In fact Vivienne is a person who devised a punk fashion and style of dressing. It is characteristic by safety-pins, studs, leather trousers and wild hairstyle. Origin shops with her clothes ate in some world cities, Prague has no one.

It is more precisely to name the designer DAME Vivienne Westwood, because she was made a Dame of the British Empire last month by Queen Elizabeth II. Such a high award has no female fashion-designer before Vivienne.

Chip cards for Prague citizens

Prague City hall decided to built a chip net, which allows to Prague citizens have only one card, instead of a pack of tickets, permits and certificates.

This “universal card of a Prague citizen” will at the beginning offer use at Prague libraries and payed parking lots. This will start at this autumn. Later should be added paying like with credit card and tickets of any kind like short or long-term season tickets for Prague public transport, ticket to a theatre or a voucher from a laundry. They should also have a verification of request at some case at Prague hall, or they can book a seat in a cinema.

Chips will be prepared to expedition this autumn and chips will be for free. It is expected that the card will be available for people who are living out of Prague and travelling into Capital because of a school or a work.