Compact archive November 2007

Freezing weather ended Charles Bridge repairs

right now, one half of the bridge is closed, so you have to push your way through the other half Snow and cold ended this year season of Charles Bridge repairs.

Long prepared works on the Charles Bridge started in August. “Up to now, we looked at the bridge floor, stone rail, and we have also done little archaeological investigation “ said a leader of Mott MacDonald company, which reconstructs the Bridge.

Workers took the first layer of paving stones off, under which the wooden isolation is going to be replaced in spring.

“We are going to prepare new block-stones during the winter from sandstone, which is the original stone used” the leader Tvrznik adds.


Radio 1 party in Roxy

radio 1 logo Some of our readers asked lately, why do we announce so many events that have so little to do with Czech culture. So here you go – a party of Prague Radio 1 in Roxy.

“Radio 1? Is it any good?” “Definitely.” If you are used to radio stations that serve the same set of songs every day every hour like penicillin, well, it’s your choice. Radio 1, on the other hand, has balanced commercial and alternative songs for 15 years and there are various shows every night focusing on various styles of music. Anything but boring.

You ask for genre? It is announced as a smart dance combination of house, breakbeat and electro, always with a good groovy feeling and focused on mixing.

So here you go – that would be the typical Prague radio show for you. You wanted some show including people hoping around wearing traditional costumes? Well… maybe next time…

The entry is free until 23:00, after 100CZK. Roxy, Dlouha 33, Prague 1.


Proposal of Change of Czech Electing system

jiri pospisil The party which wins the elections to the parliament should get a few more parliamentary chairs. So called bonus for winners is probably going to appear among the new set of proposals, how to change the voting system, and so lower the risk of after-elections stalemate.

“We work on some variations, how to solve the thing. We explore, for example, how the winner’s bonus (the system works well i.e. in Italy) works in European countries.” minister Pospisil ( ODS, Civic Democratic Party ) announced.

Pospisil, Czech Minister of Justice, announced the decision of passing the new law will be on whole situation, which implies the system is designed so it wouldn’t harm the small parties.


This is Sparta vs Spartak

sparta prague Spartak Moscow Yesterday UEFA cup battle was a draw, but not without action.

There were not many people watching the duel at Prague Letna, but those who came saw a dramatic show, unfortunately more in the auditorium than on the grass.

Moscow Spartak fans had to be calmed down by a special police pack. Six people were injured, the police took ten foreigners with them.

According to TV Prima, 2-3 thousands of Russians arrived to Prague. Part of them got drunk in an airplane so much the airplane didn’t touch down at Prague Ruzyne, but it had to land in Pardubice. The fans arrived to metropolis with police assistance.

Riots were from the beginning of the game, when one of the Spartak fans threw a flare at the ground and passed by Sparta player just close.

After half an hour, other Spartak fan jumped into the gamefield with a flare and run the whole ground to the Sparta’s goal, after which was pacified by the organizers.

The biggest riots started before the halftime. The stadium resonated with petards. Organizers tried to calm it down, but the situation ended by fighting, which had to be pacified by the anti-riot police.

Blob - No way smaller or moved said Kapilcky

jan kaplicky zdroj ct krasny ztraty The architect Jan Kaplicky announced to introduce changes of the Blob library, but at the end he stood by his old design. And again, he commented the idea of moving the library ‘somewhere else’ as not very wise:

If you find a place in Europe, or in the world, where they have their National library at a periphery, please tell me. I’ll make it easier for you – such a place doesn’t exist. Modern transport and short distances are essential. It is not necessary to talk about moving the building. If the city doesn’t want the library, it won’t have it 1

The other point, where Kaplicky again demonstrated he has some balls on one hand, and no will to compromise on the other, was the height of the building: “ Compared to the planned stadium at Letna the library design is petite. The height is the same as the height of the National Theater

Kaplicky also said Blob library should be much smaller than Petrin observation tower, and that his design was really at the small side.

Vaclav Havel went to see the debate and described it is as ‘civilized’.

1 Kaplicky is a renowned architect and his Blob design would be appreciated not just by other Czech cities like Brno, but deputies of three foreign cities have already showed interest as well.


Americans, Geography and Prague

It is true, that Americans sometimes are rather lame in the matter of Europe’s geography, but to be honest, if a Czech is asked, what are the neighbours of i.e. Nebraska, he/she never knows. But that story is something. Just a starter:

… people – mostly American students – would ask me were:
1. Do you guys have traffic lights? ( I would answer: “No, we just dance naked around the fire”)
2. Is Czechoslovakia (I gave up correcting them on that one) next to Turkey?
3. You guys speak Russian?
4. Oh yeah, that’s by the sea, right?

The rest is here and it’s quite unbelievable

Big and Small – Tomas Julinek and Tomas Cikrt – Czech Health Reformers

Minister and Speaker as comics characters Zdroj MF Dnes The handbook ‘How to Use the Health Reform’ was published. The whole book is presented by two comics figures, representing Czech Minister of Health Tomas Julinek and his speaker Tomas Cikrt.

They may looked odd, when they first appeared together, Julinek being almost two meters tall and Cikrt only 110 cm. But they both proved they form a team, which is not only able to get reformations through, but also able to make fun of themselves, which are two things that are anything but common in Czech politics. When their reform was passed, they announced they have much more plans for the Ministry.

Tomas Julinek
(b.1956) is a politician and Minister of Health for the Czech Republic. He is a member of the Civic Democratic Party (ODS).
Julinek was appointed Minister of Health in September 2006 to replace David Rath whose radical reforms of the Czech health system were strongly opposed by the country’s private doctors.

Tomas Cikrt
(b.1969) Founded citizen union Palecek which is a union of little people, and a long term editor-in-chief of Zdravotnicke noviny (Medical news).
Became a speaker of Minister of Health for the Czech Republic in 2007.

tomas julinek cikrt Left: Tomas Julinek is almost 2 meters tall Czech Minister of Health
Right: Tomas Cikrt is about 110 cm tall speaker, awarded ‘The best public speaking performance of 2007’

One Health Care Reform takes place, Other is on the Way in CR

free health care is not really free, is it After the changes the Czech Minister of Health Julinek brought to the system of charges for health care, there is a very new reform ahead, sometimes called the Hospital revolution.

Czech patients should be able to legally pay for better care. The scheme of need for bribing on a daily basis should became legal. Patients should be able to pay for a better plaster, modern haunches or a better crystalline lens.

Julinek, Minister of Health, said he wants to submit the bills to the government next May and to parliament next June, so that they take effect from January 2009. His speaker Cikrt said the bills will guarantee the availability of health care, while the range of services will not change.

Important thing is patients shouldn’t pay for the whole i.e. operation, but just the difference between the above standard and the price insurance company pays.

The consequent change, the most important, should be health insurance companies having greater freedom of dealing with their money. They should be able to generate profits and offer more advantages.


Czech MPs lost Free Rides

no, to run such a bus is not for free Czech private transport companies do not have to let Czech Members of Parliament ride for free on their lines, a court has ruled Wednesday.

According to the judge, MPs travelling for free is not a public interest. “The law concerns for public transport only” MPs get special benefits worth thousands of CZK for transport and they also get a car.

The lawsuit started from Student Agency company owner Radim Jancura who refused to give MPs on board of his buses free rides. After all those benefits and fancy cars given to them by us, tax payers, he simply didn’t like the idea any private transport company should give more extra money, to sponsor the MP just becase they are so charming. The court said it is not possible to force by law any private businessmen to sponsor a MP.

This is just one little step, that gives a glitter of hope. Maybe there will be more cuts on the benefits the politicians have. But just maybe. Every time there is a proposal of lowering their bonuses, most of the Mps vote against.

Christmas Markets in Prague Begins

this is how it looked like the last year This Saturday eventing those forty thousands light bulbs on the Old Town square Christmas tree are going to be lighted up, and Christmas markets of this Noel begins.

Marry Drunk Christmas at the Old Town Square “Compared to the previous years there are going to be more stances with refreshments”, said the leading organizer of Tamiko company. “The decorations are going to include four 7-meters tall laser light angels, placed at the corners of the market place.”

Isn’t it just great – the right Christmas spirit needs those stances offering mull, after which crowds of drunken tourists are going to potter around! And what would be Christmas without laser angels. What is going to be there the next year? Mull tanks and laser Baby Jesus getting out of a laser comet? Marry Christmas!


Skoda cars constructed in Russia

octavia engine From the assembly line in Russian city Kaluza, the first completed Skoda Octavia car came out yesterday. The factory hall owner is Volkswagen concern.

Skoda Octavia automobiles for the Russian market are still just assembled there, but since 2009 the factory should start complete manufacturing. Skoda Auto wants to meet the increasing demand of the Russian market.

“…we expect … that around 2011 the total volume of Russian car market will be about three millions automobiles… we would like to sell 50 000 cars next year”

Jan Hurt, the leader of Russian branch of Skoda Auto, commented.

Dutch band Within Temptation in Prague

Dutch gothic metal band Within Temptation will visit Prague Club Roxy after the New Year. They released a new single CD on 5th October, although they have released album “The Heart Of Everything” this year.

Within Temptation is a symphonic metal band from the Netherlands. The band was founded in 1996 by vocalist Sharon den Adel and guitarist Robert Westerholt. Their music is variously described as symphonic metal, although in an interview, Sharon den Adel said they fell into a symphonic rock genre.

You can see and hear their concert on 17th January 2008 from 19:30 in Prague Club Roxy. Tickets are available in Ticketpro chain outlets and cost 700 CZK (23,3 €).

Read the full article here


Jaroslav Skala, the founder of addictology, died.

Jaroslav Skala, the founder of addictology Did you know the idea of Alcohol Addiction Treatment was born in Prague?

The founder of the first center for rehabilitation of people addicted to alcohol died at the age of 91. Jaroslav Skala had not drink alcohol from solidarity to his patients for 52 years, in order not to ‘preach water and drink wine’.

His granddaughter said he died at home, and didn’t suffer from any serious disease.

Skala was a psychiatrist by his original profession, but became an important person of addictology; the next year is the 60th anniversary of his addicted patients club. The first Alcohol Emergency Room was founded in Prague 1951 at Apolinar Hospital, thanks to him. Now it is common that every disease has its ‘club’ of patients, but at that time it was unique.

According to statistics, alcoholism is the second most common reason for hospitalization in a psychiatric asylum, about 12 000 alcoholics ends there every year. Czechs belong to the world top nations in alcohol consumption.

Armstrong's Moon Boot in Prague

The boot Under strict safety measures, the most valuable exhibits of the new exhibition called Stopy Lidi (Footprints of Men) have been installed in the National Museum.

For example it was the previously mentioned boot of Neil Armstrong, who left the footprints of men on the moon, his reserve helmet, or the american flag of the expedition.

“The authors were inspired by a human foot as a tool or a subject. But also metaphorically, from the prehistoric ages (a reconstruction of Ozgi’s, the iceberg mummy, footwear) until today, from the depths of ocean to footsteps on the surface of the moon.”

Visitors of this exhibition will find themselves in a war turmoil, can try their abilities on a running track, can leave their foot stepson a walk of fame, or try various kinds of walking surfaces.

The exhibition starts in the historic building of the National Museum today, and it lasts until 30th June 2008.


