Compact archive May 2007

George Michael and My Chemical Romance already this weekend

The concerts of My Chemical Romance and George Michael are getting closer. This Saturday at 20:00 the T-Mobile Arena (instead of Strahov Stadium) will host one of the pop stars, British singer George Michael.

The American band My Chemical Romance will perform in the T-Mobile Arena a day later, on Sunday 3rd June. The organizers had to change the venue thanks to the big demand from their fans. The number of sold tickets was two times higher than the capacity of the first venue, Trade Fair Palace Tickets are still available via Ticketpro and Ticketportal between 495 CZK and 510 CZK.

The band My Chemical Romance was so enthusiastic about the reaction of the Czech audience that they bought an extra show device for about ten thousand dollars from their own honorarium.

Charles IV. will take the crown jewels from Prague to Karlstejn

Karlstejn Castle A big action is planned for the coming two days in Prague. The reconstruction of the true historical event that happened seven hundred years ago will show the Holy Roman Emperor and the King of Bohemia Charles IV taking the crown jewels from Prague to Karlstejn where the jewels used to be stored.

The entourage headed by Charles IV. (represented by Czech actor and moderator Vladimir Cech) will set out for the journey at the III. courtyard of Prague Castle at 12:00 on Friday. The “jewels” will be blessed by the Czech cardinal Miloslav Vlk.

Via Lesser Quarter and Charles Bridge the procession will continue to the Old Town Square to see a big tournament. After that the journey will continue to Smichov, Chuchle, Radotin, Cernosice and will finish in Dobrichovice. On Saturday the procession will continue from Dobrichovice to Karlstejn to place the crown jewels to its rightful place. Everyone can join the entourage at any moment of the journey.

'Women from Kibera' exhibition in Prague

Large photographs showing African women with AIDS and their hard life are displayed these days in the Louvre Gallery in Prague (Narodni 22 street). Their author, famous photographer Jan Sibik, called the exhibition Women from Kibera. The exhibition is open for free until 23rd June 2007 (open every day between 12:00 and 19:00).

The photographs illustrate difficult situation of African women living in large slums in Nairobi. Infected with AIDS, left by their husbands and making the living by being prostitutes just to be able to feed their (mostly also infected) children.

This exhibition is a humanitarian project of FOR AFRICA fund to help African women with AIDS. From money sent to the account 35-9248910287/0100 the African organization Kenya Women’s Centre buys medicaments, school uniforms and books for children of the infected women.


Festival of Jewish Culture Nine Gates soon

The 8th International Festival of Czech-German-Jewish Culture NINE GATES will be held in Prague from 11th to 17th June 2007. The programme of the festival offers six concerts, four theatre performances, two literature evenings, a photographs exhibition and a public competition in photography. All the events are for free.

The main topic of this year’s festival is the 70th anniversary from the death of music composer George Gershwin. His compositions Rhapsody in Blue and An American in Paris can be heard on the concert in the Wallenstein Garden on 12th June.

The festival will be ended with Gershwin’s jazz opera Porgy and Bess in the area of Wallenstein Garden and with the concert of the main cantor of Saint Petersburg synagogue Baruch Finkelstein. Soon you can find more information about the festival at


American man with tuberculosis travelled from Prague

An American man infected with a rare form of tuberculosis travelled via Prague to Montreal with Czech airline company CSA and endangered the lives of his fellow passengers. Before that he took several flights within Europe. From Montreal he travelled to the USA by car. Right now he is in quarantine and his room is guarded.

The man knew about hill illness and he was said not to fly back to the USA with any commercial air carrier. He did it anyway. His drug-resistant form of tuberculosis is very dangerous and the fellow passengers are now being contacted to make sure they haven’t been infected as well.

According to Czech health official Michael Vit, the man didn’t cough much and he was wearing a mask over his mouth. The possibility of being infected is higher after eight hours in confined space with the patient.


Jolie and Pitt's daughter celebrated her birthday in Prague

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt returned from Cannes to Prague to celebrate the birthday of their biological daughter Shiloh Nouvel. She celebrated her first birthday surrounded by many balloons in the villa in Charlese de Gaulla street last Sunday.

The star couple have four children, Shiloh Nouvel (1), son Maddox (5), son Pax Thien (3) and daughter Zahara (2). It is said the family was visited by Brad’s parents, brother Doug and Angelina’s brother James Haven.

Angelina Jolie is the main character of the new movie Wanted filmed in Prague at the very moment. iDNES brings several pictures (here) of their stay in Prague.

New camera system will monitor the statue of St Wenceslas

Statue of St Wenceslas The Statue of St Wenceslas on the upper part of the Wenceslas Square has been always a meeting place of Prague citizens and tourists. Wenceslas I. was the Duke of Bohemia, later canonized and now commemorated on 27th September.

In two months the statue of St Wenceslas might be guarded by a security camera system, the same one that now monitors the statues on Charles Bridge. According to the councilman for culture Milan Richter, the damage caused by vandals every year reach 200,000 CZK.

Besides the security system, the city council wants to place information boards next to the statue on which tourists could read information about this monument made by Josef Vaclav Myslbek in 1912.


New success in Prague Zoo: baby gorilla

Prague Zoo can be proud of another success. Since last weekend you can see there two new babies tiger, from last night a baby gorilla. The baby gorilla is the second gorilla born in Prague Zoo. It was born today soon after the midnight and the birth was without any troubles or assistance of people.

The baby gorilla can be seen in the arms of its mother Kijivu online thanks to the web cams placed in their pavilion. It’s a part of the Czech radio’s project Odhaleni (The Revealed), that won ARKive Interactive Awards in the Wildscreen competition. You can see it online here. The beginning of the birth was reported to the health workers just thanks to the people watching the gorillas online.

The first gorilla in Prague Zoo is Moja, born in December 2004. Her mother is also Kijivu. The oldest gorilla in Prague Zoo is Kamba whose baby was born dead in April this year.


17th Prague Writer's Festival this Sunday

Dada East is the main topic of the 17th Prague Writer’s Festival that starts this Sunday and finishes on Wednesday 6th June. Many famous writers will come to Prague, let’s name American prose writer E. L. Doctorow, the author of Ragtime later directed by Milos Forman. Then Gary Snyder, Dutch writer Arnon Grunberg, James Meek, Peter Stephan Jungk, Elena Stefoi and many others.

The programme of the festival will be open by ‘The Art of Conversation: “Non-violence versus Terrorism“’ in Theatre Minor. Monday will be devoted to the main topic of the festival – Dada East, discussed by Tom Sandqvist, Ludvik Kundera and Miloslav Topinka.

Together with the festival you can visit an exhibition called Dada East? in Prague’s Gallery Smecky (Ve Smeckach 24). More information about the festival and the gallery can be found here.


Vltava Marathon - in-line skating competition

Adults, children and even parents with prams can compete in in-line skating in the Vltava Marathon on Saturday 9th June. Every participant will get a T-shirt. The winners will be given extra prizes and cups by Katerina Neumannova.

Adults can take part in the marathon or a half-marathon, children on the tracks either 2.2, 4.4 or 6.6 km long. Parents with prams can try to overcome the distance of 2.2 km. One of the competitors will be Martina Sablikova, the Czech best speed skater.

The in-line marathon starts in the Hamr sport area in Vltavanu street at 9:30. Competitors can register just before the contest. Helmets are required, but they can be borrowed at the venue.

New cafe in Prague where you'll be served in total darkness

Have you ever been served in a restaurant in a complete darkness? No? You have a chance to try it soon in Prague. For eight days you can visit cafe POTME (translated as In the dark) in Ovocny trh in Prague, behind the Estates Theatre.

You will be served by blind people who will bring your coffee to the table. The sugar will be given into your hand and it’s up to you to put it into your cup. It’s not so easy as it seems. You can try what it means to do things in the complete darkness.

The cafe will be open from Wednesday 6th June until 13th June between 10:00 to 22:00. The price of the coffee is 70 CZK, but it also includes a souvenir in the form of a cup.

The project is organized by Svetluska fund which helps blinded people to have better life. The patron of Svetluska, Aneta Langerova, is the first winner of Superstar (the Czech version of the music talent competition Idols). She will be present at the opening of the cafe at 11:00 on 6th June.

Gwen Stefani from No Doubt will probably perform in Prague

Gwen Stefani Successful Gwen Stefani, the singer from well-known music band No Doubt, announced at her web pages that she is going to perform in Prague during her solo tour. The concert should be in Sazka Arena on 20th October and Gwen Stafani will present there the songs from her second solo album The Sweet Escape.

The spokesman of Sazka Arena Zdenek Zikmund said that the concert hasn’t been confirmed yet, therefore there are no tickets on sale, even though Stefani’s pages claim that the tickets will be available from 22nd May.

Gwen Stefani visited Prague in 1997 with her band No Doubt. This music band has issued 6 albums and made several unforgettable songs, such as Don’t Speak and Just A Girl. Gwen Stefani said to MTV that she was going to return to the band again.


People on wheelchairs can't visit the Bodies...The Exhibition

Bodies... The Exhibition Even though the exhibition Bodies… The Exhibition in Palac Lucerna in Prague is largely discussed in media, nobody stressed that the exhibition is not accessible for people on wheelchairs or mothers/fathers with prams. That’s the experience of Gabriela Knapova who is on a wheelchair and who was not let in the hall by the guards.

The organizers claim that the exhibition is not customized for people on wheelchairs and therefore there are some exhibits they cannot see. The second reason is that the hall in Palac Lucerna is not barrier-free.

There are many dance balls in the Lucerna palace people on wheelchairs can attend with the help of their friends. Petr Novak from Interkoncert agency, that organizes the exhibition, says that they would do their best to solve the situation and to make the exhibition accessible to everybody.

Updated: the exhibition is already accessible for people on wheelchair with a valid ticket. They can be accompanied with two people to help them.


The camera system on Charles Bridge functions well

A statue on Charles Bridge The security camera system on Charles Bridge has already brought results. The system alarmed the police officers 311 times in the first two months.

The alarm was set off mostly by tourists who tried to climb to the pedestal of the statues in order to make the best pictures on the bridge. However, the police also caught several vandals who tried to damage to statues.

