Compact archive September 25, 2007

Flag t-shirt by Radek Stepanek

The t-shirt design in which Radek Stepanek won the match on Saturday is on sale online. It’s colors recall the Czech flag. What is not well-known, the designer is Radek Stepanek himself.

According to Tomas Kropacek, technical manager of ALEA sportswear, it was supposed to be used in 2006 on the World Team Cup, but after Stepanek’s injury it was kept until the premiere of Davis Cup duel with Switzerland.

Stepanek made the best advertisement, when he played with injury, and gained the important third point, and so, he saved our position in the elite group of the Davis Cup. Everyone, who saw him on the court, saw his eccentric wear. And it triggered massive demand, for the “Czech flag winning t-shirt”. So from now on, it is possible to buy the t-shirt online.

Cutty Ranks Concert in Roxy, Prague, 27th September

At the age of 14, Cutty Ranks began his career as a reggae artist on sound systems such as Rebel Tone. Early on in his DJ career he was influenced by Josey Wales. He recorded such tracks as “Out Of Hand” and “Fishman Lyrics”. Cutty Ranks has been also influential outside the world of dancehall, particularly in the field of drum ‘n’ bass.

The legend of Jamaican dancehall is going to play at Roxy Club, Dlouha Street on 27th September, and he is going to mark the beginning of RealBeat festival in Roxy. He is going to be accompanied by a selector Barney Millah and other guests, like Amo form Slovenia and three other residential DJ’s.


Prague Public Transport (MHD) gets 40 billions CZK

Prague Public Transport MHD gets 40 milliards CZK 40 milliards CZK (1.3 milliards €), which represent approximately a year’s budget of whole Prague, are planned to be invested to the modernization of the public transport in Prague.

New tramways and buses and repaired old train sets are to be bought throughout the next ten years. This project is about to start the next year, as instructs an informative material of the town councilors. There are 33 new tramways going to appear in the streets of Prague. We, who are so much comfortable with the old ones, that recall the spirit of 1960’s, are off our luck, because the new trains are already being build by Skoda Transportation. Let’s just hope the design will be harmonious with the old nature of Prague city center.

Metro C, the Red line, is now the only line that has only new trains to show off. M1 class trains are going to stay there, but 33 from 48 classic Russian trains are at least going to be adjusted before this years’ end. The city is still paying off the last 20 M1 trains, so the plans for buying of new trains count for 2010-2018.


Traffic guards in Prague on horses

Police horses form: There were horses in common state police use, but this is after a long time (probably going back to the time before WWII) the first case traffic police is going to use them. Two white Strarokladrubaci (Old – Kladrubian – breed) were chosen for their good physical statue and character stability. The selecting team was betting on experiences of police from Pardubice, a city well-known for it’s Velka Pardubicka Steeplechase. Price of one such horse is 189 000 CZK (6300 €).

And why the police decided so? “For parks of Prague they are great helpers, who can move very fast.” police deputy Blazek stated. They will serve in i.e. Stromovka. But before they start, they have hard, few-months of training ahead.

Their first service ride is going to be at the beginning of 2008. Before, they have to be used to tramways, buses, obstacles, barking dogs or any city noises. Four wardens who saddle the horses were chosen from total 15, who had to have experience with horses, some of them even having them.


Prague Castle Picture Gallery - Rudolphian Beauty

Prague Castle Picture Gallery Rudolphian Beauty There are three traditional ways to look at Rudolph II – as an ineffective ruler, whose mistakes led directly to the Thirty Years’ War, the more gentle one as a great Renaissance art patron, and, finally – an adorer of occult arts and learning, standing as a seeder of the scientific revolution.

Rudolf loved collecting paintings, he spared no expense in acquiring great past masterworks, such as those of Durer and Brueghel. Rudolf’s galleries were the most impressive in Europe at the time, and the greatest collection of mannerism to this day.

As was customary at the time, the collection was private, but friends of the Emperor, artists, and professional scholars were allowed to study it. Regrettably, Rudolf’s successors did not appreciate the collection and it gradually fell into disarray.

The pieces of art collected by Rudolph II were packed and travelled to Vienna very soon after his death, and the rest were plundered by the Swedish armada. But now it is the time when they are, just for a short time, coming back to the authentic setting of Prague castle. It is possible to see four unique pieces – B. Spranger’s and H. Aachen’s paintings, and A. de Vriese statues. They cohere religious and mythological themes together with eroticism, which the Emperor especially favoured.

You can see the exhibition Rudolphian Beauty daily 9 – 18 in the Prague Castle Picture Gallery until 31th March 2008.