Lexy and K-Paul (de), pre-New Year party in Roxy, Prague

Lexy and K-Paul Two icons of the contemporary electro music are going to Roxy to test whether you are ready for the New Year’s eve! They are one of the most sought-after Djs of this style and their festive performance at the end of the year is not a coincidence.

Lexy and K-Paul first met up in 1998 in a Berlin club and their initial meeting emerged from a dispute over a young lady. Their argument resulted in both of them being thrown out of the club and banned from the premises.

Roughly six months later, the two freaks couldn’t believe their eyes when they coincidentally met in the Low Spirit office in Berlin. Leaving the little Casanova dispute behind them, they decided to meet up for a studio session. These nocturnal meetings were the first test runs of their joint production ventures.

The couples first track titled ‘Do you like disco’ became initial success, the young team decided to continue sprinkling their creative dust and infecting the masses with their hypnotic sound. And so, the track ‘The greatest DJ’ was released and nominated as Loveparade’s hymn.

The spring of 2000 proved to be the youngster’s ultimate breakthrough. Their single ‘Freak’ became an instant Love Parade hit, celebrating to new team as the new found heroes of the Berlin Love Parade. With the shooting of the music video, the freaks launched a new found fad in the German Music scene.

The highlights of their acts included The Mayday, Love Parade, Love Parade in Vienna, Electric Kingdom and Love Nation.

If you are heading to Prague for the New Year’s eve, it may be a problem to get tickets to Roxy for 31st of November, so this starter on 28th November can became the opening party of your Prague stay. You also can look forward to decorations, plasma projections and specially adjusted light park. Experimental space Roxy, Dlouha 33, Prague 1. Tickets – advance booking 280CZK, at the spot 350CZK. Session starts at 22:00


President Vaclav Klaus impugned Olympic Games

The president Vaclav Klaus has impugned the idea of organizing the Olympic games in Prague again yesterday. Klaus, according to his words, is not sure if “organizing of the Olympic Games would bring the Czech Republic positives only”. According to the Czech president the Olympics are troublesome, not only because of their expenses.

“I fear the immense impact of various Olympic sports, sports that are normally not done in our country at all, those that might not have a single viewer, but need specific sports grounds built for them anyway.”

Vaclav Klaus proclaimed he still remembers a debate with one minister of Greek government about one area, where Greeks have built stadiums for Olympic Games 2004. “…he said: there is a stadium for baseball, and I responsibly say there is not a single person, that would play baseball in Greece”. Klaus described.

According to the director of the Prague Olympic community Tomas Petera there are going to be only three new stadiums build in Prague, the other sports fields are going to be made by reconstructions of stadiums that are already build, and by constructions of provisional Olympic stances.

Klaus have expressed his opinions earlier, i.e. in May, when he said “skeptical yes” for the Games.


MONO + Bee and Flower in Prague Akropolis

MONO Japan going down the hill Palace Acropolis sometimes offers real music delicacies from the world production. Like today, when the performers are Mono, a post-rock group from Tokyo, that formed in late 1999, and Bee and Flower, a band that was founded in 1999 too, but in NYC, nowadays they reside in Berlin.

The music of Bee and Flower envelops the listener into an intimate, luxurious and orchestrated world, filled with moody strings, piano, percussion, ghostly slide guitars, and lush female vocals. Bee and Flower brings together elements of classically-arranged film-score soundtracks with well-crafted rock songwriting, creating a bold, unique and fluid style. Lyrically, the songs weave tales of the universal human experience: of hope and heartbreak, of love and living, and of isolation and oblivion.

Mono is a group which dominated Prague during their two concerts in 2006, and which is said to have ability to make their sound almost tangible. Mono are known for their powerful live performances. Part of their power in concert reportedly comes from their intense physical involvement in the music. It should also be noted that their shows are extremely loud, even to well-seasoned show goers. They effectively use dynamics to their advantage by playing extremely soft and then extremely loud, giving the impression of even more power.

Tuesday, 27th November 2007, Palac Akropolis, Kubelikova 27 Prague 3. Tickets: 300 CZK


Wenceslas Square in Prague shakes off Communist Reconstruction

wenceslas sqare project One of the most notorious reconstructions that took place in Prague was definitely taking the D1 expressway, and leading it between the statue of St. Wenceslas and the National Museum, and so cutting it from Wenceslas Square. It is the typical example, how does it ends, when a public commission is controlled by a political party.

Now it seems, Wenceslas square could come back to the pre-communist state of things. How was it before, and how it should look like again? An elegant city boulevard with wide pavements, alleys of trees, and tramways. The expressway, which is definitely a thorn in our side, will be moved away.

wenceslas sqare project Cigler&Marani Architects, who won the public competition of the future face of the square stated that return of tramways and reduction of car traffic should act out as a component which brings back life, but smooths it down at the same time. The expenses of the square reconstruction were estimated at 100 – 200 millions CZK (3,4 – 6,9 mil. €). The expenses of moving the expressway are reaching 450 millions CZK (15,5 mil. €).

foto: Cigler&Marani Architects


Be Ready to use a Ticket Machine in Czech Hospitals

If you get sick during your stay in Prague, it is good thing to know a new system of payments for health care is going to be established. The main change is patients have to take some cash with them, to pay for an investigation or for a visit of an emergency.

That is a first step to a large reform of Czech Health care, worked out by Tomas Julinek and Tomas Cikrt.

Part of hospitals plans that there will be machines placed on corridors, similar to those at car parks, bringing out tickets. How much do we pay precisely?

Charges for health care in the Czech Republic since January 2008:

A prescription – 20 CZK
A visit at a specialist – 50 CZK
A day at a hospital – 50 CZK
A visit at an emergency – 50 CZK
A visit at a general practitioner, some diagnosis – 50 CZK

Last USSR trains in Prague Metro soon replaced

made in the ussr “The last Metro trains from the former USSR are going to disappear in two years” said the councilman Radovan Steindrer. There are no USSR trains on the line C and A, there are still some on the line B, which are going to retire. The MHD (Prague Public Transport) heads consider moving the trains from the line C to B, and putting very new walk-through metro trains there.

As Staindler stated, “ Prague Metro is going to part with the last train of Russian fabrication and I thing the parting won’t be a very nostalgic one.” The new trains will be made by Siemens which automatically offered the city the walk-through version.

The trend of walk-through metro is usual in most of the first-world countries, more than a half of new trains in the world undergrounds are build in such a way. This version offers more space for travelers, but offers also more danger in the case of fire.

prague metro old prague metro - new Left: the old train from the USSR
Right: the new train made by the conglomerate CKD Praha, Adtranz and Siemens


New Giraffe Born in Zoo Prague

giraffes multiply in zoo prague

In the ‘African house’ a new baby giraffe was born, which makes the total number of giraffes born in Prague Zoo: sixty!. The youngster is a girl, was born on 17th November, is very active and can be seen since this weekend together with the rest of her pack.

Zoo celebrated the respectable number by a baptism ceremony of a giraffe boy Faust. The name was given by Milan Steindler, the dean of the 1st medical faculty of Tomas Zima. Faust truly is a hellish name, in spite of the blond baby giraffe doesn’t really show a link to hell.

There is no winter dormancy in Prague Zoo, giraffes are busy – they have increased their numbers of ten baby giraffes in the past two years! At the present moment, it is possible to see 17 Rothschild giraffes in two packs, both led by alpha males there.


Law Proposal Against Dishonest Taxi Drivers in Prague

taxi illustration photo Prague taxi drivers do not enjoy a good reputation. Their name is being spoiled by those who overcharge the fares.. There is usually no evidence and no claimant. What’s more, there is often no lever that would make them pay a fine, even when convicted.

The time for administrative procedure to be carried out is one year. According to the City Hall, it is not possible to render a decision in such a term; if somebody avoids notification deliverance and than appeals a lot, one year is not enough to solve the case.

As a result, Prague City hall wants to extend the time for execution of fines. Especially Prague taxi drivers, when the verdict announces them they are charged with fines, massively use the practice of appealing to the law for so long the charges expire.

Prices charged by some taxi drivers in Prague are notorious, Prague guides always give some advices, how to avoid being fooled.


Bata was not Collaborator. He may get incredible Refund

Tomas Bata Tomas Bata, the heir of the famous Bata shoe empire from Czech town Zlin, have announced the family asks financial compensation of their property, which was confiscated in Czechoslovakia after World War II. He made the announcement shortly after his son Jan Antonin Bata, the last owner of the concern, had been cleared of collaboration charges.

Collaboration was, after the war, the reasoning for confiscation of all belongings without compensation. Now when is clear he wasn’t a collaborator, he may even get refunds for all the Czech Bata factories, which would made about a hundred million €.

Bata’s family live in Canada and Brazil. Bata shoes are sold in more than fifty countries worldwide.

Istructions: How to pay for the Public Transport in Prague by your Mobile Phone

Since today, it is possible to buy a Prague Public Transport ticket from your mobile phone. That’s it – you don’t need to buy a paper ticket.

So here are the steps: you text DPT on the number 902 06 20 and here you go – you have just bought yourself a transfer ticket worth 20 CZK, which is valid since the moment when you have sent the SMS.

The ticket inspectors of Prague are equipped with a gadget, that can check, if the SMS ticket is valid or not.

At the beginning of 2008 the service will be extended of other tickets and coupons, so this could be the end of waiting for a coupon in queue. This time MHD does something else for their customers than just marking the prizes up…


Czechs like Marijuana

leaf The annual report 2007, published by the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction yesterday, has revealed Czechs younger 24 years are among the top European consumers of cannabis with 28% of smokers. Ganja is at the same time the most widespread drug of Prague and the Old Continent alike.

The annual report also finds out cocaine is staying out of the Czech Republic, its abuse is rare. It is partly because of the Czech speed Pervitin (metal amphetamine) took its place of ‘the fast drug’, and because its greatest abuser is traditionally the USA, which leaves all other continents behind.

The Czech National Focal Point for Drugs and Drug Addiction have confirmed those data. Marijuana indeed is the most favored drug of the Czech Republic, followed by Ecstasy. Both can be, according to the Police CR, easily purchased.

Snow for Prague Tour de Ski competition will be ready soon

Snow Route- something like this will be seen in Prague In the little town Horni Vltavice in southern Bohemia the snow fabrication has been under way since 15th November. The snow has to be ready on 30th December, when the sprint in cross-country ski starts in Prague, Hradcanske square.

The organizers of Tour de Ski series, do not take into consideration there could be enough snow in Prague on 27th December (neither do we), when they want to start the transportation. The one kilometre sprint by free technique starts on Hradcanske Namesti, and continues on the circuit long 450 metres, on which 2500 cubic metres of snow will be needed, which is about 600 trucks.

Races such as Tour de ski are common, i.e. in Oslo, Paris or Stockholm. And as in those cities, in Prague there won’t be just sports, we can look forward to other entertainment, like concerts, performances and programme for children.


Prague Public Transport: More Kilometres, more Tramways, more Money

The Prague City Transport covers more kilometers than any other public company in Europe. Just for a comparison – tramways, buses and metros cover more than 160 millions kilometers. That is like four thousand times around the globe. In Amsterdam it is one quarter of such a distance.