The system was installed on the bridge in April this year. The reason for an increased security reasons is the damage of the inscription on the statue The Crucifix and the Calvary in January this year, later found on the bottom of the river.

Prague Castle will be closed on 5th June

Prague Castle before the storm The most popular monument in Prague, Prague Castle, will be completely closed to the public next Tuesday 5th June 2007. The reason for that is the visit of the American president George W. Bush. Bush will have most of this political meetings just at Prague Castle.

Together with the Prague Castle, the street around it will be closed as well. If the president decides to go for a walk, people will be advised not to open windows or do any quick movements. One of Prague streets, Evropska, the one that connects the Prague airport with the centre of the city, will be closed as well.

The 850 people around the president will be accommodated in Hilton hotel, the place where Bush will stay is due to security reasons secret.

German writer Dagmar Geisler in Prague tomorrow

Wanda from the book cover If you or your children like children books by German writer and illustrator Dagmar Geisler, then you have a special opportunity to get an autograph from her. She will be available in the Palac knih Luxor in the upper part of Wenceslas Square tomorrow from 14:00.

Dagmar Geisler is known thanks to her popular illustrated books, in the Czech Republic especially thanks to Vanda – prisne tajne (orig. Wanda – Streng Geheim!) or Vandiny tajne zapisky (Wandas geheime Notizen).

The organizers promise not only an interesting meeting with the writer but also other surprises.

Scandinavian plane made an emergency landing in Prague

A plane of the Scandinavian Arlines company with 118 passengers on board made an emergency landing in Prague International Airport Ruzyne yesterday. The pilot sent an emergency signal after a smoke was reported from the cabin.

The plane landed safely at 16:25 local time, nobody was injured, said the spokeswoman of Prague International Airport Ruzyne Eva Krejci.

The mechanics checked the plane immediately after landing but they found only a minor defect. There was no fire on board. 20 minutes after landing the pilot cancelled the emergency state.

Demonstration rehearsal in Prague

According to the police, about 1,000 people came to the Wenceslas Square last Saturday to demonstrate against the possible U.S. radar base in the Czech Republic. From there the people marched towards Charles Bridge and Prague Castle accompanied with large banners and the sounds of sirens, whistles and yells.

The initiative Ne zakladnam has organized many demonstrations in and outside Prague. This one was, according to the organizers, the rehearsal before the visit of the U.S. president George W. Bush. Several demonstrations have been already announced for the time of his stay.

It’s said that during the president’s visit, more than ten thousand policemen will guard Prague, especially Prague 1, 6 and 8. Several street (such as from Evropska street to Vitezne namesti in Prague 6) will be closed.

Festival Farm 2007 in Prague

Yesterday a unique drumbeat of the South Korean Dulsori opened the five-day festival Farma 2007 in Svandovo theatre (Stefanikova 57) in Prague. The festival is held within the project ‘Search for Message’.

The theatre studio ‘Farma v jeskyni’ invited many world’s best artists whose performances are on the edge of theatre and other art genres. The festival will offer e.g. the performance ‘The codes of life” by Charlotta Ofverholm from Sweden or Odin Teatret from Denmark.

The festival will continue until 31st May. Besides Svandovo theatre, it takes place in the nearby studio in Preslova 9 street or the nearby area of Prague 5. For more info click here.


Old post cards in Jeruzalem's Synagogue in Prague

The Jeruzalem’s Synagogue in Jeruzalemska 7 street in Prague shows an exhibition of postcards depicting the life of Jewish people from the Central and Eastern Europe in the years 1883 – 1940.

More than 300 postcards come from private collections. The cards are divided into 20 categories according to their theme. Visitors can learn about the atmosphere of that time from photographs, painted or drawn pictures showing Jews during praying, working, holidays or weddings.

This exhibition will be held until 3rd October 2007. It is open daily except Saturdays and Jewish holidays. Jeruzalem’s Synagogue (also called the Jubilee Synagogue) is the youngest and the largest synagogue structure in the Prague Jewish Community.


Wallenstein Riding School presents Czech painter Jan Zrzavy

The Wallenstein Riding School presents one of the outstanding painters of the modern art Jan Zrzavy (1890 – 1977). His works come back after a very successful exhibition 17 years ago.

The exhibition displays more than 150 works of art. According to the curator of the exhibition Zuzana Novotna, the main part is focused on Zrzavy’s best known paintings, such as Kleopatra or Antikrist. Other sections pay attention to his drawings, book illustrations or collected pictures of this famous person.

The exhibition is open until 16th September 2007. The entrance fee is 150 CZK (reduced 70 CZK, family 200 CZK). Visitors can buy a calender for 2008 with Zrzavy’s paintings.


Prague memorial will remember Heydrich's assassins

Prague might have a memorial of the parachutists who assassinated the Reich governor of Bohemia and Moravia Reinhard Heydrich (1904 – 1942). It happened in Prague-Liben on 27th May 1942.

The representatives of Prague-Liben council are consulting this plan with the Academy of Sciences and The Army of the Czech Republic. They are discussing where and what shape the memorial should have. The street where Heydrich was assassinated doesn’t exist any more.

Reinhard Heydrich was attacked by Czech parachutists Jan Kubis and Josef Gabcik. Although he was recovering well at first, he died of the blood poisoning a few days later. As a revenge the Nazi killed thousands of innocent Czech people. The parachutists were betrayed and found their death at their hiding place, the Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius in Resslova street in the centre of Prague.

International Children's Day in Prague

Illustration photo: Blackheart Children will celebrate the International Children’s Day soon. 1st June will bring them many activities to do in the Czech capital. Besides Bambiriada on Strelecky and Detsky islands, they can take part in Pirates’ adventures and many other interesting activities.

If the children are fond of the Pirates of Caribbean they will definitely enjoy the adventures that will take place in the park Riegrovy sady on 1st June. The day will be full of costumes, people on stilts, a pirate dance party, or various sport and art disciplines. They can help the captain of the Black Pearl to discover the old valuable treasure.

This Sunday 27th May (between 10:00 and 18:00) children can go to the O2 Zlute Lazne (from metro station Karlovo namesti exit Palackeho namesti continue by trams 3, 16, 17, 21, 52 to stop Dvorce) to try fencing, charming or playing with Indians. They can play with a clown, see puppet theatre, play streetbal, table tennis, skate, climb a wall, or do many other activities.


Czech government send a disapproving letter to the American Congress

The Czech Republic and the new member states of the EU have been trying to establish the visa-free relations with the USA. From the EU states only 15 “old” member states plus Slovenia can visit the USA with visas. The Czech Republic together with other 7 states (Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia) sent a letter to the members of Congress to complain about the recent additions to the bill draft that concerns the visa requirement.

The additions say that, in order to establish the visa-free relations, the number of denied application for visas shoudn’t be higher than 10 percent out of all applications. Even though the Czech Republic may meet the stricter condition, the Czech government want to show solidarity with other states, such as Poland, Slovakia or Lithuania.

The Czech Republic and other countries mentioned above hired one of the most expensive American lobby companies, the Dutko Worldwide, to lobby for changes in the American visa policy towards European countries.

9th International Tattoo Convention Prague

The best tattoo makers will show their art in Prague on the 9th International Tattoo Convention Prague which starts today in the Sport Hall Slavia (Vladivostocka 10 street) in Prague-Vrsovice.

75 tattoo artists will offer their services for festival prices, so if you’re thinking of marking your body with a tattoo, this might be the right moment. The festival will also offer a lot of piercing jewelry for sale.

The three-day festival will be held until Sunday 27th May. It starts today at 13:00 (the other days at 10:00) and finishes at 23:00. The tickets cost 200 CZK (8 EUR). To get to the official sites, click here.


Meeting of European presidents in Brno started

Yesterday we informed you about the two-day meeting of the heads of many European countries in Brno, the second largest city of the Czech Republic. Let’s have a look at their programme in more detail.

The official programme of the 14th summit of the European presidents starts today. At 10:00 the presidents meet on the namesti Svobody in Brno. At 11:30 they pose for photographs in front of the Internacional hotel. At 12:00 they have lunch together. At 14:30 the sitting starts in Rotunda pavilion in Brno Exhibition Ground. Among the topics could be the future of the EU, the possible U.S. bases in the Czech Republic and Poland or the province of Kosovo. The presidents will spend the evening at Spilberk castle.

Who are the presidents? They come from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, the Czech Republic (the hosting country), Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Austria, Romania, Slovakia and Serbia. They are accompanied by their wives, who plan to meet the students of the Faculty of Theatre of JAMU (Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno). Next year the meeting of presidents will take place in Macedonia.

Japanese ikebana in Prague

A new charitable exhibition about Japanese culture is held right now in Prague under the auspices of the Czech Ministry of Culture and the Japanese Embassy in Prague.

The exhibition is accompanied with an additional programme, where you can learn how to arrange flowers in Japanese way (ikebana), how to serve tea and many others. At the exhibition you can buy souvenirs, such as decorated vases or wicker baskets, or visit nearby restaurant.

The exhibition is open from today until Saturday 26th May from 10:00 to 18:00. You can find it in the Palac Austria (Stefanikova 25) not far from metro station Andel (yellow line B). The full entrance fee is 90 CZK.


Brno - 16 presidents and great fireworks

Ignis Brunensis - fireworks festival in Brno Two events attract thousands of people into Brno, after Prague the second largest city in the Czech Republic. The first one is the meeting of 16 presidents of the Central, Eastern and South Europe. The second one is the international firework festival Ignis Brunensis.

16 presidents will meet in Brno tomorrow to talk about the future of Central, Eastern and South European regions, about the cross-border cooperation and the transit infrastructure. There will be already 12 presidents staying in Brno hotels tonight, tomorrow 16 presidents will meet in namesti Svobody, the main square of Brno.

Magnificent fireworks will light the sky above the Brno dam in the coming days. This year you can see the performance of Czech team (today), Italian team (Saturday 26th May), South African team (Monday 28th May) and Portuguese team (on Wednesday 30th May). The final fireworks will take place about Spilberk Castle on Friday 1st June at 22:30). They all start at 22:30. The opening fireworks were visited by more than 150,000 people last Friday.

Shaolin is coming to Prague

Performance of Shaolin monks Monks from Chinese monastery Shaolin are coming back to Prague to show their incredible show that has been seen by millions of people all over the world. You have the chance to see the masters in action next week.

