Compact archive December 27, 2006

Living Nativity Scene at the Prague Castle

A charitable performance called “Living Nativity Scene” took place by the St. Vitus Cathedral at the Prague Castle few days ago. You can see it there once again on 6th January 2007. The profit of the event will go to the foundation “Help the children”.

The show is performed by students of dramatic art. It is inspired by biblical stories and there are scenes from old Czech folk-plays. Also Christmas carols, those well-known and also some less-known ones, are performed there.

Joseph and Maria, the three Magi, angels and the devil play a role in the performance. Only Infant Jesus is replaced by a doll. The Living Nativity Scene takes place there for a fourth time already and it caught attention of Prague Castle visitors and tourists.


Fireworks on New Year´s Day in Prague

The traditional New Years´s Day fireworks will be fired from the Letna Gardens this year. It promises to be a spectacular show with almost 7 000 flares, lasting 15 minutes.

It will be a colourful performance of 20 “pictures”, including traditional flower motifs, large geometric effects and a big finale. It will be possible to watch the fireworks from the quays of the river Vltava, from bridges and all the high places in Prague. The ideal place for watching it is the Cechuv most (bridge) and the quay around it.

These fireworks will take place on 1st January at 6 pm. It will be soon after dark, so it is possible to enjoy it even if you are a family with children.

Fireworks on the New Year´s Eve at midnight will take place at the Wenceslas Square.

Cuban music in Roxy Club tonight

Do you fancy spending a night dancing to Cuban rhythms? There is a party of Cuban music, called Fiesta Latina, in Roxy Club tonight!

The music group “SANTY y su Son de Cuba” will certainly draw you into dancing. Their music combines several styles, such as salsa, merengue, guanguanco, afro and others.

You can also see an afro-latin dancing performance there, as well as a thematic film projection, and enjoy Cuban drinks.

The party starts tonight at 7:30 pm and the entrance fee is 100 CZK. The Roxy Club is situated in Dlouha Street 33, Prague 1. You can go there on foot from the Old Town Square, or from the nearest underground station Namesti Republiky.


Prague - a popular Christmas destination

Prague is one of the five most visited places in the European Union during Christmas. There are about 50 – 60 000 tourists in the city these days. They enjoy especially the Christmas markets. About two thirds of the tourists are from the countries of the EU.

While Prague citizens were in a hurry to buy some Christmas presents when they can, tourists came to the city to relax and that´s why they mostly enjoyed the Christmas events in Prague more.

The Christmas market in the Old Town Square was full of tourists, who chose Christmas goods there and watched the killing of carps with surprise: many of them didn´t know, that it is a Czech tradition, to have a carp to dinner on Christmas Eve.

The traditional Czech Christmas Mass by J. J. Ryba was performed at the Old Town Square and people listened, drinking mull – the hot spiced wine.

About 70% hotel rooms in Prague were full during Christmas and it will be even more on New Year´s Eve – there will be no vacancy left in the city.


Czech Cubist architecture exhibition

You have a chance to visit an exhibition of extraordinary Czech artistic phenomenon these days: the exhibition of Czech architectural Cubism in the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery in Prague.

Prague was a second European centre of Cubism after Paris, since 1909. Czech artists, inspired by the Parisian Cubists, developed this style in architecture and design, and it evolved in the unique Czech architectural Cubism.

The exhibition focuses on the most important period between 1911 and 1914 and it introduces the outstanding personalities such as Pavel Janak, Josef Gocar, Vlastislav Hofman, Josef Chochol and Emil Kralicek. The exhibition shows Cubist buildings realized in Prague and also in several other Czech cities. You can see Cubist design there and also some projects, that were not realized.

The exhibition lasts till 11th February 2007. You can find the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery in Betlemske Namesti (square) 5a, Prague 1.