Compact archive June 2006

Brevnov monastery in Prague

Brevnov monastery (Brevnovky klaster) welcomes you. I bring a tip to a trip.

Benedictine monastery in Brevnov is more than thousand years old. It was built in 993 and after many years it was changed of course. It has mostly baroque architecture nowadays.

The arch-abbey has things to offer. A dominant is church of St. Margaret with a crypt from year 1040. There is also a Theresina hall and you can take a route in a weekend. Route starts at 10 am, 2 pm and 4pm, unfortunately only with a Czech guide.

You can also visit a service yard, terrace gardens with Gazebo Vojteska, remains of a glasshouse from 18th century or a graveyard where is buried many important persons like Karel Kryl, one of the most important anti communistic singers with unforgettable lyrics.

Is is easy to get to Brevnov monastery. You only need to take a tram 22 from Hradcanska station at metro A line.


Where is the best exchange rate in Prague?

Czech newspapers Mlada Fronta DNES made a test to find out where is the best to change money in Prague. Journalists changed Czech crowns for 100 Euros and for 100 American dollars.

21 banks and exchange offices was tested in Prague, another nine in other towns in Czech Republic. The test was made 12th June.

Generally, the worse rate is in banks and better is in exchange offices.
But worst exchange rate with totally nonconforming voucher is in FEO exchange office at Hlavni nadrazi (Main Railway station). 100 Euros costs 2990 CZK, 100 USD is 2391 CZK.

Best rate is in Camfex Group and Alpha Prague.
12th June has Alpha Prague 100 Euros 2825 CZK, 100 USD cost 2240 CZK. The adress is Na prikope 23, Prague 1.
Camfex Group has that day the rate almost similar. 100 Euros cost 2534, 100 USD 2240 USD. The address is Vladislavova 16, Prague 1.
Today exchange rate was better in Camfex Group in both an Bid and an Ask.

On-line exchange rate is at Kurzy pages.

New competences of municipal police

Municipal (city) police has a new competences from tomorrow. It will be much helpful in case of disobey traffic regulations.

Policemen can measure a speeding of cars, give a traffic ticket for riding at red light, when the car uses incompetently the lane or when driver stays at a place where the waiting is prohibited or at clearway. Policemen can also remove a vehicle from a place where the vehicle shouldn’t be.

1st July also brings a number of changes for drivers. Point penalty system, more expensive traffic tickets, the loss of driving licence (for foreigners in some form too) or even prison can wait irresponsible drivers. More about new law in Czech Republic you can find at official pages (in English).


New staues in a baroque Vrtbovska garden

Vrtbovska garden in Prague Lesser Town has new statues. The old were replaced. The garden and original statues are three hundred years old.

New sculptures replace low quality copies what are 40 years old. the sculptures made of a poor quality artificial stone was replaced for Labe’s sandstone from Germany. The cost of new copies is 11,5 millions crowns.

Original statues are made by famous baroque sculptor Matthew Bernard Braun and his workshop. Similar but not same statues are in Troja chateau or Clam-Gallas palace. Originals are now in City Gallery Prague depository.

International movie festival Karlovy Vary

41st International movie festival in Carlsbad starts tomorrow. During 10 days you have a chance to see 230 movies. There will be many movies from many countries and many celebrities.

You can see almost every genre. You can visit some seminars for example about horror.

As a guests or celebrities who gain awards. You can met actors, producers, directors etc.: Matthew Barney, Richard P. Rubinstein, Andy Garcia, Robert K. Shay, Luc Besson, Terry Gilliam, Kim Ki-duk or Goran Paskaljevic.

The movies are from USA, Romania, Thailand, Brazil, Iraq, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Bulgaria, Sweden… and much more.

Every information you can need you find at official IFFKV pages.


Another bank with clear mind

Most absurd fee was voted the paying for an incoming payment. It was two months ago. A month ago Postovni sporitelna (Post Savings Bank) cancelled this fee. Second bank did the same yesterday.

It was eBanka (eBank). The fee doesn’t exists from 1st July. It was 2,10 or 6,10 crown for a payment. The rest of Czech banks don’t think about it. Consumers Defence Association of the Czech Republic critics this fee as well as other things in bank sector. The organisation has a goal to fight for better protection of costumers.

And why was this fee voted by customers as a most absurd? Imagine that someone doesn’t like you and he know the number of your bank account. He sends to your account one single crown million times. Bank takes from your account six crowns for each transfer. The result: You have a loss 5 million crowns. It is nice, isn’t it?

Torches made a symbol of a peace at Prague Castle

Humanistic movement created a classic symbol of a peace at Hradcanske square directly in front of Prague Castle.
It was 16th June and it was made as a support of a peace in the world and also a protest against occupation of Iraq.

This action was well prepared, the torches was sold to volunteers who want to be a part of this large symbol and the layout was directed by many people who directed one section of a symbol. A diameter of the symbol was 15 meters wide and it was made by more than 300 people.

You can see the photos at Humanistic movement official pages.

Prague rewiew by a Canadian

Today I bring you next review of Prague. The author describes her experience in Prague. She isn’t one of them who breathtakingly gaze at Charles Bridge or the Astronomical clock. I appreciate another point of view, so you can read here another things than usual monument descriptions.

The thing about Czech money was that there was a lot of coins. Not just coins, but giant, heavy coins. The coins were at least twice the weight of the equivalently valued Canadian coin. The dual-metal fifty koruna piece was particularly quite the looker. I imagine Czech men being plagued with hole problems in their trousers.

How difficult is travelling in Prague for people on wheelchairs?

Public transport in Prague is accessible, dense and relatively fast. But not for people on a wheelchair. For them is transport in a bus, a tram or a metro only a dream. Or a nightmare.

Imagine that you are on a wheel chair and you want to get from one side of a Prague to another by public transport.
First step: How to get to metro station? Still there are many sidewalks in Prague what haven’t barrier less access so get from one side of a road to another is problem.
Second: You must get under a ground into a platform. New stations are barrier less – they have elevators, but almost every old station is without it. So you have no chance to get to Prague centre by metro.
Third: At some stations the gap between the metro train and platform is so big, than your wheel can get stuck there. In metro train you have also no chance how to give a not to driver than you want to leave the train.

Buses: Only small number of buses have low-lying floor. You must wait to this bus or you can have a bad luck and the line have no low-lying floor buses at all.

Trams: Forget it. There is no chance to get to tram (there is only one exception).

There is also more problems like how to get to some offices with barrier access. You can also find some grotesque things like a ring or a bell for wheelchaired people, which is set at a place unreachable from a wheelchair or a elevator with buttons too high to push. And where is biggest problem (if we don’t count some examples of a stupidity like these)? Money. Changes in transport for better live of people at wheelchairs costs milliards of crowns.


Robotic doctor in Prague hospital

Still it will take some time to an existence of artificial doctor who will be able to cure patients or recognize the wounds. For now we can see them only in Star Wars movie or Star Trek: Voyager series. But robotic technology can be helpful already now.

Prague Na Homolce hospital has a “robotic servant”. This useful piece of technology allows to make a virtual tour for a doctor who cannot be really presented at a place. The robot moves in a hospital and visits patient room. The motion is directed by a doctor from a distance. In rooms the robot can visit every patient and a doctor can communicate with them via cameras and raudio system at both sides. A doctor can see the wounds, speak with nurses and other doctors or suggest a treatment.

This technology can help in many ways. It can control and gives advices to younger doctors, it can be used as an expert assistance in operations, when the doctor is in another hospital or a country. This allows to reduce a need of transportation a patient for another expert opinion. When hospital need to know an attitude of doctor who is at vacation or at home this is very helpful. And there is another quality of this robot: doctor can visit a patient contagious disease without fear.

Na Homolce hospital now testing the robot and his use. It would be the first “robotic doctor” used in Central and Easter Europe. Total number of robots used in the world is about 80.