15 monks will introduce not only their great mastery of kung fu, mental and physical condition and strength but also their old culture. According to people who have already seen their performance, it’s an unforgettable experience for everybody.

Shaolin will show their performance twice – in Brno on 28th May and in Prague Congress Centre on 29th May. Tickets ( are almost gone, so hurry up.

Genesis in Prague - change of venue

The venue of the concert of Genesis that will be held on 20th June has been changed. Instead of the Stadium of Evzen Rosicky in Prague-Strahov, the concert will take place (at the same day) on the parking place near the metro station Ceskomoravska (near Sazka Arena).

The reason for the change of the venue are the technical parameters of the show. As the capacity of the area is smaller, people with already bought tickets for sitting are kindly requested to contact the organizing agency Interkoncerts on +420 267 910 539 or +420 267 910 547 or by email


Newly open luxurious hotel in Prague is connected with Mozart

Prague has a new luxurious hotel. It stands in Celetna street on the Royal Route in the centre of Prague . It’s called At the Golden Angel and first tourists can sign in in June. It’s a reconstructed house built in 1725 that used to host Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on his first visit of Prague.

The hotel offers the luxury of a 4 star modern hotel but keeps the historical atmosphere and architecture. The reconstruction of the building cost 300 million CZK. Even though there are more hotels than streets in the centre of Prague, it seems that the hotel won’t have problems to fill its capacity.

Already more then 800,000 tourists visited Prague from January to March this year, which is 12% more than last year. More visitors came especially thanks to warm winter that was in the Czech Republic this year.

George W. Bush to arrive in Prague on 4th June

The visit of the American president George W. Bush is getting closer and the safety measures in Prague are increasing. George W. Bush is going to visit Prague to meet Czech diplomats and to address about 70 high diplomats at the international conference Democracy and Security.

He’s going to speak about global security issues in the democratic word and the role and the influence of the USA in the world. President Bush and his wife Laura are going to arrive in Prague in the evening of Monday 4th June. They will probably stay in the American Embassy residence or in one of the top hotels in Prague. The place will be kept secret to the last moment.

On Tuesday 5th June George W. Bush will be accepted by the Czech president Vaclav Klaus at Prague Castle where they will discuss, together with Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek and the leader of the opposition party Jiri Paroubek, the possible U.S. radar base in the Czech Republic. Laura Bush is going to visit some of the splendid gardens around Prague Castle. Several demonstrations during Bush’s visit have been already announced.

16th festival 'Mezi ploty' in Prague this weekend

More and more popular beneficial festival ‘Mezi ploty’ starts this weekend in the mental asylum Bohnice in Prague. The aim of this festival is the fight against the taboo and prejudices around psychiatry.

More than 180 music bands, singers and theatre groups promised to perform at the festival without an honorarium. Besides performances of professionals, you can also see disabled people who will show their art to the large public. A part of the festival is a market of products made in the protected workshops.

The festival is held on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th May 2007. To the mental asylum Bohnice you can get by buses 177 and 200 (stop Katovicka) from metro station Kobylisy (red line C). The price of the tickets at the venue is 270 CZK (children under 10 and disabled people for free). Drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited during the whole festival.


Cheap flights to Prague from Kuala Lumpur

More and more tourists travel to Prague by low-cost air carriers. Another air carrier that is now negotiating with Prague airport Ruzyne is Air Asia X. They promise to start flying to Prague this July, but tickets can’t be reserved yet. Most probably the plane will take off Kuala Lumpur.

The prices of the tickets could vary between 40$ and 450$. Other low-cost air carriers that fly to Prague are SkyEurope, easyJet, Smartwings, clickair or Aer Lingus.

Another air company that offers very cheap tickets is Ryanair which flies now to Brno. The company is thinking of creating more connections with other towns of the Czech Republic, most probably more flights to Brno and also spa town Karlovy Vary.


Vaclav Spillar's exhibition 'Marvellous Planet' in Prague

Spillar's photograph 'Forest Beyond The Time Horizon' Do you like visiting foreign countries and dreaming about going there? You can get inspired in the shopping centre in Letnany, on the photo exhibition called Marvellous Planet (Zazracna planeta).

The author of this photo exhibition is Vaclav Spillar, Czech photographer, traveller and adventurer. He’s been taking pictures of the most unique and special places in the world for 20 years. This exhibition presents his photographs from his trips to Africa, America and Australia.

The exhibition in the shopping centre is open until 21st June 2007. You can meet the author on Saturday 9th June from 15:00 to 17:00. You can get there for free by buses OCL, Tesco, S, and C from metro station Ladvi. To know more about Spillar’s work, click here.


Czech politicians will discuss the legalization of euthanasia

Experts from hospices, hospitals, medical institutions, theologists and teachers of ethics met in Prague yesterday to discuss the controversial topic of euthanasia. They talked about what exactly euthanasia means and whether and on what conditions it could be legalized.

Euthanasia is legalized in Belgium and the Netherlands. Czech experts want to consult this matter with their Belgian and Dutch colleagues. The opinions of Czech experts are diverse.

The deputy Boris Stastny (Civic Democrats) is preparing a bill for legalization of euthanasia. Whether he will be successful is not clear. Last year the politicians rejected to give lower punishment for people who killed a patient on the patient’s request.

Big plans for Prague public transport

Map of Prague metro Travellers in Prague can expect big changes in the coming years. In June 2008 the metro red line C will be prolonged to Letnany via stations Strizkov and Prosek. The whole route will be 23 kilometers longs. Letnany station will be ‘accompanied’ with a big parking place P&R for drivers who want to leave their cars at the outskirts of Prague and continue to the centre by public transport.

In 2009 the city of Prague plan to start the reconstruction of new metro sections. They want to prolong the metro green line A from Dejvice to Prague International Airport Ruzyne and to build a new metro line – blue line D which will lead from Hlavni nadrazi (the main station) to Pisnice in the south of Prague. Both lines should be finished in 2016.

Prague dwellers and visitors can also look forward to more tram routes, which will take them e.g. to the Prague Zoo or to the upper part of the Wenceslas Square.


Will the 'octopus' change panorama of Prague?

Balloon instead of the 'octopus' - view of Letna Prague architect Radek Martisek is a big opponent of Kaplicky’s design of the new building of the National Library in Prague. Recently he made a report, where he criticized the design as too expensive, dangerous and ecologically insensitive.

Now he decided to prove that the visualization of the building made by Kaplicky’s team is not correct and doesn’t show the real proportions of the future building. He hired an agency who blew a hot-air balloon up on the place where the library should stand in Letna. The highest point of the balloon was 48 meters above the ground, where the ‘eye’ of the library is supposed to be. Then he asked his friends and other people to take pictures of the balloon from different places in Prague.

To his surprise, the balloon was hardly seen from the Charles Bridge what he was afraid of the most. On the other hand, the balloon seemed to be much closer to Prague Castle that on Kaplicky’s visualization. Martisek paid this action with his own money.

'Kinoautomat' is back after 40 years

Has it ever happened to you that you were in the cinema and you were not satisfied how the story was developing? Now you have a special oportunity to change it. Prague cinema Svetozor will show a movie and the audience will vote how the movie will continue.

The idea of Kinoautomat (a movie vending-machine) was first presented to a large audience at the Expo of 1967 in Montreal. It was the first interactive movie in the world. It’s based on the fact that the film is stopped at one moment and the audience is asked to vote according to what they think the movie should continue. After voting, the adequate movie version will be shown. The idea is coming back to the cinema after it was prohibited by the communist regime.

People can look forward to 21 performances, also in English version. The film is called One Man and His House and its premiere this year is on 29th May 2007. Tickets can be bought in the cinema Svetozor (Vodickova street 41) or reserved at


Prague concert of Wu-Tang Clan

America rap music group Wu-Tang Clan will come to Prague during their European tour. You can see them in T-Mobile Arena in the event called Triumph Hip Hop Festival. It will present not only Wu-Tang Clan band but also other bands.

Wu-Tang Clan consist of 3 members from Brooklyn and 6 from Staten Island. They found the name of the band in kung fu films, they are called after a sword that has special powers. They issued their first album in 1993, a new one is planned for this year.

If you buy tickets for Wu-Tang Clan before the end of May, you’ll get a discount – instead of 505 CZK you’ll pay 450 CZK. The concert is scheduled for 17th July 2007 19:00 in T-Mobile Arena (at Prague Exhibition Ground).


3D model of future Prague-Pankrac soon

Pankrac is a part of Prague that is known for its high building. Sometimes it’s called the Manhattan of Prague. Soon people can see a model of Pankrac presenting the future face of this district.

The model will be three-dimensional, it will measure 5 × 1 meters. It will show the Pankrac on a scale 1:500. Present buildings will be coloured, future buildings will be made out of perspex. People can familiarize themselves with a new cable line that will connect Pankrac with Podoli, a new skating ring or a new amphitheatre.

The model will be presented to the public on 23rd June 2007 in Pankrac. It should be the base for the discussion between developers and the public.

Art Prague 2007 started

International Contemporary Art Fair ART PRAGUE 2007 presents the best of more than 40 private galleries not only from the Czech Republic, but also from Germany, France, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, and newly from Australia (with so called aboriginal art).

The art fair is open for everybody and everybody will find there what they like. Besides the exhibition, you can discuss art and architecture with specialists or see the presentation of several art magazines. Visitors can see a collection of thousands of art works in a short time.

The fair takes place at two places: traditionally in the Exhibition Hall Manes (Masarykovo nabrezi 250) and newly in the New Hall in Vorsilska street 3. The halls are open daily from 10:00 to 19:00 until 27th May 2007 (on 24th May open until 22:00). For more information click here.


The reconstruction of Charles Bridge starts in summer

Charles Bridge in Prague Since the 1990’s there have been discussions about the necessity to reconstruct one of the most visited monument, Charles Bridge. Now the experts all agree that the reconstruction of Charles Bridge is inevitable and should start as soon as possible. Water is coming inside the bridge and causes big problems.

Even though it was announced several times that the reconstruction would start at the end of last year or in spring this year, nothing happened. Now the city wants to wait until the end of the celebrations of the 650th anniversary of the bridge.