The MHD also retains supremacy in the contest of: the number of transported passengers/the number of the population. It is the highest in Europe. MHD transports 3,3 millions every day. Only the public transport in Budapest is a competitor in figures, as they transport about 100 million/year more, but Budapest is also of a half a million more populated.

The year 2008 will be in token of more kilometers, like the new station of metro C Letnany, more trains, buses and tramways in action at the same time, more of the new tramways and more money, spend on tickets.
New Prague Tramway 14T


PELICAN and HIGH ON FIRE from the US in Prague

pelican Their last concert in Prague was described on the server like this: “Pelican weren’t on the stage, they were in an open country. I couldn’t break away, not even go thirty steps to the bathroom. The feel of hardly depicted flaring flow through the whole area and swinging of the guitarists resembled trees in the wind”

Regarding the band’s genre, de Brauw said: “I don’t think of Pelican as a metal band… I feel like we’re part of a trajectory of Midwest bands that kind of blend aggression with a pop sensibility, so while it’s easy to classify us with instrumental bands, we’re not instrumental by design. We just didn’t know how to put vocals in our music and for it to sound right.”

Concerning High on Fire, they play hardrock, and they are a group around the nine-strings guitarist Matt Pike, who is an ex-member of a stoner-rock group Sleep

So if this makes you interested, I would find them on youtube and listen, and if you get swayed, the good idea is to visit their concert, which takes place in Rock Café, Narodni 20, Prague 1 on 24th November 2007.


Czech political scene is corrupted by Mafia, BIS informs

The biggest Czech security thread is mafia getting into the state administration. This results from the annual statement of BIS (Security Information Service, which is a Czech national intelligence agency). The major target are European funds, which represents 800 millions CZK (27,6 mil. €)

Organized crime bribe state officers, who decide about evaluation of projects, which are sponsored from the EU funds.

BIS informed on their webpage also about SETUZA, which was managed by a shot ‘businessman’ Frantisek Mrazek and a runaway vendor Tomas Pitr. This group have used their contacts in government for infiltration of various sections of the state administration.

BIS also published information about international spies in our country. The most influential is traditionally the Russian mafia, who acts under diplomatic or news agency cover, which is common, as well as tradesman of companies, which wasn’t so usual. New criminals are agents from Northern Korea, Iran and Syria, who are interested in machines and technologies, that can be used for development of weapons of mass destruction.

Prague Airport Testing Unique Liquid Detector

Signs indicating no liquids allowed

The anti-terrorist gadgets are enterprises of our times. The new device, working on the basis of micro-wave radiation, was developed in the Research Center in Juelich, Germany, by the team of German scientist Norbert Klein.

The device called Emili 1 is able to detect liquids using micro-waves, and if it proves functional, it wouldn’t be necessary to hand over all the liquids when entering the board, as we got used to. Acids and combustibles should be detectable, and so it wouldn’t be possible to go on with those.

The ban on taking drinks, liquids, creams and children’s food bigger that 100ml packagings to planes was established after the terrorist attacks in London in July 2005.

Right now, if you are going through the Prague Airport, your drinks get scanned, however the ban still holds true.

German scientist Norbert Klein announced they are also working on a hand scanner and a special pad that would enable to detect explosives and ceramic weapons in shoes.

Information by LN


The Experts want new Pictures of the Blob

Prague waits for the decision about Blob The expert group from The National Heritage institute, who form a part of the National Library team, has requested new pictures of the Prague Octopus from various places around Prague. The pictures will be created by a computer, and from various angles. They need it to consider, whether it damages Prague panorama or not.

The greatest objections came because of possible harms, that could Blob bring to Prague panorama. If the visualizations show the concerns aren’t well founded, it will change the whole situation. The Kaplicky’s library pictures will be computed from twenty places in Prague.


Prague Municipal Council Lost to Taxi Again

The court of Prague 1 have decided yesterday, the company Sedop doesn’t have to leave its position on Old Town square. The City Hall gave Sedop a notice to quit two years ago, from the reason of overpricing the fares. This is the second time of a lawsuit for the overpriced fares in Prague, and the second time when the City Hall lost.

The court gave the driver the truth, when he has chosen to overprice the fares. So Sedop will not only stay at the Old town square, but they can even request compensation of damages, which were caused by the lawsuit. The speaker of Sedop said: “The City hall cannot say, how much we charge our customers. The customers can choose, how much they want to pay.” City hall have appealed from the judgment.


Tiësto's other concert Prague

If you want to go to DJ Tiësto’s concert in Prague T-Mobile Arena, and you have your tickets, lucky you. If you don’t, they are all sold out, but you can still try to get tickets for his performance in Prague club Mecca.

It is still possible to buy tickets for DJ Tiësto’s performance in Prague Club Mecca

DJ Tiesto is for many DJ number 1, who have commenced Olympic Games in Athens, anyway one of the world’s most famous trance DJs. He has also been voted “best DJ in the World” 3 consecutive times by DJ magazine and is currently ranked #1 according to the world DJ rankings, compiled by The DJ List, the worlds largest DJ directory.

As of May 2006 Tiësto is the official worldwide ambassador for the Dance4Life foundation, fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS, for which he recorded the track “Dance4life”. Tiësto also holds the 2nd place record (Robbie Williams in 1st) for the largest concert ever, 250,000 people on Ipanema Beach, Brazil.

In Prague Mecca you have a possibility to hear and closely watch his abilities in a cosy club which is often visited by the world’s V.I.P.s on their vacation in Prague.

Tickets: Ticketpro, 690,- CZK (23,8 €). Club Mecca, U Pruhonu 3, Prague 7. Start: 21:00, 25th November 2007


Finally! More Bikelines in Prague

bike and the city. illustration photo After many years of protests, there are going to be some changes. After demonstrations and crazy events that were attempts to change the sad state of things in Prague, which is: you can ride a bike, but only at your own risk. The city representatives forget about the bicycles quite often, but yesterday was different.

Yesterday, the metropolis representatives withdrew under pressure from the site of many activists. Ludek Dostal, the leader of Prague Ways and Roads, announced the construction workers will come back to all the promised and forgotten areas, and set everything right.

The good news is, 40 millions CZK (1,4 mil. €) were promised to be invested to bike roads development in Prague. Maybe there is a chance for improvement after all.

All the new Bikelines in Prague are going to be red. The color was chosen according to the starting position, where our bike transport is – drivers have to get used to it.


Millions of CZK for preparation of possible Olympic Games in Prague

OG peking 2008 project3 Prague Olympic community gets other 30 millions CZK (1,1 mil. €) for preparation of possible summer Olympic Games in 2016. Committee on the City of Prague have agreed on it yesterday. “If we want the Olympics, the money are definitely worth it.” said the councilman Jiri Langmajer. The Town Council have already invested 15 millions CZK into the preparations.

OG peking 2008 project2 According to its budget, Prague Olympic community should spend 12 millions for project studies, 20 millions for OG promotion, over 3 millions on salaries, 4 millions for law services, 3 millions is the applicant fee, other 3 millions goes on accounting. The Games, if they will be in the Czech Republic, will cost 132,5 billions CZK (4,42 billions €)


The Skatalites - Jamaicans in Prague

The Skatalites The Skatalites are a music group from Jamaica that played a major part in popularising ska. Consisting of some of the best musicians in Jamaica, they played together initially between 1963 and 1965, when they formed music accompaniment for many Jamaicans, like Bob Marley (not famous by far at the time).

In 60’s, they recorded many of their best known songs, including “Guns of Navarone” as well as playing on records by Prince Buster and many other Jamaican artists who recorded during the period.

They reformed in 1986 and have played together ever since. Today, they represent the same non-such for Jamaica, as Buena vista social club for Cuba.

You can hear them today, in Palac Akropolis, Kubelikova 27, Prague 3. The session starts 19:30


Medvidci a Medvedi – Bears and Teddy bears

teddy bear exhibition Prague The Museum of the Capital City of Prague have changed into a big toyshop those days. There are five hundred teddy bears and other toys. The oldest teddy was made in 1910; the smallest has a half of a centimeter; the biggest one and a half meter.

Historic toys exhibition

The first teddy bear came to shelves about a hundred years ago. It became famous when it was equipped with movable limbs (hands and legs were connected by a piece of rope) which is an invention of a German producer Richard Steiff. Shortly after its first public presentation in 1903 there were purchase orders to the USA, and in 1907, 975 000 teddy bears left Steiff’s factory, mostly to the USA.

Bears and Teddy bears, The Museum of the Capital City of Prague, Florenc, Na Porici 52. The exhibition lasts until 24th February 2007


Street Art Prague

street art skolska prague The historically first Prague exhibition about the art of the streets presents absolutely unique collection of stickers and stencils. Partly originals un-sticked from Prague Streets, partly professional documentation.

Street art is a phenomena, having many different definitions; alternative form of communication, folk typography, creative arts or even vandalism.

Stickers are placed basically on everything that forms a part of a street, but the most popular are traffic signs, stoplights, drips, various poles and others.

This kind of art can be found in larger cities, having more than 200 thousands citizens. Stickers are placed especially in a city center and around places visited by young people.

Subjects of the stickers are various, sometimes it is purely art, absurd, grotesque, ironic or funny messages, comic characters, animals in various positions, but also political themes like globalization etc.

A street artist works for free, do not expect fame. His creations are destroyed by people and weather. Many fight against stickers, even when stickers do not harm buildings and the creators say, they do not wish their streets to be full of billboards, too.

It is also possible to buy a book documenting Prague street arts , first of its kind.

Komunikacni Prostor Skolska 28, Street art Prague, Skolska 28, Prague 1,, Opened Mo-Sat 10-17


BUSH in Prague Roxy - Sub Focus

bush roxy prague As you can guess, it is that the big George would come to perform in the Prague club, but the regular event of RoxyIn Da Bush, which of course means – the jungle night.

This time, D’n‘B and jungle prepares special guest SUB FOCUS (ram rec., uk) and Resident DJ GHONZALES (roxy booking)

Sub Focus became a sudden star by tracks as X-Ray Strobe or Get on Up. In a few months he has became one of the most wanted producers, who has no competitorand within Ram records family. He brings something new and fresh into the d’n‘b, which is not so common after all.

Breakbeat chill out djs: Miss B & Luke Skunkwalker ( Resident vjs: Sheba & Stephane Kyles (Fr.)

24th November 2007, Roxy Prague, Dlouha 33, tickets: before 23:00 150CZK, after 23:00 200CZK.


Bem is the leader of ODS Prague

Pavel Bem leader of prague ods The Mayor of Prague Pavel Bem have replaced Jan Burgermeistr. Bem had, according to his colleagues, strong position within the ODS. Now, it became realtively super-strong.

Civic Democratic Party (ODS) of Prague is under the command of Pavel Bem

The forty three years old politician will be even more busy than before. Right now he is the Prague Mayor, the chairman of the Committee on Public Administration, Regional Development and the Environment of Prague, the vice-leader of the ODS, and now even the head of Prague ODS.

However some of the deputies demonstrated yesterday, his power is not limitless. The voting had to be repeated, as in the first vote 41 of 120 votes were invalid. In the second round he got 81 votes.

