Compact archive June 8, 2007

Naked cyclists in the streets of Prague this Saturday

Prague will be one of the cities where naked cyclists will protest against cars in one of the biggest actions all over the world for calling attention to the environment and vulnerability of cyclists on the road. It’s called the World Naked Bike Ride.

Naked cyclists (with possible paintings on their bodies) will ride in the busiest streets of Prague this Saturday. This action will be organized in the Czech capital for the second time, however, only a few people participated last year.

Besides Prague, many other metropolises are involved, such as London, Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam, Montreal, Los Angeles, New York City, Cape Town, Tel Aviv, Sidney, etc. More information about this action can be found at the official pages here.

'Madagascar, the Lab of Gods' in the National Museum in Prague

The National Museum opens a new exhibition in the main building in the upper part of the Wenceslas Square. It’s called Madagascar, the Lab of Gods’ and it’s devoted to the history and development of this unique island.

The exhibition presents the island in several ways. It shows the history of the island long before the first inhabitants as well as the influence of people on the local fauna and flora. The biggest part of the exhibition focuses on unique flowers and animals on the island and the efforts to protect them. The exhibition is open in the National Museum until 19th September 2007.

Besides this exhibition, those who are interested can buy a new picture book called Madagascar, the Lab of Gods in the shopping centre of the museum. The Botanical Garden in Troja will give several lectures on Madagascar in the Madagascar Week (18th – 24th June).


Less stressful journey to Prague Zoo

Almost everybody who has once travelled to/from Prague Zoo, either by bus or by car, can talk about an unpleasant experience. Buses (no. 112) are full of people and can’t even hold all the people waiting at the stops. Cars are trapped in traffic jams. The Prague Zoo and the city council are trying to solve this problem, but so far in vain.

The Public Transport Co. advices that there are other ways how to get to Prague Zoo in Troja besides the bus no. 112 from Nadrazi Holesovice (metro red line C). Another possibility is to go by metro to Kobylisy (metro red line C), change for buses no. 102, 144 or 186 and go to stop Na Pazderce. Then it’s about a 600-meter-long walk through a small wood to the greenhouse Fata Morgana in the Botanical Garden or to Prague Zoo.

In the future the city plans to intensify the water transport or create ecological trains, so that the trip to Troja won’t be spoiled by a stressful journey there.


Czech modern history in the Vitkov monument

Vitkov Monument As we have already informed, the Vitkov Monument on Vitkov Hill is going to be completely reconstructed to turn into a modern history museum holding an exhibition The Crossroads of Czech Statehood. The monument should be ready in two years.

Five crossroads will remember the modern history of the Czech Republic. The first crossroad will be devoted to the foundation of the Czechoslovakia in 1918, the others will focus on the German occupation, political trials in the 50’s, the Prague Spring and the Soviet occupation in the year 1968 and the Velvet Revolution.

Among the exhibits will be bloody shirts of parachutists Kubis and Gabcik, the assassins of Heydrich, or the original Charta 77, that was confiscated from Vaclav Havel by the State Police. Now it’s the part of the National Museum collection. Visitors will also see the lab where scientists took care of the embalmed body of Clement Gottwald.


Police festival Festpol 2007 in Prague

Prague hosts now the 7th International Festival of Police Orchestras and Choirs Festpol 2007. It’s organized by the Orchestra of Prague Castle and the Czech Republic Police with cooperation of Bohemia Ticket Agency. People have a special opportunity to see the “other face” of these “men of law”.

The festival was open yesterday by the mayor of Prague in the Prague Old Town Hall. The programme continues today with concerts in the Church of Sts Simon and Juda at 14:00 and in the Old Town Square at 14:30.

Tomorrow at 10:00 people can go to a concert of all participants of this festival to the gardens of Prague Castle. At 15:00 starts a parade of all orchestras and choirs through the city, at 15:20 there will be a concert in the Old Town Square. The programme will be finished tomorrow at 20:00 by a festive evening in the National Museum.