The reconstruction will cost 100 million CZK, it may take up to 10 years. The bridge won’t be closed during the works, only some parts won’t be accessible.


Dermatologists help in a tent in the Wenceslas Square in Prague

Are you afraid that the spot on your skin could be a sign of skin cancer? If you are in Prague now, you can visit a tent in the lower part of the Wenceslas Square, where dermatologists tell you if there is something wrong.

This action follows the European Day Against Melanoma that was on 7th May. Five doctors have their office now on the street of Prague to support the prevention of skin cancer. The checkup is for free, it doesn’t hurt and takes only a few minutes. But you can expect long queues before the tent.

Yesterday 10 out of 600 people who visited the tent were sent to hospital. Many others sighed with relief. You can still visit the tent today from 10:00 to 18:00.

Kramar's villa will be open to the public

Kramar's villa in Prague Kramar’s villa, the residence of Czech prime ministers, will be exceptionally open on the first week in June on the occasion of 70th anniversary of the death of Karel Kramar, the first Czechoslovak prime minister.

Visitors will see the estate of Karel Kramar and his wife Nadezda. The most valuable item is Nadezda’s diamond necklace holding one of the biggest mounted diamonds in the central Europe.

The villa was built by Karel Kramar for his wife. During the communist era it was used as a accommodation for foreign delegations. It was rebuilt in 1991-93 and since 1998 it has served as a residence of Czech prime ministers. The present prime minister Mirek Topolanek uses the villa for meeting with his coalition partners.

The villa will be open from 1st June to 7th June 2007 daily from 10:00 to 18:00. As many visitors are expected, prior reservation are required on phone number +420 224 002 254 or at


Beneficial run with a brick through Prague

Do you want to support people with mental handicap? We already informed you about Bue-a-brick action which is taking place in several places in Prague. To support this action, the civic association Portus Praha organizes “Run with a brick”.

What is it about? During the afternoon on 1st June (start at 12:45), you can take part in one of the runs from the street Na Prikope via Havirska street to the Estates Theatre and back (170 m). Of course, with a brick in your hand (weight 1,8 kg). For every participant in the finish, the two main sponsors will give 100 CZK and 50 CZK to charity. You can take part by your own or as a relay.

Companies can also participate. They can win not only the run but also the prize for the most original commentary as each group can have a commentator to promote the runners or the company. The registration fee for companies is 5000 CZK, of course given to charity.

Large demonstration against new reforms in Prague next month

More than 40,000 people are expected to demonstrate against the new reforms that the government introduced last April. The demonstration was announced by Milan Stech, the chairman of the Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions after the Saturday’s meeting of trade unions.

Trade unionists are not satisfied with the fact that the government didn’t discuss the reforms with them and didn’t take their suggestions into account. “If the government doesn’t change their attitude, we’ll make other steps,” said Stech.

The demonstration is planned to take place in Prague on 23rd June 2007. The confederation contains 33 trade unions with 610,000 members. How many people will participate is still not clear.

People and The Earth exhibition in Prague Old Town Hall

Prague Old Town Hall shows an exhibition of the best photographs that took part in the competition Stity Vilema Heckela. The main theme (and the name of the exhibition) is ‘People and The Earth 2007’ (Lide a Zeme 2007).

More than 300 pictures of Czech and Slovak authors are divided in three categories – rural and urban countryside, people and mountains, and people and the environment.

The photographs are displayed in the Cross Hall of the Old Town Hall until 30th June 2007. The exhibition is open daily from 9:00 to 18:00 (on Monday from 11:00).


Bambiriada 2007 - an event (not only) for children

The Bambiriada is an event that tries to point out to the organizations and association that take care of the free time of children. In Prague the 9th Bambiriada 2007 will take place on Strelecky and Detsky Islands from Thursday 24th to Sunday 27th May 2007.

The motto of this year “All Different, All Equal” is borrowed from the European campaign for human rights, society diversity and cooperation of young people in social activities. Bambiriada 2007 takes place in 27 towns of the Czech Republic.

Everyone who takes part in Bambiriada can try sailing on boats on the Vltava, play many games, create something in the art workshop, sing karaoke, learn the first aid, play theatre and many other activities.

Groups of dancers, singers, and theatre performers can be visible also at Mustek at the bottom of Wenceslas Square. There will be a small train going from Mustek, via Jiraskuv most to Strelecky Island. Between Strelecky and Detsky Island you can go by a small ferry. There is a concert on Friday evening on Strelecky Island and on Saturday “Royal Route” game. Bambiriada is for free for everybody, Bambiriada tickets enables you a free (or cheaper) entrance to many museums in Prague.


Finish Midnight Sun celebrations in Prague

Midnight Sun is one of the holidays in Finland which celebrates that the sun doesn’t set. To experience the atmosphere you don’t have to go to Finland but to Prague. Finlandia Vodka decided to bring the celebrations there as well.

Even though the sun will set here, you can learn Finish traditions connected with this holidays. One of the most important symbol of the celebrations will be a big bonfire. People can listen to Nordic traditional music, learn Nordic dances, watch fire effects and special projections, and drink vodka.

The celebrations will take place on Cisarska louka street nearby Smichov (metro line B Smichovske nadrazi) on Thursday 28th June 2007.


Don't miss museums in Prague for free

National Museum in Prague About 5,000 people took advantage of the International Days of Museums and Galleries and visited several museums and galleries in Prague that were open for free last weekend. Most of the people visited the main building of the National Museum at the top of Wenceslas Square.

One of the biggest attraction at this museum is the exhibition The Hunters of Mammoths that presents the prehistory in the Czech lands. Visitors could exceptionally take a photograph of the most precious item of the exhibition – The Venus of Dolni Vestonice. The museums offered a rich additional programme.

Another chance to visit museums and galleries in Prague for free will be on 16th June 2007 during the Museum Night. Museums and galleries will be open till late at night to create a special atmosphere.


Get to know Czech countryside on the walk Prague-Prcice

Thousands of people will set out for an annual track from Prague to Prcice tomorrow to enjoy the walk and the beauties of the Czech countryside. This track is the oldest and most most famous track in the Czech Republic. It was held for the first time on 17th April 1966 when a group of people decided to master the distance of 100,000 ells. Now this traditional action is attended by more and more people.

The longest track starts in Prague at the metro station Haje at 5:00 in the morning. Then they will have to walk 70 kilometers to be finally awarded a small plastic shoe and cookies.

Participants can choose one of the 15 tracks starting in various towns and all ending in Prcice. The tracks are between 23 and 70 kilometers long. The registration fee is 30 CZK and it’s paid before the start at the registration points. If you want to choose your track, have a look here (only in Czech). See you there!

Prague flag on the top of Mount Everest

Today at 6:42 (CET) Prague Mayer Pavel Bem and his expedition reached the top of the highest mountain of the world Mount Everest. He carried the flag of Prague with him. He’s the 10th Czech person who managed to get to the top.

All members of the expedition are all right. According to experienced mountaineers, now they have to master the most dangerous journey back to the camp. It will probably take two days.

Pavel Bem’s expedition started on 23rd March this year. Mountaineering is one of his hobbies. Mount Everest is his schoolboy’s dream. He should be out of the office until 25th May.


Birthday of Czech cardinal: services and a free concert

Czech cardinal Miloslav Vlk In occasion of the celebrations of 75th birthday of Czech cardinal Miloslav Vlk, you can visit a gala concert in St Vitus Cathedral. It starts today at 19:00 and it’s for free. The concert will present compositions of Bohuslav Martinu, Antonin Dvorak, Leos Janacek and Petr Eben.

On the same occasion, the Prague Archbishopric organize a thankful services in St Vitus Cathedral at 10:30 tomorrow. You can come and take part in joint prayer which start an hour before the services.

Cardinal Vlk has been the highest representative of the Catholic Church in the Czech Republic for 16 years. Before that he also worked as a shop-window cleaner because he was prohibited by the Communist regime to do any public sacred activities. He was also present at the conclave in Vatican to elect the Pope.


Prague metro will be partly without drivers

For the first time these days Prague metro will go without a driver. But not on the whole route, but only at the turning place in Dejvice, which is the terminal of metro green line B. The Prague Public Transport Co. promises that it will save time and the trains could come in shorter intervals.

The fully automatic trains are now being tested at nights. If everything goes all right, this system will be in service in June 2007. Now the trains in Prague metro are controlled by computers partly, especially during deceleration and acceleration. A driver is still needed to check whether passengers are in the safe distance from the tracks and whether they are not stuck in the doorway.

Fully automatic trains can be seen in Paris, Lyon or Vancouver. If the Prague Public Transport Co. want to have fully automatic trains, they would have to invest a lot of money to adjust present trains and platforms. Trains without drivers might be possible in the new metro line D, which is planned to be finished in 2013.


Pirate ships instead of bus stops in Prague

The third film about Jack Sparrow’s adventures called Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End is coming to Prague’s cinemas in less than a week (on 24th May). The distributors of this film prepared a special campaign to attract people to see the film.

Several bus stops in the centre of Prague will change significantly. They will be covered with a large poster and on the top of the bus stops will be a mock-up of a pirate ship. Inside the stops will be a LCD screen where people can choose if they want to see a trailer or the interesting facts about film preparations.

These unique bus stops will be in four places in Prague, in Jindrisska street (near Wenceslas Square), at I. P. Pavlova (metro red line C), at Andel (metro yellow line B) and at Florence (metro lines B and C).


Concert of My Chemical Romance in Prague soon

Fans of the music band My Chemical Romance look forward to their concert in Prague on 3rd June 2007. This American rock music band from New Jersey will perform in Prague for the first time.

The band started in 2001, in September 2001 to be exact, after the attacks in New York. The first who came with the idea of creating a new music band was Gerard Arthur Way. Now the band has 5 permanent members. They have already released three albums, their last one was extremely successful.

Prague’s concert of My Chemical Romance will take place in T-Mobile Arena (in Prague Exhibition Ground). Tickets are still available via Ticketpro for 510 CZK.


The oldest ship in Prague anchors near Charles Bridge

The oldest ship in Prague can be seen these days on the Vltava river. It’s anchored near Charles Bridge and it bears the name Nepomuk. It is a contribution to the July’s celebrations of 650th anniversary of Charles Bridge.