Prague Castle Exhibition of Christmas Cribs

Christmas Crib from cardboard The annual exhibition of historic and new Christmas cribs is going to lighten up the highest burgrave of Prague Castle on 23th November 2007. You can also meet real curiosities there, like the one which is older 200 years and made from cardboard (on the picture)

According to the organizers, last year the exhibition proceeded with great interest of the wide public. This year they have decided to widen the exhibition, so until 6th January you can come and admire more than forty of the cribs. The opening hours: everyday 9 – 16 in the enclosed area of Prague Castle. Profits go, of course, to charities.

The highest entrance fee for adults is 35 CZK (1,2 €)


Disney Opens a Mobile Games Studio in Prague

Mickey-Mouse The center for development of new games for mobile phones was opened in Prague yesterday. Prague should, in future, rank among the most important centers for development of mobile phone entertainment, with such cities as Los Angeles, Tokyo and Peking. The newest games for mobiles goes from Disney fabrics to the whole world.

The manager of Disney Mobile Games Studio in Prague Jiri Rosenkranz announced he expects the studio to produce as many as ten new games a year. There is real demand for mobile games – in the number of downloads they occupy the second position after music.

Descendant of Komensky in Prague

jan f kallik jan a. komensky American businessman Jan Ferdinand Kallik visited Prague. He was forced to emigrate in 1947 with his father, when communists had gained political power. His story is not different from many others, if he wasn’t 9th generation of the lineage that is forced to emigrate from Bohemia again and again. 9 generations before it was Jan Amos Komensky, who had to escape from religious intolerance.

Jan Kallik came to Prague to a conference about Komensky, arranged by the ministry of education. Being an economist he says it is a pity Czechs are not able to sell Komensky better. “It is all about advertisement. You should spend more energy on him,
his revolutionary approaches to scholarship set basis of modern education worldwide.”

Three of Kalliks’ children are teachers. His daughter Allison was voted one of ten best teachers of California.

Czech Republic to adopt the euro in 2012? Unreal.

one euro The Czech Republic has been a member of the European Union since May 2004, and is a member of the Economic and Monetary Union of the European Union but has not completed the third stage of the EMU and therefore still uses its own currency, the Czech koruna.

Initially the Czech Republic planned to adopt the euro as its official currency in 2010, however recent evaluations have found this unlikely.

The Czech prime minister Mirek Topolanek have declared to adopt the euro will be possible only after changes in pensioner and health service. He said that in a TV discussion this Sunday with the Slovak prime minister Fico. Fico announced Slovakia still expects to adopt the euro in 2009.

Archaeologists finished exploration of Charles Bridge

The place at Lesser Town Bridge Tower was thoughtfully examined. At the side of the stones were found the same symbols as at the Lesser Town Bridge Tower. There were also small pieces of pottery, the oldest probably dating back to the 8th century, which responds to the oldest settlement of the area.

The archaeologist research at the bridge is prior to the repair. At the moment archaeologists have reached the canalization, where the drainage of the bridge runs, the excavation is about six meters deep, ending at the geological subsoil.

The long planned repair of the bridge started in August. Charles Bridge gains new isolating, watershed and gas lamps.


Struggle for Freedom Day, Prague

About one hundred of neo-nazis have ‘buried freedom of speech’ at Paladskeho namesti. Dozen of policemen kept an eye on them, but there was no violence this time, the event was calm and ended in half an hour.

The prime minister went to Narodni trida with his family. His youngest kid in a baby-coach was admired by Pavel Bem and other colleagues from the ODS.

There were demonstrations against the American Radar in the center. About two thousand people demonstrated at Wenceslas square. They demanded to terminate negotiations with the U.S. government in that matter, referendum, or Czech government resignation.

The president lightened up a candle at the students’ monument. The ex-president Vaclav Havel held a speech, commenting ‘present endeavor of organized crime to affect politics’. The minister of the interior Ivan Langer responded in a way he doesn’t comment theatre pieces, so he would expect Havel not to comment crime.

The anniversary was also celebrated by a football match of Euro qualification Czechs vs Slovaks. Czechs managed to beat the opponent 3 : 1 and enjoy the course to the Championship.

Ice Wine Harvest

ice wine grapes Czech mountains are full of skiers, in Jeseniky there is danger of snowslides, winter sport lovers head to Krkonose, Sumava, or Orlicke hory. Meanwhile they enjoy sports, vine growers from Moravia celebrate winter frosts by making ice wine. Temperatures lower than 10ºC brought the harvest to the middle of November, but usually it starts at the beginning of December.

Icewine is a type of dessert wine produced from grapes that have been frozen while still on the vine. The sugars and other dissolved solids do not freeze, but the water does, so the result is a concentrated, often very sweet wine. In the case of ice wines, the freezing happens before the fermentation, not afterwards.

This gives ice wine its characteristic refreshing sweetness balanced by high acidity. When the grapes are free of Botrytis, they are said to come in “clean”.

The most famous (and expensive) ice wines are German Eiswein and Canadian ice wine, but apart from these, ice wine is also made in the United States, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Australia, France, New Zealand and Israel in smaller quantity.

National holiday of 17th November

17th of November is the day of National holiday in the Czech Republic. The day is officially celebrated as „The Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day“ but it is also known as „The Day of students“. It is so because that day is in the Czech history connected with two very important students manifestations, during which the youth became the conscience of the nation.

When the communist rule over central-eastern Europe was already breaking down, student manifestation started so called Velvet Revolution, which led to Czechoslovakia freed of the deliberating communist regime.

Read the whole article here

Half a century of the Prague Castle photography exhibition

through the gate and you are inside The exhibition and book trilogy Prague Castle in Photography is concluded by a part showing changes of the siege in years 1939-1989.

Historic and topographic signs have the upper hand over the whole conception of this exhibition. The photos are not sequenced according to beauty, but the groups are formed according to the inner logic of the castle area. The only exception is the ‘personalities’ group, which brings in portraits of politicians and architects of the famous Gothic castle.

As the past two episodes of the cycle could be called romantic or calm, this episode commemorates especially the dark times, for example it depicts Emil Hacha, the Czechoslovak president, surrounded by Nazi soldiers, getting his new BMW given by Adolph Hitler.

The book ends symbolically; by the classic picture of Vaclav Havel on 29th November 1989, after being elected a president. But this is not the case of all’s well that ends well; Prague castle is too much permeated by history for such a conclusion.

7th January (Three wise man day) 2008 ends this exhibition, but the book trilogy accompanying the event stays for those who bought it, and gains its documentary value. The exhibition takes place in Prague Castle, Terezianske Kridlo (Terezian Wing).


Midnight Sun Session Northern festival Prague

midnight sun in Norway Radio 1, which is the oldest alternative radio of Prague, presents their new festival called Midnight Sun Session. It introduces northerners’ culture and tradition live – music, theatre, film, dance or arts.

The first Midnight Sun Session starts this Sunday 18th at 18:00 by featuring the movie Heim about Sigur Rós. Sigur Rós is an Icelandic post-rock band with melodic, classical, experimental, and minimalist elements. The band is known for its ethereal sound and lead singer Jónsi’s falsetto voice.

The evening will continue from 19:30 with Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band. They are a Norwegian electronica group. Their live shows have gained a massive reputation both in Norway and in the rest of Europe combining various percussion instruments and pyrotechnics.

The other Midnight Sun Sessions will introduce northern stars like Koop or Múm. All the info is possible to find at Radio 1 webpage here

Midnight Sun Session starts this Sunday 18th November 2007,
Palac Akropolis Kubelíkova 27, Prague.


Prague National Theatre under Reconstruction

The National Theatre has started its three-year reconstruction, which costs are estimated 160 millions CZK (5,5 mil. €)

The first item on the list of reconstructions is the 10-ton, 78 meters long cast-iron railing, that represents a golden crown on the top of the historic building. All the parts of the railing are going to be gilded again with two kilos of the best quality gold, worth 70 thousands €.

Two other symbols of the theatre, sculptural groups of prancing horses are undergoing reconstruction on the roof, where it was in 1940 fixed with concrete. There is a problem with water running into the sculptures.

Expenses for those items are estimated 22 millions CZK (760 000€). The facade reconstruction of National Theatre starts in 2009, conservators have both hands full of work inside, too.


Czech Republic Telephone Help Link for the Deaf

Deaf SMS help link, which has been introduced at the beginning of 2007 have received 80 messages so far.

The number was established for police needs, but it provides help i.e. in the case of a deaf person needing a doctor, too.

603 111 158

What you should fill in the message? Surname, the place of occurrence (city), and some specific location like the number of public lighting where something happened, and a brief account of what has happened.

The police contacts the person via SMS, and sends a unit that was informed it is a case with a deaf, there. In the case of incident being further investigated, the police has interpreters into sign language prepared.

The provider of the service is T-Mobile

Prague in Numbers

Recently published analysis of regional differences in the Czech Republic revealed an interesting fact – Prague is, year by year, more different from the rest of the country. The numbers are so different, they have to be filed separately, as it would blur the republic average.

For example – Prague citizens have the most advanced cars from the whole country, every second household is connected to the Internet and one third of citizens of Prague have finished higher or university education.

Ales Michl, analyst of Raiffeisenbank stated:

“Prague is unique compared to other metropolises, located east from Prague – i.e. Bratislava or Budapest. There, the differences among the capital and the rest of the country aren’t so noticeable. Prague is so much more like Paris, London of Frankfurt.”

The metropolis is first also in the quality and availability of health care, so here is 15,7 percent of seniors older 65 years, meanwhile the republic average is 14,4 percent. Prague has population of 1,198,094. The numbers of Prague citizens are getting higher every year, and more than 70% of newcomers are Ukrainians, Russians and Vietnamese. Those cover some of the low paid jobs, but surprisingly there is still over-supply of such positions.

Concerning salaries; the average is 26 134 CZK (933€), which can sound meager compared to the average in i.e Britain (2931€), but the salary in Prague is still about 5196 CZK (179€) higher than the national average.

Regina Carter unique jazz violinist concert

Regina Carter by Bill Phelps Regina Carter (b. 1966) is an American jazz violinist. She began as a classical violinist but became increasingly interested in jazz , and is considered one of the finest violinists in the genre. She is the cousin of famous jazz saxophonist James Carter.

Carter attended Cass Technical High School with close friend, Carla Cook, who was enthusiastic about jazz, and introduced her to the likes of Ella Fitzgerald. Carter received a degree in music from Oakland University and studied at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston before forging her jazz career.

This Afroamerican belongs to the big world jazz stars. The sole fact that the concert of her quintet concludes this year of festival Struny Podzimu (Strings of Autumn) speaks of high quality of the performance.

A woman of jazz, who cooperated with such names as Cassandra Wilson, Wynton Marsalis, Richard Bona or Dee Dee Bridgewater.

Dvorakova sin Rudolfina (Dvorak’s hall in Rudolfinum), Alsovo Nabrezi 12, Prague 1. 18th November 2007. Tickets here.


The first Primary School for Gifted in the Czech Republic

gifted class Education in the school for gifted is based on individual approach to students. The school for kids with extraordinary intelligence and talent accepts students according to psychological tests. It has 15 pupils at the moment, eight in the first class and seven in the mixed class. The ministry of Education have allowed the total number of students to be 80.

