Compact archive September 2006

Ladronka among the awarded buildings

Ladronka, together with four other buildings was awarded as the Building of the Year 2006. The former squat was reconstructed and became a popular area for spending free time.

The origin of this baroque building goes to the 17th century. Its reconstruction cost 75 millions CZK and was made by architectural atelier Safr a Hajek.

Nowadays, the Ladronka visitors can relax in a restaurant and enjoy the view over Prague, borrow roller-skates or play bowling.

The other awarded buildings are: reconstruction of the municipal office in Semily, the multipurpose hall and finished Town stadium area in Liberec, the residence of Neomed company in Prague and reconstruction of the Reduta theater in Brno.

In previous years, the winners of the award include for example Sazka Arena in Prague or Prague tram route Hlubocepy – Barrandov.

Another given award was for example The award of State fund for housing development, which was acquired by the set of eight apartment blocks Galerie nad Vltavou (Gallery upon Vltava) in Prague.

Good business conditions in Prague

That Prague is very popular by tourists is well known. But is it also attractive for business? According to the survey European Cities Monitor (ECM), made by estate agency Cushman & Wakefield in London, Prague is in the 13th place out of 33 European cities in its suitability for entrepreneurial activities.

The city No. 1 for business activities is London before Paris or Frankfurt. However Prague, Madrid and Barcelona were evaluated as cities that did the most to increase their positions. Prague has also another advantage – a lot of companies want to create their affiliates in new EU member states.

Survey ECM is based on answers of 507 managers of top European companies. Good communication, the level of costs and the quality of life in cities were some of the criteria considered by the managers.


The more accessible town-council

A new archway was opened in the new building of Prague town-council in Jungmannova street.

The archway connects two gates from Jungmannova and Charvatova streets. Visitors can find there two information centres, a copy centre, an information office of the Prague Public Transit Co., an office of the Technical administration of communications, a registry, signatures verification and guichets of the individual departments.

This should improve the accessibilty of the town-council. So far, the various departments were in more then thirty buildings around the town. That´s why they moved to one building, so people can find all departments at one place. There should be also the metropolitan police office soon.

You can find the list of all departments, the office hours and more information on

New skyscrapers in Prague?

Plans to build new skyscrapers in Pankrac, one of the parts in Prague, have brought many positive and negative responses for seven years, when it appeared for the first time. Now, when the realization of this project is really close, this opinion diversity is even more visible.

Opponents of this project claim that Prague is known for its beautiful historical skyline and new skyscrapers would destroy the amazing view. They also fear that Prague would lose its position on prestigious UNESCO list, which would harm its reputation in the world. They also criticise the city council for the fact that they did not inform UNESCO about their plans.

On the other hand, this project has lots of supporters. They say that Prague lacks something from the most modern architecture and that Prague centre joined UNESCO with its already existing skyscrapers in Pankrac.

UNESCO have not given official statement yet, it will consider next procedure after receiving all documents from the city and freelance expertise.

100 years of horceracing in Velka Chuchle

Horseracing takes place in Velka Chuchle for 100 years already. There was a celebration of this anniversary at the stadium yesterday.

Contemporary materials show how imposing was the first meeting in Velka Chuchle 100 years ago: on 28th of September 1906 there were thousands of visitors.

After 1989 there was a less successful period, but in recent years the stadium prospers again and aspires to be one of the top European race-grounds.

Last year there were 21 racing days in Velka Chuchle and 171 races altogether. The prize for the winner was 18 693 300 CZK, which is more than any other Czech race-ground can offer. From the beginning of April till the end of October (with the break during the summer) there were about 50 – 60 thousands of visitors and the attendance gets better every year.


Czech films for everybody - Eskapady 2006

Eskapady 2006 is a project whose aim is to represent high-quality Czech and Czechoslovakia films to general public. Each film is either with English subtitles or interpreted into English and therefore is available for everybody who does not master Czech language.

The film show starts today at 18.00 by a silent film called Stavitel chrámu accompanied by life music. This project lasts 10 days and visitors can see well known films such as Lasky jedne plavovlasky (M. Forman, 1965), Skrivanci na niti (J. Menzel, 1969) or Obecna skola (J. Sverak, 1991). Eskapady 2006 presents also a comedy called Happy End by O. Lipsky. The magic of this film is its narration backwards; from the end to the begging of the story.

Films are shown in the afternoons and evenings in Atlas cinema in Prague (Sokolovska 1) in the small hall (Maly sal); for more information about the program click here.


Nick Cave´s show sold out

The charismatic cult singer Nick Cave is going to perform in the Prague Congress Centre on Saturday the 30th of September, as we announced earlier. The tickets to the gig are already gone.

Cave started in the early 80´s with his first band, the goth pioneers The Birthday Party. After they split, Nick Cave, fascinated by the inspirational atmosphere of that time west Berlin, far from the artistic snobbery of London, moved to Berlin and assembled there a new band, the Bad Seeds: featuring Blixa Bargeld, guitarist from the industrial Einstürzende Neubauten, the ex-Magazine bassist Barry Adamson and former Birthday Party guitarist Mick Harvey on drums. Their post-punk music was influenced by blues, gospel and rock and their lyrics explored themes like death, love and religion.

Nick Cave also appeared in Wim Wender´s movie Wings of Desire (1987) and later in the Australian movie Ghosts…of the Civil Dead (1989). He published a novel And the Ass Saw the Angel, and also a collection of lyrics, plays and prose King Ink. His most successful album in recent years was Murder Ballads (1996), where he sings a duet with Kylie Minogue in the hit Where the Wild Roses Grow, and with PJ Harvey in Henry Lee. Recently, he wrote a screenplay to the movie The Proposition, as well as the soundtrack.

His Prague show is a part of his Solo Tour. The gig starts at 8 pm.


World Press Photo ends this Sunday

Those of you who want to see the best photographs showing crucial events of the last year should not miss World Press Photo 2006 in Prague’s Karolinum (street Ovocny trh 3) open until 1st October. Prague is one of more than 90 places where you can see the best photos from the whole world divided into 10 categories.

World Press Photo was founded in 1955 in Amsterdam when it’s seated till nowadays. This year 83 044 photos from 4448 professional photographers representing 122 countries was evaluated. The jury awarded 63 authors from 25 countries in the world. Also Czech photographer Michal Novotny was successful; won 3rd place in the category Daily life for his pictures showing a braille school in Liberia.

The total winner of this year was Canadian photographer Finbarr O´Reilly working for Reuters agency with his photo showing an African woman kissing her baby’s hand. Traditional Prague’s Prize (Cena Prahy) was given to Edmond Terakopian living in London for his photos made shortly after terrorist attacks in London Tube.


Vendabe time in O2 Zlute lazne

Spa vendabe takes place for the second time in O2 Zlute lazne in Prague 4 – Podoli. You can find there thousands of litres of Moravian wines from areas Spielberg and Rakvice.

You can taste or buy there quality wine species, late collection wines, berry selection, stum and others.

