Compact archive November 5, 2007

Jan Svejnar officially nominated for President of Czech Republic

He was nominated on 3rd November, by CSSD (Czech Social Democratic Party) and Strana zelenych (Green Party) on the President’s post of the Czech Republic.

Jan Svejnar commented it for the Czech TV (the only comment in media): “It is really a great honor for me, I would like to thank them for their trust.”

We have already informed about Jan Svejnar’s emigration from communist Czechoslovakia in 1969 to the United States and his economic education. Not having his finals from a high school, he wasn’t accepted by any west European university, finally it didn’t matter in the States. Today, he lectures as an professor on the universities that rejected him as a student.

Definitely, Jan Svejnar is not an ordinary professor. Ordinary professors are not advisers of Presidents and Prime ministers (in case of Havel and Spidla), also are usually not consultants of number of companies and international institutions, and what’s more, Svejnar is a co-founder of a serious education institution CERGE. The institute offers the unique economic education in the CR – an American BA having credit from the USA.

Svejnar vs Klaus – this would be an interesting battle. What could Svejnar bring to the Czech Republic? Definitely overall economic changes, especially of taxes, and moving of the CR closer to the US in politics.

Young Artists Exhibition Prague - Exhibition Avu 18

AVU, The Academy of Creative Arts of Prague, organized quite a number of grand exhibitions in the past years. This exhibition features artworks of young students, or recent graduates of the AVU in wider context.

Fresh Art

The exhibition is conceived by two trustees from the pedagogical crew, who put the complex installation together, depicting the state of the contemporary ‘young’ art in the Czech Republic. The number of students, whose art is displayed, is about 100.

The exhibition grants, by its conception, quality art pieces and highly professional standard.

Veletrzni palac (Trade Palace) exhibition since 25th October to 25th November 2007, 1st Floor, Dukelskych hrdinu 47, Prague 7

Right–wing radicals do not give up their Prague march

neo-nazis The ‘Young National Democrats’, a group which is believed to be neo-nazis, have announced they will go through the city despite the ban.

The right-wing extremists wanted to go around Jewish synagogues in the center of Prague, on a putative protest against Czech army forces being in Iraq. Czech Jewish liberal union have appealed for an active protest against the radicals on their web page.

ODS (Civic Democratic Party) have announced they will participate the gathering at Staronova synagogue. Members of CSSD (Czech Social Democratic Party) declared their will to stop the march by their bodies, if necessary.

Prague city hall have administered a complaint on the city court, which have judged the march ban as unjustified. However if the right-wing extremists try to march through the Prague Jewish city, they will meet with resistance. There will be a few anti-nazi meetings on 10th November.


Vaclav Hollar in Palac Kinsky

London by Hollar Vaclav Hollar (1607 – 1677) Exhibiton
Left: London by Hollar

The year 2007 marks the four hundredth anniversary of the birth of Václav Hollar, and likewise the three hundred and thirtieth anniversary of his death. Václav Hollar belongs to the far from extensive category of the great Czech artists of past ages who are known to – and admired by – a wide range of international artistic experts as well as by the general public at home and abroad. For nearly all Czechs, his name has become almost synonymous with the graphic arts.

An entire floor has been set aside for the exhibition in the renowned Baroque Kinský Palace, where the interior spaces are particularly suited for the presentation of small-format artworks requiring an intimate atmosphere. In turn, the domestic scale of the palace interiors allows for the ensemble of work to be divided into smaller units representing individual periods of creation.

National Gallery in Prague
Palac Kinskych (Palace of Kinsky family), Staromestske Namesti (Old Town Square), Prague. tel: 224 810 758,, Opened Daily except Mo 10-18. 11th October 2007 – 13th January 2008

Basic Fee: 100 CZK
From 4 pm: 50 CZK
Discounted: 50 CZK


New Foreign and International Laws should provide safety for foreigners in the Czech Republic

By the end of the year 2007, we enter the Schengen Zone. This is the last border, separating us from the full-fledged EU membership. This fact claims new demand for ensuring safety for our citizens, as well as for citizens of other sates.

We need to determine clear rules for asylum granting and rules for foreigners staying in the Czech Republic. We want rules that would be understandable and controlled case by case, as our existing rules belong to the benevolent ones in Europe. Our country is slowly, but surely changing from a transit country to a target country. Not just for refugees, but for economic migrants and international organized crime.

The novel treasures basic human rights and freedoms. It is not, in any case, against people who need help, or can be a benefit to our society. Neither we want to complicate life of honest men. We actively help those in need, I consider this apparent, as well as ensuring safety.

Based on Ivan Langer’s text given for Lidove Noviny. Ivan Langer is a Czech Interior minister.