Big statues come to Prague again

Sculpture Grande is an every year open air exhibition of statues. Exhibition ground is Prague Wenceslas square, where you can see really big statues.

The exhibition is between 19th July and 30 October and you can see there many styles of modern art in a statuary for free. There will be many “most” things in the exhibition.

Biggest statue will be National museum itself, transformed into a sculpture. Highest sculpture will have 11 meters. Most famous author is Dennis Oppenheim and most authors work at sculpture “12 words”. Most visible is statue the Tsunami. It will create an illusion of water sweeping over speculator as is was in 2004 at Sri Lanka and Thailand.


At Vltava river

Do you want to see Charles Bridge or National theatre from different perspective? Or do you search for refreshment? Than try a boat at Vltava river.

You can rent a boat at four places: U Kotvy, Zofin island, GO Zlute lazne (Yellow spa), Podoli Prague 4, Club Lavka, Novotneho lavka Pragu 1, Rent-house S.P.L A.V., Zofin island.

You can also rent a dory (small boat with a motor) at Cisarska louka island as well at Go Yellow spa. You don’t need any licence to drive. The speed is up to 35 km/h.

If you want something more comfort than you can try a steamboat. You can try Troja or Rasinovo riverside between Palackeho and train bridge.

You can also find at some docked ships and boats a restaurant or a theatre.

Trip to Karlstejn Castle

This is an article describing a trip to Karlstejn Castle, maybe the second most famous castle in Czech Republic, after Prague Castle. It’s importance was big during medieval.

The author takes some photos, drew some sketches and wrote some info.

The second day was dedicated to Karlštejn castle , which is situated in the Central Bohemia cca 40 kilometers from Prague.This High Gothic castle (founded in 1348) is the most visited and the most famous castle of the Czech Republic. It was built by Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV as a place for safekeeping of the royal treasures, especially Charles’s collection of holy relics and the coronation jewels of the Roman Empire.

Whole article is here


How is Prague loud?

Prague is a top city in Czech Republic in a level of the noise. Summer, a tourism, a transport or even historical cobblestones causes loud and unwelcome noise.

Summer raises the noise, because many restaurant has open windows and loud conversation, creaking of tables and chairs, tinkling of glass or music and TV sounds are nothing great for people living in surrounding.

Tourism with thousands of tourists maybe bring money, but people living in Wenceslas Square, Old Town Square or at Royal Road and Lesser Town are not very happy.

But transport leads. Cars, trams and planes near Ruzyne airport makes hard live for citizens. Many things are made now for better living. New runway should lower the number of planes flying across the city, trams riding at rails covered in green makes smaller noise and Prague outer circuit with replacing cobblestones for quiet pitch will cause a lower level of decibels.

Anti noise screens with better windows should help too.


Birthday in Prague zoo

35th birthday was celebrated in Prague zoo. And who was honoured person? The orangutan Kama, an ape male. He was the first orangutan born in Prague zoo.

Director of the zoo Petr Fejk was at birthday party too as well as former director Zdenek Veselovsky, who was a friend of the orangutan many years.

Professor Veselovsky became Kama’s family shortly after ape’s birth, because his mother died soon after his birth because of heart disease. Kama was fed by human milk from maternity hospitals. When he was little older Mr. Veselovsky or a nurse Bozena Gottfriedova perambulate him. As a father Kama has two children.

You can see Kama and his family in Pavilion Indonesian jungle or in adjacent outer exposition.


A place of heroism in photos

I wrote about Two Czech heroes of World War II who assassinated a Nazi leader Heydrich some time ago. They trained in England and were paradropped to Bohemia during war where they committed assassination the chief planner of the holocaust.
After their mission they hid in church of Cyril and Metodej, where they was finally found and where they was killed when they defend themself.

At this page you can find suggestive photos of this church with some words of the author of the blog.

USA want Czech military technology

US Army finished testing of Czech military technology – radiolocator Vera. It is observation system upgraded version of Czech radiolocator Tamara.

This unique technology has a great characteristics. It can be used for scanning of a sky and detects radio waves emitted from plane. This technology is based on receiving without emitting so this passive technology cannot be located as normal radars. It can find a flying object at distance 500 kilometers, identify it and track the route. This technology has one huge advantage: every plane is visible for it, even “invisible” bombers Stealth.

US Army wants this device as well as some another NATO partners or for example Australia. China, Egypt, Malaysia or Vietnam are interested too, but NATO didn’t recommend selling this strategical technology to China, because of its political regime and a military power.

Success athlete weekend

Last weekend brought a success for many athletes at Prague Strahov stadium. Limits required for a join to Europe championship in Sweden Goteborg on August.

Women sprinters Stepanka Klapacova, Katerina Cechova, Iveta Mazacova and male Jan Shiller with a hurdler Jiri Muzik are members of Czech Athlete team now.
Klapacova and Cechova succeeded in heat run, Mazacova and Shiller reached the limit in final run.
Muzik returned to European championship after an injury of a knee and he will defend silver medal from Munich.

Pavla Hamackova, pole-jumper reached 450 cm and even she didn’t make a new record, this is best high in this year.
Vera Cechlova threw a discus to 61,79 meters and won by 9 meters.
Barbora Lalakova reached in high jump 194 centimeters.

Summer changes in public transport

Summer Holiday is coming and this mean traditional depopulation of Prague. Many families leaves a hot city and they will spent summer in the country or abroad.

Prague Public Transport flexibly reacts and many lines will be reduced or even stopped during July and August.

Tram line 13 as well as bus lines 143, 168, 274, 277, 343, 465 are cancelled.
Tram lines have longer intervals.

Metro line A goes between Skalka and Depo Hostivar station only every second metro set in time from 7 am to 5,30 pm. Line B has every second set in time from 6,45 am to 4 pm in Nove Butovice and Ceskomoravska section, from 8,30 am to 4 pm between Smichovske nadrazi and Ceskomoravska station.


New record of Ruzyne airport

Last Thursday broke a year old record. During this day the airport has 628 landings and starts of planes. In addition Ruzyne airport between 8 am an 9 am checked out 50 planes. The declared maximum is only 40 planes.

This has unfortunately an opposite site. More planes means more noise and many Prague citizens is disturbed by plane engines. the worst situation has a Horomerice district. The key to help them is to built another runway. It ought to be built in 2010. But there is same problem: Citizens of another Prague part, Nebusice, don’t want it, because this will move the noise to them. Nevertheless, Nebusice has much less people than other parts of Prague, where planes are landing and are taking off.

Letnany airport is not very popular too. The airport will gain status “international airport” next month and it will be used for private flights. This is criticised by Kbely district, although the raising of flights is expected only by 2 per cents. And it is strange for a different reason too, because Kbely has Museum of Aviation and there is a military airport used also for flights of politicians over eighty years.


Not all fountains in Prague are good for drinking

Prague has many fountains, but only some of them are for drinking. Many of them are only for aestethic purposes. Drinking fountains or posts can be recognised easily I hope. Historical, large and fountains with bad access to water aren’t probably for drinking.

Their water is adjust by copper vitrion as a protection against rotting of water. The water is not dangerous, but it is prohibited to drink the water or bath either.

Number of water fountains is sad to say small and they are heavily used. For example a post in Na Prikopech street spent 2123 cubic meters of water last season.
Even the some drinking posts seems to be without water, they have a push button or a photocell.


Prague is 50th most expensive city in the world

Mercer Human Resource Consulting chart is an annual list of world cities, comparing living costs. It is based on more than 200 entries like cost of the food, the transport or the accommodation.

The chart has as base the cost in New York (rate 100), an expensive cities have higher number, a cheaper have lower. The rate depends on exchange rate, so the better prizes of Czech crown made Prague cheaper. The chart is made as a help for employers to show them how big are costs of an employee living in one of rated city.

Most expensive is Moscow, Russia with index 123,9 then there is Soul, Tokyo, Hongkong and London. New York is at 10th place, Paris is 15th, Sydney 19th. Our neighbour Bratislava is 48th.


