Compact archive September 2007

St. Wenceslas Day

St. Wenceslas was a loved Czech King

St. Wenceslas was a loved Czech King propagating Christianity. He ruled over Prague in the 10th century.

We celebrate his day on 28 September, as a Czech Statehood Day (Den ceske statnosti)

According to legends, St. Wenceslas was murdered when he was going to the morning religious service in 935, by the mercenaries sent by his brother Boleslav. St. Wenceslas became a patron of the Czech state.

Prague Cathedral Belongs to People this time

cathedral belongs to all the people District court of Prague decided that the Cathedral belongs to the state. This decision came after two previous verdicts, which found the owner of St. Vitus Cathedral the Catholic Church. The Church is going to appeal to the law again.

The suit for the most visited Czech church has been going for 14 years; this time the judgment is based on the government instruction from 1954, where is stated, that the cathedral belongs to “all the people” and the court decided that what belongs to all Czechs, belongs to the Czech state.

The Church authorities of course disagree and are going to appeal. They want to base the next suit on statement that “all the people” doesn’t say anything about transferring of ownership.

According to Jaroslav Sebek, who is a renomed expert of the Church history, it is a symptom of a large problem, which is about the relationship of the Church, state, and society. According to him, this problem is only to be solved with discussion, not by any gestures, which are only making the problem worse. The St. Vitus Cathedral was build with donations of the Church and the state as well.

Skoda Starts Production of New SUV Yeti

skoda yeti goes to production This is for the first time the Czech Republic is going to produce our very own SUV car.

According to Skoda, “It’s designed to look friendly and self-confident but not aggressive”. It is meant to be “convincing in an urban environment”, but “could also be a sought-after means of transport in countries with a less than perfect road system.”

It was first introduced in 2005, but as there is no predecessor, there were doubts where, and if at all, it is going to be fabricated. It comes as a surprise, that it is going to be made not in Germany VW fabric, but in Czech city Kvasinky. The production here was defended, even despite of free capacities of other VW factories in Europe. What is more, Skoda is going to re-open an old Skoda fabric in Vrchlabi, and will be hiring.

This news means strengthening of Skoda position on the world’s markets, and good news for Czech automobile workers, because of new labor. And, last but not least, those who can afford SUV won’t have to choose from forign producers only.

Prague Olympics Discussion

discussion olympics prague Olympic Games financing, referendum and changes that the Olympics could bring to the Czech Republic, were the main topics of the public discussion, that took place on 2007-09-26.

Svandovo Theater was filled completely, which only reflects, Olympics are the hot topic. The for-site was represented by Prague’s mayor Pavel Bem: “Mayors of foreign cities ask me, why do we still don’t have a beltway? Beltways were supposed to be here much earlier. The funds for the infrastructure were decided long ago, but nobody made it going. Olympics is one of the tools for making it going.” Bem sees Olympics from clearly an economic point of view.

The question of finance interests Pavla Reedova: “I don’t say Prague can’t organize Olympic games, but the price of such an event is too high. Montreal was paying off the installments for 30 years.” She wants to be a “watchdog” of our Olympics, to watch the expenses. However Bem estimates the total price of Olympics 132,5 milliards CZK (4,42 milliards €) with the supposed yield 136 milliards CZK (4,53 milliards €). However those numbers become a laughing stock for the audience.

The audience sounded mostly against the Olympics, demanding the referendum. It seems it is going to take place in the near future. The reason to vote for is rising Czech world consciousness, against speak many obstacles.

Based on: MF DNES


Moscow City Ballet in Prague

An amazing spectacle – classical music, wonderful choreography, perfect technique of dance and unique artictic presentment. You can see the best ballet pieces from the notable Russian masters.

Do you want to know MORE?

Moscow City Ballet performs during October in the Czech Republic. Don’t hesitate for a long time and go to buy the tickets at Romeo and Juliet you can see on 23th October and Don Quixote on 22th October. These two performances will take place in Kongresove Centrum, Prague 4. Prices of the tickets are 770CZK – 1,490 CZK. Giselle will be performed only in Liberec.


Czech National Symphony Orchestra Concerts

Czech National Symphony Orchestra was established in 1993 by a trumpet player Jan Hasenöhrl. The orchestra made its debut appearance on 10th November at the Dvorak Hall in Rudolfinum in Prague, with a conductor Vladimir Valek. The orchestra is made up of about eighty experienced musicians. The main founder of the orchestra is the legendary conductor Zdenek Kosler, who gave them his wide-ranging artistic knowledge. He also recorded CDs with them. The American Paul Freeman took over as a Chief Conductor in 1996 and currently he is the Music Director. Libor Pesek was appointed the conductor this year.

The 15th concert season starts on 18th October.

Do you want to know MORE?

The first concert begins at 7:30pm and you can hear Marc-Antoine Charpentier – Te Deum, Preludium, Johann Sebastian Bach – Concerto for violin and oboe in D minor, BWV 1060 and Anton Bruckner – Symphony No. 4 in E flat major, the Romantic Symphony.


Ex-Depeche Mode Alan Wilder, Saturday in Prague

Alan Wilder in Prague Greetings, fans of Synthpop and New Wave! Do you have the feeling that there is not enough music events, that would fit your liking? What if we told you that you have the unique chance to meet Alan Wilder, here in Prague? And to let him sign your Recoil CDs? Sounds good, isn’t it.

The programme of Retro Music Hall is handled by three Djs, so you can look forward for the production of Recoil, Depeche Mode, EBM and other electronic genres.

And for those who don’t know Recoil, it is the musical venture of ex-Depeche Mode member Alan Wilder, for which he writes the music and invites various guest musicians to write the accompanying lyrics and perform them on the record. The vocal parts are either sung or performed as spoken word pieces. The lyrics often deal with the dark side of human nature.

Retro Music Hall, Francouzska Street 4, Prague. Club opened since 7 pm, party starts 8 pm. Tickets – 200 CZK


Beat Apetit Concert Prague – First Beatbox CD in CR

Beat apetit debut in Prague Debut of the first beatbox CD on the Czech musical scene; featuring: Jaro Cossiga, Fany@Nasty, Beatburger Band and Czech Beatbox Allstars.

Beatbox performer and music producer Jaro Cossiga features the beatbox occasion of the year. Numerous special and very special guests not only from the Czech Republic are going to make beats the whole night long.

Beat Apetit record was made in cooperation of prominent Czech beatbox performers Fany and Nasy, together with Jaro Cossiga, who is, as the sole European, a member of the most prestigious American beatbox group – Beatboxer Entertainment N.Y.C. The record was published by DaSkaRecords and Studio Bathroom and is composed of various sounds, that these three are able to produce by their mouth.

Archa Theater, Na Porici 26, Prague, the show starts at 8pm. Free CD with the ticket. Ticket: 225 CZK


Crystal March

right-wing extremist's shoes According to the municipal authorities of Prague, it was impossible to chancel the march in Jewish town. Officially, it is supposed to be “a protest against the participation of the Czech Republic on the occupation of Iraq” Hoverer, Hospodarske noviny (Business news) found out the organizers are well-known right-wing extremists.

The demonstration is legal in the declared form, but we can only guess, what is going to go about on such a date. 10th November is notoriously known as the date of “Crystal night”, when in 1938 Germany large numbers of jewish synagogues, holy places or even regular houses were destroyed and/or burned down. The crystal in the name reflects the mass of valuables stolen and broken. Dozens of jews were killed and ten thousands ended in concentration camps.

Prague municipal authorities are going to proceed in the manner of overseeing whether there is a law-breaking and taking an action if yes. In this case the right-wing extremists found their way how to disguise their will so they won’t break any law.

The march will go through those streets of old Jewish town: Brehova, Maiselova, U Stareho hrbitova, Siroka, Zatecka and Platnerska and Franz Kafka square. 150 participants are expected to come, according to the organizations.

Less time for Prague Traffic jams

The tramway clousure at Paladskeho namesti in Prague is going to take less time than planned originally. The managers of Prague Public Transport (MHD) Martin Dvorak and Ludek Dostal announced. The work is going to progress faster, it should be finished on 8th October.

The other step are construction works at the cross-overs of Karlovo namesti. But the traffic colaps, that came as an outcome of repairs at Paladskeho namesti, became a deterrent example of how not to handle our ever-growing metropolis traffic. The heads have learned their lesson and so nearby Karlovo namesti is going to be under construction only during weekends. If you plan to go in October through Karlovo namesti, involve a delay into your plan, then.

According to the print report the shortened therms were decided by the mayor of Prague Pavel Bem


Moscow Patriarchal Choir in Prague

Drevnerusskij Raspev – choir tradition of Old Russia 26th and 27th of September, Moscow Patriarchal choir Drevnerusskij Raspev – choir tradition of Old Russia is going to take us into the bewitched world of old Russia liturgy tradition.

Drevnerusskij Raspev is formed by a dozen of male singers – the set number for small churches of old Russia. The choir is the only ensemble that concerts about detailed musicology research and musical practice of orthodox liturgy at the same time. And also the only one, that is able to decipher and reconstruct old manuscripts.

“The ensemble started to concert in 1987, the first concert for general public took place in the Small Hall of Moscow conservatory. The director was in shock, when he saw us in our clerical wear.” Its conductor and founder Anatolij Grindenko depicts the choir beginnings. In 80’s he belonged to the first propagators of historic music in Russia. We must realize that at that time it must have been something of a missionary work, because religious tradition was suppressed by the communist regime.

This world unique performance you can see and hear at Ceske muzeum hudby, 26th and 27th September, within the frame of Strings of Autumn (Struny Podzimu), starting 7,30pm. Ceske muzeum hudby is placed in Karmelitska 2, Prague.

