Compact archive February 16, 2007

Prague's stand in the shape of Charles Bridge

Prague Exhibition Ground welcomes these days thousands of visitors on the fair Holiday World that introduces tourism in many countries of the world. Prague will be represented by a special stand – in the shape of Charles Bridge.

Charles Bridge celebrates 650th anniversary this year and therefore this image wasn’t chosen randomly. At the stand people can see documentary films about Prague monuments and culture.

Prague is represented in many international tourism fairs, such as those in London, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona or Sidney. The representatives try to chose various shapes of the stand that measures about 50 square meters.

The first stand presenting the Old Town Square won many awards. The last one that was thematically connected with Mozart anniversary won The Best Stand Award in London last year.


Chemical Brothers will perform in Prague

Fans of electronic dance music can look forward to the concert of British Chemical Brothers whose concert is planed for this summer in Prague. Tickets for the concert are already on sale from today.

Chemical Brothers, a Grammy Award winners, will perform in the Czech Republic for the second time. Their last album was issued in 2005 but a new album is about to appear this year. The band Chemical Brothers consists of Tom Rowland and Ed Simmons who call themselves The Dust Brothers.

Their concert will take place in the Sport Hall of Prague Exhibition Ground on 10th August 2007. Tickets can be bought via Ticketpro or Ticketportal for 770 CZK.

National Theatre in Prague celebrates 400 years of opera

It’s been 400 years since the first premiere of an opera in the world. Opera Europe organises special celebrations in many countries in Europe. The National Theatre in Prague joins the celebrations as well in a special way.

Today and the next two days Prague Theatre will offer Aida by Verdi, Don Giovanni by Mozart or Boris Godunov by Mussorgsky. This time not on the stage but on a large screen on the fourth floor of the functional building of the National Theatre. The shows are for free.

All those who want to hear famous melodies of their popular composers can enter a big heated tent next to the National Theatre. The music can be heard there from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. The tent is big enough for 60 people and there is a free entrance.

Admires of operas can also visit an exhibition of opera costumes and walk through the historical and the functional buildings of Prague National Theatre.


Historical weapons at Prague Castle

Prague Castle launched yesterday a new exhibition that focuses on historical weapons from Czech collections. The halls of Theresian Wing of Old Royal Palace are now filled with the best exhibits that the Military History Institute collected during its 80 years of existence.

Visitors can admire the equipment of soldiers in Austria-Hungarian army as well as of soldiers fighting against terrorism these days. The collections include weapons from Turkey, India, Nepal or Wild West. One of the most attractive items will be Winchester rifle from 1873. There are only 51 pieces of this gun left in the world.

A part of the exhibition is devoted to guns of Franz Ferdinand of Austria as well as to pictures, graphics and old prints with military themes. The exhibition is open daily from 10:00 to 18:00 until 24th June.


One ticket to three attractions in Prague's Troja

Troja Chateau in Prague Prague Zoo was visited by more than a million visitors last year. It is situated near Botanical Garden and Troja Chateau. Last year visitors could for the first time buy one ‘common’ ticket which enabled them to enter Prague Zoo, Botanical Garden and Troja Chateau .

This year visitors can buy the tickets for 200 CZK (children 100 CZK, family 500 CZK). The ticket can be bought from 1st April and it will be valid for six months. More than 50 thousand visitors used the “Troja card” last year, the organizers expect even more visitors this year.

Troja is getting more and more popular and it is visible in overcrowded public transport and lack of space for parking. The city wants to build new roads to Troja, new tram tracks to Prague Zoo and new parking lots.