Policemen will keep an eye on zebra crossings

The end of school year is coming and this mean that the police have work to do. 150 policemen watch over the eighty zebra-crossings every morning of school day. Police raises the number of policemen in the last days of June.

240 policemen will supervise and coordinate the traffic at 150 crossings. Some schools have the last day earlier then another, so the police contacts the headmasters for better coordination.

Policemen will also at zebra crossings not only in the morning before school time, when kids will gain a school report, but also after that, when the youth will return home.


Even the sewers has a birthday

Well, I know that this is a little underground theme, but sewers are one of the most complexest and important structure in every city. Without that the living would be much bad smelling and even worse.

It is 100 years when Prague as a one of the first cities in Europe started to clean a sewage and therefore stopped bad smell in streets and in a river. Dozens of kilometers of sewers was made and the Prague sewage clarification plant started its work hundred years ago. The steam engines worked 20 years without stop. In 1967 the plant ended its work and the new one started at another place.

Today the canalization has 3,5 thousand kilometers. If is for you 100 years too small piece of history than let me tell you that oldest canalization in Prague is from 12th century and it was built for Strahov monastery.

First steps of upcoming Government

Civic democrats won the elections. Christian union and Green party joined with Civic democrats to create a coalition and new government. Today they signed the deal and tomorrow the Chamber of Deputies has the constitutive meeting. There will be proposed the new Government with their deal.

After that the new Government usually takes a place after the old one. After the constitutive meeting the new Government has exactly 30 days to gain the confidence (or agreement) of the Chamber. And this is for upcoming Government a problem.

Coalition has 100 seats out of 200 and this means that it required one more seat to have majority necessary to gain the confidence. The rest of 200 seats has biggest rival of Civic Democrats – Social Democrats and Communistic Party.

So there is only one chance to create the Government: to gain any kind of support of Social democrats. This mean a heavy negotiation, because Social Democrats cannot accept some points of coalition programme at all cost and Civic democrats want to realize this points at same cost.

So this will be very interesting. If the upcoming Government wouldn’t gain the confidence, the new government would be set.


Kimono's march in Prague

Prague was a witness of surprising event. Sixty ladies dressed in beautiful kimonos presented their traditional clothes in Prague streets where they took a walk. The ladies was a wives of famous kimono producers.

They wanted to give a notice about Japan culture and traditions. Kimonos are traditional and ceremonial clothes and they are worn in Japan feasts or in some professions.

This walk-presentation has a great success and the surroundings was excited. The kimonos was made of natural silk and the cost of one of them is 200 000 crowns.

Prague has a second ferry

New ferry is at Vltava river in Prague. This un-bridged transport across the river is second in a row and it is at the north of the Prague. The first one is one years old and it is between Prague parts Sedlec and Bohnice.

The ferry transport is between Sedlec and Zamky and it will also transport bikes, baby coaches or animals. This will also give a new access to Troja, where “Prague zoo” is and it connect a bike traces.

The cost of the ferry is simple: you can use an ordinary PRI transport ticket.


United Islands of Prague for last time?

United Islands festival, which has this year many celebrities like Placebo, Medeski, Martin &Wood or Khaled was maybe this year for a last time.

Why? It is because the festival wasn’t able to make money for itself and the producer has a great loss. Although the number of visitors was double than last year – about 15 000 – it is not enough for funding the festival. As a chief organiser David Gaydecka says, the big problem was that the Islands was not able to find a general partner.

United Island of Prague has over 100 music bands, interpreters and DJs from 20 countries. There was no problem with visitors and performers during the festival as well as with their health.


The new government and the coalition deal is set

The elections to Chamber of Deputies was three weeks ago and today was signed a coalition agreement of right wing parties: Civic Democrats (ODS), Christian union (KDU-CSL) and Green Party (SZ). All minister seats are divided and the government programme is created.

Prime minister is Mirek Topolanek, the leader of ODS, his party has 9 minister seats. KDU has three seats – Ministry of the country, Ministry of Defence and Culture. Greens has Environment, Education and Head seat of Legislative Government Council. The rest is for ODS.

The coalition deal contains conjunction of coalition programs and also an agreement that all parties will have work uniformly until the end of electoral term, even the coalition will lose the government. Deal presents among other open and friendly relationships with European Union and NATO, free of charge education, a simplification of the law, restriction of legislative immunity, unitary tax, the end of the rent control or bigger focusing at environment.


Jetix Kids Awards 2006

Jetix Kids Awards is something like kids Oscar Awards. Kids vote in some categories via the Internet or a regular mail. The ceremonial was on Sunday and over a thousand children with their parents visited this event in Central park Prague 4, Kavci hory, were is also a home of Czech television.

Jetix is television station for kids and this year was second volume of the award. Over 25 000 kids voted for their favourites.

And here are the results:
Music band: Chinaski
Singer men: Daniel Landa
Singer women: Aneta Langerova
TV moderator: Tereza Pergnerova, moderator of Reality show Vyvoleni 2
Celebrity of a year men: Vaclav Klaus, the president of Czech Republic
Celebrity of a year women: Vendula Svobodova, the president of Kapka nadeje foundation, what helps to disabled kids
Sportsman: Jaromir Jagr, NHL hockey player
Book: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, by J.K.Rowling


The end of football dream at Old Town Square

Old Town Square was a witness of a great sorrow yesterday. Czech national team lost the match with Italy and his campaign for championship disappeared. No there will be no huge number of fans supporting our team.

World championship is in Germany, but Prague lived for football too. Now it is clear that interest about things connected with football are much less interesting for Czech people. Old town square offered huge screens where thousands fans saw matches of Czech team. Other places like Wenceslas square or Andel boulevard has games and events connected with football too.

Early end of Czech team also have a negative effect at betting and owners of restaurants expect smaller number of visitors too.

Prague police arrested international drug dealers

Police action with codename Bach has succeeded. Police arrested two members of international drug dealing group, the rest of the group was arrested by German police-men.

Members of the group has Italian, Poland, Netherlands, Macedonian and Albanian nationality. Two arrested members of the group in Prague has Albanian nationality, one of them has Macedonian citizenship the other was citizen of the Netherlands.

750 grams of heroin was found in Prague. Police in Germany also has found 2.1 kilograms of cocaine. This is enough for 10 500 doses.


Number of car crashes is raising

Number of car accidents during first five months is higher than it was last year. 84 385 car accidents were in five months. This is for 4527 more than last year. This is third highest number from year 1990.

On the other hand, the number of dead people at roads is lowest in fifteen years. 343 people died in first five months.

The lowering of accidents and death is expected after new traffic rules. This makes harder punishment and allows to policemen confiscate driving licence.


Tickets to Madonna concert are gone

“Madonna have two concerts”: in Prague- 6th and 7th September. Tickets to the first concert was gone after little more than an hour, although the selling started at 1am.

The second emission of tickets to second concert has almost same course. Half of them was sold after fifteen minutes, the last ticket was sold at 2.51 am.

Now there is only a chance to get ticket if someone would not buy booked ticket.


Science in Prague streets

An original exhibition in Prague centre this Friday and Saturday shows many interesting things from the science and the engineering. This project is called Science in Streets.

You can visit seven places in Prague centre where you can see and try technical and find out some research of Czech scientists.

Jana Palacha square, behind Old Town Square is focused on automobiles. There you can see Cadillac’s, motorcycles Jawa or even formula 3000 car. There is also a simulator of a car impact.

V Celnici-near Namesti Republiky (republiky square) street you can measure pH of liquids, what you bring, see a car with alternative fuel or you can made here your own earthquake.

There is much more to see at another places.
It is at Masarykovo station, Cerna ruze (Black Rose) passage, Miru square, Jiriho z Podebrad square and the vestibule of Muzeum metro station. Exhibition is opened this day until 6 pm, on Saturday it is between 9 am and 5 pm.

