Compact archive January 18, 2007

President awarded an Honourable Doctorate

The President of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus, was awarded an Honourable Doctorate by the Scientific Board Meeting of Czech Technical University. It happened in the Bethlehem Chapel in Prague on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the university foundation.

The Scientific Board regards Vaclav Klaus as a brilliant economist with original ideas. They appreciate his lifelong contribution to national and international economics and politics.

Vaclav Klaus expressed in his speech that without Czech Technical University the Czech university education system would incline towards humanities.

Birth of the baby gorilla will be probably online

Thousands of visitors came to Prague Zoo to see the baby gorilla Moja which was born in December two years ago. People far away could also see the life of gorillas in Prague Zoo online thanks to the ‘reality show’ The Revealed that was evaluated as the best in the category ARKive Interactive Award in the prestigious competition Wildscreen.

Another baby gorilla will be born soon and again three cameras are there to broadcast what is happening. It is most likely that the birth will be online. “We don’t want to make a show from it. It’s important that gorilla Kamba won’t be disturbed and will give birth in the presence of other gorillas,” said the spokesman of Prague Zoo Vit Kahle.

Kamba is the oldest gorilla in Prague Zoo. It was born in Africa in 1972, probably in Cameroon rainforest. This will be her first baby. Another gorilla, Kijivu, is expecting a baby in May.


Petr Cech can play again

Goalkeeper Petr Cech, one of the best Czech football player, is totally healthy and can return to the normal training and to matches without any limitations. That is the statement of the doctors from the Neurosurgery Clinic in Oxford.

Petr Cech was badly injured on 14th October 2006 when his opponent hit Cech’s head with his knee. Many people thought it would be the end of Cech’s playing. Now, after three months, Cech is ready to play again and, according to him, he feels really fit and in good condition. His first match after the injury will be probably in Liverpoo this Saturday.

Petr Cech now wants to play only in a special helmet which would protect the injured part of his head. Using the helmet during the matches has to be first approved by The Football Association. Petr Cech is, however, used to the helmet, he has been training with it the last two months.

Prague's taxi drivers protest

Few days ago the Czech newspaper Mlada Fronda DNES published an article about some Prague’s taxi drivers cheating their customers. The journalists, who pretended to be foreign visitors of the Czech capital, found out that six taxi drivers out of ten overcharged their services. MF DNES also offered some advice for people taking a taxi in Prague.

Yesterday at 2 p.m. hundreds of taxi drivers in their cars protested against the article in front of the publishing house of the newspaper in Radlicka street near Andel. They totally blocked the main road. They wanted to show their disagreement with the article and they asked an apology. They claim that not everybody is cheating.

The editor-in-chief Robert Casensky defended his employees by saying the journalist revealed really scandalous cases that damage the good reputation of Prague and the Czech Republic. They are going to continue the checks of Prague’s taxi drivers.


Bomb thread evacuated Prague's airport

Prague’s International Airport had to be evacuated because of a bomb thread yesterday. The redaction of internet portal got an email saying that there was a bomb somewhere in the area for travellers. The bomb was supposed to explode between 4 and 6 p.m. The redaction immediately contacted the airport.

At 4 p.m., when the airport got the message, the police closed all terminals (South, North I and II) and started to search for any trace of explosive material. All travellers had to leave the building and wait outside. No planes took off, only landed. Those planes, however, had to wait on the side runways and passengers had to stay on board.

The police together with the alien police did not find any bomb and the airport started to operate normally at about half past six. The last evacuation of the Prague’s airport, because of an anonymous bomb thread, happened last September.