This ship was built in 1933 and before the WWII it ferried passengers between Lyon and Avignon, then it sailed on Rhine river. Nepomuk ship can transport up to 250 people and its diesel engine is lit by a safety-fuse.

The ship will soon sail on the river and it will carry passengers on sightseeing tours along the Vltava banks. Soon it will also travel to Slapy Dam or to Melnik where the Vltava joints the river Labe.

Anonymous letter: church schools in Prague will explode

More than 30 church school in Prague have been searched in order to find any traces of explosive materials. An anonymous person sent a letter last Tuesday in which he/she threaten with bomb attacks at these schools.

Policemen with trained dogs were searching in the buildings of kindergartens, primary and secondary schools but also in three theological faculties of Charles University. No bombs were found but policemen will continue guarding the places for the following days.

The same situation was in January this year. There were no bombs found at the schools and the anonymous writer is still unknown. It might be the same person again, probably with religious motives. The world Allah was mentioned in the last letter many times. If the writer is caught, he/she can be sentenced up to 15 years imprisonment.


Opponents of nuclear plant Temelin threaten with large border blockades

The disagreement between the Czech Republic and Austria about the Czech nuclear plant Temelin is becoming stronger. Austrian government decided yesterday to send a diplomatic note to Prague. They claim that the Czech Republic breaks international agreements.

The opponents of Temelin threaten that if the Austrian government doesn’t file an international lawsuit against the Czech Republic in four weeks, they will block all 16 Czech-Austrian frontier crossing.

The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs consider these blockades as restrictions of the free movement of persons and goods, which belong in the four freedoms of the European Union. On Monday the Minister of Foreign Affairs Karel Schwarzenberg told his Austrian colleague that Czech patience with blockades has its limits.

Contemporary theatre in Prague with plays of Egon Bondy

Bouda Bondy is a construction that you can see these days on the place between the National Theater and the New Scene (the glass building). This temporary construction will enrich Prague theater scene this summer.

It is inspired by a wooden construction situated on present Wenceslas Square in the times of Czech National Revival, where people could see Czech plays in Czech language, instead of the official German language. Bouda of these days contains 120 seats and measures 16 × 23 meters. The construction will be finished during May, the first performance there is planned for 16th June 2007.

The programme of this year will offer the works of recently deceased Egon Bondy, a famous Czech poet, prose writer and philosopher. Visitors can see theater plays based on five texts of his in ten reruns.


Harley Davidson Rally in Prague

Owners and lovers of Harley Davidson motorcycles and the lifestyle should not miss the 14th Czech National Rally Hog Prague which is planned for 1st -3rd June 2007 in Prague 6 – Vokovice.

Participants can look forward to a music concert on Saturday night (music band Peha, Kamil Strihavka etc.), motor shows, fireworks, a stunt show, or Miss Wet T-Shirt or striptease. Saturday between 11:00 and 13:00 is reserved for a parade through Prague.

The meeting is in camp Dzban on Friday 1st June 2006. Accommodation (by prior reservation) and food is provided in the camp. The registration starts at 14:00 on Friday 1st June, the rally fee for HOG members is EUR 35. Tickets for the Saturday concert are available via Ticketpro. Click here to visit the official pages.

Tens of Ferrari cars in Prague right now

About 50 owners of luxurious cars Ferrari are right now in Prague to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the famous brand. Today they can be seen in the city centre of Prague, in the evening they have a dinner in the complex of Prague Castle.

If you want to see these luxurious sport cars in Prague, stay close to Lesser Town Square (Malostranske namesti) and Hradcany Square (Hradcanske namesti) in front of Prague Castle.

Prague’s action is a part of a symbolic relay which started in United Arab Emirates in January and will finish in Italy on 23rd June. Italian delegates will auction presents they got from countries they visited during the relay. The Czech Republic gave a glass vase with the symbol of Ferrari on it.

Bijou Phillips claims she has never slandered Czech people

Last Friday we brought you information about American actress Bijou Phillips and her attitude to the Czech Republic and its people. Although the magazine for men Stuff claims that Bijou called Czech people f**king a**holes, Bijou now denies that.

Phillips claims that she has never said anything like that. Phillips and Eli Roth, the director of Hostel 2, sent together a letter to Falcon company that distributes films in the Czech Republic that they were shocked by the article in Stuff magazine and that Bijou would never say such a thing. According to them, it is only a rumour.

Bijou Phillips says that she has had many problems with media before, facing false or crazy news about her. MS DNES asked the Dennis Publishing, which is in charge of Stuff magazine, for any evidence of the interview, but there is none. So it’s statement against statement now. What do you think?

President Vaclav Klaus is criticized for his views

The cover picture from Klaus's new book Today the President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus presents his new book called ‘Blue, Not Green Planet. What’s in danger: climate or freedom?’ in Prague’s cafe Slavia. In this book he impugns some theories about global warming.

After criticism of the European Union, Vaclav Klaus is also famous for denying climate changes caused by people. His book is not based on his research but on quotes of other people. These days Czech readers can buy American Vice President Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth in contrast to Klaus’s opinion.

Recently in reaction to the new building of the National Library, Klaus said that he will prevent building of the new building by his own body. Klaus’s disapproving approach was criticized by the author of the winning design himself. Kaplicky, during his yesterday’s lecture in the Wallenstein Palace in Prague, mentioned president’s name several times.

Russian male ballet in Prague today

Today for the first time Prague audience is going to see the performance of the State Male Ballet From Sankt Petersburg of Valeriy Mikhailovski. Their performances have been seen on the most renowned stages all over the world.

One of the best ballet dancers Maja Plisecka said about their performance: “I thought, that I dance Dying Swan the best, but I have to admit that Michailovsky is definitely better…”

The performance starts in the Congress Centre at 20:00 today. Tickets can be still bought via Ticketpro, Ticketportal or Ticketstream between 490 CZK and 1,190 CZK.


Tickets for The Summer Shakespeare Festival 2007 on sale

Othello at The Summer Shakespeare Festival in Prague Tickets for The Summer Shakespeare Festival 2007, an annual festival presenting the famous plays of William Shakespeare, are already on sale. The prices haven’t changed since last year, tickets cost 280 CZK, 440 CZK and 650 CZK. They can be bought via Ticketpro or on the day before the performance.

The festival starts on 21st June and finishes on 14th September 2007. Visitors can look forward to 114 performance of five plays – The Tempest, As You Like It, Othello, The Merchant of Venice and Twelfth Night.

The plays are performed at the Supreme Burgrave’s House at Prague Castle and newly also in the Lichtenstein Palace in Lesser Town. The festival will be accompanied with the exhibition Maximum Photography on display in the gardens of Prague Castle. Here you can find more information about the festival.


Prague Museum Night 2007

The Rudolfinum Prague inhabitants and visitors have another chance to see many museums, galleries and other cultural institutions in Prague for free or for a symbolic price. And this time during one night. Prague Museum Night is scheduled on 16th June 2007, it is a part of the Festival of Museum Nights organized in 87 towns of the Czech Republic.

In Prague you can choose from 21 institutions and 45 buildings that will be open that day mostly from 19:00 to 01:00. Permanent and short-term exhibitions will be accompanied with additional programmes, such as concerts, film presentations, workshops and curiosities that are not normally displayed.

Information brochures about the event will be handed out on 15th and 16th of June in front of the National Museum in Wenceslas Square and in front of the Rudolfinum in Namesti Jana Palacha. Transportation between the institution will be provided by special buses for free. For more information about Prague Museum Night click here (only in Czech).

International conference for democracy in Prague

Prague will host an international conference on “Democracy and Security: Core Values and Sound Policies” attended by leading dissidents, human rights activists, academics and world leaders. Its aim is to discuss the importance of democracy and to find the ways how to promote it in totalitarian regimes.

The conference is an initiative of three people concentrating on human rights and democracy – human right activist and political leader Natan Sharansky, former president of the Czech Republic Vaclav Havel and former Prime Minister of Spain Jose Maria Aznar.

The conference, scheduled for 4th – 6th June 2007 in Prague, is hosted by the Adelson Institute for Strategic Studies at the Jerusalem-based Shalem Center, the Prague Security Studies Institute and the Foundation for Social Analysis and Studies in Madrid. One of the speakers at the conference will be the U.S. President George W. Bush.


Summer music festival at Czech castles

Tocnik Castle near Beroun Ceske is a summer cultural festival where you can not only visit four Czech castles in four different regions of the Czech Republic, but also listen to the music of the current Czech pop stars.

The atmosphere of old castles (Tocnik, Kuneticke Hory, Svihov – water castle, Bezdez) lightened by the performances of 18 interprets of Czech music can be senced from the middle of July. Visit Tocnik on 13th – 14th July, Kuneticka Hora on 20th – 21th July, Svihov on 27th – 28th July and Bezdez on 3rd – 4th August 2007.

Tickets (include the free entrance to the castles) for the festival can be bought via Ticketpro. Every visitor can get the accommodation in the nearby camp site for free. The programme of the festival can be found here.

New protections on the "Suicide Bridge"

Nusle Bridge from Vysehrad station Long bridge in Nusle is known as a bridge of suicides. It is on average 42.5 meters above the ground. In the 1990’s a high fence was built at the sides of the bridge to prevent suicides from jumping. In vain. The fence can be climbed over in 8 seconds. Last year the rescuers were called 63 times, 5 lives were lost.

In the first four months of this year, 31 people tried to commit a suicide from the bridge, three people died. The police do not file the number of people who have jumped since 1973 when the bridge was finished. They estimate the number to be about two or three hundreds.

To improve the situation, a new protection is now being considered. Probably it would be iron-plates or other smooth barriers at the top of the fence. The barriers will cost approximately 7 million CZK, they should be there in three months.

Charles Bridge celebrations start on 6th July 2007

Charles Bridge in Prague Prague councilmen will discuss the programme of the celebrations of the 650th anniversary of Charles Bridge. The celebrations may cost up to 11 million CZK. The celebration will be held from 6th July until 9th July. People can expect a rich programme in the Old Town Square, Knights of the Cross Square, Prague’s Municipal House and Charles Bridge.

The atmosphere of the celebration will be rather medieval. Visitors can look forward to knight tournaments, army camps or medieval music. Fans of pop music will gather on pontoons under the bridge.