Bears returned to Czech Republic

After many years bears returned to Czech lands. They have returned from Slovakia. They have settled in Moravia Beskydy mountains.

The group of bears now have five pieces. Most important step to final resettling is a born of new bears. Bears are in Czech Republic and Slovakia highly protected. If a bear will cause some damage, e.g. it kill some sheep, the shepherd will get the money back from the state. Last year they caused damage in cost 200 000 Czech crowns.

Tapir baby in Prague zoo

A pair of tapirs has a baby. But it looks that most happy is the zoo, because it is first young of tapir born in Prague zoo.

Mother cares about her first-born. It is a he, he drinks a lot and puts on weight. Now he has nine kilograms. Visitors can see him in water world pavilion.

The small tapir is feeding on mothers milk, after few months he can eat water melons or sugar cane. Tapirs has an origin in South America.


Great brass band festival in Sazka Arena

Do you know brass music? This kind of music is called “music of our grandmothers” in Czech Republic. And this will have a concert 7th October in Prague Sazka Arena.

Brass music and brass bands was very popular. It is a part of Czech culture and still it is very popular among old people and at the countryside. Most known music is Polka. Polka, Polka and waltz. Most known is “Skoda lasky” by Czech Vladimir Vejvoda. English version is know as Beer Barrel Polka.

16 most popular brass bands will perform 7th October. There will be also best band Moravanka. An audience can also see hundreds of majorettes. The Brass music and majorettes are wedded, because both of them has an origin in the march music.


Czech Republic has 13 thousand dollar millionaires

13 100 is the number of dollar millionaires in Czech Republic. This is higher number than in 2004 by 10,6 per cents.

The number is also higher than in another countries thanks to good exchange rate for Czech crown. The number was higher than in Europe, Canada or USA.

There are some criteria saying who is branded as a Czech. it must be a man who has a permanent residence in Czech Republic or with open bank account. Their wealth is counted as fiscal assets without realty, where the millionaire lives.

Wealthiest Czech is Petr Kellner with belongings three milliards dollars.

Police control at night Prague arterial

Police focused the drivers riding through Prague in late night hours.
Dozens of policemen was prepared for control of drivers at Prague arterial in very centre – near Main Railway Station.

Police reduced the road to one lane at both sides and stopped every car between 11 pm to 3 am. 400 drivers was checked all of them had to show the papers and registration book, everyone was checked for an alcohol consumption.

25 drivers was under influence of an alcohol and police have found another 45 penal offences. Total cost of penalties was 20 000 crowns.

Police controls will be very often as it is in these days. It is about 600 controls in Prague for a year. The police is also preparing for new law at Czech roads, staring 1st July.


Prague will have a lot of detours

Summer is traditional time, when many of Prague people leave the city and travels to holiday. Prague traffic is much less and this is best time to start do street works.

Prague will have 37 large street work sites this summer. Some of them will take a whole two months or even more. Most of them is in Prague centre, but there is no danger that tourist will not be able to visit all most known monuments.

Prague will also use summer time for some repairs and restoration of some building and places, like Petrin funicular, what is closed until September.


Lego factory in Czech Republic

World famous Lego sets will be produced in Czech Republic. The Lego Company who made tons of Lego bricks wants to save money and moves the production out of Denmark, the homeland of Lego.

Whole one third of Lego production will be in Czech Republic, the rest is made in Mexico. Czech Lego factory already exists, now it will have a bigger production.

The Summer Shakespeare Festival

The Summer Shakespeare Festival starts in Prague tenth year. This very popular theatre festival presents some dramas by biggest world author William Shakespeare. Festival is in Prague, Brno and Bratislava (Slovakia) at open scene under sky. Prague offers as a properties Prague castle.

The festival begin in Prague today and ends 10th September.
Every performance is at Supreme Burgrave’s courtyard at 8.30 pm.
You can see four Shakespeare’s dramas: Othello, The Merchant of Venice, Twelfth Night and As You Like It.

The Summer Shakespeare Festival is granted by President of Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus.

English pages of the festival are here.
Here you can order tickets.

Two people died in Prague beacuse of heat

High temperatures killed two people yesterday.

Fifty-one years old worker died at building site at 1 pm in Na Micankach street. As doctors said, he collapsed and they didn’t succeed to resuscitate him, even they arrived in one minute. He died of an embolism.

Sixty-four years old driver died in Tiskarska street shortly before 4pm. He died while he was driving and then the car went out of a road.

Temperatures are at 31°C / 87.8°F and it looks that it will last until Monday. There is a weather forecast. But this is not a record temperature. Prague has 34,6°C four years ago.

About 60 people collapsed on Monday, and it is expected a raising by ten a day.


Madonna perform in Prague twice

Madonna’s concert in Prague is so popular that tickets are gone. So the pop queen decidet to make another concert.

It will be 7th September, a day after the sold out concert. Tickects are avilable at any Sazka terminal, that mean in whole republic at many filling stations an tobacco shops. The tickets are available at 1.15 AM! on Friday.


Dancing house has ten years

Very popular Dancing house at Rasinovo riverside is ten years old. This building with a shape of pair of dancers mostly accepted, but there are many who refuse it.

Dancing house was built in a hole instead of an building destroyed by American bomb during World War II. For fifty years the space was empty and now there is a building what is very popular and photogenic.

The building is also called Ginger and Fred, named after Ginger Rogers and Fred Astair, world famous dancers.

It is easy to announce a pickpocket in Prague

It is nothing great to be robbed. The worse in foreign country. But now it is easy to solve the problem or more precisely to report the crime at police station.

As a new, the police station is equipped with a form, where a victim of a small crime fill all information. It will prevent to wait and long discuss with a policeman to describe him for example pickpocket.

Old train tunnel will be used for bikers

The old tunnel under Vitkov hill in Prague is ending it’s history as a tunnel for trains. Two new was cut about month ago and now they are prepared for the operation.

There was suggestion that the old one will be walled up, but the new idea comes and the investor of tunnels offered new purpose. The tunnel will be used as a connection between two sides of a hill for bikes as a part of bike track. The tunnel will lost tramlines and it will be equipped with lights.

New tunnel should be prepared in 2008, the old one maybe in a same time.


A "hunt" for raccoon

A raccoon was found at high poplar tree yesterday in Prague – Cerny most by police. It looked that this small beast of prey what lives in America couldn’t get down.

So the policemen called fire men and the full equipped car with eleven men at board came. Firemen fried to reach to raccoon by 30 meters high ladder, but the raccoon got frightened and escaped higher. So the firemen had to pull the ladder down, move the car and pull the ladder up again.

During this action the animal mostly know for it’s habit of cleaning every food in water, was ensured by jumping sheet. Meanwhile the raccoon decided to leave the tree and got down and escaped into near bush where firemen lost him.

It is expected that the animal escaped to some breeder. The raccoon as a chance to survive at free, because it can eat everything.


Heavy storm in Prague

After the hot day it came hard rain. Yesterday evening brought strong rain to Prague and caused damage at some places.

Some cellars was floated and under-crossings in Prague has a same problem. The under-crossing in Chlumecka street became a large pond where a driver stuck with his delivery truck. Two trams with passengers stuck in Tesnov tunnel in high water. Some streets had a new lakes.

There was also a problem in metro station Mustek because the water fall so fast (as at many places) that it reach escalators and they was stopped because of electricity. Despite of this the most damage was caused by fallen trees. They damaged some cars and buildings.

And some rarity: A man near Sokolov town went away from water and was hit by a lightning and he survived! He is now in a hospital with some problems, but he is conscious.

Medics are saving tens of people because of a heat

Prague doctors, fist aid cars and medics has a lot of work to do. High temperatures could be very dangerous. Most of patients has a problems with breathing or became unconsciousness during this weekend.

Most problems have small children, old people, cardiac patients and asthmatics. They shouldn’t haze themselves or make too big physic activity.