This year you can also enjoy a hog-killing feast with hash-and-crumbs sausages, collared pork, lard, blood sausages, soup and other delicacies. Czech handmade art will be presented by its producers. It will be possible to buy various kinds of beads, gingerbread or cheese. Visitors who like traditional Czech cuisine can taste some of the old Czech meals.

Every day there is a special accompanying program. The vendabe will continue till Saturday the 30th of September. You can go to Zlute lazne by trams 3 or 16 from Karlovo namesti (tube station), the station name is “Dvorce”.

Czech metro and trams are the most busy in EU

Czech people travel with the metro and trams the most from all European Union countries. Average Czech person travelled in 2003 with metro or tram 839,6 kilometers, while average distance in the whole EU is 159,2 kilometers. Austrian people are on the second place with 347 kilometers. Data are published by the Statistical Office of the European Communities (Eurostat).

The only metro system in Czech Republic is in Prague, trams only in big cities. On the other hand, Czech people don’t travel much by train, even though the Czech railway network is one of the densest in Europe.

The most common mean of transport in CR is a car. Czech people with their 6723 kilometers/year are on 16th place in EU. An average European drives 9795 kilometers/year.


Czech salaries compared to the west

Salaries in the Czech republic have been continually rising very fast, but the average salary is still much less than the average in the western Europe.

The salaries growth in the Czech republic from 2002 to 2005 was 17 percent, due to inflation the real growth was about 13 percent. That is much higher number than in countries such as Germany or France, where the salaries almost stagnate. Despite that, the average Czech salary makes still only 21 percent of the German one, compared to 18 percent in 2002. That´s why it´s almost impossible to say, when, if ever, the Czech salaries will reach the level of those in the west.

In 2002, the average Czech salary per year was 7 212 euro, while the average of the whole European Union is 28 024 euro.

But compared to the communist era at the end of the eighties, the salary growth is significant: when we convert it according to prices in 2005, people earned in average one third less than nowadays.

Concert of Christina Aquilera in Prague

Christina Aquilera, a popular singer-song writer who sold more than 25 millions of records and was awarded 3x Grammy and once Grammy Latin plans a concert in Prague.

The concert in Prague will be a part of her world tour called Back to Basics Tour 2006. Christina will introduce there her new album Back to Basics that was released in August this year. More about her album you can read here).

Christina’s performance in Prague is planned on 17th December 2006 at 20.00 in SAZKA ARENA. Tickets are sold by SAZKA TICKET, the tickets cost 1590 CZK, 1290 CZK and 1090 CZK for sitting; 1390 CZK for standing near the stage and 990 CZK for standing.


The Nihilists in Palac Akropolis tonight

Moimir Papalescu and the Nihilists will introduce their new album in Palac Akropolis club tonight. This Czech band is one of the most interesting alternative music groups on the current Prague scene.

The band started in 2003 and their mix of experimental electronics, 80´s new wave, rock´n´roll and disco glitter sounded very fresh on the stagnating Czech musical scene. For their debut album Analogue Voodoo (2004) they received the Andel award (by the Popular music Academy) for the best album in its genre.

Members of the band are: Moimir Papalescu (analogue and digital machines), La Petite Sonja (vocals), Hank Jesus Manchini (guitar/vocals), Peter Van Krbetz (saxophone), Wratislaw Placheta (drums).

Today´s gig will be a release party for their new album Lewis Neptune. Supporting will be Mash Gordon and The Fakes. The show starts at 7 pm, in Palac Akropolis club, Kubelikova 27, Prague 3. Entrance fee: 200 CZK.


New Czech government asks for a confidence

The Civic democratic government leaded by Mirek Topolanek will ask the Chamber of Deputies for a vote of confidence on Tuesday 3rd October. It will be based on the statement of policy that has been already approved.

The document is based on the programme agreement of the Civic democrats with the Christian Democratic Party and the Greens. The Prime Minister Topolanek wants to meet members of other political parties except Communists to state his policy.

The new minority government wants to rule until June 2007 when early elections should be held. Now it cannot be sure whether it gets the support that is needed.


St. Wenceslas beanfeast in Prague 4

On 28th September people in the Czech Republic commemorates st. Wenceslav, a saint and the patron of Czech lands. Prague 4 celebrates this special day by a beanfeast in the park Na Jezerce.

This celebration which already starts today with a march along streets in Prague 4 is going to take a few days. The main programme starts tomorrow at 10.00 in the park Na Jezerce.

The park is going to be in the spirit of medieval times with swordsmen, period musicians, markets, a tavern and shows of historical handicrafts. The feast promises a full programme for children and adults for the whole day. Visitors who like music can listen to several concerts of famous musicians: Jaroslav Hutka, Radim Hladik, Vera Martinova and Pavel Dobes.

Celebration continues on Friday at 16.00 in St. Wenceslas church with Antonin Dvorak’s Luzanska D-dur and on 3rd October at 17.00 with a concert of Marta Kubisova in Nusle town hall.

Entrance for all activities is free. To get to this feast, you can take metro red line C to station Pankrac and here continue by bus no. 188 to the bus stop Jezerka. Or from metro station Muzeum (red line C or green line A) tram no. 11. Parking is possible in the street Druzstevni ochoz.


Safer Prague with more police officers

The Prague council plans to increase number of police officers in the streets of the city to improve citizens´safety and to suppress criminality. Within two years there should be 2700 police officers, which is 1000 more than now.

Approving this decision is up to the council which will be elected in the forthcoming municipal elections in October. There are also plans to improve the camera system in the city with some more security cameras in operation, and to use a program which can independently uncover a possible crime.

In recent years, the number of crimes committed in the city decreased. In 2002 it was about 102.870, last year about 95.730. But according to the municipal authorities, the clarifying of the crimes is less successful as well. Four years ago, the police solved every fourth case, last year it was every fifth one.


75 years of Prague zoo

Prague zoo in Troja is the most visited zoo in the Czech Republic. Every year it attracts more than one million of visitors. On 28th September it commemorates 75 years from its foundation.

First visitors could go through the gates of Prague zoo on 28th September 1931 where they could see wolves, a lioness, ..... and parrots. The zoo has enlarged since that time significantly, the latest addition is the African house or the pavilion Indonesian jungle.

To celebrate this special occasion the zoo is going to come back to the atmosphere of 1930s. In Troja you can hear swing, see people in period costumes or synchronized swimmers in the sea lions’ pool, wearing striped leotards.

The programme starts at 11.00 and offers a lot of things to see, e.g. the performance The story of lioness Sarka (Pribeh lvice Sarky) – one of the first animals in this zoo, a vernissage of pictures near the elephant pavilion or ‘christening’ of a young tapir.


Plans for new routes of Prague tube

The extension of Prague tube continues. The state budget for year 2007 approved by the government yesterday, contains 300 millions crowns for building new underground stations on the C line (red).