If you want to know more, you’ll find it here


Flag t-shirt by Radek Stepanek

The t-shirt design in which Radek Stepanek won the match on Saturday is on sale online. It’s colors recall the Czech flag. What is not well-known, the designer is Radek Stepanek himself.

According to Tomas Kropacek, technical manager of ALEA sportswear, it was supposed to be used in 2006 on the World Team Cup, but after Stepanek’s injury it was kept until the premiere of Davis Cup duel with Switzerland.

Stepanek made the best advertisement, when he played with injury, and gained the important third point, and so, he saved our position in the elite group of the Davis Cup. Everyone, who saw him on the court, saw his eccentric wear. And it triggered massive demand, for the “Czech flag winning t-shirt”. So from now on, it is possible to buy the t-shirt online.

Cutty Ranks Concert in Roxy, Prague, 27th September

At the age of 14, Cutty Ranks began his career as a reggae artist on sound systems such as Rebel Tone. Early on in his DJ career he was influenced by Josey Wales. He recorded such tracks as “Out Of Hand” and “Fishman Lyrics”. Cutty Ranks has been also influential outside the world of dancehall, particularly in the field of drum ‘n’ bass.

The legend of Jamaican dancehall is going to play at Roxy Club, Dlouha Street on 27th September, and he is going to mark the beginning of RealBeat festival in Roxy. He is going to be accompanied by a selector Barney Millah and other guests, like Amo form Slovenia and three other residential DJ’s.


Prague Public Transport (MHD) gets 40 billions CZK

Prague Public Transport MHD gets 40 milliards CZK 40 milliards CZK (1.3 milliards €), which represent approximately a year’s budget of whole Prague, are planned to be invested to the modernization of the public transport in Prague.

New tramways and buses and repaired old train sets are to be bought throughout the next ten years. This project is about to start the next year, as instructs an informative material of the town councilors. There are 33 new tramways going to appear in the streets of Prague. We, who are so much comfortable with the old ones, that recall the spirit of 1960’s, are off our luck, because the new trains are already being build by Skoda Transportation. Let’s just hope the design will be harmonious with the old nature of Prague city center.

Metro C, the Red line, is now the only line that has only new trains to show off. M1 class trains are going to stay there, but 33 from 48 classic Russian trains are at least going to be adjusted before this years’ end. The city is still paying off the last 20 M1 trains, so the plans for buying of new trains count for 2010-2018.


Traffic guards in Prague on horses

Police horses form: There were horses in common state police use, but this is after a long time (probably going back to the time before WWII) the first case traffic police is going to use them. Two white Strarokladrubaci (Old – Kladrubian – breed) were chosen for their good physical statue and character stability. The selecting team was betting on experiences of police from Pardubice, a city well-known for it’s Velka Pardubicka Steeplechase. Price of one such horse is 189 000 CZK (6300 €).

And why the police decided so? “For parks of Prague they are great helpers, who can move very fast.” police deputy Blazek stated. They will serve in i.e. Stromovka. But before they start, they have hard, few-months of training ahead.

Their first service ride is going to be at the beginning of 2008. Before, they have to be used to tramways, buses, obstacles, barking dogs or any city noises. Four wardens who saddle the horses were chosen from total 15, who had to have experience with horses, some of them even having them.


Prague Castle Picture Gallery - Rudolphian Beauty

Prague Castle Picture Gallery Rudolphian Beauty There are three traditional ways to look at Rudolph II – as an ineffective ruler, whose mistakes led directly to the Thirty Years’ War, the more gentle one as a great Renaissance art patron, and, finally – an adorer of occult arts and learning, standing as a seeder of the scientific revolution.

Rudolf loved collecting paintings, he spared no expense in acquiring great past masterworks, such as those of Durer and Brueghel. Rudolf’s galleries were the most impressive in Europe at the time, and the greatest collection of mannerism to this day.

As was customary at the time, the collection was private, but friends of the Emperor, artists, and professional scholars were allowed to study it. Regrettably, Rudolf’s successors did not appreciate the collection and it gradually fell into disarray.

The pieces of art collected by Rudolph II were packed and travelled to Vienna very soon after his death, and the rest were plundered by the Swedish armada. But now it is the time when they are, just for a short time, coming back to the authentic setting of Prague castle. It is possible to see four unique pieces – B. Spranger’s and H. Aachen’s paintings, and A. de Vriese statues. They cohere religious and mythological themes together with eroticism, which the Emperor especially favoured.

You can see the exhibition Rudolphian Beauty daily 9 – 18 in the Prague Castle Picture Gallery until 31th March 2008.


Kotva versus Palladium

palladium in prague - new mall 07 It will soon be possible to shop in a new supermarket complex at the Republic square (Namesti republiky). Let’s make a little comparison with the old one.

The old supermarket, Kotva (Anchor), at Namesti republiky, built 1970 – 1975, was supposed to became a symbol of richness and plenitude of socialism. It was the biggest supermarket in the former Czechoslovakia. However at the end it showed the exact opposite – thanks to the usual supply problem most of the time the shelves offered only gaping emptiness. According to the author’s opinion, the only people who go to Kotva nowadays are the Russians, and most of the store offers only over-priced leather goods.

Palladium has been built for about 5 years, the work was slowed down thanks to the fact the whole center of Prague stands on archaeological sites. It was build in a shell of a historical building, with new basement floors. This way, it didn’t make any harm to the face of Prague, as we know it. It comprises of office and dining facilities along with Prague’s largest inner city parking garage. It was built not only as a center of commerce but also as a lively retail anchor and meeting point. The selection of shops was based on questionnaires, filled in by 1500 locals, to assure to fulfill the needs. Not burdened by the communist past, Palladium is a new and fresh place for our shopping. Opens on 25th of October.


Prague Airport Privatization

Prague Airoprt boeing 737.jpg Airport Prague and Czech Airlines are going to be sold next year. Our Minister of Finance Miroslav Kalousek stated that the state is not supposed to carry business, businessmen are. The Government has exact figures of how much is the price going to be, however they are not going to pronounce it publicly.

The same situation is with the case of Czech airlines (CSA). Money from the sale are going to be used for the necessary retirement reform and part of the profit is going to the Traffic fund. According to speculations, the exact price should vary between 60 – 70 billions CZK (2 – 2,3 bil. €). Other billions are coming from the Czech Airlines, however it’s economy is now in minus, and it’s possibilities for improvement are depend on a reform, as it’s flight ticket are four or more times expensive than those of the other Czech companies.


Girl in Pink Dress worth 400 000 €

Jan Capek Girl in Pink Dress Cubist painting by Josef Capek “Girl in Pink Dress” (Devce v ruzovych satech) painted in 1916 was sold by action for 12 million of CZK (400 000 €). It is the piece of art that sold for the second biggest amount of money in the Czech Republic. Last year, Capek’s painting “Leg bath” (Koupel nohou) was sold for 9,3 millions of CZK.

Prague Blocked by Cyclists

More than 2500 cyclists went on a protest route from Old times Square and by the expressway to Jana Palacha Square yesterday. This annual action attracts more people every year, as they are driven to participy by the unchanging conditions for cycling in Prague. Compared to other cities of the EU, Prague cyclo-ways still evokes early stages of the development. The reasons for this situatin are for example hilly location of Prague and narrow streets often unchanged in their dimensions from the medieval times.

“It is not supposed to be an action of pressure. We don’t have anything against cars.” Was emphasized by the organizators from Auto*mat initiative. “What we want is a possibility to drive a bicycle. Here in Prague we don’t have enough cyclo-ways.”

At the end, we give you 2 of the basic principles, on which basic Auto*Mat initiative stands; Auto*Mat is a project aimed at making our city safer, healthier and more lively. Auto*Mat wants to transform Prague from a city that today mainly accommodates car through-traffic into a city more favorably inclined toward life.


Czech tennis team stays in the Davis Cup World Group

Three days of matches in front of the sold-out Sazka Arena in Prague found the winner of Davis Cup playoff between the Czech Republic and Switzerland. Czech team finally won 3:2 in the final score against Swiss team headed by World No. 1 Roger Federer.

On Friday Radek Stepanek lost with Roger Federer, while Tomas Berdych won over Stanislas Wawrinka leaving the score the Czech Republic – Switzerland 1:1.

On Saturday Czech players Tomas Berdych and Radek Stepanek managed to avert a match point in the third set of the doubles against Roger Federer and Yves Allegro and gained a significant point for the Czech team.

Roger Federer became the winner of Sunday’s thrilling match against Tomas Berdych. Radek Stepanek took care of the third point for the Czech team in the match against Stanislas Wawrinka.

Prague Vintage Festival Starts Today 21.9.2007

vine days in prague The traditional Prague vintage festival starts today! What is to be seen? Actors, performances of fencers, jugglers and singers and much more. This is a traditional occasion that is very popular in Prague, as we are famous for our liking of alcoholic drinks. Part of the performances is the arrival of the ‘royal family’. Charles IV was the most popular Czech king, who really took care about Czech matters, and launched, among others, Czech wine tradition.

The main celebration will be at Jiriho z Podebrad. If you like the contemporary music, you shouldn’t miss the Hudba Praha (Music Prague) music group, that start at 19.30 Clou is going on stage at 21. Namesti Miru is going to change into a medieval square as well, and you can have various medieval delicacies there. The final performance is going to be a fireshow at night.

Celebrations will be held on Saturday too, at Jiriho z Podebrad you can be watching fencing and jousting.


