Compact archive October 8, 2007

DJ Richard Bart and co. this Friday in Prague

Richard Bartz in Roxy Richard Bartz can be definitely considered an important representant of the German electronic scene. As a producer and as the owner of the label Kurbel, Richard has constantly collaborated for the consolidation of a music guided by many different influences: techno, house, electro, synthcore, hi nrg, among others.

A regular of the electronic music clubs since the end of the eighties, Richard started his production career as co-producer on DJ Hell’s album “Geteert & Gefedert”, released by Disko B in 1994. At that time he became also very much addicted to the raves, and started his Acid Scout project: his first single, “4 Degrees” (considered a classic, the same way as “Balance”), dates from 1993 and the “Safari” album was released in 1994. Just one year after, he made another long play, “Sci-Fi”, with a combination of techno and acid elements. One of his most appreciated oeuvres appeared in the “Subway” twelve inch, which came out by Heiko Laux’s Berliner label Kanzleramt at the new year’s day of 1998. Richard constructed a very impressive reputation on the European scene, with an agenda full of lives in many different events and countries.

12-10-2007, Roxy, Dlouha 33, Prague: “Elektra” – DJs Richard Bartz, Airto, Weki, Bo.Dan and others


Czech Housing 30 year ago during communism

husakovo 3+1 There is a very interesting exhibition in the Gallery of Prague Academy of Art, Architecture and Design, which is situated at Palachovo namesti (Jan Palach Square), close to Staromestska Metro (green line) or tram (no. 17 and 18) station.
Some of the students of the Academy prepared here an exhibition called Husakovo 3+1 (Husak´s 3+1).

This Blogger has found out about this event, and we are sure glad she did! The rest of the article is here.

Krivoklani 2007 – A medieval festival train leaves from Prague

krivoklani 07 On Saturday and Sunday, 13th and 14th October, at 9:24 you can catch a steam train Albatros made in 1947, going from Prague train station Branik, to the Krivoklani Festival at the Krivoklat castle.

Have you ever gone to a festival by a steam train?

Krivoklani is a presentation of medieval tournaments, Gothic music, and crafts. The whole event is annually organized by the Krivoklat Castle and the professional fencing group Merlet. To such an event a fair belongs inherently, so masters of blacksmithing, pottery, glass-makers, wood-carvers and many others come to present their skills. Taverns serves mead, mull, home-made plump spirits, and other traditional medieval drinks or foods.

The castle of Krivoklat belongs to the oldest and most important castles of the Czech princes and kings. merlet krivoklani The history of its construction starts in the 12th century. You can see a beautiful castle chapel, the Great Royal and Chivalric Halls with an exhibition of Gothic paintings and sculptures, the castle library containing over 52.000 bands, a rich museum and a painting gallery of the Fürstenberg, a famous castle prison with torture chambers and torture instruments, a monumental tower with a collection of hunting trophies and a view of the surrounding area, a pleasant walk around the castle walls, the tower Huderka with an open-hearth kitchen and an observatory gallery, the seat of the captain with temporary exhibitions…all of this and much more belongs to Krivoklat, a national cultural monument.


The first express filling stations in the CR: Tank&Go

tank and go in the czech republic The first express gas station of the Czech Republic started to work in Prague, Pruhonice. It was opened by W.A.G. minerální paliva (mineral fuels). Some of the strategic business commodities belonging to W.A.G. minerální paliva, a.s. are motor petrol and diesel. The company also supplies bio-diesel, certain types of heating oils and special oil products depending on specifications of individual customers.

Tank&Go is so the leader in introducing new technologies into the process of purchasing and distributing fuels. This kind of gas stations is common in Germany and Switzerland, distributing more ecological liquid mineral fuels, and high-class services. A customer simply drives in the station, inserts his/her credit card into a machine similar to a cash dispenser, enters his/her pin, chooses a maximum amount to spend, and refueling can proceed.

Considering their low prices of Natural 95, and their ‘ecological’ nature, they want to compete with the big chain companies, in which proximity they intend to build their stations. The other big companies however do not plan to compete in the same, express, field. Benzina speaker announced, they are interested in complex services for the customer, like food or rest, that won’t be available at Tank&Go stations.

The Yardbirds, 9th October, Prague

The Yardbirds The Yardbirds are a British rock band, noted for starting the careers of three of rock’s most famous guitarists: Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. A blues-based band whose sound evolved into experimental pop rock, they had a string of hits including “For Your Love”, “Over, Under, Sideways, Down” and “Heart Full Of Soul”. They were a crucial link between British R&B and psychedelia; their guitarists were extremely influential in music.

The Yardbirds were pioneers in almost every guitar innovation of the ’60s: fuzz tone, feedback, distortion, improved amplification, and were one of the first to put an emphasis on complex lead guitar parts and experimentation. The term, “Yardbird” is used in the southern United States as slang for ‘chicken’ (as in poultry), and it is a slang expression for “prisoner”.

The bulk of the band’s conceptual ideas, as well as their songwriting, came from the quartet of singer Keith Relf, drummer Jim McCarty, rhythm guitarist/bassist Chris Dreja, and bassist/producer Paul Samwell-Smith, all of whom co-wrote the Yardbird’s original hits and constituted the core of the group.

Today, The Yardbirds consist of original members Chris Dreja (rhythm guitar) and Jim McCarty (drums), who reformed in the 1990s and have continued to produce music under the name.

Surprisingly, the band has maintained a dignity that is usually all too absent from reunited classic rock line-ups.

9th Oct 2007, Retro Music Hall, Francouzska 4, Prague, Price: 370 CZK (13 €)