The line currently terminates at Ladvi, the new part will go through Strizkov, Prosek and Letnany. Building is about half-finished at the moment and should be ready for transporting customers in 2008.

There are also plans for prolonging the A line (green) from Dejvicka station to Ruzyne airport with 8 new stations. Also a new D line should be built in following years, and its route should go from Hlavni nadrazi (Main railway station) to Pisnice through 10 stations.

The latest built tube station opened in May 2006 is Depo Hostivar on the A line, which goes from the former terminal station Skalka.


Karlstejn Castle awarded

Karlstejn Castle is one of the most visited castles in the Czech republic, situated very near Prague. Now it has received a prestigious award Europa Nostra from European Union.

Europa Nostra is the most significat prize that can be given by the international jury for a great care of historical monuments. Karlstejn deserved this prize for its restoration of the gothic paitings representing saints by Mistr Theodorik. Paintings are located in the chapel of holly cross (Kaple svateho krize), the most sacred place of the castle.

Restoration was very difficult and took almost 20 years. The paitings are now protected by a special air-conditioning that should preserve them for another thousand years or even more.


Prehistorical burial practices in Prague

A new exhibition called Udolim stinu (Through the Valley of Shadows) shows burial practices in the period from prehistoric ages till early medieval times in Prague. Visitors can see open graves and get to know burials practised thousands years back to the past.

However, his exhibition offers more. People’s lives in that time are presented on large-screen displays. Also objects found in tombs on the territory of Prague are presented there. All is based on archaeololgical discovery.

Exhibition is open from 27th September 2006 till 25th May 2007 in Muzeum of Capital City Prague (Muzeum hlavniho mesta Prahy), in halls no. 3 and 4. This museum is situated on street Na Porici 52, metro red line C Florenc, and is open Tuesday till Sunday from 9.00 till 18.00 (and every first Thursday in month till 20.00).


Free Wi-Fi Internet in Prague 8

There is a possibility to use Internet connection for free in Prague 8, thanks to the town hall project.

Most of the quarters in the area are already covered by the wireless signal of the Wi-Fi technology. People interested in the possibility only need to posses a facility able to receive this signal and to connect to the town hall server “”. Covering with the signal started in Karlin and Liben, and at the moment continues in Kobylisy and Bohnice.

The connection speed will be 64 kbps, so it will be suitable just for e-mail correspondence and connecting to usual websites, certainly not for downloading movies or playing computer games. That´s why it´s not intended as a competitor to other Internet providers.

Testing operation is planned till the end of the year, the project will fully start at the beginning of the next year.

Charitable run restricts Prague transport on Saturday

Due to the Samsung running festival on Saturday 30th September, there will be some restrictions of public transport in the Prague center.

No trams will go through stations Narodni divadlo (National Theater) – Staromestska – Cechuv most and through Staromestska – Malostranska approximately from 3:45 till 5:15 pm. Tram number 17 will be diverted to Karlovo namesti, then Narodni trida, Ujezd and Malostranske namesti. Tram number 18 will go through Ujezd and Malostranske namesti as well.

At the same time, there will be no service of the bus number 133 between stations Florenc and Staromestska. The bus in the direction from Malesice will be terminated in Florenc.

The running festival is a charitable event for the benefit of SOS detske vesnicky (organization helping children). The finish of the run will be at the Old Town Square and organizers of the event expect more than 1000 participating runners, some well known personalities included.


Night strolls in Troja

From 28th September till 1st October you have an extra opportunity to visit Troja chateau, zoo and botanic garden in one tour at night.

You can walk in this part of Prague through illumined gardens of Troja chateau, its main hall, then continue to the zoo to watch animals of Indonesian jungle at night and finally walk into the botanic gardens to see romantically illumined Japanese garden.

Tickets cost 180,- CZK, the stroll starts at 20:30 and 21.00. For booking and more information call 296 112 230 (233) or write to

The first Prague aqua park will open soon

The first aqua park in Prague will be opened at the end of November in Barrandov. Until now, the only possibilities for outdoor swimming in Prague were some swimming baths and a swimming pool on Vltava.

The new two-storeyed object will be a part of a sport centre and will offer a pool 25 metres long and 1.2 to 1.6 metres deep with four lanes. Furthermore, there will be also a paddling pool for children, a whirlpool bath, two roller coasters and a sauna. There will be a chance to relax on a terrace, sunbath on a grass plot or have a meal in a restaurant. Another aqua park will be finished in December 2007 in Cestlice, and also in Jizni Mesto within three years.

Visitors can see over the new Barrandov aqua park on Friday 13th of October, between 3 pm and 4:30 pm.

Easy access to authorities thanks to a new city web

Soon city Prague is going to start a new web gateway which will help citizens, entrepreneurs and tourists make the contact with municipal authorities easier.

This new gateway will bring information about what is going on in the city or how the bureaus and institutions work. Interactive links will connect this portal with other servers, such as the city library, or public transports.

The biggest advantage of this portal will be interactive forms to communicate easily with municipal authorities without personal attendance in bureaus. An electronic signature will be needed to fill in these forms completely. Next year the authorities are going to issue universal cards of Prague people (Univerzalni karta Prazana – UKP) which can also work as an open signature. This portal will consist of more than a hundred of forms relating to work, housing, study, health care etc. By receiving SMS or email the users will be able to see if their form has been accepted.

The section Moje Praha (My Prague) in this portal will enable registered users create their own section where they can see information they often need to know, such as up-to-date weather forecast, exchange rates, or pictures from city webcams.

St. Wenceslas Fair started

Traditional st. Wenceslas fair (Svatovaclavska pout) started last Saturday in the exhibition area (Vystaviste) in Holesovice Prague. This fair is open every weekday (except Monday) from 14.00 till 21.00, at weekends and holidays from 10.00 till 22.00 until 5th November.

This fair which is similar to Matejska pout in spring offers attractions not only for children under 10 years old but also lots of attractions for adults. In the area you can also find kiosks with various product assortment.

On Monday 2nd October from 12.00 till 16.00 there is a special programme for handicapped people. All attractions and adjoining programme are that day for handicapped people without charge.

In the same exhibition area you can also see a unique permanent exhibition of sea aquaria and sea animals and plants called Morsky svet (Sea World), or circus Praga inspired by Czech fairy tales.


The day without cars

On Friday 22nd, the Czech republic joined the European Mobility Week programme with the “Day without cars”. The purpose of the event was to prefer public transport or bicycles instead of cars, and so to call attention to the negative aspects of the increasing automobilism. Also it was to show, that there are alternative ways to travel fast in a city.

During the day, people in 22 Czech towns had the chance to travel by public transport for free. On many places in Prague, motorists were replaced by cyclists and there was a competiton between travellers on bicycles, by public transport and by cars. The cyclists were the fastest, some of them even arrived with special costumes.

Even thought this was a fifth time the Europen Day without cars took place in Prague and its tradition goes back to 1991, the number of cars in the country keeps increasing. Nowadays, every second Prague citizen owns a car.