New observation path near Prague Castle

Deer Moat near Prague Castle Deer Moat is a lovely green place near Prague Castle that not so many tourists know about. Tomorrow morning the First Lady Livia Klausova is about to reopen a observation path leading from the Deer Moat to Masaryk’s view point.

The observation path offers an untypical view of Prague Castle and it’s situated in the more far-off parts of Prague castle gardens. It was created in 1922 – 24 and it was framed with wine reminding old vineyards near Prague Castle that used to be there in the medieval times.

The old path was replaced by a new gravel one. It is the winning design a student of architecture, Jan P. Vlcek, in a competition initiated by Livia Klausova in 2005.

Hammer and Sickle and Jail

no communist propaganda in CR Czech senate supported the amendment that forbids the usage of communist symbolism, like the hammer and sickle, and also communist propaganda. According to senators, the left-wing extremism is of the same dangerousness as the right-wing, but still, it is legal in the Czech Republic.

Our country has now, almost twenty years after the revolution, on-going problems with its past. Thanks to the fact that lots of public figures endured in important posts with a communist past not only slowed down our development, but also made the ilegalization of the politics, that killed 170 million people in the last century, impossible.

Nowadays, at the time when it seems that people start to forget how bad the system actually was and vote for the communist party again, better late than never comes the law amendment. The public use of hammer, sickle or a red star is to be punishable.


Prague Connections Available on Phone

SMS tram and metro info in Prague People traveling in Prague by means of urban mass transportation can try a very new service, starting 22th September. In the setting of the 110th anniversary of Prague MHD, those interested can use SMS for getting schedule information.

Prices of SMS messages are derived from mobile operator tariffs. Anyone can send a message on the number 724 850 928, in the form: zisXXXX.X, where X represents numbers of individual stations, and one can check out the departures. There are for example I.P. Pavlova, Karlovo Namesti, Andel, Staromestska, Hradcanska or Palmovka. If you are interested in detailed information, you can find it here.

Prague transport company (DPP) also makes an Open doors day on Saturday; three usually non-accessible buildings are going to be connected by a special and free bus line. Those are Klicov garage, Hloubetin depot and the new station of underground (metro), Strizkov. With its 110 year MHD is trying to perfect it’s customer service.


Utukku warned against dangerous behaviour on the roads

Figures in white overall with a tyre print on their back were spread on ten most dangerous roads in Prague yesterday to make pedestrians and drivers realize how dangerous they sometimes behave in the traffic. This event was a part of the European Week of Mobility that takes until 22nd September.

Utukku, the symbolical victims of car accidents, drew attention to pedestrians who crossed the street in a dangerous way. They were copying their mistakes and painting white footsteps on the road. They were also handing out leaflets warning about the growing number of injured pedestrians in the streets of Prague.

Utukku is an old name for spirits of dead people coming back to this world. This word comes from Syrian and Egyptian mythology. Utuks in Prague were seen in front of the National Theatre, in Jana Palacha square, Charles Square, I.P. Pavlova or Vitezne square.

JAPAN NOW 2007 …now! In Akropolis

JAPAN NOW 2007 in Prague It is for the first time that the long-expected Japanese project JAPAN NOW comes to Prague. It has been admired by the audiences of Germany, Switzerland and Poland so far this year.

In short, it is an exclusive European exhibition of the contemporary Japanese performing art. Stages are opened for happenings, site-specific projects, dance, contemporary drama and graphic art, led by Japanese artists living in Europe.

Moreover, 49 dancers, performers, musicians and artists will reinforce their lines, and introduce their artistic production in Europe for the first time. The possibility to see this unique performance is in Akropolis, Kubelikova 27, Praha 3, during 23.–25. September 2007.


Explosive Roman Signer and his Travel Pictures in Prague

Iceland, 2005 © Roman Signer source: The legendary world pyromaniac Roman Signer is going to show his abilities as a photographer, in Gallery Langhans, Prague. The shots displayed are those that he carefully selected during his lifetime, and they concern about ready-made situations, or, absurd constellations from around the world, reflecting the fact good art springs by itself, the only necessary thing is to see it (and/or make a shot)

Part of the exhibition is formed by Signer’s punk or absurd poetry of solving problems by explosions. The performances (Aktionen) made him famous. He submerges himself in a kayak, for instance, then uses explosives to saw it into seven pieces, or sets it upright in an oil drum. He also has a black ring of smoke escape from an exploded aerosol can and catapults a stool out of a hotel window using an elastic band.

If we consider the fact he will soon be seventy, he is full of explosive energy that we can wonder at Gallery Langhans, Vodickova 37, Prague 1, from Tuesday to Sunday 12 – 6pm, until 11th November 2007.


Roger sanches tonight 20. 9. 2007 in Mecca

Roger Sanchez playing a set at Pacha, July 2006 New Yorker Roger Sanchez is a popular house DJ who has scored many hits in European and World Charts.

His last album Release Yourself features series of hot tunes and hot beats. Sanches defines it like this: “The Release Yourself mixes remain a true reflection of what is going on on my dancefloors. The party mix has taken on more modern electronic elements, as have my sets, while the pre party side now incorporates even more variety within its deeper sounds.”

In 2004, Sanchez won his first Grammy Award for ‘Best Remixed Recording’ for his remix of No Doubt’s “Hella Good”. Roger sanches tonight 20. 9. 2007 in Mecca.


Srotozemstan - WEEE man competition in Prague

WEEE saurus prague Srotozemstan is the second event of this kind in the Czech republic; the main mission is to inform about the necessity of ecological processing of used electrical appliance.

Czech Srotozemstan was inspired by English WEEE man, the robotic statue, that was created by Paul Bonomini in London. The idea is to transform trash into art sculptures.

There were used all the old electronic devices, that were given away to the recycle containers at Andel. Old fridges, vacuums, computer technology, audio and TV systems, any of the devices that should not end up in regular trash.

The opening ceremony took place on Tuesday 12th, and since any passer-by could watch both Srotozemstan growing, and the accompanying programme. There are also music, recycling workshops, and kids programmes, and those are going to continue at Andel until 22th September 2007.

Now it is up to us, to vote for the best one. We can vote here and we can even win a prize.


Prague Periphery in Photography

Jan Reich, cycle: Prague. source: Jan Reich – the photographer of Prague

The magic of Prague periphery from 60’s and 70’s of the last century is possible to admire at the picture exhibition called Disappearing Prague (mizející Praha) in Prague City Museum at Florenc. Some of the 122 black-and-white art photographs depict places that the time swept away; the wooden walls at Holesovice, where the citizens of Prague used to write and paint, the little boats at the Libensky island (Libeňský ostrov), the color of gas lamps and ancient tramways.

Reich was born in Dejvice, but his domain was the area of old Holesovice with the nearly-ruined houses, factories and riverside. There are cars and folks deliberately missing in these pictures – the life can only be felt, but not seen. For anyone interested in Prague in art photography, made by a devote artist, at this exhibition you can see the Prague that is no more.

You can enjoy the dissapeared Prague in photograpy until 11th November.

The Ark concert in Rock Café

The Ark The popular Swedish glam rock band The Ark is going to play in Prague on the 7th October.

The Ark achieved success with their debut album We Are The Ark (2001), which was awarded two Swedish Grammy Awards. The band has also represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest this year, with the hit single Worrying Kind from their latest album Prayer for the Weekend.

The Ark shows are well-known for being lively and flamboyant. Their show in Prague will take place in Rock Café (Narodni Street 20) and they will be supported by local instrumental band Sunflower Caravan. Tickets are available at Ticketpro and Ticketportal for 250,- CZK (300,- at the venue).


10 minutes for Devil's Bible

Codex Gigas alias Devil's Bible in Prague Devil’s Bible, the largest illuminated manuscript written in 13th century, is finally displayed in Klementinum. The National library allows maximally 60 people/hour to the display room, and the time for admiring is set at 10 minutes at maximum. It is set as a reaction for large interest that the public takes. Until today, 1500 September tickets were sold, but for those who want to see it in October, the reservation starts on this Monday 24th.

And why is there such a public concern about this Bible?

  • Because it took two prime minister’s political activity to bring it here
  • Because it comes back after 400 years, because it is the biggest and heaviest Bible in the world
  • Because it took 20 years to write it
  • And, of course, because it contains the picture of devil, which is unique in the world of Bibles.

Codex gigas is possible to see in Klementinum, everyday except Monday, since 10 am until 7 pm, the exhibition ends on 6th January 2008. Ticket reservation is possible on the webpage


Mayors against Olympic Games 2016

Olympics in Prague......? Worries were expressed by more than 1300 mayors of the Czech Republic. They fear for their budgets, which would be influenced by the occasion. They are against financing of the Olympics from the national budget, and propose either Prague should pay for it’s Olympics or a referendum.

The 1300 mayors sent an authentic copy letter to Pavel Bem, Prague Mayor, where they informed him about their disapproval: “We see the organization of the Summer Olympics at this time of bleeding town budgets as inappropriate”. Bem is not against referendum, even suggested the referendum should take place in the whole country, not only in Prague. There are also other ideas, i.e. Petr Gazdik suggests Prague should borrow the money form the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

In September, Prague has officaially joined the battle for summer Olympics in 2016. The costs are estimated 490 billions CZK; 16,3 billions €.


Watch Charles Bridge Online

Charles bridge from the water There is going to be a fundamental reconstruction of the Charles Bridge, and now you can watch it online, live. At the server of Prague information service (here) it is transmitted by the webcam, placed at the Lesser Town Bridge Tower. The Recostruction is supposed to be finished at 2010.

The bridge is 516 meters long and nearly 10 m wide, resting on 16 arches shielded by ice guards. It is protected by three bridge towers, two of them on the Lesser Quarter side and the third one on the Old Town side.