There is an easy cure how to prevent problems for all. To drink enough liquids. It is recommended to drink about 2,5-3 litres. People should also wear a headgear in a direct sun. In all cases the emergency call is 112.


Microbuses are suggested in Prague centre

A study of use of minibuses was made in last moths. This has a positive results: little buses in Prague centre with short traces and with ecological propulsion will be very attractive.

This would be most useful for citizens of inner Prague, the tourists don’t appreciate this as much as them.

Expected cost is 400-450 millions CZK, the first line will cost about 70 millions. Total number of lines is five.


Rays what sees more than X-Rays

Young Czech scientist Filip Kadlec was awarded of a Prize of Academy of Science for Young Scientists for his research. He research so called Terahertz rays. It is between infrared-rays and micro-waves and their use seems to be important.

Terahertz waves are very precise. It can be used in a medicine. For example it can found a caries very fast, long before any other method. The rays can also recognize a cancer cells and normal cells.

But the rays can be used in any case where is required to a precise status of hidden or unreachable thing. So it can found a content of a envelope, for example if it not contains a powder with anthrax or it is a simple flour.
It can found a miniature fissures so it can be used as a check of space shuttles. This Terahertz rays allows to read closed book or it would be used for finding drugs or bombs.

Real Prague underground

By word “underground” I don’t mean metro now. The underground tunnels and rooms in Prague are not as unusual as you can think.

There is many tunnels and passages, most of them is still unexplored and some are not even found. Some tunnels are found by a luck. Tunnel at Strahov was found when an excavator fall in a tunnel.

The origin of tunnels is various. It can be an old sewer system, a water conduit or the rest of the mines. Tunnels are explored and prepared for visitors. Tunnels are prepared in a length 100 meters, another 300 meters should be prepared for visitors in next three years. It is under Prague-Prosek.

Many of underground objects can be visited right now. It is for example Old Town City hall. Or interesting is to visit Vysehrad casemate, the tunnels made in purpose of military sheltered transport of soldiers during 30-years war. Or Prague Castle offers a chance to visit underground rooms of a Roman style.

Still be biggest problem, why so many tunnels are not yeat prepared for visitors is simple: money.

Wallenstein Garden full of music

Wallenstein Garden as a part of Prague Castle become a site where concerts can be heard. You can hear one of child choirs or music bands or orchestras every Thursday. It is a part of celebration of 10th Czech Senate anniversary.

You can also visit a concerts of jazz, swing and classical music in three Sundays during summer. The end of concerts will be 23rd September ended by celebration of Czech Statehood Day.

Still hot Prague

Street sprinkler trucks are in the street. If the temperature reach 25C degrees three sequential days sprinkler start their work. They journey starts in 12 AM and 4 PM every day. The cost of sprinkling is 160 thousands CZK a day.

If the weather is too hot for you you can use services of one of Prague open air pools. They are in many parts of Prague. Here I bring you a list of them with nearest transport stop:

Cakovice, Prague 9, Ke Stadionu station
Divoka Sarka, Prague 6, Divoká Šárka station
Dzban, Prague 6, Divoká Šárka station
Seberak, Prague 4, Šeberák Station
Motol, Prague 5, Motol station
Hostivar, Prague 10, Nadraží Hostivař tram end station
Podoli, Prague 4, Kublov station
Yellow Spa, Prague 4, Dvorce station.


Prague St.Vitus Cathedral belong to the Church

Court of appeal confirmed that the St. Vitus cathedral, biggest religion building In Czech Republic, is a property of catholic Church.

The court said that the cathedral was still property of the church during communism so it cannot belong to the republic. The Church has more objects at Prague Castle like Chapel of All Saints or St. George’s Basilica.

Emperor Charles IV started with building of the cathedral, shortly after the owner of the cathedral became cathedral itself. This status endured to 20th century.


In Prague is a such heat...

... that the world famous Astronomical Clock was stopped. It was yesterday afternoon, between 2 and 3 PM.

Fortunately it was not a big problem. The heat 30°C / 88°F caused that wheels in this medieval mechanism stretched and wheels stopped. So the visitors didn’t saw a traditional every-hour march of the Saints.

The technician who keeps the clock had to readjust the mechanism, so the clock operates normally now. Next resetting will be perhaps in the autumn.

There I bring weather forecast report


Car accident in Prague center

It was nine PM yesterday when the fire brigade car collide with a tram. Fire brigade was heading to fire of a house, when the car turned to Jecna street and hit the tram.

The collision was not so bad, but it stroke out the car and hit two pedestrians walking on a sidewalk. It was two young tourists from Albania. The man had suffered multiple injuries and he is at breathing apparatus now. The women legs was amputated.

The man is in Motol hospital, the woman is in Vinohrady hospital. Four fire men was injured only lightly. Circumstances of the accident are inquired.


Czech transport news

Fast train Pendollino’s what rides at Prague-Ostrava line has a quarter of a million passengers in six months. This is income about 100 millions crowns.
Although is engaged only a half of a train, Czech Railways says that Pendollinos are for them economically successful. The average cost for one ticket is about 400 crowns.

Heavy trucks will pay a toll at first class roads a half year later than it was planned. It is because the company Capsch who will install electronic toll system has a less time than it was planned. The toll at highways will start at January 2007, at 1st class road 30th June 2006 at least.


Photos of Prague old cars

I know that old cars are in whole world, but Czech cars are mostly from communist era, so they are a little bit unique.

This is what an un-stretched Trabant looks like. This car was apparently abandoned on a side street – a fate which seems to befall many older cars in Prague. Nobody wants dodgy old Skodas, Trabbies, or Ladas, when it’s so easy to trade up to a nice Volkswagen Golf or similar.

So if you want to see cars for you maybe unusual, there you can watch them.

New glue for surgeons

Can you imagine that glue will replace surgeon thread?
Well, Czech scientists have an idea. The key will be an substance called chitosan.

The glue will work as a thread, but one of advantages it that the glue easily decompose in body without any problems.
Chitosan can be used as a carrier of healing substances. Again, chitosan will decompose without side effects.

Chitosan can be used also as a product against liposis.
Some companies want to use chitosan in colouring of fabric.

A research of chitosan is at many labs in the world. The substance it mostly produced from shells of crustaceans and this doesn’t make a production cheap. Czech scientist also found new source of the raw material. And best is that is used waste material in some productions – a fungus. This source makes the cost of chitosin production lower by a half.

Watch out, woman pickpockets about!

Statistics about criminality in Prague says that pickpockets are mostly women. It is about 90 per cents! The rest of criminality is mostly “man job”. Pickpockets are mostly foreigners.

Women caused 54 out of 687 all crimes in Prague. Many robberies women do because of need of money for drugs. There is raising number of heist of cars made by women. It is lighter way how to have a money than prostitution.

Large number of count in case disorderliness and is also caused by women. Serious offence is among women unusual, but three murders out of ten was caused by women last year in Prague. It is almost never premeditated.


Prague Museum Night

This weekend it will be for third time, when Prague can enjoy Prague Museum Night. This unique project offers every year for one Saturday night unique chance to see Prague museums in extraordinary time: from 7 PM to midnight or even 1 AM.

The number of joined museums and institutions is still growing, this year it is 21 institutions in 43 objects.

Museum Night is special in some other aspects: Admission is at many places free or at symbolic cost- 1 CZK or 10 CZK. There will be many supporting actions (like fencing, concerts, puppet theatre etc.) and the transport among Prague museums will be supported by seven special bus lines. All of them has a central meeting point at Staromestska bus station.

This night can be very interesting in one other thing: Weather forecast says, that it will be a great warm night

Czech Republic has dangerous railways

Statistics of Europe Union says that Czechs have most dangerous railways in EU. This fact was found in compare of dead people because of train. Suicide wasn’t counted.

Though there is almost no danger for passengers. CZ has one of best statistics in this case. Much bigger problem is a railway crossing. We are at second place of EU, after Poland.