The founder Stanislav Svoboda struggled for three years to open the school as the Ministry didn’t want to enable it. The project was officially permitted in September, and it opens now, in a new building. It can provide education for the first five classes of primary school only, though. The schoolfee is 2900 CZK/month (100€)

The pupils attending the school for gifted understand, according to their teacher Mastalirova, most of the things automatically, without necessity of explaining. For example, the second class, after seeing two examples of multiplying logically knew, how to continue. That ables them to use their time for projects – right now they are preparing presentations of ancient Greece and Rome.

Events prepared for this Saturday 17th November 2007

800 policemen have to take care of the new neo-nazi demonstration in Prague. A group called Autonomy nationalists have announced they are going to do a pivotal gathering and ‘condole death of free speech’. They have chosen the date of 17th November – The Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day, that made possible for former Czechoslovakia to get rid of the totalitarian communist regime in 1989.

There is going to be a ‘supervisor’ at their demonstration – an officer of the City Hall, prepared to disband the meeting, and so allow the ‘robocops’ to do their job. The special police forces did good job the last time, when they achieved to hold part of the neo-nazi outside Prague, and in Prague outside the center.

On 17th November, there will be other street events as well. On Wenceslas square, ‘No Radars’ initiative has a meeting by the horse against the US radar in the Czech Republic. At Mustek, there is a ‘Commemoration of Consequences of the Velvet Inconsequences’ and on Narodni trida, a ‘Commemorative Gathering to Democracy Preservation’.


The contest of National Library was regular

The expert commission of lawyers, that is supposed to solve law problems of the new National library had their second meeting.

The first concrete verdict: “Most of the members of the committee have found the architectonic contest conformable with international rules.” That means from the law aspect, the contest was regular, and Octopus can be placed at Letna, or moved in Prague – to Strahov, Vypich or Opatov.

The next meeting is in the first week in December. The Prague Office gave them new law questions, that need to be solved. The definitive decision should come before Christmas. The National Heritage institute also waits for UNESCO statement in the matter.


Jindrich Streit Black and White photography exhibition Prague

Avanesian by Jindrich Streit On 31st of October started an extensive exhibition of Jindrich Streit´s photographs at Stone Bell House, which is a part of City Gallery Prague. This photographic exhibition is a huge retrospective of Streit´s work, which shows pictures taken between years 1965 – 2005.

Jindrich Streit is worldly known documentary photographer, most famous for his pictures of Czech villages in the 1980´s. He captured the villages in the time of real socialism, without any romantic or idealizing pathos so characteristic for depicting Czech villages in previous times. But in the communist period, he was persecuted for his work; even his negatives were once confiscated during a house search.

The exhibition is opened until 3rd of February 2008. Entrance fee is 120 Czk full price, 60 Czk reduced. Read on


Christmas comes to Prague

christmas decor First light bulbs of the festive decorations are appearing in the streets of Prague. The first city part to introduce light-bulbs and other symbolic decorations is Prague 4, and its 14 most frequent streets.

Christmas trees are going to appear, as each year, in front of churches and city halls. As each year, the biggest tree, many stances offering mull and presents, together with concerts and thematic performances, are going to be at Old Town Square.

This is the first day, when Prague got covered in snow this year.

Prague Public Transport company announces Changes

More expensive tickets are not the only innovation, planned for the next year. Earned money are to be used for shorter intervals of the underground or more frequent bus connections to Prague suburbs.

What will be the main upgrades of Prague public transportation?

  • Underground intervals much shorter, all trains go the whole way
  • 29 New tramways with Porsche design, 30 new tramways of secret design in 2008-2010
  • New Metro (the underground) station in Letnany
  • Electronic card system Opencard before long

The tickets will get more expensive in Prague. About how much?

new tramway, illustration photo Single ticket: 60mins (Mon-Fri) / 90mins (Sat-Sun)
Adults: 20czk 26czk Kids: 10czk 13czk

Single limited transfer ticket: 20mins on trams / 30mins in underground
Adults: 14 czk 18 czk Kids: 7czk 9czk

24 hour ticket
Adults: 80czk 100czk Kids: 40czk 50czk

Tickets are available to purchase at metro stations, newsagents and Prague tourist information offices.

The same tickets are valid for travel by underground, trams and buses. Tickets must be validated before travel by punching it in the orange machine, located at the top of Underground escalators on the metro or inside the trams and buses.

I want to know more about Prague Public Transport


Threaten Czechs with terror, Call themselves RAF Branch: H.O.A.X

The king is naked, Bruno Gibert. To see what is in front of one's nose needs a constant struggle We informed you earlier about the return of Red Army Fraction. According to the latest news from Lidove Noviny web, it was a hoax.

The ‘speaker of Czech RAF’ Pavel J. Hejtak sent e-mails to various institutions, informing about preparations for an attack against American forces in the CR.

Later he sent explaining e-mails, where he announces the ‘RAF action’ was a mystification, a part of the marketing campaign for his book.

His apologies did not get sympathies of a court expert for extremism Miroslav Mares: “The way of the book advertisement is a problematic one, it can be a case of a statutory offense.

The police takes interest in RAF Czech branch mystification from the beginning, now the speaker of criminal police Pavla Kopecka informed Lidove Noviny the anti-extremists police will investigate, if this can be classified as a crime.

Nathan, uk R&B singer concert in Prague

Nathan uk rnb Club Radost FX presents “Rico Birthday Jump off” with a very special guest Nathan (uk). Special appearance birthday set by DJ Fingarz & DJ Big T (uk)

Nathan is a British R&B singer, most famous for his top 40 hit single Come into my Room, which was released on V2 Records. He has since released three other singles, including Round and Round, which received a limited release in late 2005 and Cold as Ice in 2006, a promo only single. His latest record label Do Without my Love was released on 12 March 2007.

You can hear him in Prague, Saturday 17th November 2007 at Soul Train, Radost FX Club, Belehradska 120, Prague 2.


Threaten Czechs with terror, Call themselves RAF Branch

RAF Logo This article later appeared to be a hoax
RAF, Red Army Fraction became the cover name for a group of individuals, protesting against the American Radar in the Czech Republic. Even when the German para-military group officially ceased to exist in 1993, their name can still evoke fear. And really – they promise explosions, murders and violence.

About the seriousness of their intentions spoke Pavel J. Hejatko, known as an anti-American activist, for them; “Take us seriously. Don’t wait until casualties appear – at that time it will be too late” The attacks are supposed to come at the moment the first American solider enters Czech land. What’s their megalomaniac long-term plan? “… to mercilessly annihilate everything American, especially population, culture, all the military equipment … socialization of funds and usage of all means necessary in favor of Slavonic folk.”

RAF activities in the Czech Republic are being inspected by BIS (Czech security information service) at the moment.

The Red Army Faction or RAF was one of postwar West Germany’s most active and prominent militant left-wing groups. It described itself as a communist “urban guerrilla” group engaged in armed resistance, while it was described by the West German government as a terrorist group. The RAF was formally founded in 1970. The Red Army Faction operated from the 1970s to 1993, committing numerous crimes, especially in the autumn of 1977, which led to a national crisis that became known as “German Autumn”.

Prague in Danger of Violence Again

Neo-nazis just won’t give up. When their demonstration, where they wanted to commemorate Crystal night pogrom, got great opposition of anarchists and ‘active citizens’ (probably contrasted to us, passive citizens) they decided to make another gathering on 17th November. When their fascistic, xenophobic and simply hateful and what’s more, officially forbidden assembly on 10th November got ridden down by the police, they decided to make a new one on Paladskeho square, this time they want to ‘condole death of free speech’. This is not a joke.

It wasn’t funny this Saturday, people got injured and the whole world watching Eurovision could see evil truly is a natural product of men, as Goldwing always pointed out. 1400 policemen in the streets cost us 500 000€, otherwise Prague would simply change into a battlefield. But according to the neo-nazi heads, the police have intervened (sic.) early and unnecessarily, they abused their competence and limited their personal freedom. And they hired a lawyer and want to sue! Just because the police didn’t let them celebrate Jew holocaust in Jew town. Well…

The problem with their demonstration on Paladskeho square on 17th November is, Paladskeho square is a Hyde Park of Prague so it is not necessary to have a permission to assemble.


DJs of Magical Merry-Go-Round concert in Prague

Dj Drastics magical merry-go-round Electronic music you can dance to and enjoy. Magical Merry-Go-Round offers different genres of electronic music. Electronica, Trance, D’n‘B, Minimal, Techno, Hardtech.

If you like softer, slower sound it is better to come at the beginning, as the music gets progressively harder hour by hour. The show usually has an intermezzo – live set of drummers, just to make it more colorful.

This Friday, 16th November in Club Bazina, U klubu 30, Prague. If you like electronic music, you like Magical Merry-Go-Round, because it has 5 DJs, each representing a different style. Their vinyls are ready for you.

Music samples here


Prague Public Traffic tickets mark up

Price increase of the Prague public transport fares takes place at the end of 2007. Transfer tickets, which MHD (Prague public transport company) originaly wanted to cost 30 CZK (1€) are going to cost 26 CZK, from present 20 CZK. public transport ticket prague It is a compromise variant, which was negotiated by Pavel Bem, the councilman for traffic and the leader of MHD.

Pavel Bem said the proposal was not acceptable for him and Prague City Hall, when it was announced. As Pavel Bem is a member of the ODS (Civic Democratic party) the opposition disclaimed Prague citizens won’t pay that much and rather use their cars.

Prices in the Czech Republic increase by the speed of light, but salaries… Read the Big Mac comparison


Screaming and shouing disco-punk of Trash Fashion (uk) comes to Prague

trash fashion The regular night Plastique in Prague club Radost FX (Happiness FX) features British quartet music group Trash Fashion, well known for their impressive live performance.

Their music is is a combination of various styles; disco, dance, rock, rave, emo, hardcore and punk. Their catchy sound is said to gain ovations of the audiences. They became a part of wider cultural consciousness thanks to their first single Rave Dave (2006).

Radost FX, Belehradska 120, Prague 2. Friday 16th November 2007, 22:00 Plastique (cz) + Trash fashion (uk)


Prague riverside in center gets a bikeline

the bikelines should go around the DAncing House of Prague The capital starts to work on re-paving of Vltava riverside in center, so cyclists could use it. The present historic paving with pebbles is for mountain bicycles only. Construction works and material cost more than 13 millions CZK, (464 000€). The problem is, the long and expensive reconstruction of Vltava riverside, that cost 40 millions € and ended in 2006, didn’t take a bikeline into account. So now in 2007 some pebbles have to be plucked up and replaced with the smooth line.

The unsatisfactory state was produced mostly by bad communication among The National Heritage institute and the Cyclist Traffic commission : “To build the bikeline there is a good idea, but 13 millions is quite a lot, especially at the time money is the main argument, why not to build new bikelines.” It is the same situation as this spring, when at reconstruction of Stefanik bridge the City Hall forgot about cyclists, even when they pledged the opposite.


Big Mac got More Expensive in Prague than in US

big mac more expensive in prague than in us Not an agreeable surprise for fast food lovers, however quite an objective economic indicator.

It results from the comparison made by Mf Dnes in the way set up by The Economist. The idea is to collect prices of Big Macs in different countries and use them as a base for estimation of exchange rates.