The President of the Czech Republic, the Mayers of Prague and other world’s metropolises will place a Memory Box with their signatures and messages for future generations into the historical Charles bridge.


Jean-Francois Pignon will perform in Prague

Jean-Francois Pignon Jean-Francois Pignon will come to Prague for the first time to show his excellency in horse dressage. “The one who dances with horses” can be seen in the hall on the Cisarsky Island in Prague at 17:00 on Sunday 20th May. The show of Jean-Francois Pignon will offer great experience enhanced by special light effects.

All those who would like the learn from the great teacher have a special opportunity. Jean-Francois Pignon will give lessons in Masecin near Stechovice on 21st and 22nd May. More information at

Tickets for Sunday’s show can be bought from 290 CZK (for standing from 190 CZK), you can reserve them at Taking pictures is prohibited without prior organizer’s permission.

International Day of Museums and Galleries 2007

Impressive staircase in the main building of the National Museum in Prague International day of museums and galleries is celebrated all over the world. Its aim is to point out the importance of these cultural institutions in our lives. It’s been celebrated on 18th May since 1977 (several museums and galleries celebrate it at the weekend 19th and 20th May).

The National Museum in Prague is open on Sunday 20th for free. The Prague City Museum (Na Porici 52 street) is open on Saturday 19th May for a symbolic fee of 1 CZK. Other museums open for free on 18th May are the Czech Police Museum (Ke Karlovu 1 street), the Museum of Decorative Arts (17. listopadu 2 street) and the National Museum of Agriculture Prague (Kostelni 44 street). The Pedagogical museum J. A. Comenius (Valdstejnska 20 street) is without the entrance fee on Saturday 19th May.

On Friday 18th May you can also visit several galleries for free (admission fee may be only asked for guided tours). It includes St Agnes of Bohemia Convent, The House of the Black Madonna, St George’s Convent, Sternberg Palace, Trade Fair Palace or Kinsky Palace.

New changes in Prague public transport

Due to repair works at the crossroads Albertov, there will be restrictions in the tram transportation between stops Moran – Otakarova – Vyton – Albertov from today until 18th July 2007. The routes and stops of tram lines no. 4, 6, 18, 24, 53 and 55 will be changed. Line no. 17 will be out of service.

Additional line no. 38 will follow the route Vozovna Pankrac – Prazskeho povstani – Namesti Bratri Synku – Otakarova – Prazskeho povstani – Vozovna Pankrac. Additional bus line X-18 will go from Lazarska to Ostrcilovo namesti. Another bus line X-24 will follow Otakarova – Ostrcilovo namesti – Otakarova. Click here to see the map of the area.

Other changes in tram routes will be from 16:00 on Friday 18th May until 18:00 Sunday 20th May between Malostranska and Cechuv Most. Line no. 12 will be diverted from Malostranska – Strossmayerovo namesti via Chotkovy Sady and Letenske namesti.


Walk the World - Fight Hunger also in Prague

Besides the thousands of marathoners in the street of the centre of Prague, about 300 people were marching from the Strelecky Islands to Prague Castle and back yesterday to support the project Walk the World – Fight Hunger. This project tries to call attention to the problem of starvation in many countries of the world.

All the participants in the world had the same kind of T-shirts. Prague’s participants had to start the march a bit earlier due to the Marathon which closed Charles Bridge. Last year there were about 2,000 people marching through the city.


Thousands of marathoners met in Prague's Old Town Square

Thousands of runners took part in the Marathon Weekend in Prague last Saturday and Sunday. About 4,000 runners competed in the 13th Marathon Prague that started in the Old Town Square at 9:00 on Sunday. The sun was shining, the temperature was a little bit too high for the marathon – in the second half of the marathon it was 24˚C (75.2˚F). Eight runners had to be taken to the hospital due to exhaustion and dehydration.

For the first time, the winner of the marathon was not from Kenya but from Portugal. Helder Ornelas finished the marathon with the time 2:11:49, second Luka Chelimo (Kenya) with 2:12:36 and third Paulo Gomez with 2:12:51. The best woman was Nailja Julamanovova from Russia with 2:33:10, second Malgorzata Sobanska (Poland) with 2:35:02 and third Veronika Brychcinova (the Czech Republic) with 2:40:50.

The marathon closed 69 streets of Prague, changed the routes of 12 trams and 2 buses. Many road restrictions complicated the transportation in Prague.

62nd Prague Spring starts tomorrow

Prague Spring 2007 One of the most famous music festivals in Prague, Prague Spring, starts this weekend. The 62nd Prague Spring 2007 will be launched by Smetana’s My Country (Ma Vlast) conducted by Zdenek Macal in the Prague’s Municipal House.

The festival will offer tens of music performances, especially of classical music. One of the highlights will be San Francisco Symphonic Orchestra accompanied with baritone Thomas Hampson, the concerts of the viola da gamba player Jordi Savall or trumpeter Alison Balsom.

The competition of young conductors and horn players started several days ago. The final will be held on 13th and 14th May. More information about the festival can be found on the official web pages here.


17,000 runners in the streets of Prague this weekend

As we wrote yesterday, Prague will host Volkswagen Marathon Prague plus several other runs in the historical city of Prague. 7,650 boxes of oranges and 15,360 bottles of mineral waters are already prepared for more than 17,000 runners. The registration is still possible today for Saturday’s runs, until tomorrow for Sunday’s marathon. Trained runners only are recommended for the marathon.

The transportation in the city will be restricted a great deal. Especially in the city centre. It might resemble the situation after the big floods in the Czech capital in 2002. 69 streets will be closed and 12 tram lines and 2 bus lines will be diverted from their normal routes.

The tram restrictions on Saturday will only affect trams no. 17 and 18 between 14:00 and 18:00. On Sunday the situation will be much more complicated. Several Drivers of cars should also pay attention to streets where parking will be temporarily prohibited. If their vehicle is removed, they should call the telephone number 156 or 158. Other information about road restrictions in Prague can be obtained on 800 177 242.

Besides the sport events, there will be additional programmes on the Old Town Square and the Prague’s Exhibition Ground.


Romano Prodi to visit Prague

Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi will come to Prague this Monday to meet the President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus and both representatives of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.

On his one-day stay he will also have a meeting with the Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek. It is expected that their main topic for discussion will concern the future of the European Union and the Euroconstitution.

Prodi visited the Czech Republic 11 years ago as a Prime Minister. Then he used to meet Czech politicians as a chairman of the European Commission. During his chairmanship the European Union grew by 10 new member states, including the Czech Republic.

Are Czech people f**king a**holes?

Bijou Phillips American actress Bijou Phillips spent some time in the Czech Republic to shoot in Hostel 2 directed by Eli Roth. She expressed her opinion to the June’s issue of Stuff Magazine: “The people in the Czech Republic are f**king a**holes. Every person from every country that has gone to the Czech Republic thinks the people there are a**holes.” She was indignant by the behaviour of a shopping assistant who told her to leave the shop selling clothes with a cigarette in her hand.

NY Daily News got a statement from the spokesperson from the Czech Embassy in Washington that “it’s an interesting observation and we surely respect that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I, personally, haven’t observed [Czech] people to be a**holes, nor have I noticed people who think that about them. But we can only encourage people to go there and see for themselves.”

In contrast to the actress, the director Eli Roth admires Prague very much. “Prague was one of the only major cities not bombed in World War II, so it still has all the architecture and old buildings from 500 years ago. It’s filled with cobblestone streets, beautiful girls and bars that go all night. The people are great, and I pretty much kept my entire crew intact from the first film, so it felt like making a movie with my friends. We had a blast making the first “Hostel,” and I was eager to get back and get shooting.” (cited from (read more)

Gucci is coming to Parizska street in Prague

The number of luxurious shops in the prestigious street Parizska in the centre of Prague (leading from Old Town Square to Cechuv Bridge) will increased by another seller of luxurious good, Italian fashion house Gucci. As Czech Business Weekly informed, the shop is planned to be open at the beginning of 2008.

Gucci has no shops in former Eastern bloc countries yet. This year the first shop in this area will be open in Budapest. Prague’s Art Nouveau building in Parizska street no.9, where Gucci will be located, is now being restored. Gucci will share the building together with Carollinum, a company distributing several luxury brands.

Parizska street belongs to the finest and the most expensive shopping street in the Czech Republic. Other brands in this streets are Cartier, which opened its outlet in Prague last March, Burberry, Prada or Tod’s.

Prague City Police will celebrate in the centre of Prague

The Prague City Police organize celebrations on the occasions of their 15th anniversary of their foundation. Everybody is welcome to take part in the celebrations that will take place in the Old Town Square tomorrow. The entrance is for free.

The programme starts at 12:00 by honouring those policemen who have been serving for the City Police for 15 years. From 13:00 to 16:15 you can see shows of dogs’ training, saving people from a crashed car or a high building, training in self-defence and many other police activities.

During the whole day you can see the police vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, boats, a new hovercraft, or the ‘Blue Bus” – mobile centre for prevention of crime. The programme will be accompanied by the music performed by the Garrison Orchestra of the Army of the Czech Republic.


Vaclav Klaus nominated for the president's post again

President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus Civil democrats want Vaclav Klaus as the president of the Czech Republic again. That’s the result of yesterday’s meeting of the members Parliament of this leading political party. They will nominate him as their candidate for the next turn of office in the period 2008 – 2013.

The election for the president will be held in February 2008. Vaclav Klaus himself express his will to be a candidate for the post at the beginning of March.

The change that Vaclav Klaus would be elected again is quite big. The Civil Democrats (ODS) in the Parliament have together 122 votes (141 votes are needed). ODS want to start negotiation with their coalition partners and independent senators. Other political parties have not found another candidate yet.

Big marathon in the centre of Prague this weekend

Marathoners run over the Charles Bridge Marathon Weekend will start in Prague this Saturday. The organizers promise that the routes of the runs will be more interesting and more in the historical centre of the city. For tourists and drivers it also means many street and road restrictions. For information about restrictions in Prague call 800 177 242.

Saturday is reserved for Caddy City Run (8 km), Golf Plus Family Run (4 km), Algida In-line Race (10 km) or Walk For Health (2 km). The main marathon ‘Volkswagen Prague Marathon’ will start in Old Town Square on Sunday (at 9:00). For more information about the runs click here.