Orient Express in Prague

Legendary Orient Express known from the detective novel by Agatha Christie arrived last Saturday at Prague. This luxurious train consisting of seventeen historical wagons travelled from Venice to London via Frankfurt and Paris. Prague is on its route since 1994, nowadays four times a year.

You can enjoy travelling with Venice Simplon-Orient-Express from Venice to London if you’re willing to pay for a ticket eighty thousand Czech crowns . But what you get is an extraordinary experience. You can drink in a bar wagon joined by sounds of piano, by eating your meal in a dining-car you feel like in the most luxurious restaurant where table-napkins are fold with an accuracy of millimeters. Stewards of this train takes care of the highest travel luxury.

If you are interested in joining this train, next opportunity will be on 21st October when this famous train leaves from 1st platform of the main station (Hlavni nadrazi) at 14:45.

Ivan Kral in Prague tonight

The well known Czech musician and producer Ivan Kral will perform in Palac Akropolis club tonight. The legendary rocker, who lives in the USA since the sixties, was part of the New York punk movement in the 70´s.

During his career, he played together with Patti Smith in the Patti Smith Group, later he cooperated with Iggy Pop and others. The most famous song he wrote with Patti Smith is Dancing Barefoot.

In the 90´s, he also influenced the Czech musical scene, and released his solo album there, Nostalgia (1995). He is the author of the soundtrack to movies such as Modre z nebe or Cabriolet. His latest project Eroticka revue was released in 2003.

Tonight, visitors can expect to hear his well known old songs, as well as some of the new ones. The show begins at 7:30pm and the tickets are available in TicketPro and at the venue. Palac Acropolis club is situated in Kubelikova street 27, Prague 3.


Number of anonymous bomb menace has been raised

Prague police records raising number of anonymous bomb threat in Prague due to terrorist menace. All of them have been false alarms. This only raises the nervousness of Prague citizens.

Experts says that this kind of unbalanced people are using the event of terrorist thread, because it force the higher number of policemen to solve this false alarms. The people are mostly outsiders and their goal is to “control” others by their bomb calls. The second group are mostly young “jokers”.

Six anonymous calls appeared during the weekend. One of them said that a bomb is set in the metro tunnel in the bottom of Nuselsky bridge. Fortunately the metro was closed only for a half an hour.

The second one announced about a bomb in hotel Marriot. Over two hundred people were evacuated, still nothing has been there.

Police has to verify every announcement, even the kid’s voice can be heard on the other side of a telephone. On the other hand police is very effective in searching for those people. Modern technologies with a combination of Prague camera system make the fight against those people much easier. An offender can spend up to five years for spreading of a startle.


Terrorist threat in Prague

This weekend have brought the threat of terrorist attacks in Prague. Serious warning about possibility of bomb attack in Prague caused the biggest safety measures in Czech history since 11th September 2001 after the attack on World Trade Center in New York.

An extraordinary session of the Government became at Friday night, the public has been informed in 2.28 AM at Saturday night. Police forces has been mobilized since 4 AM. Terrorist threat is connected with the successful disposal of terrorist efforts in Norway few days ago. The investigation has shown that Prague could be in danger, mostly Jewish objects. Jews had a holiday this weekend, some their objects were closed.

Prague has been protected by dozens of policemen like synagogues, train stations, sub-way lines, the airport, Israel and U.S. embassies and other highly frequented places.
Large number of policemen are equipped with MP-5 sub-machine guns, and bullet-proof vests, armoured vehicles are already used like in front of Ruzyne airport. Police forces are trying to create as few restrictions in Prague as possible.

There is no reason to change habits and intentions for citizens or tourists. Feel free to visit shopping centres, stadiums, monuments or any other places in Prague.

Emergency plan is ready to be launch if necessary. Hospitals and ambulances are prepared for possibility of attack in Prague. They cooperate with medical support in Central Bohemia. They can replace their standard work in the of terrorist attack.


Prague regatta 93th anniversary

Traditional and most popular regatta in Middle Europe “Primatorky” has 93th anniversary. Tournament of eight has different date this year. Original date wasn’t available, because Prague was in a middle of low floods.

The regatta has qualification this Saturday between 11 AM and 5 PM, final ride is at Sunday between 8.50 AM and the noon. Two boats members have world medals – silver Mirka Knapkova and bronze Ondrej Synek.

The regatta will be near Smichov beach, admission free, visitors can won mountain bike in tombola. Weather looks good: 20 Celsius degrees, sunny days.

Paintball Prague Open

Paintball as a one of new popular sports now has it’s own event. This adrenalin sport fused on team cooperation has a tournament and large meeting tomorrow at Letna.

First on schedule list is the official sport Czech Republic championship at 9 A.M., followed by Prague Open tournament, where every one can sign up. Equipment like weapons, protective masks are available for players for free except ammunition.

VIP tournament exhibition begin at 2 p.m, than visitor can see concert at 4 P.M. as well as 7 P.M. Visitors can enjoy the day in Municipal police presentation, there are some competitions, ride on motorcycles, kid’s corner during the day.

Final tournament fights starts at 6 A.M.

New city hall building is fuly functioning

As you could read in our recent article, Prague magistrate started to move into a new building. Large moving from many buildings under one roof has been finished yesterday.

Thousand and fifty office holders is now in Skoda palace in Jungmann street. There is a space for another fifty workers. Last works in the building like fixing information signs, lights is followed by the sound of drills. “Living guideposts” are now temporally made by guards. Nevertheless the office works properly.

The contract for building was signed seven months ago for twenty years, now the office will work more effectively and is more citizen-friendly. All required operation could be made in 1st floor. As Prague mayor Pavel Bem said, the building become like a office supermarket, where customers can use many public utilities at the same time.

The office was visited by a thousand people during the first day. Office has a capacity of a thousand and six hundred people every day. Only four detachments remain at their original positions like New City Hall for the mayor, City council and divisions. Other departments are financial section at Franz Kafka square, Archives of Capital City of Prague and Mayor’s residence.

Fundation stone has been found in functionalism scholl

Benito Juarez’s Elementary school, named after the founder and the first president of Mexico republic has revealed the small secret: The foundation stone has been found in school’s wall.

It was a surprise for everyone, neither school staff nor conservationist know about the existence of the stone. It has been found during repairs of broken water pipe. A granite cube with gold epigraph laid in a wall hole.

Benito Juarez’s Elementary school is a registered national landmark. It has been built in 25th June 1929 as the epigraph says. Prague 6 town hall pays the repair and now things about the fate of the foundation stone. It will be cleaned, glazed in and returned back to it’s original place.

International board-games festival

Board-games festival Deskohrani (board-gaming) present for everyone who has a gaming spirit great opportunity to see, to play and to buy many games, regardless of the age.

Deskohrani begins 30th September and ends 8th October between 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. in Prague Lesser Town in Sokol building. 321 board or card games are for kids, adults, amateurs, professionals for free.