The bridge is decorated with 30 statues and statuaries, most of them Baroque style, erected around 1700. The bridge itself was finished in 1402.


Prague is going to expand in 2008

zamek ctenice Prague is going to take in some more villages, including Prezletice. Situated on the north-east of Prague, with population of 801, their links to Prague are obvious. When we have a look at the map of Prague, their borders fret into the metropolis borders. The inhabitants of Prezletice usually work in the city, but for office matters they have to travel much more far into Brandys nad Labem. And there are other obvious benefits resulting from being a part of Prague.

We are going to be inside the highway circuit, says the mayor of Prezletice. The other reason is the development of a relaxation area between the village and the metropolis. The area includes the Ctenicky chateau (ctěnický zámek) and a planned golf court. If we were connected to Prague, the cooperation with the development of this area would be much easier, continues the mayor.

Prague deputies see the requirement as logical, and started to take the necessary steps. The analysis of the complicated procedure should be done at the years’ end, says Prague deputy Blazek.

Virgin Mary from Aparecida with Infant Jesus

Since 17.9.2007 there is going to be a facsimile of Virgin Mary from Aparecida with our Prague famous Infant Jesus. The statue of the holy patron of Brazil, which only facsimile in Europe is in Portugal, is going to stand by Infant Jesus side.

The facsimile was manufactured after activity of Brazilian ambassador, mr. Affonso Massot, after his visit of São Paulo last year. His desire to place Virgin Mary from Aparecida into the Church of our Lady Victorious in Prague was influenced by the fact the church is visited by thousands of Brazilians and catholics form all around the world.

Virgin Mary from Aparecida ! Infant Jesus of Prague And what is the story of the original Virgin Mary from Aparecida? According to the legend, in Brazil 1717, the starving fisherman in the time of poor fishery pulled up the net with a headless statue. When they threw the net for the second time, they found a little head. When they put the statue together, they found out it is the Virgin Mary. When They pulled the net for the third time, it was full of fish.


Vestiges of Industry 2007

To present and revive old industrial heritage is the main aim of the biennial Vestiges of Industry 2007. The organizers of this event have prepared a rich programme full of concerts, exhibitions, lectures and discussions.

In the Old Town City Hall you can see unique period photographs from the archive of the National Technical Museum in an exhibition called The Portrait of the Industrial Age (open until 31st October). M Factory in Prague-Holesovice (Osadni 35) will present how old industrial buildings can be transformed and used again (open until 26th September).

Today you can visit a concert of Berg Orchestra called VIDEOart KONtra KLASIKA in the spaces of the former sewage treatment plant (Papirenska 6 street). On Thursday at the same place you can enjoy a concert of Why Not Patterns called Roaring Ramp With Words. For more information about the Vestiges of Industry biennial click here.


First Permanent Movie Theater Opened 100 years ago

Ponerp's cinema - the first movie theather in Prague opened 100 years ago The house At the Blue Pike (U Modré štiky) in the Karlova street was the host of the first movie theater opened in the former Czechoslovakia.

This occasion was celebrated this weekend in Lucerna, the longest – lasting movie theater of Prague. As you can expect, there were no pop-corns and large colas, the visitors of the occasion were given kind, short speeches. Speakers were important chracters of the Czech cinematography, like Zdenek Sverak, and actors, like Kveta Fialkova. The longest-working film projector, Mr. Janovec, who saw probably all the movies during his career, was awarded a price, for his unbelievable 65 years of service.

Topics of the short speeches were also comparison of multiplexes – devices for money and old cinemas – cultural devices. Olga Raitoralová often mentions the fact that the only competition to the multiplexes are art cinemas, but those can be effective to it’s best only in Prague. The best example would be the Aero cinema, that together with Evald, Světozor and MAT form the Axis 9 (Osa 9) association. Osa 9, because of the tram number 9, that connects them.

Tennis star Roger Federer in Prague

Roger Federer is in Prague The current best tennis player Roger Federer is preparing together with his Swiss colleagues to the Davis Cup matches that will take place in Sazka Arena in Prague from Friday to Sunday. All tickets are already sold out.

He devotes his time not only to the training but also exploring Prague. Yesterday he was walking in the Lesser Town, today he plans to see the Prague Castle. Roger Federer and his girlfriend Mirka Vavrinecova are staying in Mandarin hotel. Only hotel guests are allowed to come in the hotel. Roger Federer himself is accompanied with his own bodyguard.

Roger Federer will be playing against the best Czech tennis player Tomas Berdych that is also training in Prague at the moment. According to Berdych’s own words, he feels all right and he’s prepared for the match. His fans were worried about his health after what Berdych retired the fourth-round match of the US Open against Andy Roddick due to breathing problems.

Czech Van Gogh, Emil Filla, in Prague

Fiala's exhibition in the Riding house Emil Filla (1882 – 1953) was the leader of the avant-garde movement in Prague between WWI and WWII. A professor at the University of Applied Art, he idolized Vincent van Gogh, Pierre Bonnard and Edvard Munch.

Sometimes called “Czech Van Gogh”, found his style in Cubism. However, he included Expressionism and Surrealism into his paintings, some well-known depicting struggles among animals. Those in reality reflected his anxiety in the pre-war period. He was later imprisoned in the Buchenwald concentration camp during World War II. After his release, he began painting more naturally, creating some landscapes, that would be less provocative to the communists.

You can see his retrospective in the Riding school of Prague -(Jizdarna prazského hradu) daily 10–18, until 31. 10. 2007


Painter and Rector Jiri Sopko in Rudolfinum

JIŘÍ SOPKO, picture source: Contemporary painter and rector of Prague’s Academy of Fine Arts Jiri Sopko is one of the most respected artists in the Czech Republic.

Jiri Sopek’s name is inseparably connected to the Czech painting scene from the end of 20th century. Since the 70’s his expressively and emotionally colorful canvasses, that are at the same time ironic, have been a welcomed member to dozens of exhibitions.

His art is commonly classified as the so called Czech Grotesque.

You can see his canvases in Rudolfinum Gallery (Galerie Rudolfinum) everyday except Monday, since 10am until 6pm. The Exhibition ends 18. 11. 2007


Czech crown strongest in modern history

czech crown The Czech crown has reached it’s new record peach, as it was possible to trade 27,40 CZK/EUR. The Czech currency thus overruned its record peach towards the referential currency from 2007 february, when it traded for 27,41.

Czech crown has moved it’s maximum to the American dollar, too. As Patria Online informed, it was able to trade it for 19,77 CZK/USD. The reason for it was, according to analytics, stock jobbing of investors, who are expecting the money rates to lower. Dollar loses on the world markets, and weakens to world currencies.

“From the point of view of current events there is no immediate reason, there were neither new economic indicators, nor decisions. The crown, however, reacts on the foreign markets activity, where the investors are afraid of behaviour of the American Central Bank open new speculative positions.” the analytic Vladimir Pikora commented.

Surprising evenings in the Aero cinema

Aero cinema in Prague has chosen an interesting way, how to attract people to the screenings: there will be special evenings, called “Naslepo” (“Blind”), where visitors won´t know, which movie they are going to see.

The movies screened on these days will be special – those that cannot be seen in other cinemas (they are not in usual distribution in the Czech Republic), but which are nevertheless interesting and worth seeing.

People won´t pay any entrance fee before the screening on “Naslepo” nights. They will pay afterwards, according to how much they liked the movie. The first Naslepo screening will take place on 19th September at 8:30 pm. Aero cinema is situated in Prague Zizkov district, in Biskupcova Street 31. You can get there by a tram (9, 10, 16 or 19, stop Biskupcova). The nearest metro station is Zelivskeho (A line).


Erik Truffaz Quartet in Prague

Erik Truffaz Erik Truffaz, one of the most respected European jazz musicians of the present time, will perform in Prague, Palac Akropolis, on Thursday. His music combines experimental jazz with hip hop and drum´n´bass and he is therefore called “Miles Davis of acid jazz”.

The music of “Erik Truffaz Quartet” (trumpeter Truffaz, keyboardist Muller, jazz drummer Erbetta and bassist Giulliani) is appreciated as creative, uncompromising and masterful. Erik Truffaz has already recorded more than 10 albums and he has achieved success also in the USA.

Music fans in the Czech Republic will have a chance to hear Erik Truffaz Quartet on Tuesday (18.9.) in Ostrava, on Wednesday 19.9. in Brno and 20.9. in Prague. The show in Prague starts at 7:30 pm and a ticket costs 400,- CZK (available at Ticketpro). Palac Akropolis is situated in Kubelikova Street 27, in Prague Zizkov district. Truffaz will be supported by Sophia Hunger.


Jazzmen play for the Czech Prezident

Johnny Griffin On Wednesday the 19th of September, the 35th sequel of “Jazz on the Castle” is going to take place. The president Vaclav Klaus is going to initiate consers of such outstanding jazzmen as an American tenorsaxophonist Johnny Griffin, one of the most remarkable characters of the modern jazz.

Provided that there will be nice weather, the musicians will start playing at 8pm in the garden “Na Valech”. In the case of rain the consert will take place in Spanish hall.

The primary initiative of jazz conserts came after the Velvet Revolution. Jazzmen and rockstars arrived to Prague to play as a praise for the former president, Vaclav Havel, who is a big fan of rock and jazz music, and a symbol of the overturn to the west culture.


World Press Photo 2006 in Karolinum

It is for the 17th time that the prestigious World Press Photo exhibition comes here to Prague. To see are those made in 2006. The shots will be displayed in Karolinum.

