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Elements of life, by Tiesto, in Prague

dj_tiesto_in_Prague On 24th November, 2007, Tiesto comes to Prague. Tickets are available at and for more informations about Tiesto look at

On March 2007, Tiesto released his third author album called “Elements of life” and started his worldwide tour over totally 56 capitals and Prague is going to be one of the stops. The tour “Elements of life” is considered a professionally perfect and giant show, which is able to satisfy the most demanding fans. A concept of the tour is built on four basic elements of life: air, water, earth, and fire.

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Graffiti gets more space in Prague

graffiti by prague artists ZBK and JOE83.jpg Graffiti is a 20th Century cultural and artistic phenomena, that will certainly be no less famous in the century 21th. This art, based partly on vandalism, is favored by some, hated by others. Among those, who certainly hate it, are the Prague Public Transport (MHD) officials, who have to spent over 15 million CZK (500 thousands €) every year to clean it up from the trains. The other case is, when you live in i.e. Jizni mesto in Prague, where the only surroundings of your gray “panelak” (pre-fabricated houses made in the USSR) are other gray panelaks.

And it is the Jizni mesto heads, that decided to organize a competition for the best graffiti makers, who could decorate the local gray face. Of course there are some critics, stating that this only helps to develop the unwanted illegal graffiti. But common locals are more or less for the idea of organized graffiti, with some kind of quality guarantee. “For the artists themselves it means self-realization, an adrenalin sport, and possibility of making large projects with their crew. Lots of them continue to some art school, where they can profit from what they have learned in the streets”, points out a journalist Martina Overstreet.

“Legals” are in the whole world. Somewhere, like in N.Y., it belongs inherently to the color.

Czechs honored st. Vaclav

On Friday, in Czech and Moravian cities, it was possible to see the skull of st. Vaclav. It is a traditional ceremony, that is concluded by a pilgrimage to Stara Boleslav, where st. Vaclav was murdered. For the remains of st. Vaclav and the divine service came about 1000 people.

What interests the author is, in what are those celebrations different from the so called Cult of the Dead. In this cult, tombs are build, and people are celebrated after they die, more than when they are alive. The presentation of a skull to the whole nation is a little symbolic, isn’t it?

28th September became the national holiday in 2000.

Good news everyone! David Cerny has a home-center!

David Cerny Pink Tank The well-known Czech artists, probably the only contemporary artist (if we exclude Knizak), whose greatness ranges over the Czech pond, has finally his own, long-expected center, here in Prague.

David Cerny, became “famous” after being locked-up by the communist side. At the time of dark communism, he expressed his artistic feeling by painting the Red Armada Tank on former Victory square pink (viz photo, he also erected the middle finger on it). After the wall came down, he made lots of project in the public space. My personal favorite were black, 3 meters long babies, with an air-conditioning shaft instead of a face, crawling up the Zizkovska vez (Zizkov Tower).

His Multicultural center MeetFactory, placed in a fabric hall at Smichovske nadrazi, will be presenting theatre, musicians, films and artists. But there are many other facilities; bookshop, video shop, café, dance club and many, many others.

The opening ceremony is 01th October 2007, and you can come to visit in the street Ke sklarne 15 ever since. The first exhibition is called “The Lost Innocence” and presents graffiti from artists, who painted it in there for the first time.

We are going to inform you about new MeetFactory projects from now on. Its homepage is


Supporters of Democratic Burma Gathered in Prague

A few dozens of people came to express their solidarity with Burma demonstrators, to disapprove violence and to honour those who were shoot to death.

The demonstrators laid flowers and candles to the memorial of events of the 17th November 1989, that evokes the beginning of the Velvet Revolution. The situation in the former Czechoslovakia however, proceeded without casualties- unlike in Burma, where the army was more or less ordered to corporeally punish anyone, who doesn’t conform with injustice.

Czechs brought banners like “Free Burma“ or “Stop the Bloodshed in Burma”, photographs from Burma and the unofficial flag, that symbolises the Burma’s folks desire for democracy. Some of the demonstrators came dressed in red, that symbolises monks’ robes.

From the politics came Marek Benda, stating that during 17th November any support was needed. It is necessary to show they are not alone there, and to appeal to China representatives. „It should be they, who intervenes“

The next demonstration is planned on Thursday, in front of the China embassy in Prague. Similar demonstrations take place in other cities of Europe.