It is caused by many factors, one of them is that crossing at local small tracks is not protected by gates or even warning lights. Still there is an order that every train has to blow every time when approaches to a tunnel, a bend, when leaves or enters station and of course when approaches to railway cross.

So it seems that biggest problem is an irresponsibility of drivers and pedestrians, who even avoid fall-gates or they ride too fast at train and they don’t slow down to ordered 30 km/h.


Czech stock market still decreasing

It is month from the beginning of decreasing of Stock market. It started to decrease shortly after same reaction in another regions and countries, but it seems that this tendency don’t want to stop in Czech Republic.

Czech Index PX is at last year level. CEZ, Unipetrol, Zentiva and Orco lost more than five per cents. The loss of Czech share market is 20 per cents this year.

Analyst says that it is a little bit panic reaction and some traders can profit on it.

To be blind in Prague

Can you imagine what it is that you are blind or at wheel chair and you want to move in Prague?

Action called Jiny svet (Another world) shows it personally today at Prague namesti Miru (Miru square) in front of church of St Ludmila. Interested people can try get though simulator road blindfold with a staff for blind or by a wheelchair.

This will also show problems with entering and leaving a bus or a train or how cam be difficult to get to an office without barrier-free access.

Pilotless aircraft as an air probe

Brno University of Defence are developed a pilotless aircraft for scanning of the ground.

The plane is a big model of a plane, remotely controlled at a distance one kilometer. The plane is able to reach 500 meters of altitude. The plane can scan 25 square kilometers at one time. The selected data ai downloaded into ground computers.

The plane can be used for monitoring during floods, controlling of a traffic, guarding the state borders or for observation of a radiating level in a country.

The pilotless aircraft could replace helicopters with a crew and scan the ground instead of them.

Red Bull Air Show in Prague

Red Bull Air show will be this year in Prague for the second time. This crazy event from Vienna become very popular in every corner of the world and it was only a question of time when it will arrive in Czech lands.

For the an audience it is very fun competition, because a such fun exhibition cannot be seen nowhere else. Visitors can saw a flying dinosaur, a shark skeleton, a pig or giant dragonfly last year.

Red Bull Air Show is everything but usual and boring. Prague river become a landing site for 32 bizarre flying machines. Criteria are simple: machine cannot be heavier than 200 kg, maximum length is 10 meters, width 6 meters and as a propulsion can be used only manpower. It will be judged an originality, a style of flight (most important are reactions of an audience), and reached distance.

The show is 25th June and it starting at 1 PM a Strelecky island near National Theatre. Admission free and tribunes are build at pontoons and at the island.

New Beer of Czech Republic

Contest for best beer was at 10th volume of Slavnost piva (Beer festivities). Higher prize won in category Light Lager Preminum beer Branik. Best Light Tap-room Beer 10% was voted Staropramen.

There was as competitors 47 breweries and 220 beers from Czech republic and Slovakia. Only largest breweries in Czech Republic – Budweiser Budvar and Pilsen Urquell did not compete.


World Naked Bike Ride in Prague

It was on Saturday when small number of Prague bikers joined for the first time to world protest ride. This protest has abroad longer tradition.

Not even ten naked or baldly dressed bikers started their route in Prague Kampa island. Almost everyone of them was coloured at the body or at the face.

This was protest for support of biking in Prague and against raising motorism in the Capitol city. The number of cars is still raising and it will reach the number of Prague citizens soon.

As one of the naked said: “On a bike in Prague? You are vulnerable like to be naked.” Some small transparent has bikers fixed on bikes.

Photos (with all modesty) you can see here.

Prague commented and photographed

Today I bring you some relevant review with more than 35 photos sorted by places. The photos are great and you can see there for example medieval buildings from the Old Town, gardens, statues and of course most common tourist attractions like Prague Castle or Charles Bridge.

Time passes real fast…till i didn’t realize I have actually procrastinated my Prague holiday post for a month now. wow….another blink of eyes, I will be writing from Malaysia.
“If you are going to Europe, you must visit Prague.”...Someone once told me. “Prague is the most beautiful city in Europe.”...Another person told me…And there I was spending my 3 days in ‘the heart of Europe’.

The article is here.

Mass tickets at Prague Castle ends

Prague Castle cancelled emission of tickets for groups. This step was made as an reaction for cheating of tourist group guides. Some of guides smuggled into monuments of the Castle more tourists than they payed for.

Prague Castle Administration made this decision after the research of the problem. This will have no effect on the cost of the tickets because there was no mass discount. The solution of the cheating is simple: each tourist will have it’s own ticket. This have two sides.

The first is that every one will have a ticket as a souvenir and the Castle will have no problem with cheaters. Some attractions will be able to regulate the limited number of visitors in same time which is important because of the protection of monuments.

The second is that it will take some time to mark all tickets for each member of a group. Guides also object that it will slow selling and printing of the tickets in box offices. PCA says that this problem in only a matter of guide readiness, because they can book tickets by the Internet or by the telephone.

The real effect will show the time.

Third of Prague drivers is breaking the law

More than one third drivers is breaking the law in Prague. Friday police action has shown that most frequent is an exceeding of maximum speed. It was in 500 cases in 2000 controlled cars. Police levied 160 000 Czech crowns in fines during one day.

This action shows that new driving law entering into force at 1st July is good choice and it will be very helpful. An every breaking of traffic regulations will cost much more crowns than now and driver will get some number of penalty points depending on relevance of the breaking. When number will reach twelve, a driver will lose his driving licence for a year and he will have to pass a driving school once again.

In some cases, each driver can lose driving licence even immediately at a place.

This law will be applied to foreigner driver as well. Foreigner driver will pay same cost, when he will have not enough money the police can ban him further driving until the pay of a fee. Police will also record negative points of foreigner driver and it can forbid him entering into country by car or further driving in the republic.

These negative points will decrease by four if the driver would drive 365 days without any breaking of the driving law.


Fooball madness in Prague

Today starts FIFA World Cup in Germany and a wave of football interest is raised in Prague too.

During Cup celebrities will play a football at Wenceslas square in a playground with a fake turf. Many sport competitions will be for public for prizes in Prague. Old Town Square will have four large-screen displays. Cultural program will be focused on two nations playing that day.

Football was played even by elephants in Prague zoo yesterday.
Zoo attendants brought to elephants a ball and they really played with it. Elephant lady Shanti even scored some goals to a goal guarded by Horst Siegel, former football player. Then the normal ball was changed by three times bigger. Elephants enjoyed the play as well as visitors and attendants with the director of Prague zoo Petr Fejk.


Biggest military contract was signed

Minister of Defence Karel Kühnl signed a large contract to in amount 24 milliards CZK. Czech Army as a member of NATO bought 199 armoured transporters by Austrian ammunition factory Steyr. This contract is bigger than hiring twelve Sweden interceptors Gripen.

Armoured vehicles Steyr Pandur was chosen in regular public competition. All tests and decisions was made months ago so signing was for than less only formal procedure.

Kuhnl will be Minister of Defence only few days, because the Government will be completely changed after Saturdays election. Even the election is done, all Ministries are still lead by former government until the new Government will be formed.

The vehicles are a big chance for Czech producers as well: Many vehicle parts such as electronics will be produced in Czech Republic by Czech companies. It will be about 10 milliards out of total 24 milliards CZK. This could also help to create an interest for Czech companies by Western sale.

All Pandurs should be in ownership of Czech Army in year 2012.

Drunk car transported 1000 people

A special police car modified for drunk people can “celebrate” 1000th “customer”. Municipal police of Prague uses this car for transporting drunk and soused people to a sobering-up station.

1000th transported drunken was a 49 years old woman with 3,79 per thousand of an alcohol in blood. There was out of first 1000 people 155 women and 285 foreigners. A record holder is 52 years old man, who was transported twelve times. Average value is 2,5-3 per thousands of an alcohol. Some of drunk had over 5 per thousand.

Drunk car is used by Prague police since January. Until then drunk people was transported by an ambulance. The car is prepared for its customers 24 a day.