Ten years ago, Big Mac cost 51 CZK, which at that time when one dollar cost 27,60 CZK was about 1,85 $. In the US the 200g burger cost 2,36.

At the end of 2007, price of that mastodontic burger is 63 CZK. In the US it is, according to latest figures, 3,41 $, and as one dollar costs 18,30 CZK now, that makes 62,40 CZK apiece, less than in the Czech Republic.

We have caught up with the US in the price, but salaries are a different thing. A new employee of the CR branch of Mac Donald’s earns 0,85 of Big Mac an hour, in the US it is for the same job 2,59 of the burger.

Results of Prague Neo-Nazi march

skinheads The capital city of Prague had gone through the biggest police maneuvers in the past seven years, since the IMF meeting in 2000.

Two hostile groups, anarchists and neo-nazis. The result? Dozens of injured, hundreds arrested, hundreds of confiscated weapons and police expenses worth 15 millions CZK (500 000€)

More than 1600 policemen detained 396 citizens in total, 96 of them from other countries. Eva Brozova, Czech Police speaker informed 200 individuals did some offense. Three persons are charged with an attack on a police officer.

The right-wing radicals originally wanted to march thought the Old town Jewish town. However the synagogue was reached by just a few of them, as they were scattered by police forces. In the moment they were in smaller groups, they found themselves encircled by the police and ‘secured’. Confiscated weapons include clubs, knives, tear gas pistols or petards.

There were few street fights, usually of small groups. Concerning the speaker of the Czech neo-nazis, Petr Kalinovsky, one would say he got what he deserved, as he was attacked at a site close to Rudolfinum and even when he fired two times at the (anarchist?) attackers by his tear gas gun, and he was beaten black and blue. (informed

This Saturday, the neo-nazis were visibly outnumbered. Media informed of 400 of them moving in Prague. Mostly Czech, but also Slovak and German. 1000 anarchists arrived against them. Those skinheads who have somehow reached the center become a target for the anarchists groups. In the evening hours some anarchists, probably frustrated they haven’t found any neo-nazis, attacked police officers and were arrested.

The interior minister Ivan Langer announced the police managed the action excellently. Deputies of the neo-nazis want to sue the leader of the police action.

Based on Lidove Noviny


Maceo Parker Prague Concert

Maceo Parker (born February 14, 1943) is a noted American funk and soul jazz saxophonist, best known for his work with James Brown in the 1960s. Parker was a prominent soloist on many of Brown’s hit recordings, and a key part of his band, playing alto, tenor and baritone saxophones. Parker’s rhythmic and rapid playing style draws on the earlier innovations of be-bopper Charlie Parker (no relation), and Cannonball Adderley, mixed with Brown’s own innovations in funk music.

Lucerna Music Bar, Vodickova 36, Prague 1. Start: 21:00


Christmas on Ice, ice skate show in Prague

Christmas is connected to snow and ice, and this can be a chance to enjoy Christmas symbolism in a very esthetic way. The numerous ensemble is led by Katarina Witt.

Katarina Witt is a German figure skater, has two Olympic gold medals and recieved Emmy Award for her role in a movie.

Her famous guest would be Jozef Sabovcik. He won European Championship once and has a bronze medal from Sarajevo Olympic Games. He is great at rock&roll and at very high jumps. He has lived in USA for 20 years now, but he is originaly from Czechoslovakia.

They will present their solo programmes, enriched by special figures. Supposed to create two hours of fun for the whole family.

If you want to see this spectacle come to T-Mobile Arena on 18th December. Tickets are available in Ticketpro chain outlets and they cost from 295 CZK to 1195 CZK (9,8 – 39,8 €).

For the complete info click here

New play by Vaclav Havel

vaclav havel smiling - the play is finished We waited 18 years for a new theater piece by Havel, and now it is possible to buy it in Czech bookshops. There has been a lot of buzzing around it, and as there is still some time left before the play could be seen, we can expect it to go on. His play is on the programme of theater Na Vinohradech in the end. Vaclav Havel’s new play is called Odchazeni (Leaving)

In the center of the play is a Havel’s typical indecisive, even weak intellectual, put in front of an important moral decision. Odchazeni is a story of a man leaving a high-ranking political position. The dilemma is, unlike in most of Havel’s plays, down-to-earth – the problem is simply the ex-politician leaving ‘his’ politic villa. What does Havel say about autobiographic-ness of the play?: “I think some journalists or viewers may try to see it that way … but I started writing this play back in 1980’s.”

On the other hand, Vaclav Havel admits that years in the presidential post provided him with various situations and motifs. Especially with new possibilities, as we can read phrases such as “…by that, we would increase employment, which would decrease unemployment.” Havel was always a master of a phrase damasking. For whom was the play written? Havel:

“… Odchazeni was written, just like my previous plays, for anyone interested and willing to come and watch … my pieces have been staged all over the world for all kinds of audiences.”

Odchazeni is being translated into English and other languages.


Public transport fare increase in Prague

Prague mayor Pavel Bem does not agree with the proposal of raising fares, suggested by the Prague Public Transport company(MHD).

For example a transfer ticket should cost 30CZK (1€), compared to today’s 20 CZK (0,6€) and a yearlong ticket 5800 CZK (200€). Pavel Bem : “The proposal is acceptable neither for me, nor for Prague City Hall”.

MHD proposed those price increases without consulting the city deputies, even when the owner of Prague MHD is Prague city itself. There is a ‘last minute’ debate set up on Tuesday.

If the council decides for the MHD proposal, the price of a base ticket will be higher than i.e. New York 22 CZK (0,73€) or Budapest 24,6 CZK (0,85€). More than one Euro is paid in Barcelona (1, 2€) or Paris (1,3€). The most expensive fare of the world is in London: 135,5 CZK (4,7€).

If we exclude Budapest, monthly wages are, compared to Prague (700€), three times higher.

What’s the result ?


BONOBO UK very special event in Prague

Bonobo in Prague roxy on tuesday For all the fans of Ninja Tune label, but not just for them; 13th November is the day when British producer, DJ and composer Bonobo presents his live project. For the most of the time, it’s just him, turntables and a computer, but for the concert in Roxy this Tuesday, he takes a whole group of 6 unusual musicians, to play live all his famous tracks.

Hist last album called Days to Come took him a year to finish. He so ranges among those who, instead of lending roles to his friend musicians, rather records all the instruments by himself. In Days to Come he mixes sonic background with the clean yet distinctive vocals of Bajka, often uses harmony to build up a multifaceted sound.

This Tuesday you have a chance to hear this unique artist and his band, who will let you to look into his music factory, full of emotions. Roxy, Dlouha 33, Prague 1, 13th November 2007. Start 19:30, pre-sale Ticketpro, Ticketstream and Ticketportal: 290,- CZK, in Roxy 390,- CZK


Dark side of Prague - TAXI

Unfortunately for Prague, it is well known all around the world that local taxi drivers are not really honest. Especially if they see you are a tourist. Way too often they calculate that you don’t know the average pricing and they try to rip you off.

It is to say, however, that Prague has been fighting with dishonest taxi drivers. It is obvious that Prague taxi drivers are a scar on its reputation. The question is, though, who is winning the battle? So far, it looks that Prague might be successful at last.

The whole double-article here


Austrian culture center: Hans Kupelwieser, Postmedial Sculptures

Hans Kupelwieser - Postmediale Skulpturen - Potatoes red + blue, 2001.jpg Contemporary sculpture in a broader field (Rosalind Krauss) is characterized by the transcending of borders in both operational and material areas. Hans Kupelwieser (b. 1948) has worked in the latter area at the College of Apllied Arts in Vienna. He includes new materials, not only within the field of experimentation, as in arte povera, but with an almost linguistic expression that brings new meaning to the materials. A flat rubber or solid steel sculpture provides a screen upon which letters are punched as blank characters, displaying quotations of well-known philosophers, thereby conveying a new function.

This combination of the extended use of materials and operation between form and function is the field of analysis in which Hans Kupelwieser moves. The materials he uses, such as aluminium, occasionally lead to reflection of historical perspectives (see Andy Warhol to Walter Pichler), as seen in the perforated sculptures displayed at the notable “New Ways of Displaying Plastic” exhibition in 1982, at Neue Galerie, Graz, or in his current pneumatic sculptures, one of them now being permanently located in the Austrian Sculpture Park near Graz.

In this way, Hans Krupelwieser succeeds in creating a third independent position between Erwin Wurm and Franz West in contemporary Austrian sculpture, which makes a clean break from the period of abstraction and represents a substantial further development in post-modern sculptural concepts.

Jungmannovo sqare 18, Prague 1, Mo-Fr 10-17. the exhibition lasts until 30th November 2007


Autumn Sazava Festival, Prague

sazava fest autumn Tonight in Abaton: a festival offering an interesting selection from Czech and International club concert scene. You can look forward to two days offering different music and atmosphere.

FRIDAY – electromaniacs Moimir Papalescu & The Nihilists, renomed Sunshine, instrumental trio Sunflower Caravanz or German Lola Angst and Cobra Killer. First tones are going to vibrate through Abaton at 17:30 and are not going to stop until morning hours.

SATURDAY – The Prostitutes, Priessnitz, Rybicky 48 or The Slots. Group Air Fare from the USA, Dubblestandart from Austria. Saturday evening offers also rhythms of reggae and ska, as you would be able to enjoy old Prague classics of ska – Schodiste and reggae – Svihadlo.

Club Abaton, Na Kosince 8, Prague. You can get there by the metro yellow line B to Palmovka and continue by trams 10, 24 or 25 to stop Stejskalova. Tickets: two days 400 CZK, one day ticket 300 CZK.


Money for the US Radar base approved

radar, illustration photo The USA wants the radar in the CR to form a part of their anti – missile system, designed to protect USA and NATO countries in Europe against hostile missiles, that could be launched from countries as Iraq. The U.S. House of Representatives have approved the military budget for 2008, including budget for the radar in the CR, and a defense missile silo in Poland.

The budget counts with 225 million dollars for construction of the radar in Brdy forest, CR, and the construction works of the base with ten defense missiles in Poland. However the originally planed budget counted with 310 million dollars. The head of the U.S. Missile Defense Agency (MDA), Henry Obering announced lowering of the budget won’t affect the future of the planned bases, and that the money could be mount later.


Czech Republic under Snow Cover

come to snowboard to the czech republic Until the weekend, our mountains will be covered in half a meter of fresh snow. Most of Czech ski resorts are getting their tows ready.

But be wary, this weekend it won’t be some romantic snowfall, but blinding snowstorms. Wind faster than hundred kilometers, which can be dangerous even in Prague, as we were warned by the Prague City Hall.

And where to go to ski in the Czech Republic? For example to Janske Lazne, or Krkonose mountains. Owners of ski area announce they are opening this weekend. However Mountain Rescue Service do not consider the condition ideal “The weather this week provide conditions for injuries”

Altogether, for the next months, there are numerous ski resorts in the Czech Republic, which attract tourists, thanks to its quality of services and low prices.

CSA profits after three years of losses

csa flies into plus numbers Czech airlines have earned 563 millions CZK (19,4 mil. €), which is over 886 millions CZK (30,6 mil. €) more than the last year. The figures were published by the company president Radomir Lasak. Their financial plan, designed within their three three year restructuring strategy, expected profit about 40 mil. CZK.