The winner of the 2006 photography is the nowadays often displayed shot of young high-class Lebanons, driving in a convertible in Baghdad after bombing.

The Prize of Prague (Cena Prahy), goes to a sport picture. It was given away by the Mayor of Prague, Pavel Bém, who is a great sportsman himself. It is the shot of the well-known Zidane’s header performed at the World’s cup in Germany. The picture cronique of humankind events is possible to see from Monday to Friday since 9 to 19. The entrance fee is 3 €; 90 czk.


Ellen Tauscher comes to Prague

Ellen Tauscher comes to Prague The influential congressman Ellen Tauscher arrives to Prague today, being the fright of Czech and American government as well.

The opponents of the Radar base in the Czech Republic see an ally in her person, even when it is not completely true. And she is basically a vixen for the backers of the anti-missile shield in the middle Europe, denying everything. But that is not completely true, too.

Ellen Tauscher initiated partial cuts of finances that administrative of G.W. Bush proposed this May. The U.S. Government. wanted to invest 310 millions of dollars, but E. Tauscher cut 160 millions off it. Another 85 millions were cut by the senate during the approval.

Since may, both governments have assured us about money coming back to the project after approved. The approval is still a hot topic in the Czech Republic, the radar system being criticised as unnecessary. However, according to specialists, the anti-missile system at military vessels is not sufficient for inside the continent.


Freddie Mercury's stamps album is in Prague

The organizers of the Collector Trade Fair that starts today at the Prague Exhibition Ground can be proud of many collections that visitors may see at the fair. One of them is also an album full of stamps owned by the legendary singer of the Queen Freddie Mercury.

The album in a blue cover has been borrowed from the British Post Museum in London. It will be displayed in the Czech Republic for the first time on the occasion of the trade fair. The value of the album is estimated to eight thousand pounds.

The album was bought by the British Post Museum from Freddie Mercury’s estate in 1993. Freddie Mercury collected the stamps during his stay in Zanzibar when he was still a child. Even though there are not so many stamps of great value, it contains stamps from the former Czechoslovakia.


Don't underestimate old Czech ladies..

Do you know how to behave in metro? Do you know what’s the etiquette when using the public transport in Prague? We have picked a lovely article for you that might tell you more about the “right behaviour” in Prague.

I moved to Prague almost a year ago and I am proud to say I have not driven a car since I have been here. The “California Girl” in me is bitter, but the rest of me is quite pleased. There has been no reason to drive a car. The public transportation system here rocks – and rocks hard…like Bon Jovi. It’s really the best I’ve ever seen.

So, although I prefer to walk this lovely city, I shall now tell you how to avoid certain mistakes whilst using public transit. There is a system of etiquette here in Prague. If you don’t follow it I will glare at you from the Metro platform. You have been warned. (read the whole article).


Buquoy Palace in Prague is opened this Sunday

On the occasion of the European Heritage Days that will peak in Prague this weekend, the French Embassy in Prague decided to open its seat, Buquoy Palace situated in the very heart of Lesser Town (near Kampa Island) on Sunday 16th September 2007.

Every visitor has a change to see the interior of the palace which is normally closed to the large public. The palace was built in 1736 – 1738 and it has served as the French Embassy in Prague since 1919. It’s considered to be the pearl of Baroque architecture in Prague.

Visitors can admire large staircase decorated with a bust of René Descartes, the music hall, where W. A. Mozart used to play or the dining room where François Mitterand met Vaclav Havel and other dissidents on 9th December 1988.

The palace will be open from 10:00 to 17:00. The entrance to the palace is from Velkoprevorske namesti 2.

The largest Czech brewery plans to rise the price of beer

Plzensky Prazdroj, the largest producer of beer in the Czech Republic, is going to raise the price of all the brands of beer by six or eight procent. One of the most famous Czech beer, pale lager Pilsner Urquell, may be by 1.40 CZK more expensive from this November.

The reason for the increase in price are the higher prices of barley and hops. “The current price of a ton of barley is about twice as high as it was last year,” said the head-manager of Plzensky Prazdroj company Mike Short. If the prices of hops and barely keep on rising, Prazdroj suspects further rise of the price.

Another brewery that’s going to increase the price of its beer is Budejovicky Budvar. Staropramen, the second largest brewery in the Czech Republic, doesn’t plan any increase of price yet.


Prague hosts World Press Photo 2007

Prague will be one of the cities in the world to host the annual exhibition of the World Press Photo again. The best photographs made by professional press photographers will be displayed in Prague’s Karolinum from 14th September to 7th October 2007.

Visitors of this exhibition can see closely the winning photographs of the World Press Photo of the year 2006 made by Spencer Platt from the USA – young Lebanese driving down a street in a bombed neighbourhood in southern Beirut.

The exhibition in the Carolinum gallery will be open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 – 18:00. The full entrance fee is 90 CZK, the reduced one is 50 CZK. Clementinum is situated in Ovocny Trh 3 street.


Leaders of the European Social Democrats meet in Prague

The leaders of the Social Democrats from central European countries will meet in Prague today and tomorrow to discuss the American radar base in the Czech Republic, energetic security, the reform treaty of the EU and the principle of new social Europe.

The leaders of Social Democrats from Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Hungary have promised to attend the meeting in so called Lidovy dum in Hybernska street in Prague. Among those who will have a speech are Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, Chancellor of Austria Alfred Gusenbauer or the chairman of German SPD Kurt Beck.

The evaluation of this meeting will be process into a document called ‘Prague’s Challenge’, said the Chairman of the Czech Social Democrats Jiri Paroubek.

Charles Square may have an underground garage

Charles Square in Prague Charles Square (Karlovo namesti) is a really busy place regarding the traffic in the city. What’s more, the city of Prague has established new parking zones, which makes the situation for drivers who don’t live in that area even more difficult. Therefore, the councillors of Prague district 2 plan to build several underground garages with the capacity of about 300 places as soon as possible.

The city of Prague first have to make a study to find out whether an underground garage under the Jesuit College in Charles Square wouldn’t damage the historical integrity of the place.

Charles Square is not the only place that needs more parking places. New garages may also appear under Tylovo square and Jiraskovo square. Another option is Ostrcilovo namesti with an underground garage as well as an overground garage between the pillars of Nusle Bridge.

Marina Sirtis from Star Trek to visit Prague

Marina Sirtis from Star Trek comes to Prague Big fans of Star Trek will meet in the cultural house in Prague-Ladvi (Buresova 1661/2) on 22nd September 2007. The celebrations of this legendary serial should be even bigger than last year. And what’s more, the fans can look forward to Marina Sirtis, playing one of the main characters in Star Trek – Counsellor Deanna Troi.

This year’s celebrations called CzechTREK Convention 2 will focus mainly on the second season of Star Trek: New Generation. The organizers of this event promise a rich programme including a film show.

Marina Sirtis will answer questions of the audience. Fans of Star Trek can also take a picture of her (or together with her) or get her autograph. Besides Marina Sirtis, the visitors can meet several Czech actors who dub Star Trek.

F1 pilot Giancarlo Fisichella is in Prague

A helicopter carrying a true replica of the model of ING Renault F1 Team could have been seen above Prague – Andel today. The helicopter took the model to the roof of Coloseum restaurant in Andel. The pilot of his model, Giancarlo Fisichella from Italy, arrived in the afternoon.

Giancarlo Fisichella, ranked 8th in the F1 racing series, accepted the invitation of his main sponsor and have come to Prague today to give a press conference, meet the top management of IPB company and maybe, if there is enough time, to visit the department of oncology in the The Motol University Hospital in Prague.

Serge Baudo to become a honourable citizen of Prague

80-year-old French conductor Serge Baudo will become a honourable citizen of the Czech capital. Serge Baudo guested for the first time in Prague in 1959. He cooperated mainly with the Czech Philharmonic orchestra. Their recordings, mainly by Arthur Honegger, have won several prestigious awards.

Serge Baudo was the Chief Conductor of Prague Symphonic Orchestra FOK. He has enriched the Czech repertory with many French compositions. Now he is a Conductor Laureate. “He is an outstanding person. We think highly of his work in Prague as well as his relationship to Prague,” said about Serge Baudo the Mayer of Prague Pavel Bem.

Among other people that will be awarded by the city of Prague are Jiri Kylian for his work for dance theatre and for spreading the fame of Prague abroad, Jiri Demetz who documents the relationship of the Czech, German and Jewish culture in Prague and Ruzena Masova who saved her neighbour’s live while risking her own.


Gott Gallery Restaurant opened in Prague

Karel Gott Famous Czech singer Karel Gott, the idol of many women and girls for several generations, has opened a new restaurant in the centre of Prague. The restaurant is called Gott Gallery Restaurant and you can find it in Spalena 29 street (metro station Narodni trida).

For the ceremonial opening Karel Got invited famous Czech singer Lucie Bila and current Miss World Tatana Kucharova. The walls of the restaurant are decorated with permanent exhibition of Gott’s painting that are on sale. The whole restaurant is in Art Nouveau style.

The restaurant offers a rich menu of meals including vegetarian meals. Visitors can buy many types of wine (or special vermouth with Gottland label) and many souvenirs of their favourite star. If they are lucky, they can meet Karel Gott personally. The capacity of the restaurant is 60 places, on special occasions even 100.

Girls From Room 28 exhibition

Yesterday Prague’s Geothe Institute in Masarykovo nabrezi opened an exhibition called Girls From Room 28 (Devcata z pokoje 28) that tries to present the concentration camp in Terezin during the WWII. The exhibition of pictures and written documents is open until 22nd September 2007.

