Compact archive April 13, 2007

Prague airport to close the main runway

If you plan to fly to Prague between 17th April and 9th May, you may have a really nice view of Prague from your window. At this period Prague International Airport Ruzyne closes the main runway due to regular upkeep before summer.

All planes will have to land on the side railway, from the direction of the city. But it also means higher level of noice pollution in the city, especially in the residential areas near the airport. The side railway will be closed from 10th to 30th May.

Workers at Prague airport will lay a special anti-skid layer on the runway to increase the safety in bad weather. A new radio navigational device will be installed this year for excellent navigation of landing planes.


Czech people would vote for a female president in direct elections

Czech people want to elect the president of the Czech Republic themselves in direct elections. They would probably re-elect Vaclav Klaus but they would also support a female candidate.

These are results of a new survey made by Mori CR. Let’s look at it in numbers. 88 % of the respondents would like to have direct elections of the president (according to the Czech constitution, the president of the Czech Republic is elected by the Parliament). 62 % of the respondents would appoint Vaclav Klaus again, while 82 % people wish to have a female president.

The survey also focused on the ex-president Vaclav Havel. Only 33 % of the respondents want him as a candidate for the post of the president again, but finally only 4 % of the people would vote for him.

Big student festival Majales is coming soon

Student festival Majales has a long tradition in the Czech Republic. It is presented as ‘celebration of the beauties of student life’ and presentation of students’ skills. This year it will be held in 10 towns in the Czech Republic, in Prague on 1st and 2nd May.

Many activities during the festival will culminate in a student march through the city, in the election of a new king of Majales and in an open air festival with the best Czech music bands. The main organizer of the festival, Michal Samanek, wants to introduce the festival also to foreign students who have a good opportunity to meet local people and learn more about Czech culture.

A part of this year’s festival will be Majales Underground in Prague’s metro. On 23rd, 25th and 28th April you can meet many talented musicians in there. Everybody who wants to participate, can send email to It is a good opportunity for people to introduce themselves and their bands to the public and, according to the organizers, improve the unfriendly atmosphere in Prague’s metro.


Last weekend of Prague's Matejska fair 2007

One of the attractions at Matejska fair This weekend is the last change to visit probably the most famous fair in the Czech Republic. Matejska fair at Prague Exhibition Ground in Prague-Holesovice offers about 120 attractions.

Children can chose from 40 various attractions. This Saturday and Sunday they can also see a clowns’ performance. It takes place by Krizik fountain from 13:00 to 17:00. Adults can meanwhile have fun on lots of the fair’s attractions, many of which get the adrenalin flowing.

The fair is open today from 14:00 to 22:00 and at the weekend from 10:00 to 22:00. Every visitor (above 6 years old) has to pay an entrance fee (weekdays 10 CZK, weekends 25 CZK). The prices for single attractions vary between 15 CZK and 120 CZK.

More gas lamps in the centre of Prague

Romantic lamps in the streets of Prague New romantic gas lamps that used to be in Prague from the half of the 19th century until the 40’s of the 20th century are now in more streets in the centre of Prague. You can see them now also in Zelezna street, Rytirska street and in front of the Estates Theatre.

There are 182 new gas lamps in the centre of Prague. Other places where you can see them is Hlavsova street, Jilska street, Male namesti, and in a part of Old Town Square and Uhelny trh. In the future, the whole Royal Route will be illuminated by this kind of lamps.

The lamps are lit automatically from a central point. However, before last Christmas a lampman with a dark coat and a hat lit the streets. You can see him again this summer.