Compact archive June 27, 2006

A place of heroism in photos

I wrote about Two Czech heroes of World War II who assassinated a Nazi leader Heydrich some time ago. They trained in England and were paradropped to Bohemia during war where they committed assassination the chief planner of the holocaust.
After their mission they hid in church of Cyril and Metodej, where they was finally found and where they was killed when they defend themself.

At this page you can find suggestive photos of this church with some words of the author of the blog.

USA want Czech military technology

US Army finished testing of Czech military technology – radiolocator Vera. It is observation system upgraded version of Czech radiolocator Tamara.

This unique technology has a great characteristics. It can be used for scanning of a sky and detects radio waves emitted from plane. This technology is based on receiving without emitting so this passive technology cannot be located as normal radars. It can find a flying object at distance 500 kilometers, identify it and track the route. This technology has one huge advantage: every plane is visible for it, even “invisible” bombers Stealth.

US Army wants this device as well as some another NATO partners or for example Australia. China, Egypt, Malaysia or Vietnam are interested too, but NATO didn’t recommend selling this strategical technology to China, because of its political regime and a military power.

Success athlete weekend

Last weekend brought a success for many athletes at Prague Strahov stadium. Limits required for a join to Europe championship in Sweden Goteborg on August.

Women sprinters Stepanka Klapacova, Katerina Cechova, Iveta Mazacova and male Jan Shiller with a hurdler Jiri Muzik are members of Czech Athlete team now.
Klapacova and Cechova succeeded in heat run, Mazacova and Shiller reached the limit in final run.
Muzik returned to European championship after an injury of a knee and he will defend silver medal from Munich.

Pavla Hamackova, pole-jumper reached 450 cm and even she didn’t make a new record, this is best high in this year.
Vera Cechlova threw a discus to 61,79 meters and won by 9 meters.
Barbora Lalakova reached in high jump 194 centimeters.

Summer changes in public transport

Summer Holiday is coming and this mean traditional depopulation of Prague. Many families leaves a hot city and they will spent summer in the country or abroad.

Prague Public Transport flexibly reacts and many lines will be reduced or even stopped during July and August.

Tram line 13 as well as bus lines 143, 168, 274, 277, 343, 465 are cancelled.
Tram lines have longer intervals.

Metro line A goes between Skalka and Depo Hostivar station only every second metro set in time from 7 am to 5,30 pm. Line B has every second set in time from 6,45 am to 4 pm in Nove Butovice and Ceskomoravska section, from 8,30 am to 4 pm between Smichovske nadrazi and Ceskomoravska station.


New record of Ruzyne airport

Last Thursday broke a year old record. During this day the airport has 628 landings and starts of planes. In addition Ruzyne airport between 8 am an 9 am checked out 50 planes. The declared maximum is only 40 planes.

This has unfortunately an opposite site. More planes means more noise and many Prague citizens is disturbed by plane engines. the worst situation has a Horomerice district. The key to help them is to built another runway. It ought to be built in 2010. But there is same problem: Citizens of another Prague part, Nebusice, don’t want it, because this will move the noise to them. Nevertheless, Nebusice has much less people than other parts of Prague, where planes are landing and are taking off.

Letnany airport is not very popular too. The airport will gain status “international airport” next month and it will be used for private flights. This is criticised by Kbely district, although the raising of flights is expected only by 2 per cents. And it is strange for a different reason too, because Kbely has Museum of Aviation and there is a military airport used also for flights of politicians over eighty years.


Not all fountains in Prague are good for drinking

Prague has many fountains, but only some of them are for drinking. Many of them are only for aestethic purposes. Drinking fountains or posts can be recognised easily I hope. Historical, large and fountains with bad access to water aren’t probably for drinking.

Their water is adjust by copper vitrion as a protection against rotting of water. The water is not dangerous, but it is prohibited to drink the water or bath either.

Number of water fountains is sad to say small and they are heavily used. For example a post in Na Prikopech street spent 2123 cubic meters of water last season.
Even the some drinking posts seems to be without water, they have a push button or a photocell.


Prague is 50th most expensive city in the world

Mercer Human Resource Consulting chart is an annual list of world cities, comparing living costs. It is based on more than 200 entries like cost of the food, the transport or the accommodation.

The chart has as base the cost in New York (rate 100), an expensive cities have higher number, a cheaper have lower. The rate depends on exchange rate, so the better prizes of Czech crown made Prague cheaper. The chart is made as a help for employers to show them how big are costs of an employee living in one of rated city.

Most expensive is Moscow, Russia with index 123,9 then there is Soul, Tokyo, Hongkong and London. New York is at 10th place, Paris is 15th, Sydney 19th. Our neighbour Bratislava is 48th.


Policemen will keep an eye on zebra crossings

The end of school year is coming and this mean that the police have work to do. 150 policemen watch over the eighty zebra-crossings every morning of school day. Police raises the number of policemen in the last days of June.

240 policemen will supervise and coordinate the traffic at 150 crossings. Some schools have the last day earlier then another, so the police contacts the headmasters for better coordination.

Policemen will also at zebra crossings not only in the morning before school time, when kids will gain a school report, but also after that, when the youth will return home.