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Modern Design of New National Library 'Blob' denied by President

blob in prague has problems It almost resembles the situation, which is commented in one Czech movie: “What is nice is not decided by you, but by the (communist) party” This time, it isn’t the communist party, though, but surprisingly the liberal ODS (Civic Democratic Party) that stands against the architecture project, which won not only the Czech design competition for the most original designs, but also an award at the Summer Exhibition in London.

Blob in Trouble
The president Vaclav Klaus, who backs his party opinions, stated “In the fashion of eco-activists, I am ready to use my body as a shield on the very spot, to prevent the construction.” The construction on architectonically not significant Letna could give it a chance to get a jewel. However at the moment the Prague ODS is against, and suggesting Blob should be moved, lowered and possibly in some other color. Their behavior made angry not only Blob supporters, but also their opposers.

The whole situation resembles fires, fanned when Dancing House of Prague was build. At that times some citizens called for immediate demolition, and replacement by something more ‘decent’. Shortly after finishing (the architects are Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunic) It gained prestigious prize by Time magazine and became a world-wide famous building, which is being admired by tourists and locals every single day. Gehry stated, that he wanted to make a house, which is in balance with its surroundings, but different at the same time. Gehry:

“The problem of our age is, people accept trivial buildings as something inevitable, but if somebody tries to do something more respectable, it differs and is questioned.”

This leitmotiv repeats in the very case of Blob. The Czech society looks only at itself, and not outside of our borders. Something that represents serious and courageous architecture and so represents creative freedom, is being a target. If it is moved or changed, Prague will lost one of its possible dominants.


Pankrac Open-Air Free-Entry Festival

cehomor on pankrac This Saturday at Pankrac you can enjoy concerts of popular bands, as well as various workshops, and entertaining ‘family’ shows. If you have kids, this would be an opportunity to let them enjoy pony-riding or games, or (if they are very young) let them in the ‘games tent’ with professionals.

And for you? You can enjoy climbing wall, or compete in arm-wrestling, or other chosen activities. There is a Hummer show, and free concerts starting 14:00. What we would particulary recommend is the concert starting 20:00 – Cechomor (Czechomor) Czech and Moravian music ansamble. Information about this famous group follows.

Four years after their breakthrough album “Transformations” (Promeny) which won them three Czech Music Academy Awards (Best Album, Best Group, Best Song). There is no substitute for Czechomor, cult World Music band from the Czech Republic. Deeply rooted in Moravian village music, their repertoire reflects the passion and anguish of a region moulded by centuries of Ottoman raids, Napoleonic battles and folk ballads.

Czechomor have sold over 200 000 album units.

As ex-president Václav Havel’s favorite ensemble, Czechomor entertained celebrity audiences at charity concerts. They brought Czech folk music to the Royal Albert Hall in London.

By the end of 2000, their new album Czechomor was a platinum success and sold over 20 000 copies. Reaching a mainstream audience was a challenge. After “updating” traditional songs, Czechomor embarked on an ambitious project. The musicians met up with Jaz Coleman from the British punk band Killing Joke, who had turned to classical music. Coleman helped them produce their next album, Transformations, recorded with the Czech Philharmonic Collegium. The album was a tremendous success with over 80 000 copies sold. Transformations went on to win three Czech Music Academy Awards for Best Album, Best Group, Best Song.


Prague Aquapark Barrandov

Aquapark Barrandov For all the water- lovers there is a possibility to enjoy the Prague Aquapark Barrandov. It offers many ways to make sport or relax; for children there is a wading pool with a mini switchback and mini spouters. If you are courageous you can try the 115 metres long, red switchback. For those who have yet more courage there is the blue 62 metres long switchback, which you slip down on two-seat inflatable crafts. But if you only want to relax, try a whirlpool, massage jets and waterspouters. And when you are fed up with water, there are massage beds with massage air. For better swimmers there is wild river with artificial back flow. In the centre there you can also find a 25 metres long swimming pool.

The area is accompanied by the restaurant Mirage Blue, which is located in the area of aquacentre on the first floor with view of the swimming pool and switchbacks. This restaurant is opened not only for visitors of aquacentre, but also for the general public.

If you want to see complete information, you will find it Here


XXXI. INTERNATIONAL JAZZ FESTIVAL PRAGUE 2007 Information right here The same as Prazske Jaro (Prague Spring) festival of classical music represents for the Czech scene of classical music, the International Jazz Festival represents for the lovers of jazz. And what is it? It is The Event.

This autumn is the 31st expedition into the deep waters of jazz. It is true, though, this year the waters are much vaster than usual. The past years were mostly concerned about the classical forms of jazz, but this year’s dramaturgy turns the direction on some more progressive jazz forms, such as jazz rock, acid-jazz, world music, blues, ska, funky, soul and others.

The greatest moments of the festival are taken care of by:

For the complete information about the place and time of the concerts just click.

Thematically arranged evenings are going to take place in the halls of the Congress Center Prague, Lucerna Music Bar, Rock Café and Reduta Jazz Club, the whole festival is from November 23th to 30th 2007.


Krazy Baldhead in Prague

Krazy Baldhead in Prague Club scene of last two years is being dominated by the Paris label Ed Banger Records. It is not true, that whatever they do is genial, however the concentration of interesting things they launch with their logo is not possible to ignore.

One of the most significant of this label, DJ and producer Krazy Baldhead is going to play for us in the Prague club Rock Café at the party he will be accompanied by a Canadian DJ Noot, a Czech project Ventolin and the residents The Models a fh.

Krazy Baldhead belongs justly to the top stars of French electronic music, he mixes electro with breakbeats, old school hip-hop with the grace of a mash-up terrorist. You wouldn’t believe, that his favorite vinyls include jazz classics.

If you want to party tonight, go to Rock Café, Narodni Trida Prague, today 12th October 2007. source: Karel Vesely’s article for EX

The following passage is based on Ben Osborne’s interview with Krazy Baldhead from 2006.

What’s your Production name and real name?
Krazy Baldhead / Pierre-Antoine Grison.
Where are you from?
Marseille, France

How would you define your style?
Twisted beats and hiphop.
What got you into DJing and or making music?
I don’t know, i’ve always been playing music. so i’d say my parents.
What are your earliest musical memories?
Falling asleep on my parent’s legs during a performance of the 9th symphony of Beethoven.
What are the best clubs you’ve ever played?
Le Triptyque (Paris), le Plug (Bordeaux), D! Club (Lausanne).
What was your worst club experience?
Performing: none. Attending: too many…
Which DJs/ Producers do you most admire?
Aphex Twin, Prefuse73, Funkstorung.
Which labels, artists and genres are impressing you most at the moment?
Labels: ed banger, obviously
Artists: Trentemoller
Genres: minimal stuff
What will be the next big thing?
What is you all time favourite record and why?
Miles Davis: ‘E.S.P’. When it comes to Miles, I can’t really pick up a single record, but this one is really intense and beautiful, so I chose it.