Compact archive September 15, 2006

Prague airport can have third runway

The struggle between Prague intent and activists in some Prague districts will probably continue, but the construction of a new runway at Ruzyne airport is on the way.

Prague council made as one of their last decisions allowing to build the runway in Ruzyne. No one council member disagreed. The new runway will offer to land more airplanes on the airport, but this number won’t be high. Most planes will use the new runway instead of an old one.

This will bring a peace to tens thousands of people under the corridor where planes fly now. But as it is in almost every case, there are people who are against it. Like a Nebusice association what doesn’t agree with the new runway, because the planes will fly near Nebusice and Predni Kopanina districts.

Still the runway will help to much more people than will harm.


Rugby cup has been presented in Prague

Rugby Webb Ellis Cup named after the founder of rugby is in Prague. Most precious trophy visits Czech Republic, because stadium of Czech rugby champions hosts Czech and Spanish national teams. Qualification match is in town Ricany few kilometers from Prague on Saturday.

Webb Ellis cup has been awarded every year since 1987. It is only 38 centimeters high, and it is made of gold-plated silver. It has been brought to Czech Republic with personal cup bodyguard.

The trophy is in Prague for three days. Czech Republic hasn’t much chances to reach it, but we will try.

Prague council ends, the elections ahead

Yesterday brought last Prague council meeting. 70 members decided about last things. It is four years since their first day.

Can be the Council proud on their work? Their work started few days after the catastrophic floods in year 2002. Metro was out of order, tens of thousands people became homeless and Prague has 30 milliards crown of damages.

Now Prague works on an extension of metro system, cycle tracks, road circuits, a new runway, gives millions to the restoration of monuments or to the drug prevention. Prague zoo is on of the most modern in the world, more money come to social, sport and educational system. Still, Prague budget is in black numbers. Some unpopular decision has been made like making the public transport more expensive, but it looks like successful years.

European week of mobility

Tomorrow starts eighth European week of mobility and Prague takes part of it for fifth time. This event is more and more popular so now more than forty towns and cities in Czech Republic is joined in this movement for a lesser number of cars in municipal streets.

Prague will close Smetanovo riverside for self-propelled motor vehicles. This event want to promote public transport instead of individual transport. Prague has very advanced and complex system of public transport used of millions passengers every day with no social distance.

Prague prepared for each day some type of supporting programme for kids as well as for adult people.

Today have citizens and visitors of Prague chance to see what is the meaning and programme all about. Special type of a tram is very helpful in that.

Tomorrow brings opening days at terminal of metro green line A Depo Hostivar, the newest metro station. Public transport Co. has prepared a competition for kids “Become a driver of public transport”. Depo also offers exhibition of Public Transport engineering. Than eighth selected trams will take promoting ride to Palachovo square, where Smetanovo nabrezi will be festively closed by mayor of Prague.


Karlin Theatre has the curtain back

Years passed since huge Prague floods in year 2002. One of the most damaged city district was Karlin. Now Karlin theatre comes alive. One of the strongest symbols of each theatres is the curtain. Karlin’s now has this symbol back.

The curtain has survived floods because it was threw up before the floods came. Because the theatre has been under restoration, the owners decided to restore the curtain too. Transporting such a large piece of heavy and coloured fabric from the end of 19th century was difficult, so the restorers had to roll the curtain to a cylinder.

The curtain has 8,3×12 meters and over four hundred kilograms so the curtain was restored at tennis courts in Zbraslav. Restorers had to dry, to line and to fixate the curtain before the own restoration.

Now the curtain will be used before each performance. First performance starts on 12th October presenting musical Producenti.