The festival is prepared by the non-profit association Duha, part Děsír – Board Games Club Paluba, in cooperation with the Czech Go Association, Czech Federation of Draughts, Czech Scrabble Association, Czech Federation of Othello, and a few volunteers like me.

Competitions are the part of the festivals as well as official tournaments. So if you are interested than visit 6th Deskohrani anniversary. All required information can be found at official pages.

Prague centre is still bike-unfriendly

Although Prague presents their effort for creating more cycle-ways in Capitol city, still a total length is small. Prague now has about 200 kilometers, but only 64 are only fr bikers, the rest is merged with pedestrian pavements.

New part of cycle-way in length 800 meters has been inaugurated by Prague mayor Pavel Bem yesterday. But the way is a cycle-way just because there are signs which says that. So thee are sections with “Walk with bike” sign, a phone booth in a middle of the way, bus station, surface unfriendly with narrow-tyre bikes and of course pedestrians.

Prague’s effort is appreciated, but still the large work is ahead. ride on bicycle in the centre is so unfriendly, that only one per cent of citizens is willing to use a bike for a travel into the heart of Prague. The biggest problem is lack of cycle-ways there, so bikers have to ride with cars at same road.

As members of organizations focused on better travelling for bikers says, the Prague should use restoration of streets and roads as a chance to cheap creating of cycle-ways.

Vinohrady vintage opened by Charles IV and St. Wenceslav

Vinohrady district means “a vineyard” and upon Vinohrady hill grapes matured from 14th century. The begin of vintage made by historical persons makes vintage in centre of Prague very festival.

The emperor Charles IV. arrive 22nd September to Grobovka vineyard with her wife and he will read king viticulture decree from year 1348.

Than the emperor and the real mayor of Vinohrady playing one of alderman start wine-tasting of Gorbovka vine from wine-vault Lechovice. St. Wenceslav, the patron of vine-grower will take a speech too.

Vrsovice chateau becomes a hotel

When you choose a ride through Vrsovice, for example by train to Benesov town you can see upon green hill covered by trees, with a white wall at the bottom, beautiful small chateau showing that it is one of few Prague’s spots where classical development ends down there and the hill is only for the only proud and elegant structure.

Vrsovice chateau lost their population: office holders and now the fate awaits. And we can say that is is not bad decision, The chateau becomes four-star hotel with eighty bedrooms. But now the hotel needs some restoration.

The chateau hasn’t been only a place where magistrate like old aldermen stayed. It has been a place where weddings has been made. And it will be in the future too. The wedding room and front entrance will have the same purpose, hotel entrance is in side entrance. The chateau will have also a police station, but hotel guests will appreciate fitness centre, swimming pool or hairdresser more.

The chateau is rent for thirty years for 563 thousands crowns per month.

Trains will be faster than metro

Prague still improves their system of public transport. Now is one of the best in Europe. Next step is better using of railways in Prague.

Problems with star-shaped metro system can solve surface rail transport much faster than trams, which are used only in central parts anyway. Of course that Prague uses railways for distant travel, but Prague citizens can use train as well as bus, tram or metro: tickets, short-term as well as long-term, can be used in Prague an out of Prague at some rails.

Works on new railway tracks with combination of the old tracks used only for freight trucks offer another effective type of transport. New train sets with gas-engines will help with that.

This brings not only new transport lines like connection of Smichov, Vrsovice, Zahradni mesto, Malesice, Bechovice, but also completely new stations. These steps will make faster and more straight transport in Prague.


New sigmund Freud's statue

Sigmund Freud will have the statue in Prague. Freud is the father of psycho-analysis, author of many books, terms and procedures which are used nowadays.

Freud was born in Bohemia and as a part of 150th birth anniversary Prague will place his statue in Prague centre. The statue will be at Kozi placek in area of Josefov and Old Town District.

Sigmund Freud has also an exhibition in Prague.

Auctions returns and they are still popular

Dorotheum co. auction was very successful on last Saturday. It was a first auction after summer holidays with artworks. Almost three hundred artworks has been sold for sixteen million crowns.

The paint from 18th century called Country festivity has been sold for 750 thousands crowns, which is 150 per cents of the starting prize. but most successful has been an auction of a oil paint made by unknown Italian painter from 19th century signed as a Ferrarino. Two bidders rose the prize from starting 180 thousands to 1,4 million crowns.

Other thing has been sold, not only artwork like a woolen carpet for 55 thousands or a Turkish scimitar inlaid with gold for 85 thousands.

Stefanik's Bridge will be repaired

Stefanik’s Bridge, Libensky bridge and Hlavkuv bridge require repair. It’s bad condition has been found after floods 2002. Stefanik’s bridge is the first in queue.

The repair was planned to this year, but council hadn’t enough money, so the repair will start next year. The appropriation is 440 million crowns in budget for the next year. 350 millions will take the repair of the bridge itself, 90 millions are for the repair of the tram line.

The bridge’s framework will be straighten, isolation renewed and the roadway will be completely replaced. The bridge was built in 50’s in 20th century.

LIbensky bridge from year 1928 will be removed and the wider copy of it will be placed instead. Hlavkuv bridge is a part of north-south arterial. It was built between 1910-1914. It’s repair will start after the construction of the new Libensky bridge.

Cannonball 8000 race

Another race has track through the Prague, After Luis Vutton’s veteran race and very successful Czech Wrecks 2006 race another band of cars appeared in Prague. This time Prague has been only a checkpoint place.

Cannonball 8000 is a secret race of rich men. Porsche, Lamborgini, Bentley, Ferrari or Maserati brands has start in London and finish line is Budapest. 240 competitors in 120 cars had only 72 hours to get from the start to the finish.

Police didn’t noticed any problems with them during a monitoring. The crew has a large party on Prague Saturday night.


Public transport upgrades

Prague transport continues with improving of their fleet. Prague want to keep the ratio 60:40 public transport : individual transport.

Prague will offer 53 modernized trams. Some of them will be articulated. Five trams will have a barrierless access, two of them will be on rails this year. Other thing is buying of new buses. It wold be at least fifty, but it can be even one hundred.

Metro still continues with spreading. Three stations are built in the read C line in the north. Stations should be opened in summer 2008. B line still has old Soviet train set, but all of them will replaced. Next year it will be ten sets.


Prague airport can have third runway

The struggle between Prague intent and activists in some Prague districts will probably continue, but the construction of a new runway at Ruzyne airport is on the way.

Prague council made as one of their last decisions allowing to build the runway in Ruzyne. No one council member disagreed. The new runway will offer to land more airplanes on the airport, but this number won’t be high. Most planes will use the new runway instead of an old one.

This will bring a peace to tens thousands of people under the corridor where planes fly now. But as it is in almost every case, there are people who are against it. Like a Nebusice association what doesn’t agree with the new runway, because the planes will fly near Nebusice and Predni Kopanina districts.

Still the runway will help to much more people than will harm.