Return of CSA into plus numbers was one of the conditions for the company privatization. Among the applicants of the company take-over are Russian Aeroflot, French-Netherlands Air France-KLM and Korean Korean Air.


Vaclav Klaus VS Jan Svejnar : Presidency Battle

Who is Svejnar?

The hatred among those two professors seems paradoxical at the first sight. They both want lowering taxes or reduction of social welfare benefits. It is their political thinking, that makes the difference. Jan Svejnar was an advisor of Vaclav Havel, who is quite a rival of Vaclav Klaus as they are two completely different personalities, and are/were presidents of the Czech Republic.

Vaclav Klaus and Jan Svejnar have always talked about each other in a way ‘what a statement’. For example, Svejnar published in Transition an article about Czech privatization : „To have a great geographic location, better conditions than most of the countries in that region and a cooperative Central bank, and nonetheless as the only country get the economy into recession, that is a bad outcome indeed. Vaclav Klaus will be remembered for this debacle.“

Klaus answered in his typical manner – by an impeach. „Svejnar…is a favorite analyst of the post – communist era, who won’t get his hands dirty by his personal involvement.“ Also, he indirectly answered to Svejnar’s Transition : „To converse from communism to a free society and market economy was not an exercise in applied economy or politics science… to live in an academic world is fine, but if anyone enters politics, there will be adequate changes. It is not possible to have the better from both worlds.“

Today, The emigrant from the former communist Czechoslovakia Jan Svejnar goes to introduce himself to the KSCM – the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia of today. The party is going give him some questions. He was nominated by two Czech political parties already

Based on: Vaclav Dolejsi article

Transglobal Underground in Roxy, Prague

Transglobal Underground, 20.4., Roxy, 27.04.04 Transglobal Underground is a London-based music collective who specialize in a fusion of western, oriental and African music styles (sometimes labeled as “world fusion” or “ethno-techno”). Their early albums featured Natacha Atlas as lead singer and their single “Temple Head” was used in a Coca-Cola advertising campaign for the 1996 Olympic Games.

With some great track titles, TGU are back again, heavy on the beats, and with the spicy Indian influence stronger than ever in the sound, the bass bumping as heavy as any hip-hop release. Of course, it’s not all relentless rhythm—“Spellbound” shows a surprising R&B tinge, while “Pomegranate” takes a side trip to the North African desert, and “Secrets & Distant Dreams” offers exotic Middle Eastern promise. The funk quotient is higher than ever, and all the elements that have constituted the Transglobal sound come together more effortlessly than ever before, making a band that’s finally grown into its own skin and reputation, shedding the ethno-techno tag that dogged them for so many years. Like such fellow travelers as Banco de Gaia and Talvin Singh, TGU make music for a utopian one world, where all races, creeds, and colors are represented on the dance floor. —Chris Nickson

Roxy Prague, Dlouha 33, Prague 1, 2007-11-07, start 19:30, Entry: 450


Reduction of bars with slot machines in Prague

typical picture - slot machines and pub tables After the New Year’s Eve, one of the typical features of non-stop bars in Prague 1, slot machines, will disappear. Completely. In Vinohrady or other city parts of Prague 2, there are supposed to be 40 % less of them.

This is the new method of Prague City hall, how to reduce gamblers’ addiction. According to Prague mayor’s deputy Rudolf Blazek bars with slot machines have infested Prague: “The numbers are growing every year. There are 300 new slot machines every year. As a result, we register 7550 slot machines in Prague. That’s untenable.” The other deputies speak in the same manner. Prague 2 mayor said Vinohrady is not Las Vegas.

Bars in Old Prague district, Prague 1, are going to be by the beginning of 2008 free of slot machines. The new law doesn’t limit casinos, which will stay the way they are.


Saturday – Radicals from abroad and 1400 Police officers in Prague

neo-nazi 10th November. That is the Crystal Night pogrom anniversary, and also the date, that Prague Jewish Town expects with creeps. First, Czech right-wing extremists announced they will have their little ‘Demonstration against participation of the Czech Republic on Iraq occupation’. Anarchists, who traditionally hate Nazis, have announced to have an anti-nazi march at the day.

After complaints, the radicals are not against any occupation but they are set for a Nazi ceremony, it was banned, than the ban was lifted by a court. Than the Jewish liberal union summons ‘young and healthy soldiers and sportsmen for active resistance’, Political sides announced they will be physically present at the for-Jewish-march. Finally, the radicals march was banned again.

Prague newspaper 24 announced there are expected reinforcements of right-wing radicals to come to Prague, reportedly few hundreds. There are already expected 5000 civilian people to be in the streets on 10th November. The Nazi march is still banned, however the radicals do not seem to give up.

Because of such numbers, there were special police forces called to Prague, which are going to encircle the Prague center. Prague Mayor Pavel Bem said: “we must expect the worst scenario, which is the neo-nazis will try to make their illegal assembly with a march through Jewish Quarters.” But there is an other possibility in the scenario – that they will go some other way, not through the Jewish town, or not through the center at all.


Czechs shouldn't need visa to go to USA

no visa
No visa needed?

The American ambassador in the Czech Republic Richard Gaber informed development in this matter is very positive, as the number of denied visa requests went down from 9,5% to 6,7%. Czechs so fulfilled one of the main criteria of visa requirement. The marginal percentage, under which it is possible to negotiate the visa abolishment, is ten percent.

Expectations for visa abolishment were expressed also by the Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs Karel Schwarzenberg: “We have taken all the necessary steps for it, now it is up to the US administrative, and we hope, the Czech Republic will be in the no-visa list.”


The Biggest Exhibition in Prague

wallenstein The next week starts one of the most interesting exhibitions of the year. Its name is Albrecht z Valdstejna a jeho doba and the organizers have prepared six hundred exhibits, linked with the person of the aristocrat. For example clothing of the 16th century.

“It will be the biggest exhibition of Albrecht von Wallenstein that has ever took place.” says the producer of the exhibition. It starts 15th November in Prague Wallenstein Garden, and right now the last exhibits are being delivered from Czech castles and museums.

Albrecht Wenzel Eusebius von Wallenstein
Was a Bohemian soldier and politician who gave his services (an army of 30,000 to 100,000 men) during the Danish Period of the Thirty Years’ War to Ferdinand II for no charge except the right to plunder the territories that he conquered.

A successful generalissimo who ruled the Duchy of Friedland in northern Bohemia, Wallenstein was released from service in 1630 after Ferdinand grew wary of his ambition. Several Protestant victories over Catholic armies induced Ferdinand to recall Wallenstein, who again turned the war in favor of the Imperial cause. Dissatisfied with the emperor’s treatment of him, Wallenstein considered allying with the Protestants. However, Ferdinand had the general assassinated at Eger.


Prague hotels almost booked for the New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve massive parties in Prague Prague hotels announced they are almost full for the New Year’s Eve. That means, from the total number of 87 000 beds, about 86 000 has already been booked. Some of the hotels have been receiving reservations since April.

Overextended terms are traditionally the start of the advent, especially the first weekends in December. On Christmas time, Prague is usually occupied by people form Greece, Netherlands and Turkey. During the New Year’s Eve the countries with most tourists in Prague are Italy, Spain, Great Britain and Germany. Czechs do not appear on the hotels guestlists very often that days. The expected number of visitors in Prague at the New Year’s Eve 2008 is about 100 000.

The Whiskey Avengers, SKA concert in Prague

whiskey avengers comming to prague 2night Do you feel like dancing on some ska rhythms tonight? You can hear one US ska group in Cross Club Prague. If you haven’t been there yet, the club is anything but ordinary. A favorite meeting point of foreigners and Czechs alike, usually of those, who like non-conformity and interiors that look like the inside of a huge sci-fi robotic whale.

The Whiskey Avengers describe themselves like this:

Northern California natives the Whiskey Avengers have been spilling their infectious music out of the local dives and on to the streets since early 2006. This young group is held together by a band of six seasoned players and performers with a total of four music degrees and a decade of touring. This allegiance of musical madmen has brought together a unique blend of every style you can shake a butt at.

Avengers has vowed to stand the musical tests of time by harboring a diverse repertoire that can cater to many different audiences ranging from young to old. By Offering the simple catchy anthems of reggae, the rhythms of traditional ska, the urban edge of underground hip-hop, the intensity of punk, and authenticity of folk music they promise a few tears and a laugh before they drink you under the table.

Cross Club, Plynarni 23, Prague 7
How to get there – Metro C Holesovice


Moser Glass Exhibition Prague

The exhibition of the 150th anniversary of the Moser foundation is held in Prague at the Museum of Applied Arts from September 13th till November 18th 2007.

Moser presents its production from the last decade, including the anniversary collection. The basis of the exhibition consists of traditional drinking sets which, thanks to their elegant style and perfect shape, decorate elite festive tables.

The important part of the exhibition are vases, decorated with elaborately executed engravings, often inspired by artworks of world painting.

Read the whole article


Jan Svejnar officially nominated for President of Czech Republic

He was nominated on 3rd November, by CSSD (Czech Social Democratic Party) and Strana zelenych (Green Party) on the President’s post of the Czech Republic.

Jan Svejnar commented it for the Czech TV (the only comment in media): “It is really a great honor for me, I would like to thank them for their trust.”

We have already informed about Jan Svejnar’s emigration from communist Czechoslovakia in 1969 to the United States and his economic education. Not having his finals from a high school, he wasn’t accepted by any west European university, finally it didn’t matter in the States. Today, he lectures as an professor on the universities that rejected him as a student.

Definitely, Jan Svejnar is not an ordinary professor. Ordinary professors are not advisers of Presidents and Prime ministers (in case of Havel and Spidla), also are usually not consultants of number of companies and international institutions, and what’s more, Svejnar is a co-founder of a serious education institution CERGE. The institute offers the unique economic education in the CR – an American BA having credit from the USA.

Svejnar vs Klaus – this would be an interesting battle. What could Svejnar bring to the Czech Republic? Definitely overall economic changes, especially of taxes, and moving of the CR closer to the US in politics.

Young Artists Exhibition Prague - Exhibition Avu 18

AVU, The Academy of Creative Arts of Prague, organized quite a number of grand exhibitions in the past years. This exhibition features artworks of young students, or recent graduates of the AVU in wider context.

Fresh Art

The exhibition is conceived by two trustees from the pedagogical crew, who put the complex installation together, depicting the state of the contemporary ‘young’ art in the Czech Republic. The number of students, whose art is displayed, is about 100.

The exhibition grants, by its conception, quality art pieces and highly professional standard.

Veletrzni palac (Trade Palace) exhibition since 25th October to 25th November 2007, 1st Floor, Dukelskych hrdinu 47, Prague 7

Right–wing radicals do not give up their Prague march

neo-nazis The ‘Young National Democrats’, a group which is believed to be neo-nazis, have announced they will go through the city despite the ban.

The right-wing extremists wanted to go around Jewish synagogues in the center of Prague, on a putative protest against Czech army forces being in Iraq. Czech Jewish liberal union have appealed for an active protest against the radicals on their web page.