Several old ladies who survived as small girls the sufferings of the concentration camp met in Terezin yesterday to remember the hard times in their childhood, to refresh their friendships and pay tribute to those who didn’t survive.

The exhibition has the same name as a book by Hannelore Brenner-Wonschick. The book contains mainly authentic diary notes from 1942 – 44 by girls interned in Terezin concentration camp. Only 15 out of 60 girls from room no. 28 survived.


Prague's vintage festival 2007

All those who like young wine and good entertainment can visit the 11th Prague’s Vintage Festival that will take place in Havlickovy Sady in Prague on 21st and 22nd September 2007.

Visitors can look forward to 5 kinds of young wine and to performances of fencers, jugglers, singers of pop music or large fireworks. Visitors can also see the interiors of newly reconstructed Greboho villa in Havlickovy Sady.

Young wine and goodies from pork meat can be tasted from today until Sunday in O2 Zlute Lazne in Prague-Podoli. On Friday there is also a medieval market in Namesti Miru (metro line A).


Tropison Club celebrates four years

Tropison Club in Prague situated on the 5th floor of the department store Kotva in Namesti Republiky is going to celebrate its 4th anniversary on Friday 14th September. The club wants to organize a big party full of Latin-American dances.

The celebration starts at 21:00 and it’s open for both professionals and amateurs. Lovers of Latin-American dances can look forward to the performances of Brazil dance group Brasil Show. Those who don’t master these dances can take mini lessons of salsa, samba and merengue during the evening.

The club prepares a rich programme with refreshment, performances of salsa, samba, carnival, lambada, bachata, afro, orient or rock’n‘roll.


Metal prehistoric lizards in Prague soon

Prehistoric lizard made out of scrap metal in Hradec Kralove [photo asekol] Prague will host a very unusual exhibition. Ten large prehistoric lizards made out of scrap metal will be displayed in Andel (metro line B) from 18th to 22th September 2007. People in ten towns in the Czech Republic are now creating prehistoric lizards out of old electric appliances. All ten lizards will be displayed in Prague and visitors of this out-door exhibition will decide about the nicest one.

The main aim of this project is to draw attention to the fact that old electrical appliances should be recycled. Electrical appliances that won’t be used for the construction of the lizards will be transferred to be immediately recycled.

Prague’s inhabitants and visitors can bring their own old electrical appliances and watch the Prague’s lizard grow in Andel. They can also meet many famous people or take part in several competitions. They can also suggest a name for the new lizard. This project resembles the last year’s project called Scrapman.

Long-range weather forecast for Prague (September)

After really hot weather in July and August the temperatures in Prague right now has been under 18 ˚C (64 ˚F). for many days now. It’s rainy and quite windy. What does the weather forecast tell for the coming days?

The meteorologists expect that the Indian summer should come at the end of September and the beginning of October. The day temperatures will rise to more than 20 ˚C (68 ˚F), in a sunny day even more. However, it’s a long-range weather forecast and it still may change.

From 11th to 20th September it will be cloudy with occasional rain showers. Night temperatures will reach max. 11 ˚C (52 ˚F), the day temperatures may rise to 13 to 18 ˚C (55 – 64 ˚F), in sunny days to 23 ˚C (73 ˚F). From 21st to 30th September the weather will be very changeable. Night temperatures about 11 ˚C (52 ˚F), the highest day temperatures will climb from 16 to 22 ˚C (61 – 72 ˚F). The weather between 1st to 10th October should be sunny, later on with more clouds. Night temperatures will be about 10 ˚C (50 ˚F), the highest day temperatures from 16 to 22 ˚C (61 – 72 ˚F).


Museum and galleries in Prague during September

Kinsky Palace and the House At the Stone Bell With the end of the summer season several galleries and exhibitions will be closed or open again to the large public.

From 11th to 17th September the Chapel of St Anne’s in the St George’s Convent will be closed. Today and tomorrow the National Gallery in Prague will also close the permanent exhibition in the Kinsky Palace in the Old Town Square, as well as the permanent exhibition of medieval art in the St Agnes of Bohemia Convent.

The main building of the National Museum in Prague will be closed due to annual preservation of its collections on 17th and 18th September. On the other hand, the permanent exhibition about Czech Cubism in the House At The Black Madonna is reopen again today.


Meetings with famous authors in Prague

Neoluxor, the large bookstore in the upper part of Wenceslas Square, and the Municipal Library in Prague organize several meetings with renown writers and famous people. We would like to highlight several for you.

On Tuesday 25th September (15:30) you can meet and get an autograph from American author Scott Turrow. He will present his book called ‘Reversible Errors’ in the cafe on the 1st floor of the Neoluxor bookstore.

On the same place but on Thursday 27th September (16:00) you can meet the First Lady of the Czech Republic Livie Klausova. She will present a new book called ‘Lany Chateau – 600 years of history’.

On Tuesday 18th September (18:00) you can meet well-renown Czech writer Arnost Lustig in the Central Municipal Library in Prague (Marianske namesti 1/98). Arnost Lustig is known especially for his stories that take place during the Holocaust. The entrance fee is 30 CZK.

New device to reduce stolen cars in Prague

The city of Prague plans to buy a new device that will recognize stolen cars according to the registration number of the car. The device will scan all registration numbers of passing cars and compare them with the data from the national register of stolen cars. Stolen cars will be immediately reported to the police.

Prague got inspired by German city Munich where the number of stolen cars dropped by 40 %. The city of Prague have chosen 21 places where to place the new system. The system for 74 million CZK will be installed by the end of this year, the trial mode should start at the beginning of 2008.

More than four thousand cars have been stolen in Prague this year, which is almost a half of all stolen cars in the Czech Republic. The most stolen cars are of Skoda, Volkswagen, Ford, Peugeot and Renault brands.


Cannonball 8000 Rally 2007

Cannonball 8000 London – Brussels – Prague – Zahreb – that’s the route of the 5th Year Anniversary Rally 2007 CannonBall 8000 that will be held on 14th – 16th September 2007.

Cannonball 8000 doesn’t award the fastest drivers, but the most popular ones. There are also special prices for the crew that will use the most fuel during the race, or the crew that will have overcome the most obstructions.

Lovers of extraordinary cars shouldn’t miss being at the Hradcanske square near Prague Castle and Duplex Nightclub (Wenceslas Square 21) on Saturday 15th September.


110 years of the Prague Public Transport Company

The Prague Public Transport Company celebrates 110th anniversary of its foundation this year. On that occasion the company has prepared many events for Prague’s inhabitants and visitors.

From 4th September until 5th October you can see a unique exhibition of 110 historical photographs that show the beginnings of the Prague Public Transport Company. The exhibition is shown in the vestibules of metro stations Malostranska (line A), Mustek (line A), Muzeum (lines A and C), Florenc (line C) and Vysehrad (line C).

The company has also established a regular cultural bus line called Cool Tour Line. It will transport passengers between the National Museum and Prague National Galery buildings. The first buses will go on Sunday 16th September (10:00 – 17:00) from the Naprstek’s Museum of Asian, African and Americal Cultures (NM) to Zbraslav Chateau (NG). Other buses will go every first Saturday in a month. Infoline of the Prague Public Transport Company is +420 296 191 817.


International trade fair Collector 2007 at Prague Exhibition Ground

The jubilee 10th international trade fair Collector (Sberatel) is a significant event in the field of collecting philately, postcards, numismatic, minerals, precious stones and telephone cards. More than 220 exhibitors from 35 countries of the world will present their collections, especially their stamps.

Visitors can admire collections borrowed from the British Post Museum in London, from many private collectors as well as post offices from all over the world. On the occasion of this event, several post offices have prepared special rubber stamps and other postal stationery. On Sunday you have a special change to get your letter stamped by OSN stamp.

Renown experts in all mentioned fields will be present at the fair to provide visitors with a free of charge expertise. Stands with these experts will be marked with yellow signs Poradentsvi. The fair takes place in the Industrial Palace at the Prague Exhibition Ground on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th September from 10:00 – 18:00 and on Sunday 16th September from 10:00 to 16:00. This year’s fair is a preparation for the next year’s event which will be held together with the Philatelic Exhibition Praga 2008.


European Heritage Days 2007 in Prague

New Town Hall Tower The main aim of the European Heritage Days is to inform about various cultures, to improve the preservation of the world heritage and to respect other cultures. Many monuments that are normally closed to the public, will offer an ‘open door day’. We bring you a list of such monuments and interesting institutes in Prague.

On 15th September 2007 you can visit the Church of St Henry and Cunigunde (Kostel sv. Jindricha a Kunhuty, 9:30 – 12:00), Church of St Simon and Juda (Dusni street, 9:00 – 16:00), Church of St Cyril and Methodius (Karlinske namesti, 10:00 – 18:00), Prague Crossroads (Zlata street, 12:00 – 18:00), Ecotechnical Museum (Papirenska 6, 10:00 – 17:00), Kobylisy shooting range (Zernosecka street, 14:00 – 18:00), New Synagogue (in Palmovka, Ludmilina street, 13:00 – 19:00), Liben Chateau (Zenklova 35, 14:00 – 18:00).

On 16th September 2007 you can see the puppet theatre of the National Library (Zatecka street, 10:00 – 15:30), Naprstek’s Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures (Betlemske namesti, 10:00 – 18:00; also on 17th September) and the Church of St. Prokop (Sladkovskeho namesti, 14:00 – 17:00).

Both days (15th and 16th September) you can go to Church of St Wenceslas (nam. Svatopluka Cecha, 10:00 – 17:00), Trmalova villa (Vilova street, 10:00 – 18:00), New Town Hall Tower (Karlovo namesti, 10:00 – 18:00) and Museum of the Public Transport in Prague (Patockova street, 9:00 – 17:00).