Rugby cup has been presented in Prague

Rugby Webb Ellis Cup named after the founder of rugby is in Prague. Most precious trophy visits Czech Republic, because stadium of Czech rugby champions hosts Czech and Spanish national teams. Qualification match is in town Ricany few kilometers from Prague on Saturday.

Webb Ellis cup has been awarded every year since 1987. It is only 38 centimeters high, and it is made of gold-plated silver. It has been brought to Czech Republic with personal cup bodyguard.

The trophy is in Prague for three days. Czech Republic hasn’t much chances to reach it, but we will try.

Prague council ends, the elections ahead

Yesterday brought last Prague council meeting. 70 members decided about last things. It is four years since their first day.

Can be the Council proud on their work? Their work started few days after the catastrophic floods in year 2002. Metro was out of order, tens of thousands people became homeless and Prague has 30 milliards crown of damages.

Now Prague works on an extension of metro system, cycle tracks, road circuits, a new runway, gives millions to the restoration of monuments or to the drug prevention. Prague zoo is on of the most modern in the world, more money come to social, sport and educational system. Still, Prague budget is in black numbers. Some unpopular decision has been made like making the public transport more expensive, but it looks like successful years.

European week of mobility

Tomorrow starts eighth European week of mobility and Prague takes part of it for fifth time. This event is more and more popular so now more than forty towns and cities in Czech Republic is joined in this movement for a lesser number of cars in municipal streets.

Prague will close Smetanovo riverside for self-propelled motor vehicles. This event want to promote public transport instead of individual transport. Prague has very advanced and complex system of public transport used of millions passengers every day with no social distance.

Prague prepared for each day some type of supporting programme for kids as well as for adult people.

Today have citizens and visitors of Prague chance to see what is the meaning and programme all about. Special type of a tram is very helpful in that.

Tomorrow brings opening days at terminal of metro green line A Depo Hostivar, the newest metro station. Public transport Co. has prepared a competition for kids “Become a driver of public transport”. Depo also offers exhibition of Public Transport engineering. Than eighth selected trams will take promoting ride to Palachovo square, where Smetanovo nabrezi will be festively closed by mayor of Prague.


Karlin Theatre has the curtain back

Years passed since huge Prague floods in year 2002. One of the most damaged city district was Karlin. Now Karlin theatre comes alive. One of the strongest symbols of each theatres is the curtain. Karlin’s now has this symbol back.

The curtain has survived floods because it was threw up before the floods came. Because the theatre has been under restoration, the owners decided to restore the curtain too. Transporting such a large piece of heavy and coloured fabric from the end of 19th century was difficult, so the restorers had to roll the curtain to a cylinder.

The curtain has 8,3×12 meters and over four hundred kilograms so the curtain was restored at tennis courts in Zbraslav. Restorers had to dry, to line and to fixate the curtain before the own restoration.

Now the curtain will be used before each performance. First performance starts on 12th October presenting musical Producenti.


Memorial at Vitkov hill will be closed

National memorial at Vitkov Hill is vibrant of life in these days. This is something like goodbye before a time of a sleep – the memorial will be under reconstruction for three years.

Vitkov Memorial is known for the largest equestrian statue in the world. It was a memorial of legionaries and it was a mausoleum for communistic president Klement Gottwald during some years of a totality.

After reconstruction in 2009, there will be modern museum about Czech history of 20th century. The museum should have multimedia expositions and presentations. First exposition will be Masaryk’s Republic 1918-1928. Tomas Garrigue Masaryk is the founder and first president of Czechoslovakia. Money for reconstruction comes from State budget.

Last days in Vitkov Memorial belong to a theater cycle Nights in Mausoleum. This event was very popular on May and therefore it returns.


Scrapman at Prague Andel

Sculptor Ondrej Sklenar decided to call people’s attention to ecologic processing of an old electrical appliances. He has start to create a sculpture of “Scrapman”. It is a figure made of old appliances.

The material is brought by citizens. It is made of refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, computers, TVs etc. The organisers of this event don’t want any money for that. The giant sculpture will stay in Andel space until Sunday, then the Scrapman will be take into parts.

Similar event was made five months ago, when another sculptor made the Memorial of Unknown Pig compound of litter dropped in area of Prague 5. The memorial was made from old refrigerators, kitchen-stoves and other dump.

Cashback service in Czech hypermarkets

Cashback service eg. the option to withdraw money in shops and supermarkets comes to Czech Republic.

This service was available only in Datart shops with electronics for users of customer cards. Now cashback is available in hypermarkets Hypernova and supermarkets Albert.

This can be used by owners of CSOB Postovni sporitelna (Post Savings bank), and also Visa and MasterCard. It counts with credit cards, asset cards and even with electronic versions. The condition is to buy goods in a shop. Than the owner of the card can withdraw between 300 and 1500,- crowns.

Ceska sporitelna (Czech Savings bank) counts with cashback next year.

Pyrotechnists strikes

Heavily armoured pyrotechnist has got a work yesterday in Prague. Someone called police number 158, because he has seen a suspicious suitcase in Kinsky square.

Police also used a dog trained in recognizing bombs. Than one of pyrotechnists took the suitcase and give it into police vehicle. Fortunately the suitcase has been empty. It is possible than someone want to create a chaos or someone has been to lay to take the old suitcase into an garbage pail.


Tram driver was riding drunk

An anonymous passenger called to Public Transit Co. yesterday afternoon. He said that the driver of a tram drunk some alcohol during a ride. Transport supervisors immediately arrived to control the driver.

The driver has 0,9 per thousand of the alcohol in a blood. Supervisors called police and after their arrival police measured out 3,3 per thousand.

The driver can be charged with a menace under habit forming substance. A hearing can be made after drivers disenchantment. He will be fired with no doubts.


Biggest woman tennis legend with Czech origin ends

Martina Navratilova, a woman who is a living legend in tennis ends with her sport. This Saturday was a last day of her carrier and she has won US open doubles. She has fiftieth birthday next month.

Her first Grand Slam fight was in year 1973, she won tournament in Orlando in year 1974. She escaped from communistic Czechoslovakia to USA a year later.

Her name has a large number of world women tennis records. The highest number of titles in singles: 167, doubles: 177. The highest number of wins in singles: 1440. Most years in top ten: 10. Longest set of won tournaments: 13. The oldest winner of Grand Slam: 49 years, the oldest winner of WTA singles: 47 years. Martina Navratilova is also only one women who has won singles, doubles and mix in all four Grand Slams.

More about her can offer Wikipedia.

Czech flag from NY Ground Zero in Prague

Czech flag what has an origin in New York’s World Trade Center has been found in Ground Zero with other 35 flags months ago. 5th anniversary of the attack on WTC brought Czech flag to home country.

The flag has been presented by Czech foreign minister Alexander Vondra and American ambassador in Czech Republic William Cabaniss. The flag is dirty and large part of a right top corner is missing.

The flag was in the south tower of WTC with dozens of others in the second floor five years ago. Now the flag will return back to United Stated, to Czech national house in New York.