Summer comes to Prague

Prague weather forecast looks very positive. The temperature should constantly raising during next two weeks. It is expected that next weekend will have temperatures at 29 Celsius degrees. This will also bring the end of rain and clouds. Today weather is clear sky and temperature at about 23 degrees.

Protests against private owning of Prague church

National Library Prague sold church of St.Michael to private company Michal Praha. And now the students and activists protesting against that.

It is because the company has no respect with 900 years of building. St. Michael is signed in world heritage list UNESCO. Now the building is rent to Michal Praha to year 2029.

Michal Praha uses the church for commercial events and even for unbelievable things like technomusic party and worst of all for striptease shows.

Pendolinos will be cheaper in summer

Express train Pendolino, riding from Prague to Ostrava and back will be in summer cheaper. It is because lower number of passengers is expected and therefore the prizes has to be much attracting. The cost of a ride will be by 20 per cent less – 400 CZK instead of 500.

Another attraction is a family ticket with cost 750 CZK for two adults and up to three children. This ticket can be used in summer weekends from the beginning of August.


Childrens day in Thomayer hospital

Thomayer hospital prepared 7th June event for healthy kids of elementary schools and nurseries with a subheading “We are play the doctor.”

This event combined entertaining day with interesting didactic parts. The goal was to combine a fun with such things like a familiarization with hospitals and doctors and to prevent a fear of them.

There was also many competitions for kids like an educational game The Hospital for Teddy-bears, where kids could learn how correctly to bind a teddy. Children can also see an ambulance car or a fire truck and much more.


Street policeman as a hero

Ladislav Fiala was honoured by Badge of Courage by vice mayor of Prague. Fiala is ordinary street municipal policeman, his heroism is an exemplary act.

He caught a thug very shortly after his crime, where he had robbed and stabbed by 25cm (10 inches) long knife a married couple of Vietnam shopkeepers. The policeman chased him in Prague streets and because he is sportsman, he came up him and without any weapon he overwhelmed him.

Four years ago he seized a murder of Austrian tourist.

Let’s hope that Prague has more “ordinary street municipal policemen” such Ladislav Fiala is.


Mirrors are back in Petrin maze

In the middle of the April two of crooked mirrors were broken by some people in Petrin mirror maze.

Now the mirrors are back, the new one was installed yesterday. The replacement cost thirty thousand crowns. It takes so much time, because it was difficult to find a producer. It was found in Teplice, North-west Bohemia.

The maze ordered 10 mirrors. Two was replaced, two was changer for old one and six are used as a reserve.

The pavilion has become a mirror maze 95 years ago.

Handyman markets are more popular

Supermarkets specialized to “a home, a garden, and toys” is more popular in Czech Republic. There is five big companies offering this kind of products. A capital turnover was total 22,2 milliards CZK last year. It is 1,1 milliard more than in 2004.

Supermarkets for handyman and people with a profession like an electrician, a joiner or a builder are becoming more popular. 57 per cents of customers go shopping into this large markets than into another kinds. In year 2000 it was only 40 per cents.

Difference is in customers priorities in comparison with standard supermarkets. For handymen is most important professionalism of the shop, second one is good access with a car. After that are at third place prizes. In classic shops are prizes most important thing.

10 things better in America than in Europe

There I found a list of some things of whom author things that they are better in America than in Europe. There is mostly mentioned Prague or Vienna. I can’t have a relevant reaction at some things, because I never have been in America, but some at things I can.

#6- Degree scales. Come on now, Europe. Admit it. You’re just fucking around with us with that Celsius business, right? Having a laugh? “Oh no it’s 14 degrees, gonna be freezing, no wait 17 degrees, hot as hell!” (Yes, I know I probably got that totally wrong.) For serious? That scale does not have enough degrees. Try Fahrenheit for a while, dude- you’ll really enjoy it! (Don’t even get me started on the metric system…)

Well, I thing that is much better to have a degree scale associated with something important and with mostly used as water, (0 Celsius degrees-water freeze, 100 water boil) than some weird scale depending at an idea of scientist Fahrenheit.
And the metric system? Render down it is much easier, faster and transparent than Imperial system.

Fines of smokers: 750 000 CZK

The law which prohibits smoking at train platforms and at tram and bus stops is in validity from 1st January 2006.

750 000 CZK in fines is a large number, but is seems that this new law has no effect. The number of smokers at stations is same – about 1500 smokers each month pay a fine. This is criticised by municipal police as well, because there is no effect and the police has to do more work.

Still there is a problem that no one including police knows what exactly “the station” is and where people can smoke and where it is prohibited.


Cheater will be 12 years behind bars

Petr Smetka cheated 1095 people eleven years ago, the loss is 928 665 845, 40 CZK. Now he will have 12 years to think about it.

Smetka is a founder of H-System, a company offering cheap housing. But money of interested people was wittingly used to Smetka personal use and pay-off his companies created only for making a bank loans.

Instead of 1100 houses for customers only thirty was made. The rest of money disappeared. Prague High Court of Justice sentenced him to punishment 12 years, but the money are gone. Smetka says that he is innocent, that this large loss was unsuccessful prospectus. The adjudication is final, but Smetka can still make an extraordinary appeal.

It’s great that a cheater will get 12 years, but almost a milliard crowns of stolen people disappeared. And it would be foolish to believe that Smetka will return them money back. We can only hope that the stolen money are for him unreachable as well, because in my opinion 12 years or 6 six years with good behavior is a good trade for 900 millions CZK.

Prague City hall has a new seat

New seat for Prague town council will be in Jungmannova street. The City hall has signed a occupational lease for 20 years in a cost 204,5 millions Czech crowns.

Many parts of city council was in a large numbers of buildings, a majority of fragments will be at one place. Moving will be from 10th August to 20th September, during movement always one half of each office will be functional, so people can use their services as well. The cost of a transport is from 15-25 millions CZK.

The rehousing will offer much comfortable services for citizens and could save 85 millions CZK a year to Prague. Ground floor will be for contact with citizens, higher levels are for offices.

New Royal garden will be renewed and opened

Surroundings of Prague Castle has many gardens which are accessible for visitors for a fee.

The Lagre Fürstenbersk gardens is a part of Poland embassy and tourists can see it from Old Royal Stairs – they just need to look down. These gardens are now under revitalization. The gardens will be separated from the embassy by a wall, the entrance from the stairs will be re-opened and new access will be also made from the below of the garden to Valdstejnska street.

Over 260 years old terrace garden has fountains, a gazebo and beautiful view and it was most beautiful garden in Prague Castle surroundings.

The end of works is expected to autumn 2007 and the opening to spring 2008. Some Prague counsellors want a free entrance into gardens, but the city hall has to decide.


Czech Airlines has almost 500 miliards loss

496 milliards Czech crowns is a loss of CSA from last year. It was expected 521 millions profit.

The trade union says that a principal is management led by Jaroslav Tvrdik, former Minister of the Defence. He was to CSA instituted by CSSD Party during their Government. Interesting is that Ministry of the Defence was led excellently by Tvrdik.

But there is more factors causing a CSA loss. It was extremely fast raising cost of the oil and strong competition. Nevertheless wrong business decisions has a share on the loss too.

New chief manager is Radomir Lasak, who is preparing CSA to privatisation.


Petr Cech is best footbal Czech

Petr Cech (Peter Czech ;-) was voted as a best Czech football player for this year. A winner of The Gold Ball trophy is voted by Czech sport journalists. Petr Cech won this prize last year.

Petr Cech, Czech goalkeeper in the National team in coming World cup is also the best goalkeeper of the world. Petr Cech and the rest members of the team are now preparing to World cup in Germany.

With Gold Ball, there are some other prizes like The Coach of the year or The Red Card. The Red Card was given to Sparta Prague team because Sparta scandal behaviour at the end of the Czech football season.