Disruption to tram services between Vinohradska vodarna and Flora

Prague Public Transport Company announced tram service disruption between Vinohradska vodarna and Flora that will take for three weeks. The disruption to tram services will start on Monday 10th September and 2nd October 2007. The reason for the disruption is the maintenance of the rails in Korunni street and at Flora crossroads.

Tram no. 5 will go from Vystaviste via Zelivskeho, Ohrada, Vapenka to the loop Spojovaci. In the section Olsanske hrbitovy and Spojovaci it will replace line no. 16. Tram no. 10 will go from the direction Repy only to Vinohradska vodarna. Tram no. 10 will be rerouted from I. P. Pavlova to the loop Zvonarka. Line no. 15 in the section Karlovo namesti and Flora will be rerouted via Albertov, Otakarova, Namesti bratri Synku, I. P. Pavlova_, Muzeum and Jiriho z Podebrad.

Between the stops Sidliste Dablice, Kobylisy_, Palmovka_, Zelivskeho, Jiriho z Podebrad, Muzeum, I. P. Pavlova and Zvonarka will be an additional tram line no. 30.


Martinic Palace in Prague opens to the public

Do you know the lifestyle of one of the most significant Czech noble families, the Borita of Martinic family. You can find it out in Martinic Palace in Hradcanske square near Prague Castle. The interior of the palace looks like the family left the building just yesterday. You can see the children’s room with dolls, the lounge with munitions, the bedroom of the owners and many others.

Martinic Palace with four wings comes from the second half of the 16th century and it’s a part of Prague historical city reserve listed on the UNESCO heritage list. The Martinic family is remember by a memorial plaque made of red marble with a coat of arms of the Martinic family. Visitors can see a large number of frescoes and unique panelled ceilings.

The palace is open every day from 10:00 to 18:00. The tour with a guide takes about half an hour. The entrance fee is 100 CZK (children and pensioners pay 50 CZK).


A step closer to Prague's skyscrapers

Author: Visualization: ECM The Ministry of Culture approves the decision of Prague municipal authorities to let ECM company build high buildings in Prague – Pankrac. Many civic associations are against this intention. They are afraid that the buildings would destroy the integrity of the historical city center and would increase the number of cars in the area.

The strongest reservations are against two new high buildings of the City Epoque project. It’s a 30-store dwelling house with 150 apartments and a neighbouring 4-star hotel with 300 rooms. Each building will have its own parking place for 320 cars. The buildings will probably have been built by 2011 for 2,5 billion CZK.

Civic associations are not the only one who have some reservations. The World Heritage Committee of the UNESCO sent a letter to Prague to reconsider construction of high buildings in the historical city centre. Prague should also expect a visit of UNESCO inspectors who will examine the situation in Pankrac.

Footprints of People exhibition in the National Museum soon

After the big success of the ‘Hunters of the Mammoth’ exhibition the National Museum is now preparing a new exhibition that could beat their own success. The new exhibition is called ‘The Footprints of People’ and will be open on 23rd November 2007.

The exhibition will focus not only on human foot as a instrument and object but also metaphorically on footprints and steps of people from the prehistory to present days – on the deepest oceans, on the Moon, also on migration of nations or discovering new continents. It will also present the hard life of people without legs.

The organizers of the exhibition prepare such interesting items as the sport shoes Jan Zelezny was wearing when he set a world record. Visitors will also see the shoes cover from the equipment of Apollo 11 or the piece of a rock on the Moon given the Czechoslavakia by U.S. president Nixon.

These days visitors of the National Museum in Wenceslas Square have a last change to see the exhibition ‘Madagascar, the Lab of Gods’ or ‘The Treasures of Celtic Women’.


Pleasure boats on the Vltava also in September

Boat on the Vltava river in Prague The captains of steam boats and pleasure boats in Prague inform that they will sail on the Vltava river even in September. This year they have already transported more travellers than last year, thus more than 300 thousand people.

Boats to Slapy dam will leave Prague every weekend in September. Besides that very popular are also boats to the Prague Zoo and pleasure boats to Melnik and back. Many people also join party boats sailing at night.

Boats to the Zoo leave at 9:30, 12:30 and 15:30 and return back at 11:00, 14:00 and 17:00. One journey takes 75 minutes and cost 120 CZK for adults and 60 CZK for children. A boat to Slapy and back leaves Prague at 7:00 on Saturdays and Sundays. It takes the whole day and it costs 340 CZK for adults and 170 CZK for children. The boat journey Prague – Melnik – Prague is held twice a year in summer months. All boats leave from the quay near Palackeho bridge.


Madeleine Albright in the Forum 2000 Conference in Prague

Tens of significant intellectuals and politicians from all corners of the world will come to Prague in October to attend the conference Forum 2000 that is tightly linked with the former president of the Czech Republic Vaclav Havel.

The main stars of this year’s conference organized under the title ‘Freedom and Responsibility in Politics, International Law, Media, and Business’ will be former U.S. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Madeleine Albright, journalist legend Christianne Amanpour, famous French philosopher Andre Glucksmann or the leader of Belorussian opposition Alexander Milinkevich.

The invitations were sent also to the former president of Iran Muhammad Chatami and the British ex- Prime Minister Tony Blair, however their attendance is not probable.

The 11th Forum 2000 Conference will be held in Prague Crossroads, formerly St. Anne’s Church in Prague’s Old Town and Zofin Palace on 7th – 9th October 2007. At the last year’s conference the media paid attention mainly to Tibet Dalai Lama.


The building of the Czech Radio is under reconstruction

The building of the Czech Radio is a protected cultural heritage. It was open in 1933 and it has always served as a Czech (or Czechoslovak) Radio. Now it’s going to be completely reconstructed.

The first phase of the reconstruction was realized in 2004 – 2005, the second one that starts these days should take two or three years. The aim of the reconstruction is to create a radio building complex bordered by street Vinohradska, Balbinova and Rimska.

Almost all of the 400 employees have already left the building. The last people should abandon the building in the middle of September. The reconstruction will cost more than 500 million Czech crowns, one tenth of the sum will be subsidized by the state.

Changes in the public transport due to the Mattoni Night Grand Prix

Already this Saturday Prague will become the venue of the Mattoni Night Grand Prix. The night run in the streets of Prague will affect the city transportation in the centre of Prague between 19:30 and 22:30.

There will be tram service disruption in the section Narodni divadlo (National Theatre) – StaromestskaCechuv most and in the section Malostranskacrossroads near Letensky tunnel.

Line no. 12 in the section Ujezd – Nadrazi Kapitana Jarose will be rerouted via stops Narodni trida, Vaclavske namesti (Wenceslas Square), Masarykovo nadrazi and Namesti Republiky.

Line no. 17 in the section Karlovo namesti (Charles Square) – Nabrezi Kapitana Jarose will be rerouted via stops Vaclavske namesti, Masarykovo nadrazi and Namesti Republiky.

Line no. 18 in the section Narodni divadloMalostranska will be rerouted via Ujezd and Malostranske namesti.

Bus line no. 133 from the stop Ohrada will be shortened and terminated in Florenc.


Sport festival JoyRide in Prague

More than 20 kinds of sport and 10 musical bands will wait for everybody who comes to the sport-music festival JoyRide, one of its kind in Europe, to Cisarska louka in Prague-Smichov on Sunday 9th September at 12:00. The entrance is for free, as well as the boat transportation to the island.

The organizers want to show that there are much more sports than just football or ice hockey. Visitors can look forward to such sports as bike trial riding, wakeboarding (also called ‘summer snowboarding’), water scooter racing, surfing, kite boarding, poweriser, footbag, dragon boat racing, airsoft, paintball or parachuting.

The visitors of the festival doesn’t have to be only passive watchers. They can try paintball, airsoft, climbing wall, archery or beach rugby.


The access to the metro station Mustek - B will be closed

Due to the replacement of escalators in the metro station Mustek on line B, the entrance and exit from the station to the vestibule in Jugmannovo namesti will be closed. The closure will start on Monday 10th September and it will be finished on Friday 7th December 2007.

The entrance and exit from metro station Mustek line B will be available only via the station Mustek on line A. The subway underneath Jungmannovo namesti together with the information bureau of the Prague Public Transport Company will be open to the public.


Survey: The Czech Republic is among full democratic states

After the survey about peace rate in various countries in the world, the Economist Intelligence Unit now focused on the current state of democracy worldwide in 165 independent states and two territories for the year 2006. States are divided into four groups according to the state of democracy: full democracies, flawed democracies, hybrid regimes and authoritarian regimes.

Countries are ranked in five main categories and that is electoral process and pluralism, functioning of government, political participation, political culture and civil liberties.

The Czech Republic was ranked 18th in the group of full democratic countries. It got the highest (=best) points in electoral process and pluralism, the lowest in government functioning. The Czech Republic was ranked better than such large democratic states as the Great Britain or France. For the detailed results of the survey click here.


Lord of the Dance comes back to Prague

It’s said that the performance has been seen by 50 million people in more than 40 countries and it’s still very popular. We’re talking about the Lord of the Dance, a music show, that comes back to the Czech Republic for the fourth time.

The show will be performed in Liberec, Hradec Kralove, Frydek-Mistek, Brno, Prague and Ceske Budejovice between 12th and 18th March 2008. “We haven’t even started the tour campaign yet and there is already a high demand for the tickets,” said Jana Kratka from the organizing agency JV.

Two years ago it was presumed that the Lord of the Dance wouldn’t come back to the Czech Republic any more. It was caused by a dispute between Michael Flatley and the organizing agency of the Celtic Tiger. Michael Flatley cancelled the show in Strahov for security reasons and left with a prepaid deposit. The organizing agency was about to file a lawsuit.

