Compact archive July 19, 2007

New information campaign about Schengen in the Czech Republic

'Free way to Europe' The Czech government will invest 25 million Czech crowns into a new campaign that will inform Czech public about joining the Schengen system on 1st January 2008. The government decided to launch the campaign after what a survey had revealed that only 51 per cent of Czech people knew about the existence of the Schengen agreement.

The campaign is symbolized by a logo of traffic lights having three green lights instead of red, orange and green. The logo represents the free way to Europe. The information campaign should increase the knowledge of Czech public about the Schengen system.

According to many Czech people travelling without border controls is the final part of joining the European Union. In connection with joining the Schengen system Czech people mostly fear of increase of illegal immigrants and security risks.

Park on Kampa Island will be restored

Kampa Popular park Kampa situated near the Vltava River in Prague Lesser Town will be under reconstruction soon. The park should get new pathways, more trees, benches, dustbins and street lamps. The reconstruction of the part should start next year and finish in 2009.

The city will invest 30 million CZK in the restoration of the park. The main street will serve as a promenade for walkers with a line for cyclists.

Kampa park is situated in a picturesque island in the centre of Prague. The area around the Devil’s stream that separates the island from the Lesser Town is often called “The Venice of Prague”.

Overpriced restaurants at Prague airport

Prague airport Ruzyne More and more people are complaining about the high prices of food and drinks at Prague International Airport Ruzyne. At most of the airport’s restaurants you pay even three times more for your dish than you would pay in the very centre of Prague. Several restaurants are even more expensive than 5-star Four Season Hotel which accommodated Madonna or Sean Connery.

The owners of these restaurant defend themselves claiming that the rent and energy prices are much higher there. The spokeswomen of Prague airport Eva Krejci says that the energy prices are the same like in the centre of Prague.

If you’re looking for cheap drinks, one of the options are drink machines in the hall. In case you’re hungry, go to the newly open building of Europort with a supermarket and a restaurant inside.


Uknown Prague Castle

Prague Castle Even though you may think that you know Prague Castle very well, you might be surprised to find places that are not mentioned in Prague guidebooks but still they don’t lack their magic.

Instead of walking up the Old Prague Castle Steps, stroll along the streets Na Opysi or Chotkova to the Deer Moat. This green calm place created by the stream Brusnice is not crowded by many tourists and still offers a great view of famous monuments, such as Daliborka and Mihulka towers, St Vitus Cathedral or Queen Anne’s Palace.

The Dear Moat will take you to Prague Castle or U Brusnice street which leads to lovely street New World and narrow streets around the Loreto.

From U Brusnice street you can also easily get to Lumbe’s garden opened since the last year. There are many concerts held in that garden. Lumbe’s garden used to belong to the Lumbe’s villa, the residential villa of the Czech president.


Prague public transport is one of the cheapest in Europe

The system of Prague public transport is evaluated positively by many people. It’s one of the cheapest public transportation and it’s largely used by Prague inhabitants and tourists in comparison with the transportation systems in other European cities.

Six out of 10 Prague inhabitants prefer taking metro, trams or buses on their way to work instead of using their own car. Another positive feature of Prague public transport is its high density and coverage of the city.

According to the audit of the Prague Public Transport Company made by BNV Consulting, the travel tickets should get much more expensive to meet the costs of the company. Right now Prague public transport is subsidized from the budget of the city of Prague.