ODS (Civic Democratic Party) have announced they will participate the gathering at Staronova synagogue. Members of CSSD (Czech Social Democratic Party) declared their will to stop the march by their bodies, if necessary.

Prague city hall have administered a complaint on the city court, which have judged the march ban as unjustified. However if the right-wing extremists try to march through the Prague Jewish city, they will meet with resistance. There will be a few anti-nazi meetings on 10th November.


Vaclav Hollar in Palac Kinsky

London by Hollar Vaclav Hollar (1607 – 1677) Exhibiton
Left: London by Hollar

The year 2007 marks the four hundredth anniversary of the birth of Václav Hollar, and likewise the three hundred and thirtieth anniversary of his death. Václav Hollar belongs to the far from extensive category of the great Czech artists of past ages who are known to – and admired by – a wide range of international artistic experts as well as by the general public at home and abroad. For nearly all Czechs, his name has become almost synonymous with the graphic arts.

An entire floor has been set aside for the exhibition in the renowned Baroque Kinský Palace, where the interior spaces are particularly suited for the presentation of small-format artworks requiring an intimate atmosphere. In turn, the domestic scale of the palace interiors allows for the ensemble of work to be divided into smaller units representing individual periods of creation.

National Gallery in Prague
Palac Kinskych (Palace of Kinsky family), Staromestske Namesti (Old Town Square), Prague. tel: 224 810 758,, Opened Daily except Mo 10-18. 11th October 2007 – 13th January 2008

Basic Fee: 100 CZK
From 4 pm: 50 CZK
Discounted: 50 CZK


New Foreign and International Laws should provide safety for foreigners in the Czech Republic

By the end of the year 2007, we enter the Schengen Zone. This is the last border, separating us from the full-fledged EU membership. This fact claims new demand for ensuring safety for our citizens, as well as for citizens of other sates.

We need to determine clear rules for asylum granting and rules for foreigners staying in the Czech Republic. We want rules that would be understandable and controlled case by case, as our existing rules belong to the benevolent ones in Europe. Our country is slowly, but surely changing from a transit country to a target country. Not just for refugees, but for economic migrants and international organized crime.

The novel treasures basic human rights and freedoms. It is not, in any case, against people who need help, or can be a benefit to our society. Neither we want to complicate life of honest men. We actively help those in need, I consider this apparent, as well as ensuring safety.

Based on Ivan Langer’s text given for Lidove Noviny. Ivan Langer is a Czech Interior minister.

Come to Prague to see Tour de Ski competition

2006 competition hradcanske namesti praha Like the last year, there are going to be ski competitions in Prague. The square closest to Prague castle, Hradcanske namesti, will be hidden under snow cover. According to the organizers, the only thing that needs to be solved is how to transport 2 000 cubic meters of artificial snow, which represents approximately 500 trucks.

Why in the very Prague center? Katerina Neumann, the chairwoman of the organizing committee says: “There is not a nicer place in Prague. The TV pictures going to the world will be fabulous.”

The idea is, on 30th of December 2007 Hradcanske namesti will be covered in snow to became the setting for the Tour de Ski competition. Sport in streets became a hit of the world’s metropolises. And a way, how to present the city as a modern and lively place, that can entertain not just its citizens, but visitors form all around the world.

City councillor for culture and heritage, Milan Richter, comments: “I am glad for such events in Prague. I’m not such a sport fan to go to watch skiing competitions somewhere in mountains, but if it will be in the center, I’ll be glad to come.”

Milan Richter is not the sole person who enjoys it. Those races are common i.e. in Oslo, Paris or Stockholm. And as in those cities, in Prague there won’t be just sports, we can look forward to other entertainment, like concerts, performances and programme for children.


Spectacular show BHARATI in Prague

bharati cast is numerous ‘Bharati’ is a musical extravaganza, a delectable composite mix of the varied dances, music and folk traditions of India. Over the space of 90 minutes, the audience is guided through a brief but scintillating sampling of India’s rich diversity. Though just a glimpse, the selections hint at the hidden treasures of this vast and enchanting land; its regional, linguistic, historical and philosophical diversity; its myriad peoples, life-styles and traditions.

Music, dance and performance traditions have shaped the ‘collective consciousness’ of the Indian diaspora worldwide, and kept India alive in its collective imagination.

Heroes and heroines of Indian tales usually undergo trials and tribulations before being reunited with each other. Veils of illusion that obscure and cloud truth and recognition, miraculously lift to bring about greater clarity of vision to unite the lovers. The songs are not random but establish the mood, set the tone, and offer insights into the mental states of the protagonists, thus moving the plot forward.

The instruments used are Sitar, Shehnai, Santoor, Sarangi, Bansuri and Harmonium. The bow section from Rajasthan includes 6 Rajasthani violins and swirling Indian variations of violin and Tanpura. The Persian influences on Indian music that began in the reign of the Mughal emperor Akbar, are noteworthy e.g., the Santoor, a 100-stringed instrument, originally from Persia. The percussion instruments used are Tabla, Dholak, Dhol, Daff, Kanjira, Matka, Ghunghroo, Chati, Pakhawaj, Majira.

The undoubtly fascinating show travels the world as a special representative of India culture and tradition, representing richness of the country on the international scene.

The group is formed from the most talented artists of India. Undoubtedly, the visitors of Bharati will enjoy something special, which has never been possible to experience in Europe before.

Bharati 18th November 2007, Congress centre, Trida 5. Kvetna 65, Prague

Shop for tickets here but hurry, there are not many left.


Free Internet in Prague

cats and humans can surf in some prague parts for free Did you know that we, Prague citizens, who live in Prague 5, 9 and 13, can connect to the Internet by wi-fi for free?

This is one of the ways, how Prague City Hall really improves the quality of life.

In a few months, the other city part, Prague 4, is going to be connected too. Prague 4 council have agreed on conditions of the competition, according to which the provider is going to be chosen. The net construction should start in February, and it should be finished in June 2008.

“To establish fast connection to information is in accord to strategic aims of ‘Cesta k e-Praze’ (The way to e-Prague). The conception offering services to citizens and overall modernization of the capital.” Pavel Bem comments.

Prague City hall sees the project in wider context, where the Czech Republic as a regular member of the EU participates on the Lisbon project, which wants to make Europe the most dynamic economy until 2010, with reinforced social solidarity, able of durable development. The way how to reach those goals is an economy based on knowledge.

The ultimate goal is free Internet in the whole Prague.

ADULT. go to Prague

adult. go to prague november ADULT. is a band from Detroit, US that integrates vocals with drum machines, analog synths and electronic/punk elements. While popular in their home city of Detroit, they are also very popular in Germany and the United Kingdom.

Raw, raw, raw
Czech Karel Vesely from EX comments them like this:

“Their synthesizer riffs resemble three-chord songs by The Ramones and Nicola roars to the microphone… ADULT. Is a punk group for people who weren’t alive in 70’s. Their debut album Anxiety Always was so brutal and raw, it flushed all the synthpop dreamers back to their graves.”

And you can hear them in Prague club Bordo, Vinohradska 40, on 5th November 2007.

Fascination of light exhibition in Prague

The unique interactive travelling exhibition has come to Prague. It is called “Fascination of Light – Light for Schools”. The exhibition was developed in Germany three years ago. It joins initiative between organisations and associations from research, industry and the media.

This exhibition is a part of the European campaign and travels through several European cities with the support of the European Commission.

If you have kids interested in technologies and their use in everyday life, or if you just like lasers, this could be the exhibition for you. The complete info is here.


Old Town Square exhibition of Graphic Art

graphic exhibition in Prague A competitive exhibition of 5th International Triennial of Graphic named Transfery (Transfers) is possible to see until 11th November 2007 in the Old Town City Hall. Paintings shown are those selected from works of winners of International
Graphic Competitions from 2004-2007. Featured: various graphics from ex libris miniatures to large format installations.

The unique piece of this exhibition would be the Leviathan Eglé Kuckaitov’s mural painting, made by stamps. The 3×4 metes painting depicts a dialog of Franz Kafka and Latvian artist Chiurlionis, and took five days to complete.

Combination of old and new graphic techniques brought victory of the Prague triennial to Belgian Muriel Moreauov.


Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Prague

Gay film festival - the trip Eight volume of Gay and Lesbian Film festival Mezipatra (Mezzanines) moves from Brno, where it have already started last week, to Prague cinemas Svetozor and Oko. The speaker of the show Katerina Horcicova anounced: “We are going to show 60 movies, corresponding to this year’s theme – ‘rebelling’.”

The visitors can vote for the best movie, and beside screening, the festival offers accompanying programme – debates, exhibition and a party. So again – since 5th to 11th November 2007, Svetozor, Vodickova 41 and Oko, Frantiska Krizika 15.

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"Vezensky lagr" Totalitarian Prison Art on Wenceslas Square, Prague

Behind the symbolic barbed wire are placed few dozens of portraits of former political prisoners. The exhibition ‘Pribehy bezpravi’ (The Stories of Injustice) complements the third volume of the project Ztracena duse naroda – Ztrata slusnosti (The loss of a Nation’s soul – The loss of Decency) directed by Olga Sommerova.

Traditional contents of this event are movie screenings and debates with witnesses of communist injustice. The ‘lágr’ (communist prison) is build under the Wenceslas statue, having a symbolic meaning; it represents dozens of real lágrs of communist Czechoslovakia. The organizers explain:

“We chose photo portraits of prisoners’ files according to one aim; we wanted to show, how wide the spectra of persecuted citizens was. All the prisoners, whose photos are shown, are linked by becoming victims of the totalitarian despotism, and also by their bravery, moral strength, and resilience they demonstrated.”

Similar fate met thousands of other Czechoslovakian citizens, and the exhibition is devoted to them.
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Canada abolished visa requirement for Czechs

canada leaf symbol of the czech republic - the czech lion Czech citizens do not need visa to go to Canada since 1st November 2007. However, their stay cannot be longer than ninety days, and they cannot get work there.

No more visa for Canada

Negotiations for abolishing the visa requirement took seven years. Canada imposed them on Czech citizens after the number of asylum seekers rapidly increased in 1997.

“I’m very happy we came back to the state of visa situation that corresponds to our great relations.” said Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs Karel Schwarzenberg.

Huge demand for asylum which was in 1997 initiated mostly by Czech Romanies forced Canada to establish the visa requirement. Ottawa administrative came to conclusion they abuse their social system. It took ten years to come back to the state of things that we want to see.

Louis XIII. Black Pearl auction in Prague

Black Pearl Louis XIII. Black Pearl is a precious artifact, combining shining beauty with classicism, refracting light on its anthracite surface.

What is inside of the unique bottle is no less exquisite; a blend of eau de vie, a unique combination of cognacs, reaching total number of 1200. Some of them are older 100 years and come from Grande Champagne region in France.

This is the last bottle of 786 that doesn’t have an owner. The auction takes place on 14th November in the Lesser Town hotel Mandarin Oriental, Prague. It is possible that the buyer from the Czech Republic will be able to spend as much as the buyers from abroad.

The last auction prices? Louis XIII. Black Pearl is not only a gourmet delicacy and a piece of art, but also a unique investment chance. The first bottle was sold for 12 000 €, the highest price for one bottle came in Japan – 62 000 €. Black Pearl is a symbol of luxury and exquisite taste.