Among competitors are Stephen Kipkoech Kibiwott from Kenya (who also took part in the Hervis Prague Half Marathon) or the marathon record holder Alina Ivanova from Russia. Among the marathoners will be also a newly married French couple who decided to take part in the marathon as a part of their honeymoon.

Jewels of Emmy Destinn in the National Museum in Prague

Emmy Destinn Jewels of Emmy Destinn alias Ema Destinnova, the world’s famous Czech opera singer, belongs to the most precious exhibits in the theatre section of the National Museum. From today the public can see these jewels (which Destinn wore during the performances) in the main building of the National Museum in Wenceslas Square.

Emmy Destinn first sang in the Berlin’s Court Opera, already her first performance was very successful. She performed in about 70 roles in such cities as Paris, London or New York. She was appointed the honoured member of Royal Opera Covent Garden.

The museum will show her jewels (especially her diadem and necklace) can be seen until 5th August 2007. The jewels are on show with other belongings of this famous singer.


American writer Robin Cook in Prague today

Fans of the world’s famous American writer Robin Cook can get his autograph today in the large bookstore Luxor on the Wenceslas Square in the centre of Prague.

Robin Cook is known for his thrillers with medical themes. His books have been translated into more than 40 languages. Robin Cook has managed to sell more than 100 million copies of his books now. Among his novels are Blindsight, Chromosome, or Brain.

Readers can meet him on the first floor of the bookstore (near the literary cafe) at 16:00.

The first Buddha-Bar Hotel will be in Prague

When you visit Prague now, you can choose from about 30 five-star hotels there. In 2008 the number will increase, also thanks to a very unique hotel – the first Buddha-Bar Hotel in the world.

The hotel will be designed according to the image of Buddha-Bars which are characterized by their special atmosphere, Eastern music, oriental colours and scents, Japanese and Chinese artifacts and a large statue of Buddha. Buddha-Bar will be also built in this hotel.

The hotel will be situated near the popular Old Town Square in the centre of Prague. After Prague Buddha-Bar Hotel will be built in Dubai and other world’s metropolises.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are exploring Prague

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Mr As we have already informed, Angelina Jolie is together with her partner Brad Pitt and their children in Prague to act in a new movie called Wanted. The internet server idnes brings more details about their stay in Prague.

In the morning Angelina Jolie is shooting in the film ateliers in Letnany and afternoons and evenings she spends with her family. They were seen to have dinner in Svata Klara restaurant near Prague Zoo last Sunday.

Angelina and her family are staying in Gibian’s villa in Prague-Dejvice (Charlese de Gaulla street 22). After their stay in Prague, they will continue to the film festival in Cannes that takes place from 16th and 27th May.

World Respected Childbirth Week in Prague

On the occasion of the World Respected Childbirth Week, Prague hosts a multi-media exhibition called The Art of Birth. It can be visited in the Trade Fair Palace from 10:00 to 19:00 until 13th May.

The exhibition consists of paintings, photographs, objects, films and sounds. It is accompanied with Baby Expo – a trade fair for babies, mothers and the family relatives. It is held at the same place from 11th to 13th May.

Between 10th and 12th May you can visit also the International Congress – Normal Birth consisting of lectures, discussions, workshops for the wide public. For more information click here.


The Liberation Day in the Czech Republic

Yesterday the Czech Republic celebrated the 62nd anniversary of the liberation of the country from the Nazis. 8th May is a national holiday in the Czech Republic.

The president of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus together with the Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek and other politicians honoured the memory of victims of the WWII by one minute silence and laying wreaths at the National Memorial on Vitkov hill in Prague.

The wreath-laying ceremonies took place in many parts of the Czech Republic, e.g. in Hradec Kralove, Karlovy Vary or Ceska Lipa. Several towns organized reconstructions of important battles of the WWII.


Objections raised against the Bodies - The Exhibition in Prague

Bodies - The Exhibition is in Prague now The exhibition Bodies… The Exhibition arrived in Prague for the first time to show, according to the organizers, the anatomy of human body. The exhibition started five days ago, people have to stand in long queues to buy tickets.

The exhibition showing dead bodies that were modified is very controversial. Some people find it fascinating, others are outraged. A citizen of Prague has already sent a complaint that this exhibition breaks Czech laws when the bodies are not shown in coffins and that they are used for commercial reasons. Many objections are also raised against students of medicine who guide at the exhibition and tell more about the bodies and human organs. Many doctors think it’s unethical.

If the opponents of the exhibition, famous all over the world, are successful, the exhibition might be finished earlier than planned. Bodies – The Exhibition is on show in Palac Lucerna (Stepanska street 61). For more info about the exhibition, visit here the official pages.

Multiplex or a traditional cinema?

Traditional old cinemas are more and more replaced by multiplexes in Prague. There used to be almost 60 cinemas in various districts of the city, but those days are gone. There are only 12 classic cinemas left at the present.

New multiplexes with many screens are built mostly out of the centre of Prague, as a part of big shopping centres. They offer mostly commercial movies and their programs are very similar. On the other hand, there are alternative cinemas such as Aero or Svetozor, which screen quality movies and have a devoted audience.

However, many cinemas, that used to be an integral part of the cultural life in Prague, have disappeared: Alfa, Pariz, Hvezda, Jalta, Illusion and others. Luckily, there are still some good old cinemas left: for example the cinema Lucerna with a unique historical decoration, near the Wenceslas Square in the centre of Prague.


Japanese bonsai in the Prague Botanical Garden

If you are interested in Japanese culture, you can visit the Botanical Garden in Prague between 12th and 20th May 2007. There will be an exhibition of bonsai of important Czech and foreign growers. The exhibition will be accompanied by various program, introducing Japanese traditions and culture.

The exhibition is organized on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Japanese garden in the Prague Botanical Garden. You can also see stones suiseki there.

The accompanying program will include for example: a performance of the traditional Taiji exercising, Japanese music, arranging ikebana, preparing sushi and more.

The exhibition will take place in the Japanese garden, every day between 9 am and 7 pm. You can also buy a bonsai there. The Botanical Garden in Troja district is situated in Nadvorni Street 134, Prague 7. You can go to the metro station Nadrazi Holesovice, then by bus 112 to the stop “Zoologicka zahrada” or “Botanicka zahrada Troja”. Then just follow the signs, it will take 5 minutes on foot.


Czechs are in the quarter-finals of the ice-hockey World Championship

World Championship in ice-hockey If you are in Prague at the moment, you may have noticed that many pubs and bars screen matches of the World Championship in ice-hockey, which takes place in Moscow at the moment. Ice-hockey is tremendously popular in the Czech Republic. People rushed to their televisions especially on yesterday evening: there was an important match Czech Republic – Canada and the Czech national team was threatened with elimination from the tournament.

It was a big drama: the Czechs needed at least a draw. Every time they scored, Canada always equalized soon. It was 3:3 two minutes before the end of the match and Canada played a power play. Luckily, the score stayed the same, so the Czech team is in the quarter-finals.

The Czech team will play against Sweden or Russia in the next round on Wednesday. So, maybe you will meet celebrating fans in the streets of Prague soon…

Book World Prague was very successful

About 30 000 people visited the international book fair Book World Prague, which ended yesterday. One of the reasons is that it was dedicated to the literature of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, which met great interest of the public.

However, the biggest star of the fair was British author Wilbur Smith. He signed his books at the fair for three hours, there was a long queue of people hoping to get the autograph.

People also visited many readings and discussions. If you have missed them, you can still visit a meeting with Robert Fulghum: he will discuss and sign his books in the bookshop Luxor at the Wenceslas Square 41, today at 5 pm. The meeting will take place at the literary café in the 1st floor.


Million Marihuana March in Prague

Hundreds of people demonstrated for legalizing marihuana in the centre of Prague on Saturday. They joined the international event Million Marihuana March, already for the tenth time. The demonstration started at the Old Town Square and then it moved to Letna Plateau.

There were about 1500 demonstrators, mostly young people, in the beginning. The march then went along the Parizska Street towards Letna. A car with a big joint on the roof was at the head of the demonstration.

More people joined the demonstration at the Letna Plateau, where they could dance and listen to music: there were three stages with live bands and DJs. The whole area was covered with marihuana smoke.

Demonstrators demanded especially using marihuana for medical purposes and differentiating between hard and soft drugs in the Czech legislation. There were no conflicts with the police.


Prague police accused of ill-treatment of demonstrators

There were not just celebrations, but also several conflicts in Prague on the 1st May. Right-wing extremists assaulted a group of young socialists and the fight had to be stopped by the police. Several socialist demonstrators were then detained, because their meeting was not announced and they refused to go away. They say, that they were treated in a humiliating way at the police station.

The 26 detained socialists reportedly had to undress and squat. The spokeswoman of Prague police defends the policemen: the undressing and squatting is allegedly used to find out, if the detained person has a gun. However, these methods are only used when dealing with dangerous offenders, so the incident is now being investigated.

Prague police had similar problems last year, when the politician Katerina Jacques was beaten by policemen at the demonstrations on the 1st May.


Contemporary art exhibition in Prague

Municipal Library in Prague The exhibition of contemporary Czech art in the Municipal Library in Prague has an ironic name “Gross Domestic Product”. It reflects the present society – the consumerism, rationality and economy, which rule the world.

The works of art parody the system of consumerist values, mocks it and create metaphors, provoking to look at the themes from a different point of view. There are references to aspects of our everyday life, and the metalanguage of art transforms them so that we can see through them.

The exhibition is organized by the City Gallery Prague. It is situated in the 2nd floor of the Municipal Library in Prague at the Marianske namesti 1 (square). The main entrance to the gallery is from the Valentinska Street.

The exhibition starts today and it runs till 19th August 2007. The admission is 120,- CZK, reduced admission is 60,- CZK. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 10 am – 6 pm.


Low unemployment in the Czech Republic

The unemployment in the Czech Republic is the lowest of the last 8 years at the present time. It decreased from 8 % to 6.1 %, which is a biggest decrease since the break-up of Czechoslovakia in 1993.

Generally, the unemployment in the Czech Republic is lower than the average of all the countries of the European Union. It has now decreased below the average of the old 15 members of EU.

About 100 thousand people in the Czech Republic have found a job during the last year, so the number of unemployed people has decreased to approximately 311 thousand.