PayPal service is in Czech Republic in full version

PayPal, an American company very known for E-Bay users, could be used in full version in Czech Republic in four days.

Czech users can use only sending via PayPal service until now. This Thursday brings an option to accept money and even to send them to client’s bank. Sending and receiving is for free.


Radotin firemen has a new fire brigade station

Radotin firemen can fight against the fire more effectively now. New fire brigade truck and a car with ladder are new gifts from Prague. It is 120th Radotin volunteer firemen anniversary.

With that a new fire brigade station has been opened. The station is used by volunteer firemen, professional firemen and also Prague emergency service. The station is in V sudech street in grounds of a former school. The station has a sixty meters long noise barrier.

Cut the tape has been a part of the grand opening. But now the tape has been made of a steel pipe and a mayor deputy of Prague Rudolf Blazek cut the pipe with a hydraulic cutters.

Thirty Egyptians escaped from a refugee camp

A group of asylum seekers from Egypt escaped from refugee camp in Velke Prilepy near Prague. It has happened this Saturday night. Three of them were captured, the rest dissapeared.

All refugees are from Egypt and they have almost no chance to get asylum in Czech Republic. Czech Republic accepts asylant seekers only by rules of Genevian conventions: refugees escaping in case of a political or a religion persecution. Egyptians are trying to get to Czech Republic because of economic situation.

The future of Egyptians would be mostly simple: return back to Egypt, so the refugees has nothing to lose. Unpleasant conditions in refugee camp are not very kind for refugees. Barbed wire, armed guards and almost nothing to do in a camp make things worse. Refugees feel like in a prison, for example they have only a small asphalt ground in the open air.

Footbal team Slavia starts stadium construction

Football Slavia team will built a new stadium. This mean that one of famous Czech teams will have finally it’s home after years. Slavia club sign contract with Hochtief company for building today.

The stadium will have 21 thousand seats and it’s cost will be almost one milliard crowns. The works would begin in October. The construction would be finished in March 2008.

The investment would return after fifteen years. The stadium complex will provide administrative, commercial and accommodation services. It is also planned train station with a name Slavia.

Antonin Dvorak's 165 birth anniversary

Antonin Dvorak is the most important composer of Czech classical music and his masterpiece Symphony No.9, “From the New World” is known in the whole world. He spent many years in USA as a director of the National Conservatory of Music in New York City, whe he composed this symphony.

Dvorak was born on September 8, 1841 in Nelahozeves near Prague. He was in America between years 1892 and 1895. His statue was erected in New York Stuyvesant Square.

Dvorak died on May 1, 1904. He is interred in the Vysehrad cemetery.


Luis Vutton's race will have an afterparty

.. but not at Charles Bridge. New selected place is Alsovo nabrezi (embankment). The company want to have a view of Charles Bridge and Prague Castle.

The nabrezi awaits for drivers of luxury cars. The cars can be seen at Hradcanske square. Large party will host 300 people: racers, politicians, businessmen etc.

The party is only for invited people, but visitors of Prague can see fifteen minutes long fireworks beginning at quarter to ten. The party will be from Friday to Saturday.

A new tram got off the rails

A new low-floor tram has accident yesterday. The tram got off the rails during it’s testing on a test rail in Hostivar depot. The tram hit a car parked near rails and badly injured one technician and a driver of a tram.

The tram is third one with Porsche design. First one is already on tracks, second one is used for training and third one was tested. The accident happened during testing of brakes in “cut off test”. The tram rode maximum speed and the driver has had use an emergency brake, but it is highly possible that the brake didn’t work.

The overseeing technician has been hit by the tram. The driver impacted the fascia-board and the wind-screen, he split a chest vetebra, but he immediately run to help to his colleague. The technician has a double fracture of his right leg, broken left blade-bone and three ribs.

Prague Public Transit Co. now research the accident. The damage on the tram is expected at 56 millions crowns.


Extreme sports Sunday

Go Zlute lazne (Yellow Spa) host third volume of extreme music-sports festival G2 Joyride 2006. Over one hundred sportsman present their skills in adrenaline sports.

Czech championship in wakeboarding e.g. water-(snow)boarding is a most attractive part, but there is a lot more. Visitors can see para drop to Vltava river from a plane, water-ski exhibition or a beach rugby.

Other parts of G2 Joyride are a breakdance contest (XStream zone) or final part of a Prague streetball league (Streetball zone). Quicksilver zone will offer tricks on a skateboard, a free style BMX of tricks with a footbag.

The admission for this large event is free.


Czech Digital TV hass to wait a year at least

A court decided to channel all six licences for digital TV broadcasting yesterday. A director of TV Nova David Novak prosecuted the Committee for radio and television broadcasting, because competition for broadcasting was nontransparent.

Official start of digital broadcasting was planned to the first spring day 2007, but it is impossible now. TV Nova wants to have seven channels. TV Nova and TV Prima can be happy, because they are only commercing televisions, broadcasting in whole Czech Republic, so the money from advertisements are theirs.

TV station what have to wait are Febio TV, TV pohoda (full format TVs), news Z1, Ocko music station and RTA regional TV. Their licences are now cancelled. It is not certain how long does it will all take.

Lost snake has been found

Two meters long boa snake was lost in Prague metro this Sunday. Fortunately the snake has been found on Tuesday.

The snake has been found in metro in eight p.m. by passenger. The boa was in transport box and police expects that someone took the box, because he thinks that is a money box. When he saw the large snake, he changed his mind.

The owner is a breeder from Prague-Haje, who forget the snake in train in Mustek station. When he realized he lost the snake he immediately call police. Experts said from the beginning that such “small” snake is no thread. The boa snake could be dangerous in 4,5 meters of length.

Main station repair will be late

Prague Main train station (Wilson station) should be reconstructed now, but still nothing happens. Italian investor Grandi Stazioni advance the date three times.

Last expectations talks about the end of November and the investor says, that works will definitely start this year. Now the works wait for a building permission and also selection of a construction company. A company will select the order of build plan, but certain is that works will start in the entrance hall.

The works have had started this March, than this summer. Last change was planned to October. The deadline and plans won’t change. You can read about the reconstruction in an older article.


St. Vitus Cathedral belongs to Church, changes appears

St. Vitus Cathedral, the one of most important monuments of Catholic church in Europe is definitely in it’s property. The church have won a trial with Czech state. Now the new owner applies changes in this sanctuary.

Most important is that a ticket allowing to get to payed part of St. Vitus has to be payed separate from Prague Castle ticket now. Next bad thing is that free part of the cathedral is smaller now. The next things sounds better.

Schools with a teacher has a free admission to all cathedral as well as pilgrims with their priest. Adults pay 100 crowns, the half is for kids 6-15 years, students and seniors over 65 years. All chapels have descriptions in Czech and English and it is allowed to use a camera free.


National technical museum will be closed for year and a half

National Technical Museum at Letna will be closed from 12th September to 1,5 years. The building has first general repair since 1942. The last opening day is this Sunday. From 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. is prepared for visitors large programme.

