Compact archive September 27, 2007

Prague Cathedral Belongs to People this time

cathedral belongs to all the people District court of Prague decided that the Cathedral belongs to the state. This decision came after two previous verdicts, which found the owner of St. Vitus Cathedral the Catholic Church. The Church is going to appeal to the law again.

The suit for the most visited Czech church has been going for 14 years; this time the judgment is based on the government instruction from 1954, where is stated, that the cathedral belongs to “all the people” and the court decided that what belongs to all Czechs, belongs to the Czech state.

The Church authorities of course disagree and are going to appeal. They want to base the next suit on statement that “all the people” doesn’t say anything about transferring of ownership.

According to Jaroslav Sebek, who is a renomed expert of the Church history, it is a symptom of a large problem, which is about the relationship of the Church, state, and society. According to him, this problem is only to be solved with discussion, not by any gestures, which are only making the problem worse. The St. Vitus Cathedral was build with donations of the Church and the state as well.

Skoda Starts Production of New SUV Yeti

skoda yeti goes to production This is for the first time the Czech Republic is going to produce our very own SUV car.

According to Skoda, “It’s designed to look friendly and self-confident but not aggressive”. It is meant to be “convincing in an urban environment”, but “could also be a sought-after means of transport in countries with a less than perfect road system.”

It was first introduced in 2005, but as there is no predecessor, there were doubts where, and if at all, it is going to be fabricated. It comes as a surprise, that it is going to be made not in Germany VW fabric, but in Czech city Kvasinky. The production here was defended, even despite of free capacities of other VW factories in Europe. What is more, Skoda is going to re-open an old Skoda fabric in Vrchlabi, and will be hiring.

This news means strengthening of Skoda position on the world’s markets, and good news for Czech automobile workers, because of new labor. And, last but not least, those who can afford SUV won’t have to choose from forign producers only.

Prague Olympics Discussion

discussion olympics prague Olympic Games financing, referendum and changes that the Olympics could bring to the Czech Republic, were the main topics of the public discussion, that took place on 2007-09-26.

Svandovo Theater was filled completely, which only reflects, Olympics are the hot topic. The for-site was represented by Prague’s mayor Pavel Bem: “Mayors of foreign cities ask me, why do we still don’t have a beltway? Beltways were supposed to be here much earlier. The funds for the infrastructure were decided long ago, but nobody made it going. Olympics is one of the tools for making it going.” Bem sees Olympics from clearly an economic point of view.

The question of finance interests Pavla Reedova: “I don’t say Prague can’t organize Olympic games, but the price of such an event is too high. Montreal was paying off the installments for 30 years.” She wants to be a “watchdog” of our Olympics, to watch the expenses. However Bem estimates the total price of Olympics 132,5 milliards CZK (4,42 milliards €) with the supposed yield 136 milliards CZK (4,53 milliards €). However those numbers become a laughing stock for the audience.

The audience sounded mostly against the Olympics, demanding the referendum. It seems it is going to take place in the near future. The reason to vote for is rising Czech world consciousness, against speak many obstacles.

Based on: MF DNES


Moscow City Ballet in Prague

An amazing spectacle – classical music, wonderful choreography, perfect technique of dance and unique artictic presentment. You can see the best ballet pieces from the notable Russian masters.

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Moscow City Ballet performs during October in the Czech Republic. Don’t hesitate for a long time and go to buy the tickets at Romeo and Juliet you can see on 23th October and Don Quixote on 22th October. These two performances will take place in Kongresove Centrum, Prague 4. Prices of the tickets are 770CZK – 1,490 CZK. Giselle will be performed only in Liberec.


Czech National Symphony Orchestra Concerts

Czech National Symphony Orchestra was established in 1993 by a trumpet player Jan Hasenöhrl. The orchestra made its debut appearance on 10th November at the Dvorak Hall in Rudolfinum in Prague, with a conductor Vladimir Valek. The orchestra is made up of about eighty experienced musicians. The main founder of the orchestra is the legendary conductor Zdenek Kosler, who gave them his wide-ranging artistic knowledge. He also recorded CDs with them. The American Paul Freeman took over as a Chief Conductor in 1996 and currently he is the Music Director. Libor Pesek was appointed the conductor this year.

The 15th concert season starts on 18th October.

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The first concert begins at 7:30pm and you can hear Marc-Antoine Charpentier – Te Deum, Preludium, Johann Sebastian Bach – Concerto for violin and oboe in D minor, BWV 1060 and Anton Bruckner – Symphony No. 4 in E flat major, the Romantic Symphony.