Compact archive June 30, 2006

Brevnov monastery in Prague

Brevnov monastery (Brevnovky klaster) welcomes you. I bring a tip to a trip.

Benedictine monastery in Brevnov is more than thousand years old. It was built in 993 and after many years it was changed of course. It has mostly baroque architecture nowadays.

The arch-abbey has things to offer. A dominant is church of St. Margaret with a crypt from year 1040. There is also a Theresina hall and you can take a route in a weekend. Route starts at 10 am, 2 pm and 4pm, unfortunately only with a Czech guide.

You can also visit a service yard, terrace gardens with Gazebo Vojteska, remains of a glasshouse from 18th century or a graveyard where is buried many important persons like Karel Kryl, one of the most important anti communistic singers with unforgettable lyrics.

Is is easy to get to Brevnov monastery. You only need to take a tram 22 from Hradcanska station at metro A line.


Where is the best exchange rate in Prague?

Czech newspapers Mlada Fronta DNES made a test to find out where is the best to change money in Prague. Journalists changed Czech crowns for 100 Euros and for 100 American dollars.

21 banks and exchange offices was tested in Prague, another nine in other towns in Czech Republic. The test was made 12th June.

Generally, the worse rate is in banks and better is in exchange offices.
But worst exchange rate with totally nonconforming voucher is in FEO exchange office at Hlavni nadrazi (Main Railway station). 100 Euros costs 2990 CZK, 100 USD is 2391 CZK.

Best rate is in Camfex Group and Alpha Prague.
12th June has Alpha Prague 100 Euros 2825 CZK, 100 USD cost 2240 CZK. The adress is Na prikope 23, Prague 1.
Camfex Group has that day the rate almost similar. 100 Euros cost 2534, 100 USD 2240 USD. The address is Vladislavova 16, Prague 1.
Today exchange rate was better in Camfex Group in both an Bid and an Ask.

On-line exchange rate is at Kurzy pages.

New competences of municipal police

Municipal (city) police has a new competences from tomorrow. It will be much helpful in case of disobey traffic regulations.

Policemen can measure a speeding of cars, give a traffic ticket for riding at red light, when the car uses incompetently the lane or when driver stays at a place where the waiting is prohibited or at clearway. Policemen can also remove a vehicle from a place where the vehicle shouldn’t be.

1st July also brings a number of changes for drivers. Point penalty system, more expensive traffic tickets, the loss of driving licence (for foreigners in some form too) or even prison can wait irresponsible drivers. More about new law in Czech Republic you can find at official pages (in English).


New staues in a baroque Vrtbovska garden

Vrtbovska garden in Prague Lesser Town has new statues. The old were replaced. The garden and original statues are three hundred years old.

New sculptures replace low quality copies what are 40 years old. the sculptures made of a poor quality artificial stone was replaced for Labe’s sandstone from Germany. The cost of new copies is 11,5 millions crowns.

Original statues are made by famous baroque sculptor Matthew Bernard Braun and his workshop. Similar but not same statues are in Troja chateau or Clam-Gallas palace. Originals are now in City Gallery Prague depository.