The visitors can also see history and information about the museum as well as planned reconstruction. The museum will present functional steam engine or a new Jawa motorcycle.

Visitors can expect more space for museum after the reconstruction with new expositions like an architecture, an astronomy, an industrial design, a polygraph or a communication.


Legendary motorcycle returns

Jawa brand was a synonym for motorcycle in Czechoslovakia during communistic era. Most popular was Jawa 550 pioneer nicknamed Stump. Now Czech company Motoscoot presents reborn version of this very popular machine.

New version has a prosaic name: New Pioneer and is is almost the same as a fifty years old type of the motorcycle. There is only small number of changes, like four-cylinder Honda engine instead of original two-cylinder.

The motorcycle is made in China in limited version 555 pieces. The cost is 38 555 CZK or 28 890 crowns. This vehicle is made as a thing of nostalgia, but it can be used as well as a normal motorcycle or better as a scooter.

The photo of the old Jawa is here. The new one looks almost the same.

Madonna is in Prague

Madonna, pop star queen visit Prague. She arrived yesterday afternoon to old Ruzyne airport and after that immediately rode to Four Seasons hotel. Madonna is in Prague for the first time. After her visit of hotel she went to Prague synagogue.

Madonna has two performance: the first is today and second one tomorrow. Both concerts has been sold out only hours after the begin of selling. The tickets can be bought on the Internet in cost of ten thousand from profiteers.

But police warns that fans of Madonna can be deceived, because it is expected that false tickets can appear. It is a week ago, when police caught a band of criminals who made false tickets.

A sapling of the oldest tree in the world will raise in Prague

“As old as Methuselah” is said. The oldest living organism on Earth has this name. It is a “long-aged pine” (pinus longaeva) living in United States. The tree has 4,780 years and it is older than Giza pyramids in Egypt. Prague now has a one sapling of this tree.

Vaclav Vetvicka plant the small tree in Botanical garden Faculty of science of Charles University, Prague. The tree was brought by David Millarch, US gardener, founder of old trees survival project -Champion Tree.

Methuselah has only ten saplings and no more is now allowed for this time. Nine of them are in USA and the tenth is in Czech Republic now. The little tree with the name Methuselah Jr. will spend next fifty years in a glasshouse, protected against external influences and a theft.

Czech Republic has the new Government

The New Government begin their ruling at 2 p.m. today. The president of Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus inaugurated 14 new ministers. Mirek Topolanek, the head of Civic democrats is now Prime minister and his government has all legal power. The old Government has ended.

The government has now exactly one month to gain the Confidence of Chamber of Deputies. If government fails, the president will offer a change to create a new cabinet to another person. The name what is mostly listen is Jiri Paroubek, the chairman of Social Democrats party, who was second in the elections.

The new Government is now in an unpleasant situation. As it was in recent months, the right-wing parties still has only one hundred seats in the Chamber of Deputies out of two hundred. Paroubek says that no one from his party will accept this government, so it looks that Topolanek’s government can now wait for “the execution”. He has thirty days to think about his after-life.


Kid's Days With Safety Engineering

Prague prepared for kids event at last holiday weekend at Letna. it was Kid’s Days With Safety Engineering, who has to goal to introduce equipment of emergency, fire brigade, police or army to kids.

Over forty vehicles could visitors see from present time as well as from history. Firemen presented for example a horse fire-engine, a high-lift platform with an escape sleeve. The emergency show an emergency truck. It has a new name: Golem.

Prague municipal police prepared the children’s traffic playground and kids even gained “children driving licence”. 152th emergency regiment of Czech army presented how they can build tent-town for people who lost their homes.

The event has a great success, almost twenty thousand kids and parents visited it.

Czech success in Dragon boat race in Prague

Dragon boat European championship were this year in Prague. Visitors could see last weekend in Yellow spa at Vltava river many disciplines of this sport. Czech team was very successful.

Czech team won in 2000 meters track in men as well as women category. Saturday brought narrow victory for Czech team in 200 meters track, that they have won against Russian team by 0,03 seconds.

Czechs have also four bronze medals. The team was supported by fans at shore. Strong parts of Czech team are Vaclav Chalupa or one of best canoeist in the world Martin Doktor.

Tram semaphore are obsolete

Trams use obsolete and relatively dangerous stoplights in Prague as well as in another Czech cities. Some Prague cross-roads are dangerous because a tram has almost no time between tram “red light” and green light for cars.

Tram semaphores are different from usual road semaphores. They has T-shape made of four lights. Combination of alighted lights shows which way the tram can ride (left, right, straight) or if has to stop. But this monochromatic semaphore has one problem: A driver of tram can’t be prepared for stop sign, there is no yellow “set!” light.

This mean that driver can reach the cross-road in same time when stop sign appears. It is impossible to stop immediately, because of safety of passengers, so the tram has to continue in ride. But green light for drivers appears in very close time, at some places after three seconds.

That’s why Prague a council-member Mr. Steiner want to discuss with other city halls in Czech Republic and try to change traffic law. This can bring new semaphores, like has Germany or Austria. This would be great help for drivers of trams as well as for car drivers.


Prague save rare species of horses

The owner of horses has been bankrupt and Prague decided to buy them, because they afraid that the bloodline of horses would be weaken and disappear. The horses are Huculs and their line leads unashamedly to wild mountain horses what were in Europe centuries ago.

The batch of horses have eleven mares and seven stallions. The cost of horses is between 12 to 55 thousand crowns. Prague wants to safe this natural heritage, because hucul horses were used in army during World War but their need disappeared during years. The world has only about a thousand of horses.

Prague wants to add them to rescue breeding programme of Prague Zoo where are now Przewalskeho horses. The adding will take about three years and the horses will be used for hypo therapy until the date.

Changes in public transport ends

This weekend brings last days holiday and changes in public transporst ends. Most changes are in intervals, which will be shorter, and return of some tram and bus lines to streets.

The end many street works causes return of lines to proper route. They are trams 5, 10, 11, 17, 19, 24, 26, 36, 51, 53 and lines from Ladvi to Letnany and all lines leading trough Republiky square.

As a new, some lines will continue in their route to other dtations bus lines 124, 230 or 260. Completely new lines are 330 from Depo Hostivar to Uvaly, line 391 from Uvaly to Klanovice and night bus 606 from Prague-Budejovicka to Jesenice town.


Banks are improving internet banking protection

It was few ago, when someone has stolen money from bank account of ten Commercial bank clients. An “Internet thief” breakthrough to company computers where he stole certificates and passwords. Than he has stolen money from bank accounts.

Even the incorrect protecting was at side of clients, bank returned money from their reserves. But now comes with better protection system used in another Czech banks- GE Money Bank, Citibank, Volksbanks. Protection scheme using verification SMS will be for free.

Commercial bank hasn’t made changes alone. Same system will now use another large bank – Czech Saving Bank.