Compact archive May 30, 2007

Jolie and Pitt's daughter celebrated her birthday in Prague

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt returned from Cannes to Prague to celebrate the birthday of their biological daughter Shiloh Nouvel. She celebrated her first birthday surrounded by many balloons in the villa in Charlese de Gaulla street last Sunday.

The star couple have four children, Shiloh Nouvel (1), son Maddox (5), son Pax Thien (3) and daughter Zahara (2). It is said the family was visited by Brad’s parents, brother Doug and Angelina’s brother James Haven.

Angelina Jolie is the main character of the new movie Wanted filmed in Prague at the very moment. iDNES brings several pictures (here) of their stay in Prague.

New camera system will monitor the statue of St Wenceslas

Statue of St Wenceslas The Statue of St Wenceslas on the upper part of the Wenceslas Square has been always a meeting place of Prague citizens and tourists. Wenceslas I. was the Duke of Bohemia, later canonized and now commemorated on 27th September.

In two months the statue of St Wenceslas might be guarded by a security camera system, the same one that now monitors the statues on Charles Bridge. According to the councilman for culture Milan Richter, the damage caused by vandals every year reach 200,000 CZK.

Besides the security system, the city council wants to place information boards next to the statue on which tourists could read information about this monument made by Josef Vaclav Myslbek in 1912.


New success in Prague Zoo: baby gorilla

Prague Zoo can be proud of another success. Since last weekend you can see there two new babies tiger, from last night a baby gorilla. The baby gorilla is the second gorilla born in Prague Zoo. It was born today soon after the midnight and the birth was without any troubles or assistance of people.

The baby gorilla can be seen in the arms of its mother Kijivu online thanks to the web cams placed in their pavilion. It’s a part of the Czech radio’s project Odhaleni (The Revealed), that won ARKive Interactive Awards in the Wildscreen competition. You can see it online here. The beginning of the birth was reported to the health workers just thanks to the people watching the gorillas online.

The first gorilla in Prague Zoo is Moja, born in December 2004. Her mother is also Kijivu. The oldest gorilla in Prague Zoo is Kamba whose baby was born dead in April this year.


17th Prague Writer's Festival this Sunday

Dada East is the main topic of the 17th Prague Writer’s Festival that starts this Sunday and finishes on Wednesday 6th June. Many famous writers will come to Prague, let’s name American prose writer E. L. Doctorow, the author of Ragtime later directed by Milos Forman. Then Gary Snyder, Dutch writer Arnon Grunberg, James Meek, Peter Stephan Jungk, Elena Stefoi and many others.

The programme of the festival will be open by ‘The Art of Conversation: “Non-violence versus Terrorism“’ in Theatre Minor. Monday will be devoted to the main topic of the festival – Dada East, discussed by Tom Sandqvist, Ludvik Kundera and Miloslav Topinka.

Together with the festival you can visit an exhibition called Dada East? in Prague’s Gallery Smecky (Ve Smeckach 24). More information about the festival and the gallery can be found here.


Vltava Marathon - in-line skating competition

Adults, children and even parents with prams can compete in in-line skating in the Vltava Marathon on Saturday 9th June. Every participant will get a T-shirt. The winners will be given extra prizes and cups by Katerina Neumannova.

Adults can take part in the marathon or a half-marathon, children on the tracks either 2.2, 4.4 or 6.6 km long. Parents with prams can try to overcome the distance of 2.2 km. One of the competitors will be Martina Sablikova, the Czech best speed skater.

The in-line marathon starts in the Hamr sport area in Vltavanu street at 9:30. Competitors can register just before the contest. Helmets are required, but they can be borrowed at the venue.