New sport zone in Prague-Modrany

Freestyle Park Modrany association has a plan with Vltava river bank. It wants to build there sports grounds for in-line roller skate, bikes and skateboards. There is also planned sport ground for beach volleyball, petanque and also multi-purpose green ground.

It is also planned that old freight ship will be repaired and the will be a restaurant and public toilets. It i because a danger of floods. The zone is connected with a bike trace and golf grounds.

Total cost is expected at 73,8 millions crowns, some of them will come from European union funds. The and of first phase (repair of the ship, removing concrete surface) is expected at 2008.

Great success of Green Party

Green Party conduct by Martin Bursik has a great success. It is for the first time that non-Parliament party has become a member of Parliament in Czech Republic. With their 6,29 % the Party has exceeded required 5 % to have any seat in the Chamber of Deputies.

Another great success is that this is for the first time that any Green Party has become a member in a Chamber of Deputies in a Parliament in any former communistic state in the world.


To love and to like in Czech Republic

These two words have a relative meaning. In English mean a something little different than in Czech. Czechs are using “to love” in some specific events. Generally, “to love” is used by Czechs in less cases than English.

For example Czech can say that they love her/his partner, a food, a game (mostly soccer ;-) etc.

But almost no one would say “I love my friend.”

There is one article about it.

First, they only say “I love you” (miluji tě) to the person they’re romantically involved with. Not to parents, close friends other relatives, or things they enjoy tremendously (say, ice cream or beer). Just to their romantic partners. Confused, I asked my students, “So what do you say to your mother?” “I like you, mom.”

The rest of this article as well as some Czech wedding traditions is here.

The week of poster calm

Association of Poster stickers is cleaning Prague Conservation Area from illegal posters tor it’s own expense this weekend. Now starts The week of poster calmness. It means that the association wants to prevent any further illegal posting during this week.

This step was made as a protest against billing at disapproval places, which had bad effect on face of Prague.

Last article about illegal posting is here.


Elections results

The election to Chamber of Deputies is finished and there are results:

ODS       :—————————————————- 35,38 %
CSSD      :————————————————32,32 %
KSCM     :——————- 12,81 %
KDU-CSL:———- 7,22 %
SZ           :———6,29 %

Other Parties has less than 5% and threfore they have no seat in Chamber of Deputies.

That’s how 200 seats in Chamber of Deputies are divided:

ODS 81, KDU-CSL 13, SZ 8, CSSD 74, KSCM 26.
This means that the results are a draw.
The winner of the elections ODS has with right-wing and most probably coalition Parties (KDU+CSL, SZ) exactly 100 seats as well as CSSD and KSCM. It means that ODS+KDU-CSL+SZ has hardly no chance to create the Governmnent approved by new composition of Chamber of Deputies.

ODS – Civic Democratic Party
CSSD – Czech Social Democratic Party
KSCM The Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
KDU-CSL Christian Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People’s Party
SZ- Green Party


Police cleaned children playgrounds

Police has special action to clean playgrounds, sport grounds and parks away from injections of drug addiction people.

Police men do this job periodically, but yesterday it was complete action on Whole Prague. It was found 221 injections in surrounding of sport grounds, fortunately nothing was found directly in playgrounds and sand-pits.

In years the number of dropped injections is lowering.


Elections starts today

Voting rooms will be opened this day from 2 PM and voters can decide about leaders of Czech Republic for next four years.

The election to Chamber of Deputies are most important elections of all. Czech Republic has also Senate elections, Region elections, Municipal elections and Elections to Europe Parliament (Europe Union). It is expected that during new government new elections will be created: (straight) President elections. There is also an option of making a referendum, but it was used only once during existence of Czech Republic – a decision to become Czech Republic a part of European Union.

Elect candidates will become members of the Chamber of Deputies and they will decide about a new structure of the government. Czech Chamber of Deputies has 200 seats. Members are voted by comparative representation method. A Party has to have over 5 per cents to become a Parliament Party – to have some member in Parliament.

Voting rooms are open until 10 PM on Friday, on Saturday it will be from 8 AM to 2 PM. Voting results should be known during Saturday evening. Czech Republic laws don’t allow re-counting of votes.


Madonna in Prague

Yes, That’s right, Madonna will perform in Czech Republic for the fist time. It will be in Prague Sazka Arena 6th September 2006.

During her two hours long performance Madonna will change her dress seven times. She present herself as a jockey, a rocker, a disco dancer of the 70’s, or controversially as an Jesus crucified at the large iron cross. The concert is a part of the Confession Tour connected with her last album Confessions On A Dance Floor.

You can buy three types of tickets: Seated tickets at 5 010 CZK and 3 062 CZK, standing tickets at 3 340 CZK.
Selling tickets starts at sales points 16th June, via the Internet from 17th June to 4th September.


Europort at Ruzyne airpot

Seven floors high, multifunctional building Europort has completed the fabric. Europort should be fully functional at the first quarter of year 2007. Total cost is about one miliard CZk.

Europort is build for travellers, who don’t want to stay in Prague. This is a reaction for rising number of travellers using Ruzyne airport. It is expected that this year the airport will transport 11.5 millions travellers and that is for 700 000 travellers more than last year.

Europort will have hotel Courtyard Marriot with 235 rooms. There will be Czech restaurant and an alehouse in a basement. A Ground floor and a first floor will be for a shopping arcade – a millinery, a souvenir shop, a music shop, a bookstore and a cafe.
For customers there will be 500 parking lots.


Love Planet festival in Prague

Second year of a music festival Love Planet will change it’s place. Last year it was near Tabor in Southern Bohemia, this year is the festival placed to Prague Exhibition grounds. This change was made because some changes in contend of list of performers.

And whom can you expect? From Czech music scene there will be 100°C, Priessnitz, Nieriku or Vypsana Fixa.
And foreign scene is full of stars: Pet Shop Boys, Franz Ferdinand, Ministry, The Rasmus, Ice-T, Ministy etc.

The festival will have two days and stats 11th August at 2 PM.
If you already have bought tickets, they are still valid.
Tickets cost is 795,- CZK; 895,- at the place.

Official pages are here.
Ticket reservation through Ticketpro.


Athletics Meeting - Josef Odlozil Memorial

Monday 5th June is athletics day for Prague. At Juliska stadium will be 13th Memorial where you can see stars of world athletics like two Olympic winners in hammer throw, stars in high jump and run. There will be best rated shot putter Christin Cantwell. Results in women disciplines are highly expected too.

Pre-programme starts at 3 pm. There will be pupils competitions, a meeting of home club Dukla, presentation of book about Olympics, signing of Sky jumper champion Jakub Janda and racing skater Martina Sablikova.

Main programme is from 6:25pm to 8:55pm.

Tickets will be distributed at the place.
Official pages are here.

Kozel Day full of beer

Czech Republic is a state of beer so no one can be surprised that you can find here beer festivities. This weekend 3rd June is in Velke Popovice, small town near Prague, The Day of the Goat.

Velkopopovicky kozel (Velke Popovice Goat) is a name of a great beer and the Velke Popovice brewery presents 14th Day of the Goat. A program is from 9 AM to 9PM.

There will be Czech Folk & Country performers, competitions, gymnastic artists walking on a rope, fire spitters and jugglers.
You can also taste beer speciality: Velkopopovicky kozel “Sladek” (the Brewer).

You can get there by bus from Prague metro station Opatov (red line) with bus specials leaving from 8.30 AM every half an hour until 11 AM.

Velke Popovice Brewery webpages are here.


CzechTek will be in military area

CzechTek, biggest Techno party in Czech Republic has certain location. Organisers agree with Ministry of Defence and they will rent a part of military area in Hradiste in Doupovske mountains near Karlovy Vary.

Ministry of Defence offer will help to prevent any problems with lands of private owners and distance of the party from inhabitant area will be long enough to avoid any disturbing by loud music.

Techno meeting is expected at the weekend between July an August. Everything but land is up to organisers of CzechTek, Czech army will provide nothing else.