The lowest unemployment is in Prague, only about 3.5 %.


President Klaus denies global warming

According to Czech president Vaclav Klaus, there is no danger of global warming caused by humans. He believes, that the theory of global warming is exaggerated and that it can threaten people´s freedom. Klaus expressed these controversial opinions several times, last time at the lecture, that he held at the University of Economics in Prague few days ago.

Vaclav Klaus alleged, that the temperatures are not going to rise dramatically. He supported his claim with various economic theories, predicting, that the pollution of environment will go down, when the society will become wealthier.

President Klaus suggested, that people should trust in the free market. He thinks, that the movement against the global warming is a bigger threat than the warming itself.

Vaclav Klaus has written a book on the theme and he also spoke about that at the Cato Institute in Washington. However, experts on climatology are convinced, that he is wrong. They think that scientific findings about the global warming should not be belittled.


Czech and Foreign Design Show in Prague

For those interested in modern design and architecture, there is an exhibition of Czech and foreign design in the Veletrzni palac (the Trade Fair Palace) in Prague these days.

There are five different parts of the exhibition. Probably the most interesting is the section, called “Bohemian glass at the time of misery and illusions 1945 – 1980”. There are about 400 exhibits, some of them never displayed before. This exhibition was already acclaimed in Germany, USA and Denmark.

Another part of the design show is the exhibition “China Beyond Graphics”, where you can see posters, book covers, logos and also proposals for the Olympic Games in 2008, all by important Chinese graphic designers.

The other three parts of the show are dedicated to architecture. There are among others examples of contemporary Latvian architecture.

The Czech design show will last till 23rd September, the foreign design show only till 3rd June. The Trade Fair Palace is situated in Dukelskych hrdinu Street 47, Prague 7. You can learn more about the exhibitions here.


'Painting with Merry Senior' in Prague soon

‘Merry Senior’ (Vesely senior) is an endowment fund, which tries to show that even people over 70 years old can have a rich life with a lot of fun. It decided to repeat its very successful action from October 2006 – Painting with Merry Senior.

Merry Senior will organize a pleasant afternoon in the Wallenstein Gardens in Lesser Town in Prague. The organizers promise a lot of fun for the whole family. Famous seniors citizens will act as street artists and will draw portraits of volunteers on request. The programme will present senior blues band ‘Prazsky salonni orchestr’ and a dance performance called ‘Dance and Health’.

Everybody is welcome to the Wallenstein Garden (in Letenska street) in Prague on 19th May 2007. The proceeds of the action will be spent on help to senior citizens and senior institutions.

New online flight schedule provided by Prague's airport

Prague International Airport Ruzyne has launched a new online flight schedule on its web sites where travellers can find any flight connection to/from Prague. The spokeswoman of Prague’s airport Eva Krejci said to Metro that Prague is, after Amsterdam and Copenhagen, the third airport that offers such services.

The system enables to find direct and indirect flights from/to Prague. Travellers can immediately reserve the ticket at various air companies, as the system gathers the data from the OAG (Official Airline Guide) database. The system is updated every 10 seconds and it gets information about more than 28 million flights on 3,500 airports in the world.

The official web pages are now in three language versions: Czech, English and German. Prague International Airport has a direct connection with 120 cities in the world. From today also with the American city Atlanta (with Delta Airlines).


American jeeps parked in Prague's Kampa

Kampa Island Historical jeeps in the colours of the American army came to Prague yesterday to celebrate the 62nd anniversary of liberation of the Czechoslovakia. They were invited by the Czech Radio Regia for the action called Liberty Road Convoy.

About 40 vehicles travelled from the seat of the radio in Karlin to Kampa, then to the American Embassy and via Hradcanske Square, Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square they continued to Plzen, a town in the west Bohemia.

The action was organized in honour of killed American soldiers who helped liberate the Czechoslovakia country. Lovers of old army vehicles can still see it in Plzen and Domazlice this Friday.


Gumball 3000 on Czech highways

Bugatti Veyron, Porsche Carrera GT, Ferrari Enzo or Maserati Quattroporte. These cars can be seen on the highways leading from Brno to Prague or from Prague to norh border of the Czech Republic on one of these days

Hundreds of owners of luxurious cars are competing in the Gumball 3000 competition that started in London last weekend. The speedy cars continued via Amsterdam and Frankfurt, then they went by air to Instanbul. Today they will stop by in Bratislava, their final stop is Berlin.

Some of them will leave Bratislava tonight and will continue probably to Brno – Prague (D1) – Lovosice (D8) – Krasny Les. They don’t follow the road restrictions, so drivers who plan to drive on one of these roads, should watch out for any careless competitors.


Angelina Jolie is in Prague

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie is in Prague now The Hollywood star Angelina Jolie is considered by many people to be the most beautiful woman in the world. From several sources we have information that she arrived in Prague on Wednesday morning to act in a new film called Wanted, an adaptation of Mark Miller’s comic book series.

According to unconfirmed information, she’s accompanied by her life partner Brad Pitt, their four children, a nanny and lots of servants. She is staying in a villa in the diplomatic part of Prague-Dejvice. Any details are strictly concealed by the production. She will probably stay in Prague for about 4 weeks.

The rest of the team will stay a bit longer. The main character of the film is Scottish James McAvoy, another famous actor by his side is Morgan Freeman, who might celebrate his 70th birthday (on 1st June) in Prague. The premiere of the film is planned in the USA on 28th March 2008.

Golden Prague 2007 - music you'll enjoy

International Television Festival Golden Prague is one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious festival of various music and dance programmes on TV. It was first held in 1964. It’s organized by the Czech Television (Ceska televize). Last year it presented 453 guests from 29 countries of the world.

Visitors can vote for the world’s best programme or watch, in the Living Catalogue, commented shows of the best music and dance programmes on world’s TVs. Fans of rock, pop and world music can visit the Rock Club in Manes.

The festival will take place in Palac Zofin and in Manes on Slovansky Island in Prague from 16th to 20 June 2007. More about the festival and its programme can be found on its official web pages here.


Popular babies' names in Prague

Are you thinking of a suitable name for your baby? You can get some inspiration in the most popular names given now to babies born in Prague. The latest list of popular names was published by the Czech Statistical Office.

The most popular names in Prague are now Anna, Eliska and Tereza for girls and Jan, Jakub and Vojta for boys. In the list of the 10 most populars names are also female names Marie, Lucie, Ema or Adelka and male names Filip or Matej.

In the Czech Republic in general, the most popular female names are Tereza, Karolina and Natalie and male names Jan, Jakub and Tomas. Czech parents also chose some more exotic names, such as Nela, Vanesa, Adriana, Sofie or Flora, and Denis, Oliver, Sebastian, Tobias, Enrico or Nathan. Click here to see the calender with the classical Czech names. Read also about the Name Day in the Czech Republic.


Prague still among the most popular tourist destinations in Europe

According to the latest study of Jones Lang LaSalle monitoring the Middle Europe markets, Prague is the sixth most popular European tourist destination.

More than 90% of visitors accommodated in Prague come from abroad. The large number of hotels offering accommodation in the Czech capital will be increased by three more this year, the most significant will be, according to Jones Lang LaSalle, Rocco Forte (5*) with 101 hotel rooms.

Even though Prague is the most popular Czech destination, more and more tourists visit other destinations in the Czech Republic. The second most popular is the famous spa town Karlovy Vary, then the South Moravia region. The Czech Republic was visited by more than 6,4 million foreigners in 2006.

The Spanish Film Show in Prague

Association of Czech Film Clubs (ACFK) together with Instituto de Cervantes Praha organize a film presentation of Spanish culture in the Czech Republic.

The main stars of the show will be the most significant movies awarded Spanish Film Award Goya accompanied by three classical movies of Spanish cinematography: Carmen, The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie and An Andalusian Dog.

The show will take place in the Small Screening Hall of Svetozor cinema in Prague from 3rd to 5th May 2007. All movies will be in original (Spanish) version with English subtitles. For the programme of the show, click here.


Unrestful celebrations of 1st May in Prague

Prague was full of events on 1st May. Besides couples heading to Petrin Hill to kiss in front of the Macha statue, there were several meetings of political parties and their supporters, and conflicts of political radicals.

Supporters of the Communist party met in the morning in Prague’s Exhibition Ground. The representatives talked about their disagreement with the possible U.S. anti-missile base in the Czech Republic, finaly they sang The Internationale. The anti-communists met in Letna, together with the Prime minister Mirek Topolanek. Supporters of Social Democrats met in Prague’s Exhibiton Ground in the afternoon.

The city transportation near Most Legii, Strelecky Island or Ujezd was restricted by the conflicts of nationalist and anarchists. The anarchists wanted to prevent the nationalist from going to the American Embassy. The police had to act. Several people were detained, one policeman was injured. The situation was monitored by a helicopter and hundreds of policemen.

International Day of Bird's Singing?

There are many important days in the calender and 1st May is one of them – the Labour Day, which is celebrated worldwide and Prague is not an exception. There are other dates connected with important events or things.

The International Day of Peace is celebrated on 21st September, the World AIDS Day on 1st December, the International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust on 27th January or the World Environment Day on 5th June.

Novinky brings some other important days. 6th March is dedicated to the Iodine Day, 11th March to the Brain Day, 21st March to the Day of Healthy Sleep, 2nd May to the Day of Bird’s Singing, two days later the Day of Midwifes or 21st November to the World Day of Greetings.

May 1st – an unordinary day in Prague

Do you want to know more about celebrating 1st May in the Czech Republic? We bring you some ideas:

The celebrations of May 1st are in many people’s mind connected with the huge celebrations during the communist regime. For over forty years, there were float parades in all big cities in the back then Czechoslovakia. The biggest parade was, of course, in Prague, to be more precise, in Letna Plain, Prague 7.

The participation on those massive communist manifestations celebrating the Labor Day was mandatory. People had to go if they didn’t want to have troubles. And so the big plain in Letna witnessed every year on May 1st the same scenario – thousands of people waving little Czechoslovak and Soviet flags at the communists party officials who were seated on a tribune decorated in red, with huge pictures of Marxist leaders and signs “With Soviet Union Forever”. For everyone this was a waste of time… (read the whole article)