GPS tourist guides for Prague available

The Prague Information Service (PIS) started to offer a new service for Prague tourists – GPS tourist guide. It’s meant mainly for individual visitors of the city.

Thanks to the GPS navigation, tourists can plan their own route, find out their position easily and get to the final destination without problems. The guide also informs about tourist attractions and monuments in the city with their history, up-to-date cultural programme, Prague restaurants and many others.

The GPS tourist guide can be borrowed in the tourist office in Rytirska street for 600 CZK. The guide have to be returned the same day. Information can be read or listened to in English language only. This service is just in the testing phase. If there is a big demand for these electronic tourist guides, PIS will add other language versions.

Olympic torch for human rights arrives to Prague today

Today Prague will be one of about 100 cities organizing a special event whose aim is to draw attention to the humans rights abuses in the Communist China. Human rights torch, inspired by the Olympic Games torch, will arrived from Germany to Prague today in the afternoon.

The human rights torch relay will start in front of the monument in Narodni street at 16:00. The member of Parliament Marek Benda will accept the torch from the hands of Miss Sin-Sia Tiang, the victiom of torture by the Communist regime. The torch relay will continue to the Old Town Square, nam. Jana Palacha, Charles Bridge, Kampa, the Memorial of the Victims of Communism, Lesser Town Square, Nerudova street, Hradcanske square, Prague Castle and the Chinese Embassy.

Between 17:00 and 17:40 there will be an official ceremony in the Old Town Square. The programme will continue with a concert of Czech musicians. You can also participate at the a candlelit vigil in front of the Chinese Embassy from 18:30 to 20:00. Czech marathon runners will bring the torch on a 230-km journey to Brno. The whole event is organized under the auspices of the Minister of Environment Martin Bursik.

It's official: Prague applied for Olympic Games 2016

Pavel Bem and Milan Jirasek presenting the new logo [photo Praha olympijska] Now it is black on white. Yesterday the Mayer of Prague Pavel Bem together with the President of the Czech Olympic Team Milan Jirasek signed the official application for organizing the Olympic Game 2016 in Prague.

The application in Czech, English and French languages (click here for the English version) is travelling now to the seat of the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne. Prague will become a so called candidate city. The preparations for yesterday’s signature already started in 2001.

The final list of candidate cities will be known on 13th September. It’s known now that besides Prague the list will bear such cities as Chicago, Rio de Janeiro, Tokio, Madrid, Baku or Doha.


Stars in show jumping are heading to Prague

Show jumping The best horses and riders are coming to Prague to qualify for the Olympics games in Peking and the final in the Cup of Nations. 250 horses and 100 riders showing their best can be seen in the TJ Zizka area in Cisarsky island in Prague from Thursday 6th September till Sunday 9th September 2007.

The races in show jumping start on Thursday with the Grand Prix qualification. Friday’s programme will be devoted to the Cup of the Nations. On Saturday, jumping over a 217 cm high hurdle will bring to the winner a luxurious car. The programme will be ended with the Grand Prix CSOB.

Tickets are still available. The Thursday’s programme is for free, the price of the tickets for the other days starts at 80 CZK. You can come to support Czech rider Ales Opatrny. Or do you have your own candidate?


American singer Prince is allegedly in Prague

Prince is in Prague According to 24 hodin Prince, the star of American funky, soul and rock music, landed on Sunday at Prague international airport. A black Mercedes with V.I.P. sign took him to Mandarin hotel, situated in Prague 1, where he is accommodated. He is accompanied with two bodyguards.

Prince is allegedly in Prague to shoot his new music video. He should be in Prague for several days. Prince doesn’t plan a concert in the coming months, the only performance in Europe this year will be in London’s O2 Arena.

In the coming days you might also meet Hollywood actor Richard Gere and French actor Pierre Richard in Prague.

Most Czech people like their job

According to the new survey made by SC&C agency for MF DNES, 82% of Czech people like their job. More than a half out of 1,295 respondents like their jobs even though they feel they are not paid enough.

29% of Czech people are satisfied with their job and their salary.
The most satisfied people have university degree. People with basic education like their job the least. The most satisfied are people from Olomouc district, the least from South Bohemia. Women and man feel almost the same satisfaction from their, even though women has often lower salaries. In Prague the average salary of women is even 10,000 CZK lower than men’s salary.

According to the psychologist Miloslav Solc, Czech people in general are hardworking, they like varied and independent work, they like to work in their own tempo and methods. On the other hand Czech people don’t like deadlines and they hand over their work at the very last moment.


New exhibition about Masaryk in the streets of Prague

Mr. and Ms. Brikcius's exhibition about TGM [photo] Not so many people like to visit quiet galleries, so what about placing the exhibition in the streets of Prague? That was the idea of Zuzana Brikciusova who decided to prepare an exhibition about the first Czechoslovakian president Tomas Garrigue Masaryk (1850 – 1937) on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of his death.

Black-and-white posters informing about the life of this great statesman and philosopher can be seen on columns in the centre of Prague. Small maps of each column inform about the position of other posters. The exhibition was planned for both experts as well as general public.

If you want to see the exhibition from its beginning (that means from the childhood of Masaryk), go to the corner of Havlickova and Na Florenci street – near Masaryk station. Then continue to namesti Republiky, then to Porici and Ovocny trh. The exhibition end in Alsovo nabrezi and Krizovnicka street.


Police conference in Prague against pickpocketing

Prague will host a conference where the directors of the police from the Central European countries will discuss the problem of pickpocketing. Polish and German police officers will share their experience with fighting this problem with their Czech colleagues.

Prague is presented in many book guides as a city with a high number of pickpockets. However, according to a new study made by the Prague police, there is even a ‘worse’ city regarding pickpocketing and that’s Vienna. On the other hand Munich is very successful with fighting the pickpocketing.

Nevertheless, it is hard to compare the situation in different cities as the legislation differs slightly. What is considered somewhere as a crime (and put in the statistics) is somewhere else considered as a minor offence. The meeting of police directors is held every half a year, and every time it is organized by a different city.


Manhattan Short Film Festival 2007 in Prague

Audiences throughout three continents will vote for the best film made by new talents in the film industry in the Manhattan Short Film Festival 2007. 12 finalist out of 456 entries are shown in more than 100 cinemas across Europe and America. Prague’s cinema is one of them.

Prague’s audience can participate in the vote which film will win the event on 28th – 30th September 2007. The results from all the cinemas will be sent to the festival’s headquarters in New York City. The winner will be announced on Sunday 30th September 2007 in Union Square Park in NYC.

All screenings start at 21:00, the tickets cost 60 CZK. The opening party takes place in Karavan Seraj in Masarykovo nabrezi 22/239, Saturday’s programme is on the same place, the wrap party is in Skutecnost atelier in Francouzska street 76. For more information click here.


Changes in the Czech educational system

Today started a new school year for all pupils and students of basic and secondary schools. Today means also rather big changes in education system in the Czech Republic.

So far Czech children were mostly taught by sitting and listening to the lecture, curriculums were made centrally by the state. From now on schools can prepare their own individual curriculum for pupils of the first and sixth grade and combine several subjects together. Pupils are also encouraged more to learn from practical examples.

From today children have to get used to the new school regime after two months of holiday. In the morning the police patrolled at many crossroads near schools to make sure that children would get to school safely. The police officers now keep on focusing on pedestrians crossing the streets. They will not only punish bad behaviour but also award good behaviour on the crossroads. This action will be held until 7th September 2007.

Prague attracts IT companies

According to the chart made by the Belgian Federation for the Technology Industry Agoria, Prague is the seventh most friendly European city (out of 26) for companies dealing with information and communication technologies. The most friendly cities for IT companies are Paris, followed by Paris, London, Madrid, Stockholm, Amsterdam and Brussels.

The Czech Statistical Office informed that the Czech Republic had the most IT experts compared with the total number of employed people from all the new members of the European Union. The highest concentration of IT workers in the Czech Republic is in Prague (about 5%).

According to the director of the Czech branch of Hewlett-Packard Milan Prypon, the Czech labour market still lacks about 20 thousand qualified IT workers.


2 golden and 1 silver medal for the Czech Republic

Roman Sebrle in Osaka Two golden and one silver medals are coming to the Czech Republic after the World Championship in Athletics in Japanese city Osaka. Two golden medals were gained by Roman Sebrle (decathlon) and Barbara Spotakova (javelin), silver medal by Katerina Badurova (pole-jump).

Roman Sebrle, the best Czech athlete of the year 2006, finally got the last medal he was missing. As the only Czech athlete he finally won golden medals from the Olympic games, from the European Championship and the World Championship. He is also the world record holder. After the championship he admitted the this was his most difficult victory for him.

Barbara Spotakova showed a great performance by throwing 67.07 meters. In her own words, she was motivated a lot by loud crowds of Czech fans as well as the self confidence of German rivals. Katerina Budurova won her silver medal with the performance of 475 cm.

Prague metro broke down for 45 minutes last Saturday

Prague metro For the first time in the history of Prague metro (running from 1975) all three lines stopped at one moment and were out of order for 45 minutes. It happened on Saturday between 17:15 and 18:00, luckily off the peak hours.

The probable cause of the collaps was a sudden increase of electric voltage that disabled the central computer controlling the movements of metro trains. The dispatchers let the trains go to the nearest station. All passengers had to get off the metro.

The metro in Prague is built like a harmonica. One section is built uphill, the other one downhill. In case of total lack of electricity, the trains would get to the station by its own gravity.