Compact archive November 8, 2007

Czech Republic under Snow Cover

come to snowboard to the czech republic Until the weekend, our mountains will be covered in half a meter of fresh snow. Most of Czech ski resorts are getting their tows ready.

But be wary, this weekend it won’t be some romantic snowfall, but blinding snowstorms. Wind faster than hundred kilometers, which can be dangerous even in Prague, as we were warned by the Prague City Hall.

And where to go to ski in the Czech Republic? For example to Janske Lazne, or Krkonose mountains. Owners of ski area announce they are opening this weekend. However Mountain Rescue Service do not consider the condition ideal “The weather this week provide conditions for injuries”

Altogether, for the next months, there are numerous ski resorts in the Czech Republic, which attract tourists, thanks to its quality of services and low prices.

CSA profits after three years of losses

csa flies into plus numbers Czech airlines have earned 563 millions CZK (19,4 mil. €), which is over 886 millions CZK (30,6 mil. €) more than the last year. The figures were published by the company president Radomir Lasak. Their financial plan, designed within their three three year restructuring strategy, expected profit about 40 mil. CZK.

Return of CSA into plus numbers was one of the conditions for the company privatization. Among the applicants of the company take-over are Russian Aeroflot, French-Netherlands Air France-KLM and Korean Korean Air.


Vaclav Klaus VS Jan Svejnar : Presidency Battle

Who is Svejnar?

The hatred among those two professors seems paradoxical at the first sight. They both want lowering taxes or reduction of social welfare benefits. It is their political thinking, that makes the difference. Jan Svejnar was an advisor of Vaclav Havel, who is quite a rival of Vaclav Klaus as they are two completely different personalities, and are/were presidents of the Czech Republic.

Vaclav Klaus and Jan Svejnar have always talked about each other in a way ‘what a statement’. For example, Svejnar published in Transition an article about Czech privatization : „To have a great geographic location, better conditions than most of the countries in that region and a cooperative Central bank, and nonetheless as the only country get the economy into recession, that is a bad outcome indeed. Vaclav Klaus will be remembered for this debacle.“

Klaus answered in his typical manner – by an impeach. „Svejnar…is a favorite analyst of the post – communist era, who won’t get his hands dirty by his personal involvement.“ Also, he indirectly answered to Svejnar’s Transition : „To converse from communism to a free society and market economy was not an exercise in applied economy or politics science… to live in an academic world is fine, but if anyone enters politics, there will be adequate changes. It is not possible to have the better from both worlds.“

Today, The emigrant from the former communist Czechoslovakia Jan Svejnar goes to introduce himself to the KSCM – the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia of today. The party is going give him some questions. He was nominated by two Czech political parties already

Based on: Vaclav Dolejsi article